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It's working, oh wait its not.

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 17:40
So I got a brand new Tivo Stream, excited for another great TiVo product. Expected an easy set up, and it was. Stream starting working right away like it was supposed too, but soon came problems.

I was able to stream successfully, and even download a show. But within a few minutes the stream fails and stops working. Downloads fail and the stream does nothing but Buffer.

I've restarted it, restarted my entire network. These sometimes fix it for just a few moments though, and most of the time it does nothing.

I called TiVo and they got it working again, but only by doing the same thing I did, and for some reason I wanted to believe it worked. As soon as I got off the phone with them it went back to it's normal tricks.

Someone please help me fix this. I'm sitting on hold with them again hoping for some sort of miracle.

My setup - Comcast Surfboard Cable Modem / Apple Airport Extreme / TiVo Premier XL

Can someone tell me why

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 17:20
sometimes if I am watching a show and decide to record, if I was on that channel prior to the show it will include the previous show due to the buffer and a 30 min show will record 45 mins or so depending on how long I was on the previous program.

My question is why does this happen only sometimes and other times it does not? I have sometimes decided to hit record and the tivo erases the buffer and records the show, and I may have wanted to include the previous show (buffered) portion.

There seems to be no real rule.... anyone have this issue?

Using my series 3.

TiVo Desktop Plus

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 16:47
If I upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus, will the shows automatically be converted for the Nexus 7, or can I choose which shows?

Also, once the shows are downloaded from the TiVos, is there an option to delete them from the TiVo?

I am so far behind on one show - so will the Plus have options to display the shows differently? Right now, it takes 5 minutes just to scan down to the last show for me to download / watch.

Major Crimes

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 16:20
Suddenly, my FRO SP is getting all episodes of Major Crimes. If you have a tuner deficit, beware the possibility that MC multiples might bump other shows off your To Do list...

TV This Week 10/1

TiVo Blog - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 16:17
MONDAY - iHeartRadio Music Festival LIVE – The CW – 8PM  Tune in tonight for a two hour special highlighting one of the biggest concerts of the year – with headliners Usher, Green Day, No Doubt, P!nk, Pitbull and Rihanna. The hottest stars in pop came together for one of the greatest shows of the decade. Don’t miss K-Pop legend “Psy” break out into his “Gangnam Style” dance. TUESDAY – 30 for 30: “Broke” – ESPN – 8PM  The innovative sports documentary series makes it’s fall return with Billy Corben’s (“The Continue Reading

Pytivo on a WD My Book Live?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 15:45
I've searched everywhere for a few days and I haven't found any good info on weather this is doable and if so, how to do it. I just got the NAS a few days ago, it's the 3tb version. I'm wanting to push movies to my premiere... Thanks for any help!

HDVR2 restarting or freezing up when turned to a specific channel

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 14:52
I have DirecTV service and have 3 HDVR2s with the 6.4 software. Staring 10/29 they all starting either freezing up or restarting when I turn them to the same local channel. I have never had a problem like this before. It is happening on all three units so I don't think it could be a hardware issue. Has anyone heard of this before? Is it possible for DirecTV to do something to cause this to happen? They have been trying to get rid of these non RID receivers for sometime now.
Thank you

SuddenLink and TiVo Stream

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 14:40
I recently called Suddenlink to inquire about a Stream after seeing it offered on their web site. The rep said they weren't available in my area and didn't now when they would be (we JUST got the 14.9 to update last week). So, I went out and bought one. It works as advertised with the two Suddenlink TiVo Premiers I have. I wish it didn't have a fan in it. :(

Charter gave up on TiVo

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 13:40
Just got this e-mail from Charter:


And their associated TiVo page:


Looks like Charter gave up on TiVo and is going back to an in-house solution.

--Carlos V.

Premiere changes channels by itself

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 13:28
Every weekday morning I get up at 5:30am and turn the local NBC news. At 6:00am, the channel being displayed on the TV changes to another channel without any warning or "going to record a suggestion" message. Sometimes it changes to Showtime or AMC, it seems random.

Even stranger is if I press the INFO button after it has changed to this seemingly random station, the info screen indicates the TiVo is still on the local NBC station showing the news.

A simple channel up and then channel down via the remote changes the display back to the local NBC news.

Any ideas why or how to eliminate this from happening every morning?

This is on a 2-tuner Premiere.


Random reboots on 6.4a

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 13:22
Definitely getting more random reboots on 6.4a than I did on 6.2a (which were virtually zero). No freezing or stuttering issues, just random reboots. I have 4 units that used to be running 6.2a, the 3 "upgraded" to 6.4a exhibit this new behavior. It's not excessive, but it is a noticeable change. It's not the drives, let's get that out of the way right now. 1 has a new drive and 2 others have the same as the drives that had 6.2a, all check out good with SpinRite.

Unit kept at 6.2a is rock solid. It will play a music channel for days on end without an issue. (Maybe it's rebooting always at night?... I listen to music way too often to never catch it.) 6.4a unit did it to me yesterday and again on Friday.

Nothing scientific here, but I've lived with these 4 units for a while now and I'm very familiar with how they act and perform.

Just wanted to post my experiences so perhaps other people won't think they're crazy (crazier?).

And I do know it's time to upgrade hardware. But these units (used to... and mostly still do) work so great for certain applications, like bedroom and garage CRTs. If it weren't for the local channels and guide data thing...


What to do with old Series 3??

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 12:39
I now have two Premier units with Stream and no longer need my old Series 3.
So what should I do with the old box?

1. Can I harvest the hard drive to expand one of my Premiers?

2. Smash it with a bat like in Office Space?

3. Open it up and reverse engineer it?

4. Give it away?

5. Put into a crate and store at the Area 54 warehouse?

6. Sell it? How much?

7. Other?

Are there any Big Bang Theory ripoff shows?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 11:37
Even though Hollywood doesn't like to make copycat shows based on other popular shows and prefers originality, I'm surprised there isn't some sort of nerdfest sitcom floating around someplace. Or did I miss it?

I wouldn't mind another sitcom like that.

transfer Tivo service to a Premiere

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 10:39
Hi Everyone I have a Tivo HD that I have had for almost 5 years and the HDMI port just gave out which seems to be a common problem. I heard some people were buying a new tivo and using the change service number feature on the website. some people said they were able to keep there lower monthly service some said they couldn't so not sure. Im very interested if this works because i was lucky to get the $3.95 plan because of working with Circuit City and would really like to keep that but upgrade to the premiere boxes. Please let me know if anyone has had any luck with this.

Hell On Wheels - The Lord’s Day - 09/30/2012

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 09:50
Great episode, love Durants wife, Lily sure turned into a whimp. It is such a shame that we only get 10 episodes per year. I would love double that.

Tivo transfer causing internet to not work.

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 09:44
I have been looking for an answer to this for a little bit now with no avail, maybe you guys (and gals) can help me out. I currently have a Tivo Premier (TCD746500) and am trying to transfer video from my PC to the Tivo over my home network (wireless). Problem is that about 5 min after the transfer starts my wireless internet stops working but the transfer to the tivo continues. The internet will not work again until I reset my modem and router. I can transfer from the tivo to my PC without any issues though, which is what is puzzling me.

Has my TiVo (finally) died after 12 years? Help please.

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 09:18
My very trusty TiVo has been through a lot, and has provided 12 years of faithful service. It has in its time had a new HD, a turbo cache card, and has been accessing the new ALT EPG very successfully over Ethernet/IP since it was established.

But - now I seem to have a problem. When I press "Live TV" I get "The recorder cannot show live TV..." with the blue sreen and troubleshooting tips. Whenever I have had this in teh past, a recorder restart has invariably solved the problem - but not this time. Input is from a Sony VTX-D800U STB, and if I press "Aux" then I get what I would expect. With "Aux" enabled, I can change channel using the TiVo remote and the STB does change channel - but when I press "Aux" again - Live TV has nothing. ALl my recordings have been blank since the weekend.

With the STB scart input seemingly fine into the AUX input, I can think of nothing else that might be the problem - so am wondering if something else on the encoding side in the TiVo might have failed... Is this the end of my TiVo???

Any help or suggestions from anyone would be very gratefully received.

Kind regards
SnowyOwl2 (was Snowyowl)

WD20EURS--$100 at newegg 'til Tuesday

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 09:02
Deals expire at
11:59pm PT on 10/02/2012!

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Don't forget to use wdidle3 on it.

4.0 vs 6.2 locals lost?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 09:00
I hacked my tivo (left stock os) and a coworkers 6.2 a few years back. From what I've read the guide data has changed and caused some boxes to lose locals. My coworker has lost locals whereas I have not. We live within 8 mins of each other. Am I missing something?

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TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Mon, 10/01/2012 - 03:29
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