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Audio Delay

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 14:25
I've had the Roamio for about 3-4 weeks now, and ever since we've gotten it there's been a slight delay in audio. Sometimes it's almost right and sometimes it's really off.

The Roamio goes into a Sony HT-CT150 receiver via HDMI and then the HDMI goes out to the TV and into the Soundbar. All audio comes out of the Soundbar. I don't split the audio or anything like that because the receiver does just 1 cable out to the TV.

Any ideas? There don't seem to be any options within the Tivo for audio sync and this is a lower tier soundbar so not many options there either.

Stream and Upnp

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 12:59
Roamio Pro here ..

Anyone able to get stream working without a Upnp router? I have my internet connection terminating in a business grade firewall that does not support upnp - so far I am unable to get stream setup at all.

Earlier versions of stream had a port forwarding section in the browser config screen that would have accommodated this type of setup - that has disappeared in the later versions I assume they dropped support for that?


AT&T u-verse help

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 09:57
Ok I need help AT&T is trying to get me to change to u-verse and I can save a few $ But right now I'm on Cox and really have no problems. I live in south orange county.

From my understanding TiVo does not work with u-verse but I called Tivo and was told that it does kind of and it is a work in progress with TiVo and AT&T.

So has anybody changed? And can I get some feedback before I switch to the evil AT&T over lord :rolleyes:

ATSC Roamio

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 09:16
Could it be possible to get a Tivo Roamio Plus or Pro and add some sort of cable card or something to convert it to ATSC instead of just QAM?

I need more hard drive space and I need component out connectors. Since my antenna signal is a little weak, it would be nice to not have to split the signal and lose some stations by having multiple Tivo units.

I'd like to be able to feed multiple TV's off one Tivo with no signal loss from my antenna. But I need component out, not to mention more hard drive space. The regular Roamio is nice but it really just an afterthought for us antenna users. (Is Tivo not aware of just how many subchannels there are now with movies and content that will fill up the hard drive of a family of 4?)

Slow Changing Channels?

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 08:52
I have a Premier 4 with lifetime service and FiOS TV. When I change channels the first couple will show up immediately, but subsequent channels lag by 15 - 30 seconds. Just a black screen will appear until the picture is displayed.

I realize this is a first world problem, but it makes channel surfing so annoying. I used to be able to flip immediately from one channel to the next all day long (as long as my wife wasn't home). Does anyone else see this behavior or is there something wrong with my unit? I also have a FiOS DVR which does not have this issue - channels show up immediately.

Tivo to Plex video downloading

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 07:09
I have a Plex media server and I'm looking for the best solution to pull video from my premiere Tivo to my Plex server? I've read about pytivo, TiVo desktop, streambaby, kmttg, ect. but I'm a little confused on what would be my best solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many shows only recording 1 min 14 secs

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 07:03
This just started happening on my Plus a little over a week ago. I've seen about 6 different shows so far that have only recorded a little over a minute of the start of the show and then nothing. It is not all my shows, maybe around half. I've rebooted to box but it was still happening as of last night. Have never seen this behavior before. Any ideas?

TiVo HD XL question - upgraded to 2 TB internal, but want 1 TB external to work too..

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 06:48
Hi, Sorry if this is a repeat question, while I searched here, I got old or conflicting information and was not able to glean the correct answer.

I've got a TiVo HD XL, it was set up with 1tb internal and 1tb external. The internal died, so I got a new 2tb drive and put it internal. I used MFSLive and an image for that drive. I got that all up and running and put the 1tb external on. It asked me to pair, I said yes, but it never did.

Searching here I found the following, but don't know if it's true:
- 2.2tb is the max
- internal drive cannot be larger than external

But also saw people saying:
- they have 4tb storage
- use MFSLive/WinMFS to marry B to A

I tried both MFSLive and WinMFS, MFSLive didn't seem to do anything even though the command came back successful, WinMFS did seem to work, but kept causing reboot loops at "Almost There...". When I disconnected the external drive, TiVo recognized that and asked to divorce it. So this seemed to almost work...

Searching more, I see JMFS Live, but didn't see the exact situation I have and I'm leery to try it without asking first.

Will JMFS Live do this? If not, any other options?


Are S1 units still useable?

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 06:17
Forgive my interest in the matter - I've been inactive on this forum for probably 7-8 years (having originally been the supplier of the alternative channel logos for the Channel Guide), and looking at the forum, there's very little activity now on the TiVo Series 1 UK front.

I was wondering if, after the June 1st 2011 switch off, whether some form of third party data source had been set up to allow the old TiVos to continue working in a similar way that an Australian service had been provided by enthusiasts?

While I haven't used my TiVo "in anger" for over 7-8 years, it would be nice to fire it up and still see some form of limited automatic use - but I guess the lack of activity in this forum probably answers my question in the negative - the TiVo service in the UK really did die a death for S1 in 2011 and the unit can do little more than record using manually supplied start and end times.

I'll add that I was probably one of the first in the UK to regularly actively use a TiVo, with a unit in regular use from very early 2000 (possibly even late 1999). Yes, TiVo didn't start selling in the UK until October 2000 but I was involved with their early testing in the UK and had access to several early "test" units including initially a Philips US S1 which had to be used with an expensive external NTSC standards converter for input and later, a very early Thompson (which came with no front panel). Initially supplied with a dialup service for Sky only with a limited number of channels - and initially the dialup was to a non-free number in the States until shortly before full launch in the UK.

TiVo had the best user interface I've used for a PVR - and I've been told that we'll all be driving flying cars and wearing silver suits before Virgin Media (or any other cable company) comes to my area.

I remember the launch day of TiVo vividly - I went to my local Currys store and was dismayed to see the sign under the TiVo reading "When buying this, you may wish to buy VHS video tape". The shop display TiVo (in demo mode) was languishing in a corner and staff didn't have a clue what it was or how it worked.

Last season for "Hot in Cleveland" (2015)

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 21:34
Quote: After six seasons, TV Land's signature original comedy series Hot in Cleveland is calling it quits. "After five incredible seasons of Hot in Cleveland, the sixth season, currently in production, will be its last," according to TV Land. It's had a good run. I remember when it first started, thinking "TV Land?". And also thinking "Daphne!". Set the bar high for old people shows, er I mean the over-49 demo. And credit to TV Land, they've tried a bunch of them, and a few have landed.

Ratings are still decent, so I'm guessing either (1) the well is running dry on creativity & story lines, and they're actually gonna call it quits while they're ahead, or (2) as contracts renew, the costs continues to rise, and TV Land wants to call a Numbers.

I'll miss 'em...




Quote: TV Land confirmed on Monday the Hot in Cleveland‘s current 24-episode sixth season will be the sitcom’s last. The sixth season just started, so assuming they make them all, and show them on the same cycle as before, the last episodes will air next September or so.

TiVo app search can't find show

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 21:04
I'm having a problem finding shows to record using the search function of the TiVo app. When I search in the app, it says the show is only available on Amazon. However, when I browse the guide I can see the show and record it. This has happened on a number of occasions, with different shows and channels.

Any ideas what is going wrong or how to fix the app search?

The Good Wife: s6e09 Sticky Content (16 Nov. 2014)

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 20:14
DAMN IT, writers. Quit making Finlicia so appealing.

So Peter's back to his old tricks. Who's shocked? *crickets*

I do like that they finally confirmed it.

Menacing though Bishop might be I was never nervous for Cary. I loved his "oh yeah, sometimes I just say things". Suuuuure.

Alicia trying to redo the interview was hysterical.

Little bit of randomness: the shoebox appeared to be sealed with packing tape. There is no way packing tape would have ripped open like that.

I liked her going through the photos "yeah yeah" "whatever" "well, ****."

And then the joint interview: did she ham it up as an "f you" to Ramona?

Guided Setup on Roamio question

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 19:47
Hey all,

I have looked for an answer to this but haven't found any.

We currently use DirecTv. But we have had it with them. We are looking into getting the basic Tivo Roamio (over the air and Internet services) but can't seem to find out if the guide info will include all the TV stations we currently have over the air using the DirecTv HR-20.

See, we live mid way between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI.

The bottom line question is: will the guide info provide info from both markets? The only info I have found is that the Tivo guided setup will ask for my zip code. The DirecTv setup asks for both the zip codes for my home and a second zip code which I enter a zip code from Chicago.

But nothing is said whether or not the guide merely uses the results from the automatic channel scan. My antenna picks up all the stations in both Milwaukee and Chicago and I don't want to lose that. Any ideas?

Also, what is the current list of Internet services provided on the Tivo Roamio? Looking at the Tivo web site doesn't appear to provide that info either.

We appreciate the help.


Software Corrupted on HDD

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 19:40
Short Version:
The software for my Tivo HD is corrupted and kickstart 52 does not work. Is there a way to push the software back onto the drive without losing all of my recorded shows?

Long Version:
My Tivo HD with a 1TB WD Green HDD went into a reboot loop last week.
  • I did a kickstart 54 and verified that the HDD passed the smart test and the extended test.
  • I opened the box and did a visual check of the power supply caps which looked great.
  • I performed a kickstart 52 and it immediately went into the reboot loop again.
  • I popped the original 160GB HDD that I archived and verified that the Tivo worked with the original drive.
  • I used winmfs to copy my original 160GB HDD to a 750GB WD Green HDD that I had and put my Tivo back into service.
  • I'm still in the process of setting my shows back up on the new drive, but I really would like the many recordings from my old drive.
  • I have now completed running WD data lifeguard diagnostics on the 1TB drive which has passed and am now thinking that the HDD is good, but the software is corrupted too badly for kickstart 52 to work.
  • In performing all of this I found that I did not disable intellipark on my 1TB drive.:( Stupid me, but it did last 3 years before my mistake caught up with me.
Now, my question is: Is there a way to recover the Tivo OS software on my 1TB drive without losing my recordings?


WD20EURS Upgrade

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 18:19
I ordered a new WD20EURS and downloaded


Is all I have to do is copy, extend and supersize or do I need to run hdparm -k 1 -B 1 -M 128 /dev/sdb also?

I also read I need to run wdidle3 but it also said only on older drives. Will it hurt to run on a drive that doesn't need it.

I have a older Premier746 that I tried premiere_linux_inc_supersize_jmfs-rev104 and it seem to work great I had the orignal 350 MB drive and I copied it to a 1 TB drive without any problems.

TiVo, TD+, pyTiVo and CC

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 17:51
I have been an avid TiVo user for many many years, and am a power user. I have been on these forums for ages.

Over the course of time, I have attempted on several occasions with making better use of Closed Captioning.

Here is what I do know.

TiVo records the shows off cable/ota and does encode the CC track, as when we watch the our recording, we can in fact turn on or off the CC track as needed.

The problems come now from when you move the show from your TiVo to your computer or now NAS device. Using either TD+ or pyTiVo, or in my case, the firmware part of the Netgear NAS that pulls the show off the TiVo.

Then of course transfering the show back to the TiVo for viewing again.

It seems when a TiVo file undergoes this process. The CC sometimes but not always gets lost or becomes unuseable.

TD+ I have noticed if you let it pull the TiVo file, and then transfer it back, and never messed with the .TiVo file. It will retain the CC. If however you converted it to MPG, or anything else, and then allow TD+ to transfer it back. The CC is lost.

PyTiVo doesn't seem to preserve the CC information, even if I keep the file a .TiVo file. maybe I have a setting wrong?

The Netgear NAS, Sadly for some reason, the CC will will get lost on some files, and some it won't. Haven't figured that one out yet.

It doesn't seem that if I have other video files that never orginated on the TiVo that using subtitles/CC is near to imposible to get to work with TD+ or pyTiVo currently without just hardcoding the subtitles into the original video file to begin with. Apparently their is no way to convert subtitle files into CC files and to encode the video stream to the TiVo as an actual CC stream that can be turned on or off by the TiVo.

Am I correct in this thinking? That currently there is not any inexpensive way to encode a file in advance of sending the stream to the TiVo or at the time it is being streamed to the TiVo in CC format so that the TiVo can turn on or turn off the CC stream?

I do understand that CC is encoded, displayed differently than subtitles are with DVD's/Blu-rays/MKV files etc...


Southpark "Grounded Vindaloop" 11/12/14

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 15:50
Just caught up on my Tivo. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

No F**** YOU!!!!!

First time Tivo Owner, Time Warner is making me Mental!

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 14:01
So I purchased a Tivo Roamio on Nov 3rd. Nov 4th I was told to stop by my local Time Warner store and pick up a cable card, which I did. Went on Tivo's website and purchased a lifetime subscription. Then I get to inserting the cable card and "pow" wrong card. (It's not an M card)

So I take the card back to the store and said I need the M card with the tuning adapter... She looks at me like I'm from Mars and has no idea what I'm talking about. Said that is the only type of card they carry. I lay the card on the counter and say "You might as well take this back" and she says "Nope, you have to mail it into Time Warner's home office and request an M card to be sent to you".

Alright? So it's now the 5th, I call TW cable card help and they tell me "Absolutely, we will send you out an M card and tuner, just mail the other card back when you receive this one... should be 3-5 days.... Cool!

I call on the 10th and ask if there is an update on when I'll receiving the card.. I'm told it was actually was mailed today and should receive it in 5 - 7 days. I'm like oookkkkkay.

It's now the 17th. I called this morning to find out that they are on back order and I'm 12th in line to get one. Apparently they have a shortage in the northeast (Upstate New York). WTF? Now I'm pi$$ed!

I called complaining and apparently they are checking more local stores to see if they have any laying around. So currently I have a $650.00 paper weight. Can I still use the Tivo for now with just the coax cable? I get like 80 standard channels, not in HD from it... but it's better than nothing.

Homeland "Halfway to a Donut" 11/16/14 S4E8

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 13:35
That's how you write an hour of TV!

One of the best episodes of TV I've seen lately. That scene in the courtyard... I really thought Saul was going to do it.

Many many great lines, but one of the best had to be, from the once unlikable Lockhart: “I was really looking forward to telling those people to go **** themselves.”

Tivo Multi Room solution

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 11:26
I currently have 2 Premieres and was looking at the multiroom solution if I switched to that can I swap out my 2 premieres for the roamio and mini and keep the same tivo account, or will we need a new account?