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2013 World Series

TiVo Blog - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 12:00
To be a baseball fan requires a certain amount of patience. It has one of the longest seasons in professional sports, asking fans to tune in for (or record on their TiVo!) 162 games from April to October – and that is just the regular season. But ask anyone, the MLB’s playoffs provide as much, if not more drama than anything else on your TiVo – where the fate of an entire season can hinge on a single pitch. And here we are, with November on the horizon, and the Continue Reading

Slow IN-HOME Transfer Speeds after Update

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 11:51
Ever since the Tivo app update my IN-HOME transfer speeds have been very slow! Did the new Tivo app change the way the downloading goes for the in-home streaming? It seems like I use to be able to transfer a movie in 20-30 minutes. Now it takes double that.

Anyone else notice their transfers IN-HOME slower?

Walking Dead renewed for S5

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 11:00
Not a big surprise, but it's nice that it's official...and new showrunner Scott Gimple will return.

Why Pace May Be Thinking About Buying TiVo

Zatz Not Funny! - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 09:50

Ever since set-top manufacturer Pace picked up Aurora Networks for $310 million last week, the cable industry has been abuzz over who the company could target next. While speculation is all over the map, Jeff Baumgartner has homed in on two possible acquisition candidates. SeaChange International is one, thanks largely to its video backoffice solutions and [...]

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What's wrong with my TiVoHD?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 08:58
Symptoms: Non-repeatable dropouts of video and audio during playback every few minutes on all recordings. TV blinks grey for a split second and the audio drops out for a second or two. Audio does NOT drop out if fed directly from TiVo to Receiver, but it does drop out if feed through HDMI and TV.

I tried rebooting and I saw the startup screens twice, meaning it rebooted itself during the first boot. Took the HD out (Seagate SV35 1GB) and ran SeaTools for Windows on it, passed all tests including the Long Generic. Booted up fine after that. Didn't have time to test it after that to see if the problem went away.

Checked capacitors on TiVo's power supply, none were bulging.

C133 error (Problem with service) BIG EXCLAMATION POINT !

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 07:23
I have had this error many times since the last software update about 10 days ago. My internet is fine and I can connect to my other Tivo so my connections are good. Is this just a Tivo Server Prob? I am hard wired to a non green switch.


Watching live TV on TiVo Mini after DTA update

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 06:56
My TiVo Premiere was updated yesterday, and it looks like that update included support for DTA! So uh...how do I get it to work? When I try to watch Live TV on my Mini now, I get a message that all of the XL4's tuners are in use and that I can't watch live TV until one is free. How do I make one of those tuners free to allow me to view live TV?

UPDATE: I restarted the TiVo Mini, then the TiVo Premiere, and live TV on the Mini seems to be working now. Does anyone know if there's a way to solve this bug short of two restarts?

OOH and Downloads

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 05:53
Will out of home streaming allow download to a device or only streaming. If I watch 8 hours of TV on a flight and then am in a hotel for 2 weeks, I'd like to be able to download another 8 hours of recent programming for the flight home.

TIVO IOS App Looses Connection

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 04:42
I've just upgraded to a Roamio Pro (6 tuners). The main reason I purchased the box was to simplify my setup. Old setup was a TIVO XL (2 tuners), TIVO Premier XL (4 tunes) and a TIVO stream. Now I'm down to one device instead of 3. Been trying to use you IOS Tivo App version 3.2. The problem I'm having is that once connected and I exit the app, it request the Media Access Key (MAK) when I restart the app. The problem is complicated when after entering the correct MAK, I get an invalid MAK error. The only fix, is to delete the app and reinstall the app. Anyone else experiencing this? Also, I was able to copy a 1 hour show to my iPad. The old setup took approximately 18-20 minutes. This new setup took almost 45 minutes. The Tivo is connected to my network via ethernet cable. I have Comcast internet and TV service.

TiVo iOS App can be convinced to stream live TV over cellular in 2013, here's how

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 01:33
To watch a live stream from your Roamio, there is a (clumsy) way to get it going:

If you're not after a live program, it's admittedly easier to forget about my workaround and just download what you're trying to watch over cellular, using bradley's method:
Whichever way you choose, you'll want to keep a close eye on your data usage!

best way to transfer from pc to tivo

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Wed, 10/30/2013 - 00:11
What's the best way?

Looking to sell a Tivo HD dual tuner

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 21:36
I am looking to sell my old Tivo Premiere 2 tuner with 160 GB hard drive model number TCD652160. Since the buyer/seller one because it is locked to people who post over 15 times so hopefully this is a good spot to post.

It is in good condition and I still have the original cables. I might be able to find the book but I don't think I have the box. Based upon research I am looking to sell it for $50 plus shipping from Anchorage, AK but the price is negotiable.

Please let me know if you are interested or if you have advice on where else to post. I don't want to sign up for eBay. I just hope to sell to someone that will use it rather than it sitting in my closet taking up space.


TWC Tuning Adaptor - End of my rope

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 21:36
When I first got my TiVo Premiere I was having constant failures of My tuning adaptor, they checked my signal, replaced my tuning adaptor multiple times a well as the cable card.

Finally someone called me from the headend and said the problem was obvious and fixed it, it was mostly smooth sailing until my Premiere died a few weeks ago and I replaced it with a Roamio. Now I am having the same problem, the TiVo switches to record MSNBC at 7 or 8 (Switched Video) and the tuning adaptor dies and has to be reset. Almost every single day, same time, all my daytime shows record fine. The tuning adaptor has been replaced, the signal is fine and TWC is insisting the issue is at my end when it makes no sense.

I don't know what to do at this point and I'm at the end of my rope, they want to send a tech out again but I don't see how that is helpful at all, what are they going to do? The signal is fine, the issue only happens once a day and is solved by resetting the turning adaptor, what could a tech possibly figure out being wrong on my end?

Has anyone else had a problem like this and figured out a solution?

Supernatural - "Slumber Party" - 10/29/13

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 21:06
Nice little Wizard of Oz for Halloween week. :up:

"Ding dong bitches"

Not much to say about this one. It was a nice one off and you know Charlie will be back. I love that she got to be the hero.

I also liked Sam saying "of course she'll be back, there's no place like home". Was that him finally giving in to Dean about the bunker being home? I mean I do get why he would hesitate to call it home or get too comfy anywhere. Better to be ready to bolt at a moment's notice. Pretty much been their life.

I didn't like that Charlie just kept Dean's secret without further question. Or how Sam seemingly let it go who "Zeke" is. I hope that comes back up next week.

And lastly. Finally a place baby can call home. :)

Building Native Tivo Apps

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 20:01
So, if I am reading this correctly, the HME allows the tivo to control an app which is actually running on a PC somewhere, correct?

I can't see myself spending the time to develop something that only a limited number of power users are going to potentially use. And for that matter, if I was going to go through that sort of trouble to run an app on my TV, I would just hook a Pi up to my TV. Is there any way to actually write native apps, that run directly on the Tivo?

Is Tivo + Mini's Cheaper than Cable

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 19:27
I currently have Verizon Fios with DVR and 4 additional cable boxes. (5 Total) It seems as if I purchase a Tivo DVR, 4 Mini's and get a cable card I would save in the long run. Am I doing the math wrong?

Video on Demand not working

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 15:27
Video on Demand not working

Dead Roamio flashing light

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 15:22
i just restarted my Roamio and all the lights in front on the tivo are flashing, it no longer turns on and is only 2 weeks old. has anyone seen this problem before?

WTB: Roamio Plus

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 14:35
Looking to buy a Roamio Plus (new or gently used) with a lifetime sub. Standalone units without service will be considered as well (since I qualify for MSD). I initially considered purchasing a unit from either Tivo ($350+tax) or WK ($375 after coupon) or so, but would first like to see if I can help out a fellow TC member.

Please PM or leave a comment here. Thanks for viewing!

HIMYM - No Questions Asked - OAD 10/28/2013

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 12:53
You may now commence complaining....

Summary comment: "Filler"

Expanded comment: Nice purple unitard. This was the first time I noticed something dramatically purple in the episode. I know others have commented about lots of purple, but I guess I've missed it before.

I also noticed that the toy car was still on the staircase.


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