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Idol: Early review of Phil Phillips' new single "Home"

Mon, 06/04/2012 - 01:46

Quote: Each coronation single hits all the cliches of schlock pop music: stiff arrangements that want to be important, big and empty productions, and all the cloying sentimentality of a dollar store greeting card. They’re an eagerly erased smudge on a promising career at best, and one foot in the commercial grave at worst. Anyway, let’s see what the new guy Phillip Phillips (seriously?) got stuck with.

“Home” begins with some acoustic picking that doesn’t sound too simple or too complicated before Phillips’ brings his Idol winning voice to the track. Dude has an interesting voice. I can’t tell if that’s interesting good or interesting bad, but his audition video struck me as early Eddie Vedder passing as a jazz singer (aside: is this really what passes as judging on Idol these days?). But none of that really shows up on the recorded version of “Home”. If anything, he sounds like more rawkin’ Marcus Mumford. But American. Quote: But “influence” might as well mean “driving force” because this song’s lyrics are all of two stanzas stretched to their breaking point. It’s not even anything worth trying to snark at; “Home”‘s lyrics are about “Holding onto me as we go/As we roll down this unfamiliar road”, “Just know you’re not alone/’Cause I’ll make this place your home”, “It’ll be clear”, “No fear”, and “If you get lost, you can always be found”. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but “Home” could use some of that American Idol schmaltz just to give it a damn target because, as is, the song’s entirely too broad and dispassionate to connect.
The (remotely) good news is that the song's lack of Idol-single cliches may keep it out of rotation, which means this guy can build his career on more interesting music instead of being compelled by record producers to follow up with something similar.



Retiring 5 varied older Tivo's - have questions.

Mon, 06/04/2012 - 01:12
After a remodel and whole system upgrade to DirecTV HD, I have 5 working Tivos that I will retire. I have never sold used Tivos and have been looking at eBay - except for 1, they likely have no or little value.

I have done the "reset everything" - in all of them - anything else I must do to clear any identifiable information?


1) I have a Series 1 Phillips with Lifetime that is still grandfathered for one time transfer - bought it and activated it in July 1999 - surely has served me well for many years (hard drive was upgraded at some point) . Can a buyer or giftee use this grandfather subscription to then transfer lifetime to a new TiVo? If so, this one may have some value - but hard to explain on a listing. Or can I just save this in case I return to TiVo on some future date (must I save the hardware - or just the fact that it is mine is sufficient?)

2) I have TWO Pioneer's 810s with DVD. One was not being used, and when I checked status it says TiVo Basic - 17. The other was on a $6.95 month to month subscription which I just cancelled. Status after repeating guided setup still says Good Standing. I assume after a month it will revert to Lifetime Tivo basic as selected. Will it? These may have some limited value, but with shipping, packing, etc, probably not worth selling. (I will miss the ability to create DVDs)

3) Then I have TWO that show "account closed" - One is a Series 1 Phillips and the other a DirecTV HR10-250 - I assume these have zero value. What does one do with these?

I am, for now, Tivo-less - looked at the new Direct TV offering, but went with their HR34 because of whole home DVR.

Thanks for your guidance.

3d Comcast VOD Updates?

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 22:35
Vod via xfinity still pretty unwatchable. Anyone have a fix to remedy that black overlapping bar on the sides yet?

Mad Men - "Commissions and Fees" - 06/03/12

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 22:16
I do believe I called that one. :) :eek:

HD without paid subscription

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 21:33
I have an HD Tivo and a Premiere Tivo with monthly subscriptions. If I cancel the HD subscription, will I still have the capability to transfer and watch recordings made on the Premiere and transfer them wireless to the HD Tivo?

I will not need the tuner for OTA use, or the guide service on the HD. The HD is in my Office, and the Premiere is in my living room. They are both on a wireless N routed network.


Game of thrones -Valar Morghulis-s2e10 6/3/12

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 21:11
I don't know exactly what I wanted in the season finale, but I feel like I didn't get it.

The wide shot of the undead army at the end was cool.

FS : TiVo Premiere Elite New in Box

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 20:25
I have an extra Premiere Elite that I picked up that I no longer need. It is new in the box. Not opened. Never Activated. Sealed.

Asking $350 plus whatever shipping is. PM me here or email me at

f DOT gamer AT mchsi DOT com

Filezilla won't transfer or delete folders

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 19:47
Latest version of Filezilla. Connects to Tivo no problem. Can delete files on the Tivo, but not folders.

Error 500 Command Unrecognized.

I also can't ftp folders to the Tivo. Again, files no problem.
Any ideas? I am mounted RW when trying.

Getting 2TB drive for a Series 3 that is on FiOS(order for inserting CC)

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 18:53
My Mom's Series 3 (OLED) TiVO 750GIg hard drive is failing. Just ordered a new 2TB drive from DVR_DUDE on Ebay. I know that I should do guided setup without a cable cards in. But after guided setup should I put both cards in with it unpluged and boot it up. Or should I reboot with the cards out and put one in at a time. I know that FiOS doesn't pair their cards but I need to know what order to follow.

Thank you for any help.

Scott R.

Lifetime TiVo TCD652160 (160 GB) Receiver As-IS

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 17:32
Ebay item for sale

Item #: 261035796574

This unit has quit working two weeks ago and I purchased a new premiere box. It worked perfectly before it quit. The top is scratched-up from an external hard-drive I had on top of it. I believe the fan died and it over-heated because it wasn't getting enough ventilation in my closed cabinet (that's all I can think of). No lights on front come on and the fan does not work. The unit has a lifetime subscription service that would be easy to transfer if you can get it working. A great by if you can get it working. Sold As-is. Comes with power cord only. (no remote, no tivo box). If you purchase it, you must agree to delete all of the content of the hard-drive off of it. A Email if you have any questions. Will only ship to US 48 states.

TiVo HD Series 3 - Make Me an Offer

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 14:50
I have a TiVo Series 3 (Model No. TCD652160). It is stock, I've never modified anything on it. Works great (at least it did last time I used it in July of 2011).

There is no subscription on it. It is in excellent condition -- no scratches or anything like that. Includes remote control, but no original box or manuals.

If you're interested, you can PM me, or email: claimtruth {at} gmail. I'm not sure what its worth without a subscription plan, but you can just make me an offer if you're interested. We can discuss payment method / shipping etc.

Attached Images tivo.jpg (46.6 KB)

20/20 5/29/12: The Jubilee Queen with Katie Couric

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 03:23
I have a season pass for 20/20 and unfortunately, most of the eps have been crap for years and I delete most of them. It caught this one-off ep aired on a Tuesday (vs. the usual Friday).

You can watch the full ep below:

I started watching the beginning to see if I should bother watching the rest, esp. since I'd never been that interested in the British monarchy. Surprisingly, I'm already 50 minutes into it...

Just lost channel favorites list

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 01:31
This is a series2, std def Philips unit. (I know I know, I'm about to upgrade) Was working fine earlier today, just turned it on and my favorites channels list is gone (which is really annoying). I did a reset and got the "can not acquire sat info" error. All the channels including local ones appear to be present, so not sure what that error is about or how it correlates to losing the favorites. Its running 6.4a01-2-101 but I don't know when that update occurred.

Any ideas?

ABC's The Glass House -like CBS's Big Brother

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 22:24
Starts June 18th, unless CBS's lawsuit to block the show is upheld.

Any Big Brother fan's gonna watch this? I will check out an episode or two to see how different it is.

"LOS ANGELES -- CBS sued ABC on Thursday to stop an upcoming reality show that CBS claims is being developed in violation of its copyrights and with secrets obtained from the long-running reality show "Big Brother."

The federal lawsuit seeks an injunction barring ABC from continuing its work or airing "The Glass House," a show that will film and allow viewers to vote off contestants living together in a house.

CBS claims the show copies the formula used for its hit series "Big Brother," and that ABC has hired 19 of the show's former staffers to help make "Glass House."

The lawsuit also names two top "Glass House" producers and an ABC programming executive who worked on "Big Brother," claiming they are violating non-disclosure agreements and giving away secrets of the show to their new employers.

"In copying `Big Brother,' defendants have had an unprecedented and troubling degree of access to CBS's copyrightable expression, as well as CBS's protected trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information related to the behind-the-scenes development, filming and production of `Big Brother,'" the lawsuit states.

In its lawsuit, CBS claims an unnamed ABC executive instructed others to try to hire as many former "Big Brother" staffers as possible to undercut its competitor.

ABC denied wrongdoing in a statement, calling the lawsuit meritless.

"The differences between `Glass House' and `Big Brother' are both fundamental and obvious," the network wrote in a statement, citing interactive elements, audience participation and new technologies.

It will be up to a federal judge to compare the similarities and differences in the shows and determine if CBS should be given an injunction and potentially millions of dollars in damages.

The lawsuit states many valuable elements of "Big Brother" cannot be gleaned from merely watching the show. The suit says the processes in which story lines are created and challenges are handled involving the filming of contestants around-the-clock are protected by the non-disclosure agreements.

"Many of the `Big Brother' trade secrets were developed because of the series' fast-paced schedule and unique format," the lawsuit states."

On demand plays 2 seconds then stops.

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 19:42
I'm having a problem with Comcast on demand on one of my premiers. On of the Premiers (the Elite) is working fine, the other one (the XL) can't play anything on demand. When I try to play a show it starts up for a couple of seconds then stops.

After it stops I can FFwd, skip etc and the timeline works, just the picture never changes. I can pick up from where I should have been watching on the other machine, so Comcast knows about what I'm doing on the XL.

I thought I'd seen a thread with a similar problem, but I can't find it at the moment.

Any suggestions? Or should I just call TiVo tech support. The XL was very reluctant to get on demand in the first place, I had to ring TiVo tech support and they had to do something, and on demand arrived sometime later. I haven't used the XL since then (we've been out of the country). So this is the first time I've actually tried to use on demand on that machine. (On the Elite it worked first time with no hassles.)

Two THR-22 bugs?

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 18:34
I'm seeing two bugs with the THR-22 that are really irritating and am wondering if anyone else has seen them:

1) Watching a show with nothing recording, the unit warns that that it needs to change the channel to record a show I have scheduled. It then changes the channel I'M WATCHING to do the recording -- but the other tuner is NOT IN USE! The old Tivo used to warn that it needs to change the channel on the tuner I am not watching to record a scheduled program, which was of course no problem. Or it would change the channel I'm watching if it had to record two programs at the same time, which is OK, obviously. When this bug happens I have to manually re-tune to the channel I was watching, and of course it disrupts the viewing. I cant imagine this bug is in there.

2) This one is UNBELIEVABLY annoying. We'll be watching live TV, and say the phone rings, so we pause live TV to deal with the call. When we finish up with the call, we go to unpause the Tivo and it WON'T UNPAUSE. You have to change the channel up and down to get the show back. But when this happens, if you try to pause again, it will get stuck again and won't unpause. You can also see that no buffer is stored (obvious if you leave it paused for several minutes -- there is no buffer indicated on the timeline) Sometimes, if I change to the other tuner and tune the channel there, pausing and unpausing works again.

I'd like to know if anyone else with a THR-22 has seen these issues. Overall the unit works great but when it does this stuff, it's a royal PITA.

not getting all channels on new cable card

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 18:21
I just had a cable card activated this morning in a premiere and it's not getting all the channels I pay for? How do I check if it's a cable card or an account or a signal issue? I get some digital basic the local sub channels.

Results call tidbits: Web Portal

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 17:57
I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. Buried in TiVos latest results conference call Rogers mentions a TV anywhere web portal targeted at MSOs.

Quote: In addition, we will be launching our TV Everywhere web portal for operators in the near future, allowing them to offer content both in and out of the home on the iPad, on a computer or a connected device. This will allow the operator to make sure there is a common interface and thus common experience across all the devices a consumer may want to use to access their TV content. I wonder if the Stream could enable such a feature for retail TiVos.

Looks like RCN will roll out later this year.

Quote: RCN is planning a new TV Everywhere portal that will allow subscribers to watch video over an Internet connection on a variety of devices. Initially, the operator will present thousands of free on-demand titles, including a broad range of movies and TV episodes, before rapidly increasing its offering.

According to company officials,RCN's TV Everywhere portal will be deployed in phases beginning later this year; additional details about the implementation or financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

built debian server to host tivo hd recordings, next steps?

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 16:47
Woo hoo!! Installed debian on my new home-built off a usb drive (that was a challenge in itself); everything's cool! In fact I'm writing to you now from Iceweasal on the new server.

I know I'd like the server to run headless and I know that involves running xdmcp to allow me to bring up the desktop remotely, say on my windows laptop; and I know I need to share the filesystem(s) on the server, but I could use a hint how to accomplish all that.

Meantime I'll keep digging.


RCN Tivo - N33 error and Firmware question

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 14:13
Hey Everyone,

I just got a new RCN Tivo HD installed and I've got a couple of questions

1) Whats the latest firmware available for this unit? I tried looking it up on the Tivo site but nothing matched up.

2) I forced a connection and got an update to download, however on restart I got an N33 error. I looked this up and it appears to be a connection issue with the Tivo server? If that's the case, why would I be able to force a connection and get the DONE responses?