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Stream to TV through ipad

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 20:45
I have Tivo stream and I am trying to connect the iPad to a TV outside with a HDMI cable. The sound comes through but the Tivo app does not allow the video to display on the TV. Do I have any options to watch shows off my Tivo on this TV?

A Question for TiVo

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 20:09
Why does TiVo prevent the transfer of protected programs THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN VIEWED? How can it be any kind of abuse to viewing restrictions to simply MOVE an UNVIEWED program to another TiVo for viewing? This is obvious and logical -- what can the counter arguement possibly be??? Those of us who suffer with TW want to know. . .

Can you please help me set up MOCA at my house

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 19:28
Okay...... here are the details of my situation. Can someone with knowledge please help guide me with this.

The provider for my TV and internet is Verizon FIOS. I have really fast internet service(I believe it is 50/25).

My house has coaxial connection jacks in most of the rooms(single jacks). As best I can tell, this coax infrastructure is in good condition.

My router is a newer product from Verizon. It is the MI424WR rev. I(eye). It does support wireless N, and according to the published documentation, it also does support MOCA natively.

Room A is where my router is. I would prefer NOT to have a Tivo in this room at all, if possible.

Room B is my bedroom. I would like to have a Tivo Roamio pro in this room. I am interested in using the full functionality of this product, including live netflix streaming, live Tivo to tivo streaming, and also slingbox style remote streaming(a new feature that is supposedly coming soon from Tivo).

Room C is our living room. In this room I prefer to have a Tivo premiere(the original model).

Room D is our guest room. I do not want a Tivo in this room, but I would like to put an access point there.

For my budget on this project, I am trying to stay around $300 or less.

Soooooooooo .......... where do I go from here? What equipment do I need to purchase? What is the best way to configure all of this?



Directv Genie w/Client vs Tivo w/Mini

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 19:21
I currently own the Genie/Client setup. I can play a recording or schedule a recording from the Client. They are connected via the house RG59 coax that was installed when the house was built 1977. The setup works great. Is the Tivo/Mini the identical setup/function. It appears to be but I can't tell for sure after reviewing all the specs.

65th Prime Time Emmy Awards (2013) - LIVE with spoilers

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 19:05
65th Prime Time Emmy Awards discussion.

Who will win big? Breaking Bad? Mad Men? Games of Thrones? House of Cards?

Who are your favs?

I am pulling for Breaking Bad, but would be happy with wins for House of Cards or Mad Men.

MoCA not working - router?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 18:28
I get a C33 error message when trying to use MoCA. My router is a Western Digital My Net 900 and I can't find anywhere online where MoCA is mentioned in conjunction with a description of this router. Does anyone know if it supports MoCA? If not, does anyone have a recommendation for a router that does?

Thanks - Lynne

Can anoyone confirm that a 4K drive works in a Premiere?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 15:45
I recently had alot of problems trying to put a 4K (Advanced Format, or AF) drive in my Tivo HD XL (TCD658000.) Please reference this thread:


I never could get it to work right, and have been running the reimaged stock drive without issues.

I'm now considering an upgrade, and was wondering about 4K compatibility in a Premiere. I know that the base Premiere comes with a non-AF drive. Even the new base Roamio comes with a non-AF drive.

Can anyone confirm that a 4K drive works correctly in a base Premiere, and that the partitions align? What about a base Roamio?


Streaming to PC/Mac

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 13:24
Will the Series 5 eventually be able to stream live and recorded TV to PCs and Macs? This feature would come in really handy for me.

Starting with a bare 2tb drive

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 13:05
I have a series 3 with what I believe is a bad drive so I cant back it up. I also have a Hatachi(p/n 0F10311) 2tb SATA 3 drive as a donor.

What I need is some direction in locating instructions for imaging the drive with the appropriate software to get back up and running. Most things I have read thus far are dated and talk about the lack of info on TB drives as well as the need to have a backup to begin with. Can someone point me to a relevant thread where I can find an image as well as instructions for tools to get the job done.

Thank you in advance.

Pip ?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 12:22
Any way to do picture in picture with a Roamio Pro ?
Is there a switch or an adapter you could buy where this can be rigged up ?

so tired of the black screens

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 11:40
i just moved and had to get TWC.. Ive had nothing but trouble with my switched signal. Sports pass works when it wants(black channels), channels constantly dropping(regular cable). Three Techs have come out, all stating they have never worked with mcards. call TWC and the cable card tech on the phone says they cant do anything for the signal the tech at the house has to fix it. Its a revolving door nightmare of stupidity.
I have a tivo premire xl4 and Cisco TA
I come back from watching tivo and have black screens. I have to unplug the TA and reset it to just watch tv again.

I finally got the redzone channel working at 10am this morning, Im afraid to change the channel and lose it

does anyone have any other ideas?

PlayOn Preps Amazon & ESPN Chromecast Streaming

Zatz Not Funny! - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 07:34

Our pal Brad Linder got the scoop on PlayOn’s next move from a NYC press event earlier this week… and Chromecast support is in the pipeline. While we’d originally portrayed PlayOn as something of a sketchy hack, our thinking has evolved… Given the rights holders sluggish metamorphosis and often onerous playback restrictions, we now recognize PlayOn [...]

The post PlayOn Preps Amazon & ESPN Chromecast Streaming appeared first on Zatz Not Funny!.

Can't connect at hotel

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 09/22/2013 - 03:31
I am trying to get my tivo to connect using the wifi at the hotel I am at and it wont work. My laptop and my iphone work just fine on their wifi. I am able to program it to the wifi it offers here but when i hit the "connect to service now" it keeps giving me an error. I think its because there is a "connect page" i have to hit the agree button on. I tried connecting my laptop to the tivo and still got the same error message. It says "failed while negotiation". If I use my laptop do I need a router between the laptop and tivo or can I connected them both together and share the laptop internet?
any advice?

I have a TiVo Premiere with a TiVo AG0100 Wireless Adapter and my laptop is using windows 8

Also I dont want to talk about my personal life so please do not mention slingbox

List of favorites...

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 22:06
Is there a way to add a list of favorite channels to the tivo roamio? This is one of the few features I liked about the directv dvr. The comcast x-1(worst dvr ever made) had a last 7 channels watched option. Thanks for your help

Tivo Romaio flashing picture

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 21:52
I just purchased my Tivo Roamio plus and am having several issues.

The current one is renting a movie from Amazon and when I go to watch the movie the screen flashes about every 5 seconds. I will get the picture for a few seconds, sometimes sounds, sometimes not, and then it go blank. This process repeats without end.

The movie is currently downloading - but according to the progress bar it is over 1/2 way through the download so this should NOT be the case of where playing the movie over-runs the download.

Additionally - if i go back to Tivo so that the movie is in the window off to the side - the entire Tivo menu flashes in the same way.

My Amp indicates that the HDMI signal is dropping out as the icon for indicating HDMI flashes on and off with the screen.

The Tivo screens won't be normal until I stop playing the movie in the background.

Anyone else have issues with this?

Tivo roamio time Warner nyc tuning adapter

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 21:20
I just changed from a premiere to a roamio base model. When I called time Warner to pair my Cable card we had issues seeing EMM I have i believe it was. I was then told to unhook my tuning adapter. The lady told me someone else had similar issue with a roamio. Without the tuning adapter everything is going now fine. We tested several switched video channels and all works. I I found it strange and so did the cable card support rep. But this is now two cases of this she said. I figured I'd share and get the tivo community input.

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About of boxes/cost

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 21:12
Ok So I have 3 Premieres and a Stream now.

I am moving into a new house in 3 weeks and I am all about jumping to Direct TV. Mostly because i dont like my cable company. I do like my Tivo's but i need a lot of boxes and I think sticking with Tivo is Cost prohibitive.

With Direct TV

I Plan to get a
Genie(Living Room)
HD DVR(Master bed)
genie client(Kids Room)
genie client(Kids Room)
Regular HD Box(kids room)
regular hd box(office)

Total Tuner count is 9 with 7 that record

I would like to shift to a Roamio and some minis. But debating how to do it.

Total Monthly cost with Direct would be 80 for the first year and 123 after.

My current cable bill is 100 including the Monthly Tivo fee's.

I think I would need a Roamio, Roamio Plus and 4 mini's to match what i want with Direct TV

Biggest Plus Direct TV has is the unified playlist among the DVR's..


Hardware clone, then software "expand"?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 20:37
I own a hardware hard drive SATA cloner.

My plan is to upgrade from a failing 1TB to a new 2TB disk.

If I want to use my hardware cloner to clone from 1TB to 2TB, it will keep the partions exactly the same... So I'll have 1TB used and 1TB "unused."

My theory is that using a Windows partition "expand" tool I'll get the extra 1TB to be seen.


Or should I just not bother and use JMFS for it?

Thanks in advance.

Roamio Searches with Live

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 18:32
This Roamio search sure seems cumbersome over the series III. Two big irritations come up right away:
1. Even if I uncheck a channel (foreign) in the settings it still comes up in the program searches...unbearable.
2. Is there any way to get rid of the live stuff showing in the searches?
I search for stuff to record later not for shows that are running. After some digging I managed to figure out some of the old sort items but I can't find a way for it to not show live stuff.

Roamio Not Showing "Transfer This Program" Option

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 17:29
I have a Series 3 and Roamio on the same Network. I am trying to get programs from the Series 3 to the Roamio. I can see the programs I want to transfer when I am in the Roamio but there is no transfer option...i can play them without a problem but can't transfer..any thoughts?


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