TiVo Support Representatives Now Monitoring forums.tivo.com

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Hi all,
A group of specially selected Technical Support representatives have begun to monitor the TiVo forums at http://forums.tivo.com. They will be monitoring 7 days per week and will answer customer questions, where appropriate. We will make our best effort to respond to all Customer Support requests within 6 business hours. TiVo Support Representatives can be identified by their username which begins with: “tivosupport_” and by their TiVo logo avatar.
IMPORTANT! DO NOT post any personal information, such as your credit card details, email address, home address, etc., in the public threads. If you are logged in, you may privately send your TSN to a Support Representative, however, by hovering over an agent’s name and choosing ‘Send message’. To check your inbox, click on your name in the upper-right of the screen and select the ‘Private Messages’ tab. DO NOT send your credit card details via Private Message. If you need to make a purchase or conduct a transaction which requires disclosure of your credit card details, only do so by calling TiVo Customer Support.
We hope that this new channel of customer support is helpful for the community.
Thank you!
The TiVo Team