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Tivo Stream Problem: DVR Has Lost Connectivity

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 07:37
Hello! I got my Tivo Stream the other day and happily set it up. I have it plugged into a Cisco E2000 Wireless-N router and my Tivo Premiere XL4 is plugged into the same router. Everything works fine...EXCEPT...I randomly get an error that the "DVR has lost connectivity" when streaming a show. Even when this happens, the stream continues to play but I can't get rid of the error message unless I click on "Try Again", at which point it "reboots" the Tivo App.

Here is a video to illustrate: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRlO7HD2zsc&feature=g-upl[/media]

I have a feeling this is an issue on my XL4 and not on the iPad App or the Stream, but here is the troubleshooting I have done so far based on various searches I did on this forum and Google:

1. Made sure I was on latest updated version of Tivo App and the Tivo Premiere software
2. Replaced Ethernet cable on XL4
3. Replaced Router (I started with a Linksys router and replaced it with the Cisco E2000)
4. Changed IP address on XL4 from DHCP to Static IP and made sure there was no conflict
5. Turned off Bluetooth on iPad

The annoying thing about this problem is that it happens randomly and you can't get rid of the error message without it restarting the stream. It appears my wireless is fine because it continues to stream even with the error message on the screen. My best guess is that because the XL4 "calls home" on random intervals, and on a situation where it is calling home and for whatever reason it can't communicate with the mothership while you are streaming, you get this error. Why would that matter to you while you are streaming if all of your LAN connections are fine and it just had some transient Internet connectivity issue?

I think the Tivo App should ignore this error or at least give you the option to close that error message window and continue to stream...

Any suggestions on what else I can do?


I Hate The New Youtube App

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 05:30
I HATE THE NEW YOUTUBE APP, it's unusable.

It makes me feel stupid that I don't know how to use it, maybe I am stupid...

I'm taking my stupid money somewhere else.

The Office 9/27/12

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 04:26
After the premiere, this episode wasn't quite as good. On the plus side, I didn't hate Nelly's storyline for once.

I wish I could say the same for the Erin/Plop storyline. I know the writers have made Erin stupid, but we know that Andy is relatively intelligent. I didn't get that story at all. It was funny as a joke, but not funny as a full storyline.

The Office has always specialized in cringe humor, but the current Jim/Pam story is really making me cringe. I don't like it at all. Jim taking the job without telling Pam is very un-Jim, and having Pam now know that Jim is hiding something does not make me happy. I hope they wrap that plot up quickly.

qam on series2

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 03:35
i recently decided to cut off my cable. hoping to save money. i want to get my local channels but it seems that i am out of range for over the air. i have a qam tuner on my tv and knology is the local cable provider. is the any way to get the qam channels on my tivo?

RIP Michael O'Hare (Babylon 5)

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 22:37
Babylon 5 loses another one. :(

From JMS's FB page:

Quote: I regret that I must convey the sad news that Michael O'Hare passed away today. He suffered a heart attack on Sunday and was in a coma until his passing this afternoon. This is a terrible loss for all B5 fans and everyone involved with the show wishes to convey their condolences to the O'Hare family. He was an amazing man. Greg

Big Bang Theory 9/27/12 "The Date Night Variable"

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 22:17
Man I enjoy this show. I'm glad it's back.

My heart about stopped during Sheldon's speech. I was hoping they were taking him in a more serious direction. But what happened was both slightly disappointing and hilariously predictable. :)

And I continue to assert that Simon Helberg is HOT. HOOOOTTTT.

I'm almost at the place where I don't even care about Leonard and/or Penny any more. I was almost disappoined when they'd cut to their story.

Fringe 9/28/12

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 21:31

That was great.
The last scene with Walter listening to Yazoo and the single flower growing in the asphalt.

*sigh* only 12 left.

tivo broke and lit up like a christmas tree

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 19:10
our tivo is showing a blue light on top of a red light on the right hand side of the front display. it is not doing anything. no welcome screen no nothing. earilier it worked for an hour or so, long enough to watch a movie from our previously recorded. at the end of the movie it froze and has displayed the lights on the front and nothing on the tv screen. anyone have any ideas?

Best handbrake settings for Tivo?

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 18:25
Anybody here know the best GUI settings for Handbrake/Tivo Premiere?

I have several recordings that I am working with. I started by editing them with Video Redo to strip out some unwanted content. The output files are basic Mpeg files.

I would like to use Handbrake to convert these mpeg files to .264 Mp4 files.

After I convert them to .264, then I would like to transfer them back onto the Premiere and play them.

I have tested this a bit. The h.264 output video files play smooth and good on the Tivo premiere. The sound also works just fine.

However...... there seems to be some sort of issue with the frame size. That is, when I load the .264 files onto the Premiere, some unwanted black bars are showing up on the sides. What can I do to make the black bars go away? I want the video to fill up the whole screen.

FYI...... the source files that I am working with are standard def. The original frame size is 528x480.



What will be the first canceled show of Fall 2012?

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 17:39
Poll coming.

Which of the following shows will be the first to be canceled by the broadcast networks this fall?

The Mob Doctor
Guys With Kids
The New Normal
Animal Practice
Last Resort
The Neighbors
Ben and Kate

TiVo Branded Wireless G Adapter

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 15:39
I have a "TiVo Branded Wireless G Adapter" that I got with a recent Premiere Elite purchase. My equipment cabinet has wired Ethernet so I don't need it and I'm willing to give it away to someone who can use it for the cost of shipping.

TiVo Branded Wireless G Adapter (AG0100)

PM if interested.


Fox News Suicide

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 14:47
So I am at work and we just watched something crazy.

There is a high speed chase in Arizona. The guy is driving a newer model SUV. The SUV looks like it ran out of gas so the guy bails. As he is running from the cops he gets behind a bush.

This is where it gets crazy. he starts messing with soemthing that we can't see (viewpoint is from an overhead helicopter cam. He then puts the object to his head and falls over.


Fox immediately cuts to a commercial break and it takes me and my coworkers about 5 seconds to realize what we had just seen. I t was a little freaky.

Afterwards Shepherd Smith comes back on air and apologizes that Fox did not hit its delay button and time and did not intend for us to see that.


I feel bad for having seen it now.

Top Gear UK - Pretty much guaranteed at least another three years!

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:38
Clarkson has just bought a 30% stake in the company that produces Top Gear UK and the presenters have signed up for another three years...


Not that there was any doubt. They just got an award from Guinness as the "Most Watched Factual Program in the World".

Boardwalk Empire not in search results

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 12:41
I just got the new Tivo Premiere Elite. I also just got new Comcast service as I just moved. Boardwalk Empire isn't showing up in my search results for me to get a Season Pass. When I go to Live TV I see that I am getting my HBO channels.

I know on my Tivo HD XL I had to tell it what premium channels I am subscribing to. Do I need to do the same thing with my Tivo Premiere Elite? It didn't ask me to do that in my Guided Setup.

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"Video on Demand": Can't See Hulu+ and NetFlix Doesn't Work

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 11:05
"Video on Demand": Can't See Hulu+ and Netflix Doesn't Work.

I have a very-very old single-def TV and a Tivo Premier. All of this stuff worked beautifully together last night.

This morning I was watching Hulu+ through PlayOn and didn't notice any problems until I tried to access the Tivo/Netflix interface about a half hour ago.

I can watch both Hulu+ and Netflix through PlayOn. But cannot see Hulu+ option at all through Tivo "Video On Demand". I get an error when trying to watch Netflix through Tivo "Video on Demand": "An unexpected error has occurred, either the Netflix service is unavailable, or there was a network error. Please try accessing Netflix again. If you are still having trouble, go to www.tivo.com/support for help.".

Has something changed relative to Tivo "Video on Demand" since last night??



new HD replacement local

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 11:00
So diagnosing my constant rebooting Tivo HD this weekend, and assuming it is a Hard drive problem, I want to be able to run to microcenter or the like to pick up a drive vs ordering and waiting a few days. Online I dont see any WD EARS/EURS on microcenter site, just regular caviar greens that seem to have a different serial. Are there other know good 2 TB HDs that people have used that I can look for locally?


Tivo Boop/Beep Sounds work sometimes

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 10:05
I've seen other posts but I still need explanation. I had an LCD TV connected to my Premier Tivo with an HDMI cable and the beeps/boops worked great. Last night I bought a new LED TV, also hooked up with the same HDMI cable and now I don't hear any Beeps/Boops - however they DO work when going into the setup menus (the old non-HD menus). They don't make sound for fast forward, or my shows etc, but the old menus like settings etc DO make the sounds. I'm a bit confused as to why, and is there anyways to fix this. I, unlike a lot of people, like the sounds!

Jack Baur VS John Reese in a fight, who wins?

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 09:48
I say Reese.

Tivo HD Vs S3 Lifetime Value

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 09:36
So I spoke with Tivo this week, want to try to remove some units, I have 5 at the moment, Margaret gave me the option of adding lifetime to all of my Series 3 units, HD included. If I add lifetime to these units I am trying to figure out if I should just update the S3 to an HD on the account and then add the lifetime, or keep the S3 and add the lifetime, what would be worth more money for resale?

My overall goal is to sell off the lifetime units to get a a P4 or an XL4.

Thanks guys and gals ;)