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Can a Romaio Plus really keep up with 6 streams?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 11/15/2014 - 11:24
I'm considering getting a Romaio plus and 5-6 mini's to get rid of all the FIOS STB's in my house.

Wondering how well this system would really keep up streaming 5 HD streams at a time? I have to make sure this is going to work before I make the investment in money and time.

I do have a full wired gig network so every device will have a robust connection. Would think the Plus box would be the point of weakness as it's only got a single Ethernet connection and I'm told hd streams are fairly network intense.

Does anyone have a similar setup and have their family using 4-5 TV's all pulling off the Romaio with HD service?

Interested in your experiences. Thanks,


Logging OTA Reception

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 11/15/2014 - 11:14
This appears to be exactly what I am looking for to analyze my Roamio Basic Antenna reception problems:

"DigiMax DVB-T Monitor generates and displays in an Events log a series of time stamped events based on the received signal." dvbtmeter dot com

It says "DVB-T", I take that to mean it won't work in the USA. Or would it ? Is there something similar I could use ?

Purchasing Cable Card from Time Warner?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 11/15/2014 - 09:19
Is there any news regarding Time Warner (NE Ohio) and Cable cards for use with Premiere?

I've been renting 3 cablecards per month and would like to purchase them outright.

When I last checked (probably a few years) Time Warner would not sell you the cablecard and you could'nt purchase your own either.

Has anything changed here?

72 Hours with iPhone 6

Zatz Not Funny! - Sat, 11/15/2014 - 07:19
While I’m the CTO of the Zatz household, my wife Melissa is also capable of making tech purchasing decisions… and living with the consequences. After years with Blackberry, I’ve truly become an Apple fan girl. For the less tech savvy, such as myself, I find Apple products quite intuitive, making for a fun and effective user friendly experience. When […]

Watch live TV

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 21:42
On my Roamio Plus in TV central there is no option to "Watch Live TV" which I miss that option. My Mini has that option in TV central. Is there a reason for this omission on the Roamio?

OTA Issues.

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 21:06
I've had a Roamio Basic since January, and I'm very happy with it. Yesterday, I put a new Roamio Basic in for my parents connected to an outdoor antenna, and all was great for about 10 hours. All but 2 channels were pixelating very often. I checked the signal strength, and all channels are at 72 except 1 that was 62. I removed the small signal booster, and the pixelation was greatly reduced, but now the 3 weakest channels are in the 50's or lower, and of course don't come in at all.

What bothers me is that there is occasional pixelation on channels in the 70+ signal strength, and 2 of the channels never pixelate. Could there be some issue with the Roamio itself?

Any help would be appreciated.

CBS cancels The Millers

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 20:40
Yes thats not a misprint they cancelled The Millers not The McCarthy's.


New Tivo Questions. Can I really ditch my Fios STB's?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 20:13
Wow. I can't believe I'm back. I was a long ago series 1 user who managed to take a simple series one, upgrade the HD, put it on a RF/IR modulated system and basically give my entire house a network dvr. Tune to channel 99 and there was tivo. Back in 1998 that was pretty amazing.

I left tivo when I went HD and now am sick and tired of my Version equipment rental fees. I just sent their DVR back when Verizon scrapped my DVR for life credit because of a screw up. This has me wanting to get rid of the other 6 STB's and brought me back to tivo. Here are my questions: (assume a tivo romaio plus with a cable card, and several tivo mini's.

1. How many tivo mini's can you attach to a single tivo romaio plus?

2. using a romaio plus and mini's can I really replace my Fios STB's? (I have no need for any of the fios on-demand content, never used any of it) Is the tivo guide good enough? Is the channel changing really slow? OR is it amazingly well designed and actually pretty responsive? This has to pass muster with the family and also pass the WAF.

3. I'm a lifetime only kind of guy. So I have to get a lifetime sub for the romaio plus, but do I have to get a lifetime subscription for each of the mini's? I see a deal for 149.99 with lifetime service. I see bestbuy sells the mini for 149.99 but no mention of service. Please set me straight on how service fees work with the mini.

4. I see a "buying service" auction on eBay for 49 bucks to _help_ you buy a tivo at a 200+ discount. What's this all about. Sure I want a discount, but I would rather do it myself and not have to spend another 49 bucks. What are these guys doing to get discounted hardware/service?

5. How does Tivo handle protected content on FIOS? My understanding that HBO, Showtime and other premium channels as well as TMC, ESPN and some others have a copy once protection. Will Tivo allow watching these live on the romaio plus? Will it allow the mini's to watch those channels live? Will it allow recording and playback on the romaio plus and mini's? Set me straight on how content protection is handled on Tivo.

6. Check my math:

Fios Monthly Equipment Rental Fees 7 STB's, 7.99 each/month=55.93*12=671.16 per year.

At full price, tivo romaio plus, 399.99+ lifetime service 499.99+6 mini's (if that many can actually be connected to 1 romaio plus) at 149.99=1,799.92 for hardware.

Divide the 55.93 into the 1799 and you come up with 33 months before you break even. After that, you are getting DVR+STB service for FREE. I didn't take into consideration the cable card rental fees at 4.99 each month, but I can accept that.

My first Tivo I ran for over 10 years and would still be running it if it weren't for HDMI and HD. I'm into long term savings and would be willing to shell out big bucks now in order to save lots in the long run.

Very interested in your thoughts on this.

So fire away. Let me know if any of this makes sense or if I'm going down a slippery slope. I'm really interested in knowing how well the system works as a STB replacement. Understand everything will be Ethernet cabled. No wifi. I'm going to try and get a demo on the hardware if possible.


The TiVo Box has detected a serious problem and is now attempting to fix it.

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 20:12
I have what I can only describe as a green screen of death on my basic. It says and I quote:

The TiVo Box has detected a serious problem and is now attemting to fix it.

This will take about three hours.


If you have a plasma TV or are concerned about burn in, you should turn off your TV for the next three hours.

If, after three hours, the TiVo Box does not restart, please call customer support.

Anyone ever see this before? Obviously I am going to leave it alone, but it fails at self repair what will, if anything, TiVo do? I have had it for maybe 13 or so months and I lifetimed it two months ago. What crap luck.

Could it just be the harddrive maybe?

And if it comes back, would anyone expect reliability problems going forward?

Impossible lineup! What can I do?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 17:47

I recently got a message on my Tivo re a lineup change.

The problem is 13 different networks are now shown on channel 100!

You can see this on zap2it by setting your zip to 33484 and choosing Hotwire cable (not Hotwire digital) as the cable co.

The same goes for channels 101 and 102.

This severely interferes with scheduling since many shows "appear" to be on those channels when clearly they are not.

How does this happen; and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Partial Recordings

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 17:19
Since the new Tivo Software update in August, 80% of my shows only transfer a small amount of data with Tivo Desktop.
Filed Tickets with Tivo, who claim they are working on it.
Yet here i am 3-4 months later, still unable to transfer my shows to my computer.
Anyone else having this issue?

How do I fix this/

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 15:55
I bought a Romio today to replace my Premiere. It works great and I am able to access all the recordings on my old Premier.

I have a new Samsung TV and an Onkyo 809 receiver. All components are routed through the receiver. When I turn my TV on, it turns the receiver on and my TV sound is output by the receiver. That process seems to take too long but works every time.

I would like to leave my receiver on to speed up the handshake so when I turn the TV off, the receiver stays on. However, the Tivo sound continues to be output through the receiver. Is there any way to stop the sound from being output when I turn the TV off?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How do I?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 15:51
I have a new Samsung TV and an Onkyo 809 receiver. All components are routed through the receiver. When I turn my TV on, it turns the receiver on and my TV sound is output by the receiver. That process seems to take too long but works every time.

I would like to leave my receiver on to speed up the handshake so when I turn the TV off, the receiver stays on. However, the Tivo sound continues to be output through the receiver.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This is outrageous

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 14:55
In July 2013 I called Tivo to cancel my Tivo service entirely because we had switched to Charter Cable / DVR. The rep on the phone offered a reduced monthly rate. I said "no" (as we had already switched to Charter DVR), and made it clear that I really wanted it canceled. When he offered 2 free months to "think about it", I said "no cancel it now".

Last month we received a replacement credit card and last week I suddenly get an email from Tivo saying my payment for last month was past due. Today I find out that our old credit card has actually been billed every month since last October. After not seeing credit chard charges for August and September of 2013, I thought the service was really cancelled.

I have already talked to a customer service rep and also her supervisor. The supervisor used language like "we have been more than accommodating" (for offering 3 months worth of refund) and that I "should take ownership of my side of it" (!) I asked to talk to her manager and apparently will be receiving a "manager call-back".

What recourse do I have to get my money back?? I am positive that the recorded conversation from July 2013 will reveal that I said "no cancel it now", and I am also positive that my Tivo box has not connected to the Tivo service since then.

Tivo Stream Power Supply

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 13:57
I want to give my no longer used Stream to a friend and I am not sure if I have the correct power supply. Can anyone post a picture or provide the output specs to make sure I am giving him the right one. Thanks!

Tivo desktop

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 13:21
Have looked at FAQ ands could not find an answer and ran a search to no avail...
What is "Tivo Desktop"...Have two Roamios for three weeks and love them..cut my cable bill buy $100...just new and trying to learn all about this great product...


transferring ALL programs from older Tivo to Premiere

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 13:16
I'm about to upgrade the hard drive in a Premiere and replace an older Tivo as our most watched TV. My wife HATES CHANGE, so in order to prevent a one sided discussion on the pros and cons of messing with my wife's stuff (It's mine) I am wondering if there is a way to quickly transfer ALL shows on the TivoHD (1TB drive) to the Premiere (which will have >1TB Drive, hopefully 4TB). I know multi-room viewing is an option, but 1TB of shows will take weeks to transfer this way. The big obstacle I see is that the tools required to expand drives are different for Premiere and HD.

Has anyone done a drive to drive transfer of shows from an older Tivo to a Premiere? What did you do?

TivoHD weak ethernet port

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 13:09
Here's an odd one:
I've got a fairly old TivoHD. For several years the ethernet port worked perfectly. The connection between the router and my Tivo has two switches between them. One switch up in the attic, the second behind my media center.
A few years ago the Tivo would lose connection to the web. I was able to get it sporadically working by connecting only the Tivo to the cable coming to the switch at the back of the media center, which cut connectivity from all the other devices. Eventually that stopped working as well.
However, the Tivo Wireless Adaptor works well for about a month. This plugs into the ethernet port though.
So I'm wondering if I have a bad winding in the transformer of the Ethernet connector in the Tivo. Has anyone had a problem like this? I have no problem with getting a replacement and installing it. However, I'd like to know if this would be likely to solve the problem.
Or, I could just connect the wireless adapter again, but I don't like having so many devices be wireless when there's a wire right there.

Looking for recommendations for new home wiring plans and ideas

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 12:43
We are in the planning stages of building a home. We will be meeting with the builder's 3rd party home automation company to develop our plan for wiring.

I currently have three TiVo's and a MOCA network, use VoIP for my home phone, and a wireless router for internet.

This all works well in a small two bedroom apartment, but given that I have the opportunity to design my own wiring plan...I was looking for any feedback or recommendations for things I need to consider.

I know I want to pre-wire for speakers on the patio, master bedroom, and game room. The house includes pre-wirng for 7.1 surround in the family room (we are not adding a media room).

I am sure the home automation will have lots of recommendations...but I'd like to go in to the meeting with a plan, and avoid their efforts to up sell me on everything.

What experience and recommendations do you have?


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

TiVo Blog - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 11:40
The midterm elections have come and gone. Like with any other contest, there were winners and there were losers. If you’re like me, and you voted, it doesn’t matter whom you voted for because you’re still a winner. With only 36.3 percent of eligible voters actually voting (according to early estimates by the United States Elections Project), you get to enjoy one of the best feelings in the world…superiority. Don’t worry, it’s not the bad kind that makes you want to take over the world. It’s the good kind—the kind Continue Reading


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