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Revolution--S01E03--10/01/2012--"No Quarter"

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 08:25
Another good episode.

Now let's start all the complaining about it not being realistic.:D

Logitech k400 doesn't work I assume?

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 08:21
I was poking around online looking at TiVo tricks..and came upon the USB keyboard... I tried my Logitech k400 with no luck... from what I read the keyboard needed to have a "unifying" receiver (which this does have)..I guess it wasn't supposed to be a plug and play like I was hoping?


Tue, 10/02/2012 - 07:45
I have had the stream since it was released. When it works, its great. I have an issue lately. When I try to download a shoe to my iphone or iPad I get a message that says the show cannot be found and has been deleted from my dvd. The shows are still on my premiere and when i restart the tiro the app works for a few days and then goes back to the original problem....

Anyone else experiencing this?:mad:

Made in jersey 1st ep

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 07:23
if she keeps her hair how they had it in the early part of the show, i cant watch anymore. i cannot stand hair with the big fluff or whatever going back the middle.

the frankin and bash combined with fairly legal show wasnt too bad. i guess i dont mind knockoffs because i realize original ideas are hard to come by and this was ok.

Windows 8

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 07:06
Search doesn't bring up any posts referencing Windows 8.

I'd rather not be a guinea pig.

Anyone have any first hand experience running programs like VideoRedo, pyTivo, KMTTG...

unknown icon

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 00:21
I have an unknown icon in the season pass list on my Premiere. It's an oval with a TV in it. It appeares beside the program titles on three of the titles. All the other titles have a single or double check mark. There is no mention of this icon in the TiVo manual. Does anyone know what this icon means.


Automatically record and transfer Hulu shows?

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 22:29
I have pytivo set up with playon, which has been a decent way to watch Hulu shows (I am a Hulu Plus subscriber, but find the native Hulu app crashes whenever I try to watch anything), albeit a bit clunky--having to navigate many Playon menus and then having to start a transfer, wait, and then stream.

Is there a better option? Ideally I would say, "record new episodes of X show when they appear", and then the programs would be automatically recorded and transferred to the TiVo.

(I have looked at play later, but it doesn't allow for scheduling or automated transfer to TiVo. I am willing to pay to license a solution).

Copy Protection on OTA shows?

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 22:21
I use my TiVo Premiere with an antenna, and am wondering if all/any of the shows I record would be eligible to be copied to my ipad. Does TiVo indicate copy protection on the recorded shows?

Likelihood of a discount on the Stream?

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 22:19
What's the likelihood of a discount on the TiVo Stream (based upon past discounting by TiVo)? Is this something that might be discounted on Black Friday, or does TiVo not discount items like this?

MoCa Rookie - Please Help

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 21:46
I have AT&T DSL. That is connected to my Apple Airport. Both in my home office. My TiVo Premiere XL is in my living room. I also have a series 3 HD in my master bedroom. I want to buy a stream. What I really want it for is to get shows from my TiVo to my iPad for traveling on planes (not streaming-although that is cool too.). Toast software takes forever.

So..... I have no idea what I am doing and what I need. I do not have Ethernet plugs in my house. And the TiVo Premiere and the Airport are in different rooms.

Can someone talk to me like I'm an idiot (I do not know what FIOS is), and tell me:
1. Can I set up a TiVo stream?
2. What do I need to buy?
3. How do I set it up?

I understand its easy, but in all the forums the talk is above my head. I'd appreciate any help.


2 Week Old Priemer XL4 Dead. Cox Cable - NOW WORKING, WTF!!

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 21:33
Son of a ....

So I'll have to get a new box after this one died after two weeks. It put out a high pitched squeal and I had to tell the wife to unplug it (I was not home). Now it won't turn on at all..

Anyone know what I need to do with Cox when I new box arrives? I sure don't want a $30 truck roll.

Ok, after reading some threads, I noticed someone had a problem and called Tivo and they had them unplug everything from the back and plug it in. That did not resolve the problem in the other thread, but it fixed my problem. It is now booting.

Anyone have any ideas????

Thumbs up/down buttons on non-Tivo remote?

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 20:48
I have an RCA universal remote RCRN04GR. Wondering if anyone has any idea of the thumbs up/down functionality of this remote? I need to clear the cable channels from the Tivo since I went to OTA. The Tivo wants me to hit the thumbs down three times to scan for new channels.
Grateful for any suggestions...
Tiffany :up::confused::down:

Slow Motion (HR vs THR)

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 19:27
A dTiVo fan forever, I love TiVo and am satisfied with DirecTV ... and my HR10-250 is aging. I fancy the multi-benefits of a HR-34, but will I miss my familiar TiVo features?

Slow mo (and frame-by-frame step motion) might be a deal-killer for me. I use it constantly for sports, so I'm going to be unhappy without it.

The D* units require a long-press to activate it. But I also just read of an HR34 shortcut using the PAUSE key? Anybody using it, and how does it compare with TiVo's slow/step motion?

I frequently use the down-arrow to swap tuners with active buffers. I see the HR requires "activating" the buffer ... sounds like a hassle?

I've read menu action is slower on the HR units, but some say it's no different?

Please opine ... the more the better ... thanks much.

Maybe I'll just get both HR34 and THR-22. That would give me a sports unit, plus all of the other whole-home benefits. Since I've never switched to HD, maybe I can get a great bundle and a new dish. :confused:

keywords: Slow motion is incredibly difficult for searching the forum.
(aka: slo-mo, slow-mo, slo Mo, slow Mo, sloMo, slowMo)

Customized channel lists?

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 19:08
I am new to the Tivo world after switching to Comcast from Directv and purchasing two new Premiere Tivos. One thing I wish the Tivo had was more ability to customize more channel lists. At least there is the Favorites list, but it would be even better to have several customizable lists. For example, one list could be just for the music channels (since my daughter wants to see those, but I don't). Also lists for movies only, sports only, and maybe favorite lists for each member of the household would be nice. It seems like this would be an easy feature to add to the software, but I may be wrong.

Also, one other suggestion: A way to change the default for season pass settings so that it will automatically use your customized default each time. For example, I usually want all my season passes to only record new episodes. I would like to be able to change it so that it always defaults to this. Since I am new, maybe this feature exists somewhere and I don't know it?

It's working, oh wait its not.

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 17:40
So I got a brand new Tivo Stream, excited for another great TiVo product. Expected an easy set up, and it was. Stream starting working right away like it was supposed too, but soon came problems.

I was able to stream successfully, and even download a show. But within a few minutes the stream fails and stops working. Downloads fail and the stream does nothing but Buffer.

I've restarted it, restarted my entire network. These sometimes fix it for just a few moments though, and most of the time it does nothing.

I called TiVo and they got it working again, but only by doing the same thing I did, and for some reason I wanted to believe it worked. As soon as I got off the phone with them it went back to it's normal tricks.

Someone please help me fix this. I'm sitting on hold with them again hoping for some sort of miracle.

My setup - Comcast Surfboard Cable Modem / Apple Airport Extreme / TiVo Premier XL

Can someone tell me why

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 17:20
sometimes if I am watching a show and decide to record, if I was on that channel prior to the show it will include the previous show due to the buffer and a 30 min show will record 45 mins or so depending on how long I was on the previous program.

My question is why does this happen only sometimes and other times it does not? I have sometimes decided to hit record and the tivo erases the buffer and records the show, and I may have wanted to include the previous show (buffered) portion.

There seems to be no real rule.... anyone have this issue?

Using my series 3.

TiVo Desktop Plus

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 16:47
If I upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus, will the shows automatically be converted for the Nexus 7, or can I choose which shows?

Also, once the shows are downloaded from the TiVos, is there an option to delete them from the TiVo?

I am so far behind on one show - so will the Plus have options to display the shows differently? Right now, it takes 5 minutes just to scan down to the last show for me to download / watch.

Major Crimes

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 16:20
Suddenly, my FRO SP is getting all episodes of Major Crimes. If you have a tuner deficit, beware the possibility that MC multiples might bump other shows off your To Do list...

Pytivo on a WD My Book Live?

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 15:45
I've searched everywhere for a few days and I haven't found any good info on weather this is doable and if so, how to do it. I just got the NAS a few days ago, it's the 3tb version. I'm wanting to push movies to my premiere... Thanks for any help!

HDVR2 restarting or freezing up when turned to a specific channel

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 14:52
I have DirecTV service and have 3 HDVR2s with the 6.4 software. Staring 10/29 they all starting either freezing up or restarting when I turn them to the same local channel. I have never had a problem like this before. It is happening on all three units so I don't think it could be a hardware issue. Has anyone heard of this before? Is it possible for DirecTV to do something to cause this to happen? They have been trying to get rid of these non RID receivers for sometime now.
Thank you