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Southland renewed for Season Five (Feb 2013)

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 17:31
Quote: Good news, Southland fans: It looks like the stories of Officer Ben Sherman’s professional free-fall and Det. Lydia Adams’ journey to juggle motherhood and case work won’t wind up as unsolved mysteries: TNT has renewed the gritty (oftentimes harrowing) L.A.-set police drama for a 10-episode fifth season.

“Season after season, critics and fans alike have championed TNT’s Southland as one of television’s best dramas. This year, the show has not only solidified its impassioned fan base, but also picked up some new young-adult devotees along the way,” Michael Wright, president and head of programming for TNT, TBS, said in a statement.

Southland this past season averaged more than 2.9 million total viewers when factoring in Live+7 DVR playback, while its delivery of Adults 18-49 grew three percent from Season 3.

Season 5 will premiere in February 2013.

Young Justice

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 15:44
Anyone watch Young Justice?

I've been following it, and I'm always impressed with how well it's done. The graphics are good, the action scenes are choreographed well, the writing is good... each episode feels very high quality. Also, it has a strong serial feel to it. Many plots are spread across a few episodes, and some elements are ongoing. This lets it feel like the stories aren't crammed.

CinciBell Upgrade to MPEG4 Channels - Tivo Premiere Workd, HDs Don't

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 13:29
My cable provider (CinciBell Lebanon) is upgrading their channels to MPEG4 from MPEG2, and my 2 Series 3 HD Tivos (1 on a lifetime sub :( ) won't show anything on the channels with MPEG4, while my newer Premiere is having no problems. No error about not getting the channel and the channel strength meter shows green. Just no picture or sound.

I had the technician out today and he swapped in new cable cards and no difference. I hope this is fixable because CinciBell is going to change all there channels to MPEG4 so the 2 Tivo HDs will be turn into power consuming bricks if not. :(

Video sync issues with Tivo HD and S3

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 12:18
I live in Duvall WA. Our cable provider is Broadstripe.

We have two cable Tivos: one is an HD and the other is an S3. On both of them we frequently see what appear to be sync issues in recordings. There will be some blocky artifacts, then the image will freeze or go black for a few seconds, and then some more blocky artifacts and then the recording will continue playing. Both Tivos get the same behavior. Generally this will happen 1-3 times during any typical one hour recording. It happens on both SD and HD channels. If it would help I could probably post a cell phone video of this.

The cable company had a guy out a while back who said our signal strength was good and suggested that the only thing they could try is to replace our cablecards (we have two in each Tivo).

Any other suggestions? Is there any way to diagnose what's happening and why or should I just ask Broadstripe to replace all of our cablecards?

Wrong Forum - please delete

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 12:11
Sorry, I posted in the wrong forum. Mods, please delete if possible.

Snerlock Series 2 on Masterpiece Mystery

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 11:10
The 3 new Steven Moffat/Benedict Cumberbatch "Sherlock" will be airing on PBS May 6, 13 & 20. Tribune is listing them as "Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock Series 2" --with NO actors listed, so my wishlist "Sherlock * Benedict Cumberbatch" (which did pick up series 1 when it was rebroadcast) doesn't pick it up.

It'll probably be repeated several times (I had to move it to 2:00AM Monday, because 9:00PM Sunday is already too crowded), but I figured it was worth the shout out.

The Vampire Diaires - "Before Sunset" - 5/3/12

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 10:12
Well well well. That was all kinds of amazing fun! Why can't every episode be that awesome. (And I say that even without Elijah! :eek: The world might be ending today, y'all)

EvilAlaric is 10000x more badass and fun to watch than Klaus on his best [worst] day. I really hope he sticks around for next season because this is a bad guy I can root for! And let's face it, in the overall grand scheme he's right! The world would be so much better if they deleted all vamps. Except that then we wouldn't have a show and I'd never have hope for another 5 minute tease of Elijah on my screen. Matt Davis has confirmed once and for all that he has been utterly wasted in every episode [other than his Klaus possession] up to this point.

I liked the twist that he can't live forever but it's very amusing that yet another character NEEDS Elena to be safe. Ha!

Stefan was the runner up MVP this episode for that exchange with Klaus at the end. I dare say he looked a bit sad watching Klaus shrivel up, no?? Was I imagining that? Maybe there was some actual "brotherhood" to them in the 20s that his ripper self hasn't completely forgotten. Also when he told Klaus he and Damon are closer than ever, I awww'd. I don't exactly like them agreeing to leave town if she picks the other though because we all know she's going to pick Stefan if it comes down to it. Is it also bad of me that for a minute I wished Klaus would have killed her so these two could stop competing for her almighty love? I know, I know, not a show without her. Bah.

YAY! Caroline and Tyler made it through the episode and are all lovey dovey again. I was truly scared that Tyler wasn't going to make it once Klaus realized he was no longer sired. Whew!

I also liked Klaus acting like a spoiled child outside throwing random things in at them and Damon acting like a child in return with "missed me" Ha! Still, as fun as that was, the first person that compares it to Elijah and the most awesome of all awesome Elijah moments, of the coin toss through the window, will lose an eye!

So now I'm wondering if they will leave Klaus in the ocean or if it's just a tease and he'll manage his way back next week. I'll have to call BS if so.

Also this is a spoiler of sorts for next week so beware before you open!!
Spoiler: Elijah returns next week! WOOOOHOOO!!!!!

And now my posts are disappearing

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 10:10
Whoops wrong forum. Moved. Moderator, please delete.

Ceton Beta testers

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 09:56
Ceton put out a call for Beta Testers,
Single file lines ladies and gentlemen, no pushing, no shoving



The Big Bang Theory [05/03/12] - "The Launch Acceleration"

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 07:17
Bernadette's father: You go up to that space station and you make me proud.
Howard: Um, okay.
Bernadette's father: You got a problem with that?
Howard: All right, look, I'm going to level with you. I'm terrified about going into space. What if I don't make it back?
Bernadette's father: It's gonna be okay, son.
Howard: You really think so?
Bernadette's father: Of course. A pretty girl like Bernadette ... she'll find a new guy.

So is Howard going or not?

On another subject, Sheldon and Amy are getting weird.

is the tivo firmware stored on the hard drive?

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 01:25
If I change my hard drive from a different premiere... will the firmware / software for the TiVo be the old one or will it be the new 20.0 software?

closed captioning

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 01:19
I have 2 Tivo HD units (HD 20hr R65216) with 1TB HD’s each connected via HDMI to the same two TV sets. Also connected to the same main TV set with composite cables is a Tivo Toshiba Humax unit with DVD.

On certain channels I do not get closed captioning from either HD unit on either TV. If I record the same shows from the HD channels with the Toshiba, the closed captioning is fine most of the time. BBC America shows often have jumbled cc.

Two of the channels affected are CBS and WPIX (NYC). I know the cc is there because at times a line of dialogue will appear but then freeze so that that one line remains on screen as the show progresses until it is replaced by a newer line later on.

I looked at the ALL the previous strings discussing loss of cc going back to 2006 before sending this and I did see some discussions saying that cc could not be carried with HDMI cables. My ccing is just fine on most other channels with the HDMI cables.

This is annoying because I have all HD equipment but must revert to the non HD Toshiba recordings when I watch shows on these channels.

The Office - "Turf War" - 3 May 2012

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 00:25
Just as I thought. They were going to reintroduce David Wallace as a way to restore order to the D-M universe.

With Andy Bernard on board, this means no more Nellie. Thank goodness.

Pam is getting fat.

WinMFS - Can't see blank drive but saw Tivo drive fine

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 22:00
I have a tivo series 3 (original series 3) with the stock HD in it, which seems to have failed. I had previously backed it up and tried putting in 1 TB drive, which I was able to do successfully a few months ago, but ended up switching back to the original drive as the 1TB drive was too loud. I have since returned that 1TB drive.

Now, my stock hard drive is dead - the TiVo kept giving me green screens saying their was a problem and it was trying to fix itself, and now it won't boot past Welcome - Powering Up.

So, I'm trying to use my backup image and try a new hard drive to see if this is the problem. However, I can't seem to get winmfs to recognize the new drive.

My setup is as follows:
-Macbook Pro booted in Windows 7 in bootcamp
-USB to SATA adapter
-Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATA hard drive (Also tried a WD Green 500GB SATA)

I open winmfs as administrator but am not able to see the drive to mount it and restore my backup. However, I am able to see in the control panel that the drive is attached and recognized by the computer. If I boot back into Mac OS X, the drive is seen (but unformatted). This is the case for both of the blank drives I tried.

Strangely, when I connect my nearly dead TiVo stock hard drive (a WD 250gb) it is still recognized by Winmfs (but unable to backup again as the HD is corrupt).

Any thoughts on why I can't get the new drive to mount? I have tried rebooting numerous times, checking "Show Mounted Drive" and nothing seems to help.

I appreciate any tips - I'm hoping to rescue my TiVo soon!


MANY Wrong Program Guide Items List New as "First Aired:"

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 20:31
I'm getting a weird error on a lot of program guide items.

Brand new, unaired shows which are in the guide are showing as old shows. For instance, tonight's "Big Bang Theory", which is a brand new episode that will be showing TONIGHT on 5/3/12 has this in its description: "...First Aired: 5/2/12"

It typically shows "First Aired:" item as having aired the day before it premiers...this can't be right.

And, I'm not getting the "NEW" orange box in the program guide or list for a lot of shows. Aboslutely nothing on the networks is showing as "NEW" tonight.

Is this a known bug, hopefully to be addressed in the "spring update"?

American Idol - Top 5 Results - 05/03/2012

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 20:26
Joshua - Safe

Phillip and Hollie - Phillip is safe and Hollie is in the bottom two.

Skylar and Jessica - Jessica is safe and Skylar is in the bottom two

Person with the lowest votes is Skylar

Maui is very disappointed!


A couple of side notes:

I can't believe they are already talking about Joshua recording for the record label. Even if it is true I think it is wrong to talk about it while the competition is still going on.

I believe that if all of the top 5 released CDs, Skylar would probably have the most commercial success.

If the top three tonight winds up being the final top three (meaning Hollie goes home next week) then I will not even bother to watch the last few weeks of shows (although I will be rooting for Jessica and will check the threads for opinions and results).

I am very scared that we are going to have, in my humble opinion, an undeserved all male finale.

American Idol Not Recorded!?

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 19:24
We've had a season pass to AI since the beginning of the season, but tonight (May 3) we see that it's not getting recorded - there are no conflicts and nothing else has changed. Any hints why season pass shows don't get recorded? Or did Fox do a deal with Tivo to kill recordings?

Weird Freeze

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 18:20
I had channel line up change today and when I tried to read or see the message the screen froze with no message. Had to reboot.

Game of Thrones - Season Two and Book 2 Discussion

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 17:37
The most recent episode thread (s2e5) seems to be drawing as many posts complaining about what is posted, especially if it contains any reference to the books, than posts about the actual content of the episode. While there is a thread in the Happy Hour section, many folks that have only read the first couple of books or are currently reading the second book are afraid to read it since there is discussion of all of the books there.

For that reason, I thought that it might be good to have a thread that allows book discussion as it relates to the current season. Thus the title indicating a discussion of Season 2 and Book 2 (A Clash of Kings.) Perhaps this thread can provide a place to discuss the differences between the show and the book and impressions on how the scenes in the book are brought to the screen.

I would suggest that spoiler tags be used to discuss events that are anticipated in future episodes but not yet seen such as:
Spoiler: the Battle on the Blackwater.

GoT is my most anticipated show each week and I loved the books as well. Hopefully this thread will allow a bit more freedom to make comments based on a synthesis of the two. For me a simple comment that I was disappointed that they did not follow the book for Dany's Qartheen dress resulted in complaints. I still hold out hope that they will add that scene in a later episode. :)

XL2 vs. XL4

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 16:18
Is the only difference between the XL2 and the XL4 the tuner configuration?

I have a dying series 3 and I'm thinking of not fixing the drive but just getting a new system.

I'm currently using the antenna and I like that (good reception, high data rate), but the XL4 record four show simulatneously, correct? That is a draw.

Is the firmware the same? Do you expect support for both, software updates, going into the future or will the software update be XL4 only soon?

Finally, is there a way to buy the XL2 with a 2T drive and lifetime?

Lots of questions. Thanks for the help.