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Roku as a replacement for Tivo Mini

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 21:41
I think this is a forlorn request but I'll make it anyway: I just purchased my first Tivo, a Roamio Plus. I have TWC. TWC has made a Roku channel available for live and VOD streaming. The picture quality is extremely good. My choice with the Tivo is to buy a $150 unit + tax + service.... or use an iOS/Android device. The streaming quality - compared to other streaming services I've used - is pretty appalling (it's been horrible and unreliable). Really hoping Tivo will bite the bullet and deliver a Roku channel.

plex client

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 17:47
a client for plex similar to the nexflix would be really nice

sherlock season 1 - coming to bbca nov 8th

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 15:42
excellent cast & enjoyable show, glad to see bbca picking up the first season:

Quote: The hit show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman arrives November 8 at 7/6c.

Right Virtural Channel, Wrong Digital Channel

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 14:53
Right Virtural Channel, Wrong Digital Channel....

Technically TiVo is using the word "Frequency" when more accurately they should be using "Digital Channel".

New Detroit OTA Channel 14.1 (WHNE) is correct in the channel list and in the guide. What is wrong is that that tivo is using the wrong "frequency" for this channel. The correct frequency for channel 14.1 is frequency 20, but tivo is using 14 as evidenced by >TiVo Central >Settings > Channels >Signal Strength-Antenna. This page shows: "Channel 14.1 WHNELD Frequency 14" when it should show: "Channel 14.1 WHNELD Frequency 20". Because of this frequency error, the TiVo is trying to tune in Channel 50.1 WKBDDT, which is already on Frequency 14.

I tried to report this to the "Tech" at tivo, but they have no idea what the difference is between Virtural and Digital channels. He kept telling me that there is no difference and that TiVo doesn't support antennas.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

follow my favorite NFL team issue

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 10:32
I want to "follow my favorite team" in Find TV, Movies and Videos- browse TV and Movies-sports-follow your favorite team. All I get is "there are no currently items to display" on all teams selected. I have repeated guided setup, rebooted and connected to TIVO. Am I the only one or is this an issue? Thanks for any help!

Youtube on my roamio keeps freezing on playback.

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 10:12
It's happening on all videos. Video will play for 10 seconds or so and then freeze for like 5-10 seconds and then resume playing for another 10 seconds or do and then freezes again.

I have Verizon FIOS with 85mb down. So it's not my connection.

This is very frustrating.

Manhattan marathon on WGN today 11AM EDT

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 07:30
Just happen to notice in the guide.

One Hour With The New Apple SIM

Zatz Not Funny! - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 06:58
Along with Apple’s introduction of the iPad Air 2 comes a new take on the lowly SIM card. Not only does the tablet ship with just about every LTE band and frequency one could want, the hardware is delivered preloaded with an agnostic SIM for network authentication. As T-Mobile’s CEO tweets: 1/ The Apple SIM, as conceived, […]

Transferring Stream

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 05:51
I have a Stream that I am no longer using. I want to give it to my daughter who just purchased a basic Roamio. It looks like all I have to do is log into my Tivo account and deactivate it and then give it to her so she can re-activate it on her account as if she just bought it in a store. Is that all that is required or do I have to call Tivo and authorize it over the phone so they can move it to her account?

Loosing "ADD ON PACKAGE" channels only??

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sun, 10/26/2014 - 02:44
I have a "TiVo Premiere-4 and TIVO Roamio BASIC (Both are Four Tuner with M-Cable Card + Switched Video Adapter)" and for some reason I keep loosing authorization of only one of the programing packages from my local "COX" system titled "THE VARIETY PACK" (call/digital channel numbers are 2208 thru 2290) which happens to include BBCA-HD?!? This condition just started happening in late August, the Premiere has been in service since March 2014 (eBay purchase) and the Roamio (Refurbish direct from TIVO) was just installed this past week.
It seems to mainly happen on Saturday night around 7:45PM CST <It has happened at other random times, but like clock work/weekly for the Saturday night time> (or just before 'Dr Who' starts) so that this means that the program(s) do not record..!!
I get one of the following conditions / errors: {Paraphrased if not listed as on screen}(1) Contact provider channel not authorized.
<call CSR and they '''re-ping'' account>
(2) Unable to tune week signal, contact provider.
<call CSR and they test from their end and all signals test strong>
(3) Black screen with no on screen message
<go into cable card settings and it shows a signal of 96% on all four tuners?!?>This error condition lasts on all of this packages channels from 20 minutes to 45 minutes, when the error condition clears up. All other channels / packages that I subscribe to work just fine! As the COX CSR's are telling me that it is testing and working good, and when a tech comes to my home to check signal strength all is working well.

Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this issue? :confused:

Tivo Problem or Cable Problem?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 23:18
I posted this on tivo.com because I completely forgot about this site. It's been years since I had any real problems but that appears to have changed.

Within the last week, I have been having problems with cable channels on one of my Series 3 DVRs. I will tune to a cable channel and within 5-10 minutes, the signal drops out and the screen goes blank. My other TV with same type of DVR and cable card has no problems. I can watch network channels, CBS, NBC, no problem. I called Cox and they tried to reset the cable card but nothing happened. She said that the card was not receiving any signal and needed to change out the card. I did that today and called and had it authorized. Still the same problem but now there is no picture at all on the cable channels. I restarted the TiVo and tried to get through Guided Setup but it stopped responding during the last stage of trying to contact and download information from TiVo. I had to unplug the DVR, plug it back in, it got stuck on "Almost there. Just a few minutes more..." It is now back to the Getting Setup Info screen again.

I have an Sata drive attached to this Tivo box but that should not matter, right? There is also a tuning adapter.

Sounds like the TiVo box? Ugh, all my lost recordings if this is true.

Purchasing Cable Card??

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 22:57
Over the years that I have had TiVo, I have been paying between $1.10 to $1.50 monthly for each able card that I need. Over all, this is not a huge dollar amount and not really worth loosing sleep over. However, I recently came across some eBay auctions that listed Motorola Multi Stream Cable cards for about $18.00 each. If you were to buy the cable card, that would give you a pay back period in the range of 1 to 1.5 years.

I am wondering if anyone has had any recent success buying their cable card and also getting it activated on their cable provider?

I have Comcast cable service and 4 TiVo boxes. I would like to get rid of my $1.50 per month per cable card for a total of $6.00 savings.

Doctor Who "In The Forest of the Night" (10/25/14, Spoilers)

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 22:16
So, another episode with absolutely rubbish science. Does Moffat know that part of science fiction is, you know, *science*?

Besides that, I was frankly bored through the majority of this episode. There seemed to be endless moments of wandering around aimlessly with absolutely nothing going on. Even the few moments of action weren't all that interesting.

Frankly, another awful episode from a rather awful season. I hate saying that, but it's amazing how I used to try downloading episodes as soon as they were uploaded after broadcast in the UK. Now, I don't even care to watch it live on BBC America... I eventually watch it later, if I get around to it. *sigh*

Activate TWC Cable Card after Changing hard drive?

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 22:04
anybody have a problem where you get a message to start service after changing the hard drive in a Tivo Roamio?

HELP (MoCa setup)

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 21:16
I got my TiVo Pro and Mini and I'm going on the 5th day with no luck having MoCa to work properly with the mini, even with tech support, here's my early TiVo life;
1. Purchased my Pro and Mini, cable card and tuning adapter should be available by TWC within two days.
2. TiVo and Mini all set up in it's proper locations waiting for the cable card and tuning adapter.
3. Cable card and tuning card picked up, cable card inserted, the tuning adapter plugged in and all the cable wires connected but TiVo doesn't work properly, I called tech support and was told that I need a splitter that's 2.4 GHZ or more, headed out to BestBuy to pick up a 2.4 GHZ splitter, got home and switched out the old splitter to the new one recommended, remind you I'm in Hawaii and the time difference is four hours behind PST, even after using the new splitter, I still can't get MoCa to work or the mini, tech support is now closed.
4. Called tech support and the tech asked how I have my set up, told her I had to relocate the modem and router next to the TiVo as recommended on the first day, she told me " no that's not right, go ahead and put your modem and router back in your office ", modem and router returned to my home office, tried to connect TiVo and that didn't work, she put me on hold to inquire and then returns back on the phone and said " I'm sorry you need to put back your modem and router next to the TiVo ", again we tried to make TiVo work and that still didn't work, put me on hold again and comes back to say, " you need another splitter to act as a amplifier ", and when you get the second splitter, you need to connect the cable wire from the wall into the first splitter and then use a short cable to connect the second splitter, from the second splitter you need to connect the modem, tuning adapter and TiVo and that should work.
5. Headed back to BestBuy and purchased another splitter, got home and reconnected all the wires as stated by the previous tech, adjust the TiVo settings and that still doesn't work, tech support is now close, so I have to wait another day which will be the 6th day.
HELP HELP HELP me set up my TiVo and Mini, if anyone knows how to make my TiVo work and mini, I'd really appreciate it - I have all the basic RECOMMENDED splitters and cables, I just need HELP.:confused:

Roamio OTA RF Sensitivity is Disappointing

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 20:28
What is your experience with sensitivity between antenna capable TIVO's?

Been a TIVO owner since the first model. Now experimenting with cutting the cord. My Series 3 HDXL works well OTA but alas is only 2 tuners and doesn’t stream. So I bought a Roamio OTA today. Its reception RF sensitivity is definitely lower. It studders and pixelates where the HDXL did not. For example signal strength for CBS is 50 vs 63 on the HDXL. (I know the signal strength between units is relative and may not be directly comparable.) I may have to return it… will keep experimenting. I live in a condo so I cannot improve my antenna setup. :(

Android Out of Home Streaming

TiVoCommunity Forum Recent Threads - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 19:38
I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Kindle Fire HDX 7" tablet. Streaming works great on both when I am in home. When I ran streaming setup I checked the box to enable out of home streaming.

Now I am at my son's house in a different city and I can't get streaming to work at all on either device. When I login to my tivo.com account I can see the name of my Roamio DVR but when I try to go to My Shows it says "Information for this screen is unavailable, because your Tivo box cannot be found on this network. Check your box and network connections, then try again".

Then, if I go to setup and choose Streaming Setup, there is a checkbox for "Setup in-home streaming" but the checkbox for "Setup out-of-home streaming is not there". The same thing happens on my phone and tablet.

Has anyone been able to get out-of-home streaming to work on any Android device? :confused::(


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