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THD on FiOS, would like to swap out for an M-card

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 09:30
Hello all..

I've had a happily running THD on FiOS for years now. When we got it, there were no multi-stream cards, so we have two single-stream cards.

What's the process look like to swap out for a single M-Card? I figure if it's not difficult, might as well reclaim that $4 a month.

Obviously, they'll send someone out to do the swap, but is it as simple as pull the old cards out, pair the new one and that's it?

hikolono go go now

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 07:18
hi friends

New Tivo?

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 05:52
I want to get the new TIVO but am having trouble convincing the wife we need one. We currently have an RCA DVR 80 which is getting close to 8 years old. It is slowing down a lot. When you go to now playing it takes 1-2 min ( seemingly) to open an episode and play it.
Any ideas on how long Direct TV will be offering the new TIVO?

Wait till next year for an American Ninja Warrior

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 23:09
Only one of the 24 finalists made it through stage 2 then failed part way thru stage 3.

I wonder if Mount Madoriyama is going to be a permanent skyline landmark in Vegas? Or will they tear it down and rebuild.

Bachelor Pad 3 Entire Season *Spoilers*

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 22:06
Figured there probably won't be much discussion week to week plus IIRC this show has a very short run so might as well combine it all into one thread.

I am surprised Chris paired up with Blakely. Chris seems mature for his age yet Blakely immature.

Also the twins, ugh, hate that they somehow went to the same University I did. The twins were also on Jersey Shore, in Italy. I can't wait for them to go next as I don't really like them.

I don't pay attention to the strategy and numbers of the game, I just like the drama. If Swat voted with the fans would it have mattered next week or will the vets just run them over (assuming the vets stick together)

Premiere Q

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 19:10
Given the issues with the XL4, what are the opinions about what to expect with the 6 tuner Premiere Q? I'd love to have a 6 tuner and would gladly pay for it but cringe at the risk of issues that XL4 owners have gone through.

BTW, this is not a Tivo bash. I used Tivos for a long time and love them. I only paused because of MRV dead on TWC. Streaming cured that so I'm on the edge of investing in new Tivos again. Just researching very well before dropping a couple grand on new Tivos.

Am I missing amazon on my premiere?

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 18:45
Did I miss something? I see instructions on Tivo and Amazon sites, but I do not see any Amazon video on my Premiere.




yet these instructions seem to be wrong as I do not see amazon on my Premiere. I have it on my HD, but not the Premiere.

Channel mismatch?

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 18:14
I was running through guided setup prior to getting my cablecard installed.

Got to choosing provider (comcast), entered area code, etc. When I got to channel selection it had only two choices, a basic and basic-extended. I have what's called Premier with Comcast. I noticed that some channel numbers on the Tivo list were different than those on the written list I was given by Comcast a couple of days ago. Is this anything I need to worry about, or try to correct? The installer is coming tomorrow.


Pixelation / stuttering with OK hard drive?

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 17:58
Sorry if this is covered elsewhere... I looked and didn't find anything that seemed to apply to this particular set of symptoms.

First, some background.....

I have a TivoHD, upgraded several years ago to a 1GB WD Green HD. It is on digital cable (no antenna) and has a single multi-stream cable card in it on Comcast. It ran perfectly until about a year and a half ago, when it suddenly got into a continuous reboot loop after a brief power failure. All WD tests on the HD passed but repeated attempts to restore a known good image from the original 160GB HD resulted in the same reboot loop. The power supply was perfect... all correct voltages and no signs of swollen caps. In desperation, I purchased another identical 1GB HD and restored the same image to it, which worked perfectly. The "failed" HD was reformatted to NTFS and lives happily to this day in a Win7 PC.

That replacement HD worked 100% with no issues whatsoever until a couple months ago, when it started pixellating and stuttering infrequently and randomly. I attempted a kickstart 57 but could not get it to run, so I successfully ran the kickstart 54 SMART tests, which passed. After the kickstart 54, the pixellation vanished utterly and it ran perfectly for several months.

The pixelation returned again this morning, so I tried a kickstart 57. This time I got it to run (I wasn't waiting long enough for it to start). It finished after 2.5 hours and rebooted successfully. However, the pixelation and stuttering remained unchanged. I then ran a kickstart 54 and the quick automated SMART tests, which once again passed. And lo and behold, the pixellation has once again vanished!

Anyone know why a kickstart 54 SMART test would cure pixellation and stuttering where a successful kickstart 57 would not? A kickstart 54 is only a test.... it doesn't change anything on the HD. Any ideas what might be going on here? The power supply still looks OK.


Premiere XL + Lifetime + Ext Warranty to 3/25/2013

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 17:43
I went ahead and got the Premiere XL4 (elite) from Woot last month, and so I've put up my trusty Premiere XL (stock) with the extended warranty through March 2013 on ebay. Starting price is $499, or Buy it now for $650.

Here's the listing:

I'm also going to be getting rid of the regular Premiere I have (which is upgraded to 2TB) and also has an extended warranty.

PM me if you have questions on either the XL auction, or the upgraded Premiere.

Happy bidding! (and be sure to check out my ebay name "TivoFanTodd")

'Game of Thrones' - Casting News - SPOILERS

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 17:30

The role of 'Ramsay Snow' ("The King Beyond the Wall") may have been cast.

Quote: The actor chosen to play the sadistic, creepy and cunning bastard son of Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) is none other than Misfits actor Iwan Rheon, who has been a fan favorite for the role for quite some time now

Quote: HBO has not yet confirmed Rheon was indeed playing Snow, simply calling his character "Boy"—but all signs point to him being Ramsay Snow (helped along by this little Facebook pic)

WWE Raw hits 1000 Episodes

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 16:50
For all you current and/or former WWF/WWE fans, tonight is the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw. As they say on the air every week, it's the longest running weekly episodic show in the history of television. The first episode was in 1993, and they do 52 episodes a year.

For folks who haven't been fans for a while, expect lots of nostalgia tonight. The Rock, Bret Hart, Mick Foley and all of Degeneration X except for Chyna are all scheduled to appear.

8 p.m. ET on USA network. Not 9 p.m., as it's a 3 hour show. In fact, Raw moves permanently to 3 hours at 8 p.m., starting tonight.

What would you do? Should I be worried? (reporting accident to police)

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 16:29
So, I'm sitting in my home office, and I hear this loud "CRUNCH" that sounded like someone slammed a door in my house. Out the back window, I can see all the power and phone lines shaking about. This can only mean one thing -- someone crashed into the telephone pole out in front of my house (across the street -- this has happened before).

I look out the front window, and a mini-van smashed into the pole -- the airbag went off, and the car was adjacent to the pole. The pole seemed intact. I watched as the driver got out, was quite a bit disoriented. About a minute later, he regainded his senses, and took out what looked like one of those quart bottles in a paper bag, and went behind his car.. I didn't see exactly what he did with it, but it disapeared -- he either ditched it in the bushes or inside his car. I called the local police to report the accident. They arrived in a few minutes along with the EMTs and FD. At this point, he took out some sunglasses and a hat, sat down, and started waiting (he did make one phone call, but I don't know where).

As the EMTs checked him over, the police started their thing directing traffic,etc. All the drama was over, so I went back to work. Then I heard the tow truck, so I peeked back out, and the driver was nowhere to be seen (he had been taken to the hospital).

So I went out to talk to the police. I told them what I saw, and they really wanted to know if I actually saw him in the driver's seat, which I did. I told them about the bottle/bag, and they told me they already knew he was drinking, and I explained in detail what I saw. While I wasn't crazy about it, he took my name, address and birthday down, and said it would be part of the official police report, but my details may or may not come up in court. He thanked me for my information, and I went back inside. I watched as they looked behind the bushes, and found the bag/bottle.

So at this point, I'm glad I reported what I saw, as ALL drunk drivers should be properly punished. This guy is lucky he didn't kill or injure anyone else. But I'm now afraid of personal retaliation if my testimony really nails this guy (who knows if it's his first offense or not). So, I have no doubt I did the right thing, but how afraid should I be of retaliation?

By the way, the police found a container of Four Loko Watermellon in the bag.

True Blood S5E7 "In the Beginning" OAD 7/22/12

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 14:56
Well, I guess everyone is feeling the same way I feel when there is not post yet about the episode.

This episode was weak. How many professions has Tara had? Bartender, MMA fighter, Server, Bartender (again) and stripper.

I like Sam, but his story arc is not that interesting.

I feel this show is going down the gutter. The acting is getting weak; the story lines are silly. There is not a single strong story line that is keeping my interest.

The sad part is that I still watching. What is this season about? The whole "sangunista" & lilith I find silly.

What you guys think?

Any had trouble transferring TSN's?

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 14:49
My 240 Series 2 power supply is gone again for the second time. Everywhere I've looked so far has them, but for 69.00 bones. The last time (2 years ago) I had to replace it the PS was only 25 bucks. Wow for inflation, huh?

At any rate, I've been looking around and it seems like I can buy an old Series 2 for less than the cost of the PS. I've even seen THDs for less. When I googled the transfer of the TSN I found this.

From everything I've seen it looks like I can do the transfer if it's only for a S1,2,3, or HD. Anyone actually done it?

Old HR20s, R10

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 14:47
Any suggestions about what to do with a few HR20's that I'll no longer be using, as well as a R10? The former are not Directivos, just Directv DVRs and the latter is an old Directivo without service. I no longer subscribe to Directv.

Aside from yanking the drives, and perhaps the power supplies (probably can be modified to make nice bench AC to DC power supplies for various kinds of gadgets) I can't think of much. But they do have network cards, drive controllers, etc I suppose and I hate to just recycle them for metal if there's something else that could be done.


upgrade TiVo

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 14:04
I have a 45 hour TiVo Premiere and I wanted to know what the largest amount of gigs I can hook up to it externally is?

Newbee- Not receiving standard digital channels

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 12:32
New tivo user with Longview Kilgore cable co. Cable tech hooked up tivo but left before download completed. We only receive hd channels no standard. Any suggestions? Cable tech is coming tomorrow and their knowledge of tivo seems limited.

Tivo HD won't kickstart

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 11:44
We had a couple of power outages the other day, and although I have this particular TiVo HD on a surge suppressor, when the power came back, the machine won't stay up for more than a few minutes before rebooting.

I'm trying to get it to kickstart, but no matter how I time the button presses, it simply won't kickstart. I've also tried removing the DVR Expander with the same result.

Is there any way to get past this issue? I'd at least like to see if I can give the drives a scan before I give up on it.

Newroom S01E05 "Amen" 7/22/2012

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 10:52
I think this is my favorite episode so far.

The intensity seemed more in place with the reporters at risk than last weeks episode where they seemed to make just a bit too much out of whether or not to jump in with the early unconfirmed report of the Congresswoman's death. (Yes you want to be right, but it'd hardly ruin the news division or Will himself if they'd gotten the call wrong)

Also when Will went to meet the tabloid reporter to pay her off I was wondering if it was going to be a sting. Catch her taking hush money and expose it. Probably wouldn't have worked; trying to expose the people attacking you, but it's what I was thinking.