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I already miss the old Youtube

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 15:31
With the old Youtube, my subscriptions were in different categories. And i was able to search through each of them individually.

Now it seems that all my subscriptions are clumped together. This is a huge pain in my derriere!

I truly hope this has to do with my incompetence. I've been mucking around with it for quite a while now but can't find a solution. Any help would be appreciated?

YouTube app still crippled

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 14:05
I tested out the new youtube app today. It is nice having an updated interface and HD but I still cant access many videos. Vevo videos the ones I tested. For example, I searched "Foster the people - Call it what you want" on both tivo and google tv. The youtube apps are very similar. The google tv one plays perfectly fine. The tivo one says "cannot play video - trying next video" or something similar.

Does anyone know if this will ever work? I would love if I could play vevo videos so I could finally get rid of my google tv (revue). Im hoping its not a licensing issue.

Fox Cancel's Alcatraz & The Finder

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 13:25
Fox has thrown out the keys for freshman series 'Alcatraz' and 'The Finder'.

The cancellation's don't come as a surprise given the recent performance of both dramas. However, die-hard fans of the mystery series from JJ Abrams are sure to be disappointed.

'Alcatraz' had been up on the chopping block since its ratings started to dwindle from the 9.9 million that watched the series premiere. However, the nail was in the coffin after its season finale drew just 4.7 million.

'Bones' spin-off 'The Finder' drew an even smaller 3.9 million viewers for its season ender.

Meanwhile, Fox has renewed Kiefer Sutherland-starrer 'Touch'. While down significantly from its season premiere of 12.1 million, the series drew 6.8 million viewers for its latest episode.

The renewal was helped by strong international sales for the first season given '24's popularity worldwide. But we don't expect the drama from 'Heroes' Tim Kring to last past the second season.

Fox has already renewed 'The Simpsons', 'American Dad', 'The Cleveland Show', 'Bones', 'Glee', 'Kitchen Nightmares', 'New Girl', 'Raising Hope' and 'Fringe'.

'Fringe' will return for a thirteen episode final season next fall.

That sucks I liked both shows better than Touch...

Why Did DTV NERF the THR22?

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 12:51
I just switched back to DTV because a friend of mine gave their whole home DVR glowing reviews. Once I got everything installed I found that the HR24 isn't much better than the DISH DVR I just got rid of.
  1. the season pass manager only records on the channel you set it up on. This is problematic because in the event of a conflict, the next airing may not be on that channel for a week or more.
  2. If you pad the recordings to start a minute early by default, the software isn't smart enought to only pad the first show on back to back recordings. This forces additional tuners to be used and causes conflicts
  3. keyword auto record (Tivo calls it a wish list) but I have had no luck with it recording only new episodes. It either fails to record or records repeats as well. I called directv support and their answer is to "Not use the keyword autorecord and just set the series manager to record the latest episode I can find.". So the answer is to not use a feature they have on their product and to always record the latest show??? Fix your software!
  4. Entering in the keyword and narrowing the search parameters is quite clunky. Supposedly you can use Boolean operators to do this, but once again I have had no success.

So I started looking into the THR22 (DTV Tivo unit) because the Tivo Software is just the best out there. Here are the limitations:
"Please note: The following DIRECTV features are not available with the TiVo HD DVR: Whole-Home DVR service, DIRECTV iPad App remote control and live TV streaming functionality, DIRECTV CINEMA (satellite downloads), YouTube on TV, 3D, and GameSearch™." Most of these I really don't care for, but why remove the Whole Home DVR and 3D????

So here I am, trying to find ways to get back into a Tivo unit without having to break my contract and still have a whole home DVR. Any suggestion?

Has anyone done anything creative like a THR22 and sling box? Do the stand alone Tivo units support external settop boxes anymore?

Tivo Remote Question

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 12:44
Greetings everyone. I am an extreme newbie when it comes to Tivo. I just purchased a Premeire XL (my first Tivo) and am loving it. Right now I am only using it for OTA and Internet features.

I see how you can program the remote to work the volume for both the TV and an audio receiver. Can you program it to work both at the same time? And if so, how do you switch between the two.

Also, can you change the remote to an RF mode?

Thank you.

Spring update FAIL

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 12:15
Downloaded the "Spring Update" for Premiere this morning and rebooted the box. I received the message saying I now had the update. When I try to open Netflix, the old menu flashes then gives an error message. When I open YouTube I get the same old sd menu that doesn't have my favs or channel when I log in. A second restart did not help. Suggestions?

"Cougar Town" moving to TBS next season

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 12:11

TBS has ordered a fourth season, to begin airing in early 2013, and acquired all encore rights to the first three.

Glad to see it find a home where it can grow. :up:

Changes in the TiVo Premiere update

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 11:06
Hi Community,

This morning we began rolling out the update for TiVo Premiere (including XL, XL4, and Elite). Many boxes will be authorized for the update today, with more added each day from the priority list. (http://tivo.com/priority).

There are three main features in the release:
- New Netflix App (created by Netflix)
- New Youtube App (created by Google)
- Parental Controls in HD Menus

The existing Netflix experience has been replaced with an entirely new one created by Netflix. In addition to the new look, the app now offers features such as:
· Improved video resolution, including support for 1080p (where available)
· Add to instant Queue
· Subtitles
· Dolby Digital Plus 5.1
· Search
· Personalized categories and recommendations
· Recently watched list

User tip: If you are playing a Netflix video and want to get back to the Netflix menus, press UP. When you want to leave the Netflix app and go back to the TiVo menus, press CLEAR.

The existing YouTube experience has been replaced with an entirely new one created by Google. In addition to the new look, the app now offers:
· Directory of YouTube Channels
· Links to related videos
· Automatic playing of the next video (like a TV channel)

User tip: When you want to leave the YouTube app and go back to the TiVo menus, press CLEAR.

Parental Controls in HD Menus
Parental Controls are now available for customers using the HD Menus. From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Parental Controls you can set up a four-digit code, and specify which TV and Movie ratings will require that code in order to watch or record the show.
Note: There is no "KidZone" in the HD Menus.

Other changes
1. Cox customers that had difficulty receiving "Plus Pak" channels should find that issue resolved.
2. Customers experiencing pixelation in Amazon Video downloads should find that issue resolved.
3. If you bring up the Guide over a recording, it now highlights the channel on the foreground tuner, rather than the lowest channel in the Guide.
4. The "First Air Date" should now be correct in all locations. (It had been off by one day in some situations.)
5. When pressing RECORD in the Guide and selecting "Season Pass & Other Options" you are now taken to an episode-specific screen instead of a series-specific screen. (Makes it easier to change recording options for that specific episode.)
6. Video Output settings are now respected in video when running the HD Menus. You can now check on all video formats if you prefer "native" resolution pass-through. The TiVo will no longer automatically up-convert to 720p when you are watching full-screen video and using HD Menus.

Just for you, tivocommunity.com!
Our engineers REALLY appreciate the passion you have for TiVo. Some of them closely monitor the activity on this board, and wanted to do a couple of things they knew this group would appreciate the most. So, in this update you'll find:
1. SELECT-PLAY-SELECT-9-SELECT now displays a clock (without seconds) in the upper right corner when using HD Menus. (Make sure you press SELECT once first, to bring up the Mini-Guide, before you enter the code.)
2. For those of you that didn't like the change where the fourth press of Fast Forward was ignored, you can now re-enable the use of the fourth press of FWD to cycle back to PLAY by entering: SELECT-PLAY-SELECT-8-8-SELECT. (Make sure you press SELECT once first, to bring up the Mini-Guide, before you enter the code.)

More Updates Coming
This update will be available to all TiVo Premiere boxes purchased from tivo.com or a retailer. If a cable company provided your TiVo Premiere box, they will notify you when then update is available.

There are a more changes coming this year, including:
· HD version of the Season Pass Manager
· HD version of the To Do List
· HD version of My Shows for Multi-Room Streaming

We hope you enjoy the latest installment in our series of TiVo Premiere updates. If you have feedback about your TiVo experience please email me at margret@tivo.com.

Modern Family | "Disneyland" | Season 3 Ep 22 | 5-9-12

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 07:46
Why do I get the feeling they are trying to channel the Brady Bunch at times? Didn't they have a Hawaii vacation last season? This one brought back memories of the Brady Bunch at King's Island :)

TiVo Spring Update Begins Rolling Out Today

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 07:30
Engadget's coverage:

The embargo is noon EST, so they must have hit the publish button a bit early since this showed up in a news alert over night.

I've had the update a few days. Once you're in Netflix it's sharp and usable, but waiting for it to load is painful. I can flip TV inputs and get my Roku onto the Netflix channel in 1/3rd the time. But, of course, the point is maybe you don't need a Roku box given this update. At the moment, I'd be most interested in an Amazon Instant app - but it sounds like it's on Amazon to produce it. We shall see?

Tivo transfers shows to PC in Spanish

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 07:28
Good morning. I'm having the darndest issue with transfers to my PC. I transferred 4 English language episodes of Disney JR show Special Agent Oso from my Tivo Premiere to my Win7 laptop using TivoDesktop v2.8.3. However when I viewed them on my PC they were in Spanish. Oh no haha don't be silly not everything is in Spanish, the commercials before the program starts are in English. Only the main episodes are in Spanish. And, because this wasn't weird enough, 1 out of the 4 episodes transferred correctly with everything in English. Makes perfect sense. Does anyone know why this is happening or how to remedy it? Thank you!

Worth spending more for Premiere XL because of THX?

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 07:04
I am upgrading from S3 to a Premiere. I don't need the extra HD space or tuners.

Is it worth going from Premiere to Premiere XL for the THX certified feature?

I do have issues with having to turn the sound up/down when watching shows/movie with loud sound effects.

Would the THX help at all? If not, I would spend the extra $ for Premiere XL.

Please let me know. Thanks.


Thu, 05/10/2012 - 05:26
It seems that DTV forgets about me for their buy one movie and get one free. I keep holding up my part of the bargan but they do not come through with the credit. I have to call them and they are no help.
For the deal in Dec. they gave me 3 months of Starz,
I have yet to get anything for the March deal yet.

Oh yeah I have an ancient RCA dvr 80. It still works but has become very slow over the last few months. Thought I read that other folks were having speed issuues due to a software download.


DirecTV Tivo with Series 3 Tivo that is 3months old.

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 03:25
I recently switched from Comcast to DirecTV and I loved my Tivo that I purchased for Comcast (Netflix, etc). I managed to get the DirecTV Tivo HD DVR and I was wondering how to network it with my other Tivo Series 3 model. Is this possible? If not, what are the options I can do if I wish to keep DirecTV. Does DirecTV offer a cable card or is their equipment completely proprietary. Please answer all the questions. Thanks.

Spring update is now rolling out

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 23:47

Priority folks should be seeing soon. I will be looking for the pending restart myself. Just wish Amazon got to the game earlier to handle streaming service.

season pass manager problem

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 23:20
I have a TiVO HD with a 500 Expander, all running well. I just noticed that my SPM is not holding the priorities I set. I have about 100 of them (yeah, I know I need a life...), and they keep jumping around in there every time I look at them. I resort, but to no avail. I also have the TiVO app on my iPhone, and they are different in there then on the TiVO box. And they are also different if I go to the TiVO website and look at them there. Odd, I say. I'm going to call them tom'w, but has anyone seen this before? I thought it might be the Expander, but all the other lists are fine, and nothing is running slow.

American Idol - Top 4 Perform - 05/09/2012

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 21:57
Can someone explain how it even remotely possible that a 16 year old can sing that song as well as she did? She rendered the judges mostly speachless. I have no idea if she will or should win the whole thing, but for me that was the best performance of the year.

Question about multiple program guides

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 20:42
Hi everyone.

Considering dropping Dish and going back to TWC with a Tivo Premiere. It's been a while since I've had one and that was on Direct, but I go back as far as the 14hour units.
My question relates to the guide, and I've looked around a bit and can't find the answer. With Dish and even TWC I think, you can setup multiple favorite channel lists so we can have one for the kids that just shows kids channels, one for my wife which just has the channels she is interested in, etc. Is there a way on the Premiere to do this? I was single last time I had one so this wasn't a concern to me then :)

Thanks in advance,