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Lost FX Channel Last Night!

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 09:01
Last night my wife and I were watching Son's of Anarchy, when all of a sudden, the screen pixelated, and then black screen. After about 30 seconds, a banner at the bottom of the screen indicated that it was 'searching for satellite signal':eek:. It does not appear that any other channels were affected.
Can someone provide me with some information on what may have caused this? The machine is a series 2 Tivo on DTV, model number I believe is 540140.

Sons of Anarchy - "To Thine Own Self" - OAD 11/20/12

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 08:27
Another 90 minutes of 'Houdini' moments!

I love this show, but it's amazing how many near misses they can have in one season. Jax getting away from the cartel and Clay surviving yet another time.

Must admit, I smiled at Lila's wheelchair and garter-style bandage. :)

Am I the only one who knew straight away that the gun deal was a setup for a shootout?

Premier not recording SP's and deleting KUID's

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 07:46
Been a TiVo user since 1999 so I know the rhythms of a TiVo. In the past few months my nearly year-old Premiere unit has been acting up. At first I thought it was just me, but it's clearly something worse.

I first noticed in August when the unit decided not to record any episode of the SP that I had set for 'Boss' beyond episode 3. And episodes of This Old House also seemed to appear on the SP list, but then not record at all.

Then I began to notice KUID recordings disappearing altogether, even though the unit showed ample disk space for new stuff.

One episode of Bill Maher inexplicably recorded for only 10 minutes before self-terminating.

Again last night I found my half-watched 'Stones documentary recording deleted, and my wife groused about a missing Cowboy cheerleader episode that recorded 10 days ago.

And, the Recording History that would give any clues as to the demise of these recordings is empty, devoid of not only these incidents, but anything I deleted after watching this past weekend.

We watch very little so this is not a capacity issue unless TiVo is indeed not ridding itself of these older recordings. And nothing in our recording habits has changed. In fact, we're probably watching less TV now than ever before.

This behavior is rendering my TiVo virtually worthless. Maybe it's time to switch to the cable company's DVR and save some bucks.

How to convert pdf to word or PPT?

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 07:14
I've bought a pdf format ebook and would like to quote some sections to make a word or PPT presentation for my teaching class, buy somehow I can only copy text but not the charts and photos which are the most important things.So how can I convert the pdf ebook to word or PPT document without changing the original layouts? Can Adobe do that?Or any other software?

PyTivo issue - bottom inch missing

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 07:10
Love PyTivo, been using it for years. At this time, my problem is the bottom inch or so is cut off when watching a full screen avi on a full screen tv. It has never been an issue but on this avi the hard burned captions are low, and when viewed on the tv they are mostly cut off. On the PC it's perfect. I can't raise the captions higher.

Is there a way PyTivo settings can be tweaked so i am able to see everything? Thanks!

Parts Available & Goodnight from him...

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 01:51
Hi folks.

Some of you (the few of you who are left) won't know me, as I haven't been posting much for some time(who has!), but I would like to think that overall, I have "put in" at least as much as I have "taken out" of the community, both here and on the other forum. After 10 years of great fun - and heartache - my TiVo days are sadly over. I hope I have found a good home for my 3 TiVos and they will be used for your benefit in a testing role - or at least prevented them from ending up in a skip! I'd Like to thank all the good people here for there continuing support for a product that continues to excel - and is arguably better now than it ever has been, and certainly more than it was at launch.

I'm not in a VM area, so I've gone to the dark side, with a combination of Media Centre, Freesat HD recorder and YouView box. Together, they still don't come anywhere close to TiVo ease of use, but I know have a virtually unlimited number of tuners, and HD quality recordings. I dream of a Freesat/Freeview version of TiVo in the future, I'm not holding my breath, but who knows.

I still have the following parts available for sale, and would like to offer them to members before slinging them on that well known auction site.

1 CacheCard with 512MB RAM
1TurboNZNet card
2 IDE to SATA cards (TiVo compatible)

Pm me with an offer if you are interested.

Over & Out

Help with multi room streaming from elite to premiere

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 23:07
Okay so I have three tivos, 2 with lifetime and 1 under a free 1 yr evaluation sub. All are premieres on newest 2.2.2 software. Whenever I try to stream anything to or from the elite, it does not give me the option to "play" it, only transfer this recording. And if it does give me the option to play it, I get an error saying there is a problem with my account settings, error code v123. This happens regardless if I try to stream something on the elite or stream to the elite from another dvr. Any idea what's wrong? I called tivo and they said it was fine on their end.

At last: the Keys to the Kingdom

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 21:55
I found it... 7 years later than we should have.

It's been right under our noses since day one.
line 102:
Code: if (url.startsWith("livetv:") || url.startsWith("loopset:") || url.startsWith("recording:")) { We could have built an entirely new UI in HME using this feature ever since we learned about SETCH. I bet we could have viewed live/recorded video (maybe even with events) in a SERIES TWO since 2005 for goodness sake.

This is freaking embarrassing. I bet TiVo has been laughing their asses off every time we say "why can't we do HME over TV?" - I'm actually angry at them, now... that's not simply "we're too busy."
  • "livetv:" as your entire URL for a stream resource means you'll be "streaming a video" from the tuner.
  • "loopset:" - probably the looping video backgrounds they use in menus... "loopset:" gets you something like "play failed"... "loopset:something" gets you "resource unavailable." It probably needs a specific known file string like "bonk.snd"
  • "recording:" is obviously actual recordings as video streams... this one always gives you "resource unavailable." Hopefully this is some simple translation from the RSS feed entry for the recording. ("recording:idNumber" doesn't work)

We need some heavy experimentation/digging to figure out the proper URLs of those last two. I'm hoping maybe loopset: will let you specify an arbitrary recording reference (or even a streamed video URL) to use as your loop. If we're really lucky, "recording:" is also part of the secret to built-in streaming over 1Gig.

As I said during the old Streaming Video discussions, you can scale a video with its view's size... so we could build the Premiere's interface that shows PIP if we wanted.


Note: you may have to pass an mp4 content type when you create the "livetv:" stream to make it work... my quick tests I replaced some code which passed that. Also, in some tests I ended up with a black screen... I might have been passing an mpeg2 content type in that case.

As my reward for finding this, I ask for your help figuring out some other things I want to do in my awesome upcoming HME app.

0. POST ON THE WIKI what you learn, dammit! ;)(http://hmedev.wikidot.com, instant access password: ILoveHME)

1. On the TiVo Underground forum I asked for help sniffing out what parameters and TeDict the YouTube app sends to the VideoPlayer app to start it up. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be able to do this in my upcoming app.

2. I have a stream that won't load because (I believe) the server expects a cookie header sent with the URL request. I strongly suspect I can create the stream with a TeDict containing the cookies (and other headers?) and the TiVo will request the stream "properly." Maybe somebody could spend a little time trying out combinations to see if you can get the TiVo to include something on its request? I do NOT want to proxy the stream.

3. I also have an mp3 stream on the Internet where I know its duration, normally supplied in the X-TiVo-Accurate-Duration response header, but I again do NOT want to proxy it - somebody surmised when TeDict was introduced that it could pass that information in. Could somebody please figure out how to pass in X-TiVo-Accurate-Duration through the TeDict when creating an mp3 stream? I haven't tried anything, yet, it might be crazy obvious.

4. I have realized that FontInfo is broken in SD displays if you use HME v45 or above (all the character widths are whole numbers with no decimal precision). Seems OK in v41 and looks fine in HD displays in v45. You can see it on e.g. the swivel search details page - actor names are cut off at the end. I think I'll just have to cache correct FontInfo stuff for that case... Nothing really to ask of you here, just wanted to vent. Hey, TIVO... freakin fix that, it's stupid!

What? you want a hint about my app? Well, without giving anything away: as a SIDE EFFECT it will work as a replacement for apps.tv (R.I.P.)

Legacy DirecTiVo's Rebooting

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 19:10
TiVo is aware of an issue that may cause legacy DirecTV/TiVo DVRs to constantly reboot. TiVo and DirecTV have been troubleshooting the issue and believe to have identified the root cause. We are working to restore services to our customers quickly and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

distance networks & HD

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 18:05
I'm SD, considering switching to HD, but I have the distant networks feeds (east and west), do I lose them?

"How I Met Your Mother" 2012/11/19

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 17:56
Which of these stories was less realistic.
1) Strip clubs recruiting customers like free agent athletes
2) Marshall's friend not being disqualified if not disbarred for what he did
3) Ted videotaped everything that ever happened in college in the mid 90s and we didn't know about it until now

And what is the writers' obsession with Lebron? He left Cleveland. Ted is from Cleveland. We get it.

Did not like this episode at all. I like it less the more I type about it.

Did I miss when Marshall stopped working for Martin Short's law firm?

The ending seemed very abrupt. Was there a kicker at the end? If there was, it ran past the time slot. I guess I need to pad.

New DirevTV TiVo question

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 17:32
With the recent rebooting issues on the series 2 DirecTiVo's, I started thinking about upgrading. I really didn't want to reward DirecTV for something they screwed up, but I was afraid I might have no alternative.

To that end, I was hoping people on here who have them might be able to answer a few questions. Like, is it possible to buy the new unit, but activate it only in SD? Can you use legacy dishes (mind is the old round dual LNB one)? Even if I lost some of the features, I don't want to rewire the house. Also, is it ever possible to own the receiver, or am I stuck in a lease forever?



Tue, 11/20/2012 - 17:27
I don't know if there's a forums suggestion forum - this seems like the most likely place for this request, tho :)

I'd like to suggest that the forums be modified to somehow include the date a thread was initially started, maybe on the second line.

for example:

thread name
started by - date started

I don't know how many times I click on a 'new and interesting subject' only to find it's 6 years old, and I have to slog through 6 years of posts to get any clue of what people are talking about!

Anyway, thought I'd throw that out there for TPTB to consider!

TiVo HD w/ 1TB and Lifetime

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 16:34
I'm selling another TiVo HD with a 1TB upgrade and lifetime service. Comes with Glo Remote and original packaging.


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Dropping cable-Tivo connection questions

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 16:30

I have a Sony Bravia HD TV- KDL-40XBR5 HDTV

I have Comcast cable TV, but am dropping it. I am keeping my Comcast hi speed internet service.

I have a Comcast cable card in my TIVO, which I assume will need to be returned to comcast.

I've Ordered a Leaf HD antenna and will be connecting my TV to it.

I can't afford or justify the cable tv connection. I just don't need it.

How do I connect this setup to my tivo?? Thanks for any help!!! My TV is near my comcast modem and is connected to the internet.

Revolution - "Kashmir" - OAD: 11/19/12

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 15:34
Rachel building a sophisticated bomb instead of her "amplifier" was quite a plot twist. I now wonder how much of the tech knowledge she revealed is accurate?

I thought they spent way too much time in the underground with everyone "seeing things".

And what are Grace and Randall up to? Maybe it will be revealed next week in the "winter" finale.


Filming began today (Nov. 20) for the final "Fringe" episode

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 14:10
John Noble interviewed by CNN about the final season of "Fringe"...

This Old House. Anyone else watch?

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 13:56
My dad was a big an of TOH and I liked it until Norm left. Then when Bob Villa left I watched again. I think Kevin O'Conner is a great host and I really like the "ask this old house" segments. I have learned so much about construction and how important it is to find someone who knows what they are doing rather than someone who just wants the money.

What are your favorite houses? The one they did recently in Rhode Island on the beach was great. I would love to see it after Sandy walloped it see if all that weather proofing really helped.

Issues with Seagate Barracuda HDD upgrade

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 13:35
Just upgraded internal HDD on my premier to Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB 7200 RPM (got it on sale for $50). Tivo booted fine, I watched one episode of Simpsons, switched to Live TV and unit rebooted :(
When I change channels it seem a little more sluggish when usual too. Is there issue with Sata 3 Seagate HDDs? Anything I can disable on the drive that will help?