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Microsoft Interactive Entertainment’s Don Mattrick

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 09:41

You told us how much you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc. So, today I am announcing the following changes to Xbox One and how you can play, share, lend, and resell your games exactly as you do today on Xbox 360. #dealtwithit

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AppleTV Joins Xbox 360 In Offering WatchESPN

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 11:59

After three years of effectively, if not contractually, providing exclusive ESPN360 ESPN3 WatchESPN set-top box access, the Xbox 360 gains a competitor in the Apple TV ($99) today. Further, as revealed to us at the Cable Show, HBO GO has also made an Apple TV app appearance. However, unlike the Xbox 360 or forthcoming media-centric Xbox One, [...]

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WatchESPN To Launch Live Toolbar for iOS this Summer

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 11:23

ESPN is spiffing up its WatchESPN app for iOS devices. Starting this summer, the app will include a new live toolbar with interactive features and embedded on-demand videos. VP Damon Phillips describes it as the two-dot-oh version of ESPN’s bottom line, and over time it will evolve even further to include options for customization based on [...]

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TiVo prepping Series 5 with new remote control, up to six tuners

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 17:50

TiVo prepping Series 5 with new remote control, up to six tuners

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TiVo In The Hunt For Hulu?!

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 06:05

On Friday (6/14), proprietary market intelligence firm StreetAccount reported that TiVo shares were up on “follow-through from speculation on a Hulu acquisition.” A rising tide lifts all boats? Or the first whiff of TiVo as a potential acquirer? Although TiVo has never been mentioned as a suitor, the company declined to comment on this note [...]

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TiVo Mini IR Extender & Wall Mount Now Available

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 14:40

Having lived with the TiVo Mini in our master bedroom three months, we’re generally pleased with the solution. Yeah, it’s possibly overpriced at $250 (including Lifetime service)… but remains the only game in (my) town given Verizon’s FiOS TV Media Server delay. And that bug where playback drops towards the end of recordings currently in [...]

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Game of Thrones, A Song of Cable & Broadband

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 16:11

After taking in the annual Cable Show, what struck me are the increasingly complex relationships – shifting and unpredictable alliances, enemies now friends, competitors snuffed… with the final chapters yet to be written. Much like HBO’s Game of Thrones. Beyond the corporate square dance, there’s clearly increased excitement surrounding TV Everywhere. So head on over to [...]

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The Cable Show Comes To Town

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 16:57

The Cable Show has returned to DC and while the NCTA’s annual convention is winding down, our coverage is still rolling in. Mari, who hosted the Navigation Station panel (shown above), is writing under the Light Reading masthead and I’m preparing a story that touches on the cable industry’s complex and evolving corporate relationships with two scoops [...]

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Still No TiVo Stream For Android

Mon, 06/10/2013 - 09:27

From the Cable Show this morning, TiVo announced plans to offer cable companies partner-branded versions of their existing mobile apps. Beyond potential integration with TiVo hardware and services, the apps can also optionally tie into operator billing and account management. Atlantic Broadband, with ~250,000 customers, is the first taker and their “powered by TiVo” app is [...]

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Apple TV Gets Its First Network TV App

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 11:27
Internet-delivered TV is a messy market right now, and into the fray, Apple TV has tossed a new partnership with the CW network. The CW will soon have an app on Apple TV devices that shows TV episodes the day after they air on cable. All content will be ad-supported, and no pay-TV subscription will [...]

ESPN Considers the Whispernet Model

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 09:24
There was a big story out last week that a lot of people missed. According to The Wall Street Journal (as reported by electronista), ESPN is weighing the idea of subsidizing users’ wireless data for mobile streaming of ESPN video. That would mean that the sports network would pay for bandwidth used by consumers to watch ESPN [...]

Free TiVo Desktop Discontinued Next Month

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 16:33
TiVo will be retiring the free version of their TiVo Desktop PC software next month. And I can’t say it’s a bad idea, given years of neglect… and CCI Byte unpleasantries. While imagery alluding to a replacement TiVo Desktop or, perhaps, web portal streaming surfaced earlier this year, nothing has yet materialized. Until it does, TiVo [...]

Netflix Surpasses HBO in U.S. Subscribers

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 11:09

Wanna Chat With Your DVR?

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 11:29
According to Variety, DirecTV has been working on a Nuance-powered iPhone app to bring speech recognition to HR24 and newer set-top boxes. My initial reaction was that it’s nothing more than a clever, but not very practical, application of Siri-like skills. Yet, upon reflection, being able to change channel via station name, rather than researching a corresponding [...]

Why Am I Craving an Android TV Box?

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 13:10
We got a new flat-screen TV for my house in December of 2009, and we’re not likely to upgrade any time soon. That doesn’t top me from wanting to add a little after-market action, however, and for some inexplicable reason, I find that I’m craving an Android TV box for my living room set-up. Brad [...]

AT&T Intros Box With Many Antennae

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 08:47
“In case of online attack, please use the emergency shutoff valve.” -Ed Bott

VOD Gets Fast Forward Back

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 14:28
You know how annoying it is when your on-demand session times out and you have to start a show over from the beginning? Oh, and then you find out fast forwarding has been disabled? Well, fear no more. The cable gods are hard at work fixing the problem. The SCTE, a standards body for the [...]

Amazon Preps Streaming STB

Wed, 04/24/2013 - 13:56
According to Businessweek, Amazon intends to take on the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Roku with a streaming set-top box. Given Amazon’s failed bid for Roku, ever-expanding cloud offerings, and even their own Android marketplace, it’s not an inconceivable approach – yet we’ll classify this as a rumor until more concrete evidence presents itself. With the downward [...]

TiVo Hopes FCC Will Allow Santa To Deliver New DVRs

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 08:05
Back in February, TiVo had petitioned the FCC to build a new line of all-digital DVRs. And apparently Industry is prepared to abandon analog tuning, as not a single letter of opposition was filed. From TiVo’s February filing: This petition requests an extension of that waiver to several new all-digital cable only devices and a slight extension [...]

Hulu Desktop… Discontinued?

Sat, 04/20/2013 - 08:09
Amidst Hulu’s identity crisis, their Windows and Mac Hulu Desktop software has gone missing. First introduced in 2009, these apps provided another means of video playback… with the benefit of Apple and Microsoft Media Center remote control support. But they unceremoniously vanished from the web several weeks back, along with all of Hulu Labs. A [...]