Director’s Chair: David Fincher

I usually make a point not to see the movie adaptation of a book I’ve already read (doing so usua

Cheaters: “My Schedule Made Me Do It”

TiVo’s Second Annual Cheaters Survey Finds Viewers Show-Cheating in Their Own Home and Men are th

To the One Billion Android™ Users: Stream Your Favorite Shows with TiVo®!

Calling all Android users – the wait is finally over!

TV Series Studied in School

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver recently covered the topic of student debt, which has become a

Girls, Premieres and Finales on TV this Week!

        MONDAY – The Real Housewives of New Jersey – BRAVO 9PM PT Social Media rules!

TiVo Launches Multi-Room Pricing

          $149.99 TiVo® Mini Pricing Now Includes Service  Get the Ultimate TiVo Experience in Up

Season Pass Update

Have you ever been crazily excited for a show, wanted to create a season pass, but the show still

Spotify HTML 5 App

Music just got sleeker.

The Leftovers

Sundays are the perfect time to do those things that you’ve been meaning to do.

Watching TV with Someone Smart is the Worst

Most people don’t know this, but when you start watching a new TV show, you enter into an implici


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