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Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM or SWiM) and RCA DVR40 DirecTiVo

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 13:42
DirecTV is telling me that my DVR40 DTiVo will "not work at all" if I take their Whole Home DVR system, which includes a switch to the single wire multiswitch.

I'm seeing stuff like this on the internet: http://www.swm8.com/swm-faq.php

which seems to say that the single wire multiswitch (the SWM8) comes with 3 "legacy ports."

Quote: Originally Posted by "SWM8 FAQ" These three ports work like the output from a conventional 3LNB dish and allow you to use receivers that are not listed as SWM-compatible. In other words, if you want to continue using a DIRECTV TiVo or some other older receiver, you can do that. However, to use both tuners on a TiVo, you must have lines run from two of the legacy ports into Sat 1 and Sat 2 of the TiVo. That seems pretty clear, and yet DirecTV is telling me it can't work. I'd like to keep my upgraded DVR40 for its huge SD program capacity.

Were the customer service reps right, or were they underinformed, as I suspect?

Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) or Tuning Adaptor

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 13:38
I have digital service from Knology in Huntsville, Al. I have a TiVo Premier Box with a CableCARD. I asked two different people at the Huntsville office if they knew anything about this DTA or Tuning Adapter and got nothing but "deer in the headlight" look. Does anyone use these or know anything about using them with Knology digital service?

White Collar S04E02 "Most Wanted" OAD 7/17/2012

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 12:46
Well, looks like they're trying to get back to 'business as usual' as quickly as possible. I'd like to say I didn't see this general type of resolution coming, but...

The show has done a reasonably good job of threading a season long story into the episodes-- hopefully the last twist is going to turn out to be a part of a greater story. We'll see.

I'm a bit disappointed with the first two episodes. I hope it picks up.

Considering TiVo - Some Questions

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 12:17
I've been reading about TiVo but I'm not really sure about how it all works... I've read some forum posts which does help some, but though I'd start my own thread.

I've had Dish and DirecTV, currently we have DirecTV and of course with the Viacom thing we're missing out on channels. And our discount period is over and we're paying over $100 a month now and it just seems like a lot. I have my favorite shows, of course, most of them are on TNT, some SyFy, lots on USA, and some on regular tv.

So I'm looking at TiVo and forgive me for being dim but I'm not really sure how it all works.

Can a TiVo work with any cable/satellite company? Does it replace the DVR box that comes with them?

Can you get more than one TiVo box per house... or do you need more than one? My husband and I like different shows. We both have HDTVs we prefer. It's only the 2 TVs in the house.

Can a TiVo work with just OTA channels.. in addition to or instead of cable/satellite?

I'm in Utah so our options are basically Dish, DirecTV, or Comcast... I think. If there's more let me know. :)

We are spoiled with having DVR so I guess I want some type of DVR that works like the satellite DVRs but are more flexible, and don't cost so much.


Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) or Tuning Adapter

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 12:11
I have digital service from Knology in Huntsville, Al. I have a TiVo Premier Box with a CableCARD. I asked two different people at the Huntsville office if they knew anything about this DTA or Tuning Adapter and got nothing but "deer in the headlight" look. Does anyone use these or know anything about using them with Knology digital service?

Series 2 Won't Get Picture From DTA

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 06:37
After my Premiere was destroyed recently in an apartment fire :( I decided to pull out my lifetime Series 2 and hook it up at my parents house while we are staying there. This Tivo has been hooked up several times with this Suddenlink DTA setup but for some reason I decided to do a clear and delete everything. Now I can't get picture from the DTA to the Tivo. I can pull the coax cable out of the Tivo and get a picture but when I plug back into the Tivo I just get the regular Tivo interface with a back screen. I'm sure I'm missing a setting but I can't figure it out.

Lost Girl

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 01:45
Lost Girl is moving to Fridays starting 7/20.

Enough of the program provider vs. distributor stuff, PLEASE

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 00:47

Please read and consider signing my change.org petition aimed at BOTH content providers and signal distributors. Now that DirecTV and Viacom have polluted forums with banner ads, I posted a change.org petition.

I know full well it's not aimed at anyone by name - but that's the point. I'd like to see the industry in general find a new way to solve its disputes and stop raising prices year after year after year.

30 second skip on 6.4a

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 22:51
Due to the local channels issue I had to load 6.4a onto my two directivos.
So I no longer have MRV which I'm OK with since most of my viewing is on my HR24's.
The directivos are used in our bedrooms. What I do miss is the 30 second skip that had been set to permanent when I was running 6.2a. I've been setting it to 30 second skip using the select, play, select, 3,0 select pattern, but it doesn't stay set to it for very long. I had assumed it would stay set until a reboot. What steps need to be taken to get 30 second skip permanent or at least last until the unit is rebooted?


XL4 - how much is network needed?

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 21:28
I think this is basically a FAQ, but I don't see it covered in the Premiere FAQ.

I currently have my Tivos (currently Tivo HD + S1 with the ethernet adapter card) do their daily calls via WiFi bridge, and in the past have even gotten netflix streamed this way.. But the bridge connection does sometimes go down.

How much does the XL4 really need the network? Is it only in HD menus that it needs it? (i.e. I would use SD menus if that alleviated the problem).

premiere tuner poorer than Tivo HD?

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 20:48
I just got a Tivo Premiere to replace my aging HD. Aside from Netflix being slower, my main concern is that my signal from my antenna used to be 85-95 on the Tivo HD is now consistently 44-50 with occasional drops to zero. Nothing else has changed.

Any ideas?

Tivo acquires TRA (Tivo Analytics)

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 20:25
TiVo, Inc. is finalizing its $20 million acquisition of TRA, a media measurement software and analytics company, say Tara Maitra, TiVo's SVP and GM content and media sales and Mark Lieberman, TRA's chairman and CEO.

Read more at the link below.

Does ESPN-3d work with Tivo (Comcast)?

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 20:00
Does ESPN-3d work with Tivo (Comcast)?Does ESPN-3d work with Tivo (Comcast)?

I called them and they said the 3d channels won't work with a Cable Card, however the guy didn't exactly seem like he was Albert Einstein either.

Can anyone confirm or deny if it will work? Specifically with Comcast as my cable provider.

tivo premiere w/ comcast, where is on demand?

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 19:39
I did have a Motorola dvr with the tivo service. It had on demand from xfinity. I got notice the tivo service would end soon but i could get the premier for free. Well its hooked up but I can't find the original on demand. The cs people from India no help. Is there no on demand available? Do I have to subscribe to hulu or amazon to get online content? Booooo

Automatically renaming tvshows for processing by plex media server

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 18:28
Good Afternoon All,

I am using kmttg to automatically pull all recorded shows off of a TiVo Premier, and wanted to have a way to automatically rename the files for tv shows with something similiar to "tv show name - S01E01 - episode title.mpg" so that they could be brought into Plex media server for distribution through my house.

The biggest problem that I had was determining what the show actually was to rename it. I found a program called tvdb-renamer which does this by attempting to match the name to thetvdb.com's databases. This didnt completely work for me so I decided to write a program that would do if for me, and thought I would share it in case anyone is interested in doing the same.

I use kmttg and plex media server on ubuntu, and have only tried my script on linux and mac. The only requirement is to install the levenshtien distance code from google (I used this to determine the "distance" between two strings as a way to best guess the correct title)

The script takes into account show name, air date, and episode title. It will output a filename similiar to tvdb-renamer unless told otherwise and uses the same basic inputs.

I use it with a command similiar to:

./kmttg-renamer.py "kmttg showname - kmttg tittle (MM_DD_YY).mpg" /nas/TiVo -n

so that it will rename the file, and move it to a directory of /nas/TiVo/showname/showname - SYYE## - title.mpg"

Below are the options.

Usage: ./kmttg-renamer.py [options] KMTTG_FILE.EXT OUTPUT_DIRECTORY(optional)
Additional options:
-i this will place program in interactive mode
-d do NOT create directories
-t test only, do not run commands
-l value change default Levenshtein value (default=0.5)
-X value change default Levenshtein value if dates match (default=0.1)
-tvdb run against a tvdb-renamer format named file
-f do NOT include original file name in output
-n save in new format "Show - S01E01 - FileInfo.ext" vice tvdb format
-o ss,## override season name (ex -o key+and+peele,255325)
-p pause on fail, good for testing with scripts
-s show all in a series to pick from, if nothing found
-h show these help options

KMTTG_FILE.EXT must be in the format of either:
Phineas and Ferb - What a Croc (06_13_2012).mpg [kmttg format]
Phineas and Ferb.S03E48.What a Croc (06_13_2012).mpg [tvdb-renamer]
* Note you must used -tvdb flag for this format!

Again, just thought I would throw this out there in case anyone is interested.
Attached Files kmttg-renamer.py.txt (23.4 KB)

No call out

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 18:06
I have an old HDR112 Philips. It has suddenly stopped making the call out. When u run a phone test Preparing works, dialing works, but connecting just spins then says service not answering. I know the phone line is good. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help.

Lineup change, "Next Generation Digital Equipment"?

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 16:26
I received a flyer in the mail from my cable company, Newwave Communications. In it they say that they're remapping pretty much every channel around to make room for more channels, and adding a bunch of HD channels (finally, Comedy Central and TNT in HD!) however, all of the new HD channels are marked as requiring "Next Generation Digital Equipment required to view channel".

Anyone ever heard of that term being used before? Any idea what they might mean? I had a hard enough time getting the CableCards out of them, not sure what they're trying to do now... Few people I've talked to there have any clue about CableCards or TiVo so I'm reluctant to ask them about this for fear I won't get a straight answer.

EDIT: If I had to guess blindly I suppose it might mean SDV, which may mean I'd need a TA... hoping not.

Also they don't give an exact date for the cutover, just "August" so I'm really wondering if TiVo will pick up the changes in time. They don't have the new lineup on the web yet, either. If the channel IDs stay the same, will things be smooth? Or can I expect some issues? Should I notify TiVo about the impending change now?

Show Tracking System?

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 15:39
Okay, I have 'cut the cord' and dropped Directv. I've got a Tivo Premiere, Netflix (and possibly HuluPlus, we'll see). I also might use Amazon to buy shows from time to time. And I could just hook the laptop up to the main tv in order to watch things off network websites (ie Bunheads @ ABC Family).

But what I'm considering is that I will have to pay more attention to when things are on, what network they are on, when they premiere, etc..., as I won't have season passes to just catch stuff for me.

So, is there any software/website that can help me keep track of when shows I'm interested in will be on? A calendar type app? RSS Feed? Anyone use anything?

TiVo for almost no tablets

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 14:58
OK, my brand new Nexus 7 tablet with a 1280x800 screen and a quad core processor is apparently too feeble to run TiVo for tablets. I don't know who the heck TiVo has doing android development for them, but they are apparently totally unable to design apps that accomodate any teensy variation from their expected geometry. Get a clue!

Can I Put Premiere XL onto my Home Network?

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 14:40
I'm trying to wire my new house & wanted to have a general idea/game plan before speaking to the low voltage wiring contractor (Cat5e, Cat6, HDMI).

Goal is to watch TiVo recordings + live (if possible) from several different rooms.
And basically go with only 1 box accessible to any other rooms.
ie one TiVo box doing the serving for recorded content for any room in the house.

Did search on tc.com but wanted some clarification please for following:

1) TiVo PXL boxes cannot stream but can transfer recordings to another Tivo Box correct?

2) Any other way to stream or transfer TiVo recordings via some intermediary interface like a HTPC or home server or NAS?

Appreciate any direction on this.