TV Couples

Every sitcom has them, that one couple you love to watch week after week.

In a World of Cliff-Hangers and Plot Twists, One Thing Stays the Same—Theme Songs

TV shows are constantly evolving on the quest for higher ratings, and each new episode is chock-f

Your Guilty Pleasure Summer is here!

We’re not ashamed to admit that we watch a lot of television.

Happy First Mother’s Day, Kristin Cavallari!

This is a contributed blog post by Kristin Cavallari.

The Bottle Episode: If I could save a show in a bottle…

Sometimes less is more and sometimes that rule applies to TV shows.

Recognize These “New” TV Faces From Past Places?

Have you been watching new shows this fall and seeing some familiar faces?

Don’t Forget “The Classics”

Sometimes we just need to go back to our roots.

TV Couples We Wish Existed!

Everyone has their opinion on TV couples they love and couples they hate – whether it’s Ross and

90s Shows You Should Be Recording (Part 2)

Last week we shared with you 90s shows you should be watching – well the list isn’t over yet!

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