TiVo Announcements

FOX’s 25th anniversary special is this Sunday, April 22, which means we’re in for an old school TV lineup packed with plenty of nostalgia. Ever wish you had TiVo back when Married…With Children first aired in 1987? Missed your chance to record all your favorite episodes of That 70’s Show? Well, here’s your chance to [...]

In Game of Thrones, there’s more than enough manliness to go around. Battle cries, red meat…you get the idea. Now, HBO is balancing out the testosterone with two new female-led shows: Girls and Veep. Lena Dunham’s Girls premiered Sunday night, and is already being hailed as a witty, new-generation version of Sex and the City. In [...]

We’re four weeks in! So tell us, how did “rock week” treat you? Should we start calling him Jaleel Jagger? Did Gavin annoy you in rehearsals as much as he did Karina? And most importantly, are you still watching? Let’s rewind a bit. The season premiere of Dancing with the Stars was the least watched [...]

Unprecedented offering combines traditional TV programming, Xfinity On Demand and everything you love from the web all through the easy-to-use TiVo interface. You can’t get it anywhere else! For the first time ever, TiVo and Comcast have come together to offer San Francisco Bay Area customers access to Xfinity On Demand, joining other great web [...]

When we saw the number one YouTube video of today, we had this moment – “oh right! Glee is coming back!” We’d been wondering and wondering when we could Gleek out again, and then spring came, and with it, new episodes!  That’s right, the kids will be back at McKinley this coming Tuesday, and over [...]

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.9 of the TiVo App for iPad and iPhone!  It is now available for download in the App Store. Here are some of the new things you’ll find: New Browse Layout We’ve changed the look of “Browse” and made it easier to find TV shows & [...]

If you get a sec, pull up YouTube on your TiVo. There’s an interesting video topping the charts this week. Well, interesting may be a strong word. The video itself isn’t as interesting as what’s happening with the video. “I Love Taylor Swift – Love Declaration and Reasons Why You Are Awesome” has gotten over 9.5 [...]

We’ll admit it. We were a little surprised to see One Tree Hill trending on Get Glue right in between The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead. After all, Big Bang is number two on TiVo’s Most Recorded list, and One Tree Hill has been on for nine seasons! But there it was, in [...]

Ah, all is right with the world again. Community is back! And not only that – you watched! The weird little show that could saw its highest ratings of the season last Thursday, with just under 5 million people tuning in. Granted, CBS was airing the NCAA tournament instead of its usual programming, but we [...]

Happy almost birthday, TiVo! On March 31st, 1999, TiVo shipped its first DVR, and to this day we celebrate the accomplishment with our “Blue Moon Holiday.” So what does a “blue moon” have to do with TiVo? Read on to learn more. How it all began The idea for TiVo began to take shape in [...]