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Retention deal within the 30-day return period?

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 13:32
I am half way through my 30-day trial period... undecided if I should keep the unit for the $15 monthly fee or the $499 lifetime fee.

Does anyone know that if I try to cancel within the 30 day trial period, would I be offered any kind of retention or discounted deal to keep me as a customer?

Why Americans can't watch TV shows as soon as they air

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 12:46

Someone posted in another thread that Episodes is already airing in the UK. It won't air on Showtime until later this year. Then I came across this article that discusses some of the reasons behind it and what a screwed up system they have developed.

I ended up being able to obtain Episodes anyway. This only decreases my incentive to subscribe to Showtime.

I think Doctor Who fans have been left in the same boat since it often airs in the UK long before it airs here.

New Program listed as Repeat?

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 12:32
Just happened to see a promo for the new Tom Selleck Jesse Stone TV movie, "Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt" and wondering why my auto-record wishlist feature didn't pick it up. Apparently, it is listed as a "Repeat" (it is new) and my auto-record feature was set for "First Run Only."

Sure enough there is no "New" label next to the show in the guide.

Programming data glitch?

No signal issue

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 12:32
Some of my basic HD stations NBC CBS are either not tuning in at all or are very pixilated. Plus some of my pay premium stations (HBO) are not coming in. This is on my Premiere XL.

My regular premiere seems to be fine. Not having this issue. This premiere is running the SD UI, and the XL that is having the issues is running the HD UI. Both boxes have the new spring update.

I have never seen this issue prior to the spring update.

Any thoughts on what I should try? I have verizon/cablecard.

New Netflix App

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 12:07
So I turn on the bedroom TV this morning to see I've received the new service update. With excitement, I checked out the new YouTube and Netflix apps. YouTube looked exactly the same. Netflix returned an error and wouldn't load. Probably needs a reboot. (I hope.)

Went upstairs to find YouTube and Netflix working properly but both are extremely sluggish. In Netflix, pressing PAUSE results in a 4-5 second lag before it actually pauses. Very annoying when reaching for a ringing telephone. :down:

I'll probably stick to my Apple TV for Netflix & YouTube content.

"Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland had Kidney Transplant last month

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 11:59
I just read about this. Apparently she was on GMA this morning:


Girls "Hard Being Easy" S1E5 OAD 5/13/12

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 11:34
I think what I like most about Girls is these characters all seem so real! It is unflinching and honest.

"I've decided on you" sounded like what real relationships are.

"You don't have a suing app on your iphone"

Marnie and Charlie this week were just like real life. Marnie was sad she didn't have Charlie anymore even though when they were together she was annoyed by him all the time and contemplated how to leave him. So she decides to get him back. She gets him back, remembers that he is smothering and breaks up with him again.

I liked seeing the gay ex when he was straight.

Jessa had sex with her ex for no other reason than to prove she could make him cheat on his girlfriend.

Hannah finally found a way to have some control in the bedroom with Adam. And they both liked it.

Hawaii 5-0, Season Finale **SPOILERS**

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 11:21

Yes I know this revision of H 5-0 is not the greatest in the world, and this McGarrett is some kind of super cop that can do EVERYTHING! But its still not too bad in an action movie kind of way.

This season finale really has a lot of cliff hangers:

1. Shellbourn (sp?) is really McGarrett's mother.
2. Kono was thrown over board and may be drowning.
3. Chin Ho's wife (the always nice to see Reiko Aylesworth!!) was shot and may be dying.
4. Danno has to fight a custody hearing to prevent his daughter from leaving.

Was there anything else? Did I foget anything?

It should be interesting to see how it all turns out as I assume it was renewed for another season. Can anyone confirm that its renewed?


A couple of minor bugs with Elite

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 10:27
I have an Elite with the latest software. I use the SDUI. Two problems I have noticed.

1. When I press tivo-2 to bring up the todo list, sometimes it will stay for a few seconds and then jump randomly to a later day. You can't go back to the current day from that screen.

2. Sometimes the menu will lock up and the TiVo will not respond to the remote. If it is recording something, it continues recording. After a few minutes the screen will unlock and then behave normally.

TiVo Transfer

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 10:03
How do I change the default folder for TiVo Transfer on my Mac? I want to download shows from my TiVo Premier Elite to an external hard drive connected to my Mac.

The Bachelorette : Emily Maynard

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 09:02
I really hope Emily and Little Ricky don't get hurt. I actually hope Emily falls for none of these guys, because if she does, what are the chances of it lasting? Even Chris Harrison is getting divorced.

Some of the guys:

Helicopter Guy: what a doosh. And what is a "luxury brand consultant"? Sounds made-up to me. Emily is not going to be impressed with his claims of "having a few dollars in his pocket". The Hendrick family is a North Carolina dynasty and I am sure Emily has more money than this guy.

Egg Carrying Guy: reminded me of "guard and protect your heart", but in a way, a single mom might like the sentiment. It's going to be bad when that egg gets sat upon or boiled in a hot tub.

Black Guy: never had a chance.

Former football player : seems really sweet but needs a new haircut.

Guy with a kid: he will last till the end.

Songwriter Guy : needs to throw away his word-a-day calendar.
"We have all of these disparate facets that ultimately converge."

Guy on the porch that collapsed: nice guy.

Water company guy: I'm opposed to bottled water but at least his company does some good.

Race Car Driver: Man, he is hot. And Emily might enjoy going to races again and talking about racing.

Skateboard Guy: Emily needs a man, not a boy.

Grandma Guy: nice callback to last season

Guy with a boom box :Emily needs a man, not a boy.

Guy with You Are Beautiful Note: The note was a very cute touch.

Guy With Six Kids : A guy with one sweet 11 year old is one thing, a guy with a bunch of teenage boys is another.

America's Got Talent Season 7 Discussion (Spoilers)

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 08:05
So it is possible that someone can be a more pompous ass than Piers.

Former TV stars who you would make a point to watch their new show

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 07:51
Seeing that Matthew Perry of Friends fame has gotten ANOTHER new show and that the network has made a point of advertising that he's a part of it, makes me wonder. Are there any former TV stars that, no matter what the premise of the show, you would make a point to watch because (s)he's in it?

BBC Olympic coverage

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 07:49
Well this all looks jolly exciting. Although I'm not much of a sports fan I was quite looking forward to seeing how the new digital age would affect coverage, and this looks impressive. I'd have had time to fully test it, except I just landed a job, starting tomorrow.

Looks like TiVo stuff will be working in time then, and I must look out for the Beeb's Android app.


old and slow

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 05:44
I have an old RCA 80 DVR. As of late it has gotten very slow to do anything requested. If you advance in the now playing list it can take up to a minute for the screen to change. This is just one example of the slowness.
This has seemingly happened suddenly starting a few months ago There are not any more saved forever recordings now than before the slowness.
I think I read in a post on this forum that there was a recent software downlod that caused some folks units to slow.
If so is there any way I can force the unit to revert to an earlier version?
I'm thinking it may be time to put this unit "out to pasture" but wifey hates to retire anything that's still working.


Smash - "Bombshell" (Season Finale) - S01E15 - 05/14/2012

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 23:08
Ho-lee-crap. Now THAT is what a season finale should be. Plenty of twists and turns, and non-stop rollercoaster action for the whole hour. AND Ellis got fired! WOO!

To me that really was the perfect ending for the play: essentially the ghost of Marilyn hoping and begging that people don't forget her. Death plus a last word.

I think Ivy might have been ok if her mother hadn't shown up. That really pushed her over the edge.

Eureka 5/14/2012 "Jack of All Trades"

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 22:57
NICE ABS! (And nice rear view, too)

I liked the Sam Beckett/Quantum Leap "Oh, Boy!" after he jumped into Zane.

Of the set, I liked Jack as Fargo best.

--Carlos V.

HIMYM S07E23/4 "The Magician's Code" 14 May 2012

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 20:55
As much as I like Quinn, I'm glad that Barney is marrying Robin...

And I loved Robin's vet stuff with Lily. Very funny...

And little baby Marvin definitely has the coolest middle name ever...

Replacement Premiere XL Missing Season Passes

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 20:25
I had my Premiere XL replaced under warranty and I was told by the CSR that my Season Passes would remain intact and would be picked up by the new unit. Does anyone know if this happens automatically or is there something I need to do? I have had it operating since about 6PM EDT today. I logged into the web-based Season Pass Manager and it seems to show my current unit but there of course were no SP listings. I did have to change my privacy setting when I logged in and there was a note about it taking 24 hours to take effect but I am not sure that note had anything to do with my circumstance.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

The Killing | "Off The Reservation" | Season 2 Ep 8 | 5-13-12

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 18:54
Decent Ep. The search for Holder was nicely done - tense and worrisome.

Wonder what they expect to find on the 10th floor, and how in the hell are they going to get up there even if they do get the key? And now that Linden no longer has her badge, how does she manage this? Using Holder?

Mereille Enos' character had a great scene with her son. That was heartbreaking.