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NFL Sunday Ticket now "free" with DirecTV?

Sun, 08/05/2012 - 15:04
So I'm seeing these things called "commercials" during the baseball game broadcasts that I've been tuned into... during those commercials there've been commercials stating that the NFL Sunday Ticket is now "FREE" with DirecTV.

Am I mis-hearing this? Has it gotten to the point that DirecTV is no longer able to command the premium fees that they used to get for the Sunday Ticket package?

I know a few years ago they had the NASCAR Track/Race pass package that they used to charge for and they wound up having to make that free for all DirecTV subscribers as they couldn't get enough paid customers for it and/or couldn't turn it into anything other than a loss leader for themselves. Is that what the Sunday Ticket is for them now too?

I'm sure that there are up charges of some sort with this "free" plan, but I'm just amazed that the NFL and/or DirecTV have gotten to the point that they have to offer the games for free. I guess it's a sign of the damage that has been done to the package compliments of the NFL RedZone channel existence on other providers.

Copy Partitions and save recordings?

Sun, 08/05/2012 - 13:45
I had a slice upgrade to 6.4a go south on me and now the only way I get video is to record the program???

Anyway, can I just copy the root and active partitions, leaving the media partitions alone, from a working unit on to the bad drive and have a working drive with the old recordings? Can it be that simple???

Or, does somebody know something about only having live video if recording the program? It's not the unit. I have tried several and the problem remains, regardless of which HDVR2 I install it in.


Snowy Picture On Cable Input Only, OTA ok

Sun, 08/05/2012 - 13:38
I have a Tivo HD that displays a snowy image only on cable channels. What you'd expect from a weak signal. I tested my cable connection with another identical Tivo and no problem so not a weak incoming signal. OTA channels are just fine. This is Time Warner analog cable no cable cards or tuning adapters. I'm guessing maybe a bad RF input? If so can it be replaced. Any ideas appreciated.

How do I return from menu to watching recorded show?

Sun, 08/05/2012 - 10:38
Is the only way to do this is by pressing the zoom button?

Seems like there should be some kind of Exit button or why can't I press left until it goes back to the recorded show?

Another question:
How do I remove the suggestion that pops up when I pause? I want to leave TiVo suggestions on, but I don't want this suggestion to display when I pause.

And another:
Is there a button I can use to go directly to My Shows rather than having to press the TiVo button twice? I have a Harmony 900 remote and I read somewhere that a List button was mapped on one of the TiVo models in the Harmony database, but I haven't seen one yet.


Hit & Miss - is there a thread on this yet?

Sun, 08/05/2012 - 09:38
This is a show that's only on DirecTV as far as I know. It stars Chloe Sevigny, who plays a transvestite hit person. It's really quite good IMO. I know it sounds strange, but If you have a chance, you really should check it out. Be forewarned, it has graphic nudity, with Chloe showing her breasts frequentlly and then panning down to male parts down below. Please, Lord, don't let that be Chloe!

When's the next software update?

Sun, 08/05/2012 - 06:43
I remember hearing about a big update in the pipeline. Talk about more HD screens. Was the fall mentioned as the timeline?

can I put my large fornated drives from a svr2000 into another svr2000

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 22:15
Here's the story. I bought and then upgraded a used sony svr2000 with two 120gig HD's with the success of that upgrade I attempted to upgrade to a 9th tee airnet card to access the internet wirelessly for the daily programing and after some bad advice, or my lack of understanding telnetting into the tivo and ping it. When I pinged it it rebooted and was no longer able to call out using the modem but I could use it for manual recording. I bought another svr2000 a few years later and this time I used a 9th tee ethernet card and it successfully uses my broadband cable for the daily calls.
My question is that since my two 120 gig HD's are still good and already tivo formatted, can I simply put them in the other svr2000 without doing all the steps I originally did to increase the storage capacity?
I think all the mods were to the HD's and not the motherboard. Keep in mind it was YEARS ago when I did this upgrade. I do still have the mfstool cd and don't have a problem redoing the steps, I'm just looking for the easy way out. I just don't know if the bigger drives are "married" to the old mobo.

Problem with upcoming Optimum change

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 21:49
I recently received this letter from Cablevision (Optimum) --

"Important Information About Your Cable Service: As of
August 21, 2012, all of your televisions will require a digital
cable box in order to continue to receive service. Without a
digital cable box, your TV cannot access iO TV (access is
limited with a CableCARD)."

I have 2 Tivo's in my house -- but what concerns me is my "older" one (Series 2 DT DVR). It is currently set up with two inputs -- one directly via coax to the DVR, and the other through the cable box to the DVR. That allows me to tape 2 shows simultaneously (which has become more common in the past few seasons). As of 8/21, the direct connection will no longer work. I had this verified by the cable rep.

It sounds to me there are only 2 options left to me (unless I am missing something here) -- either purchase a 2nd cable box (which Cablevision will provide free for 1 year) or upgrade this Tivo to a new one. This particular TV is not a HDTV... yet.


Looking to Buy a Tivo HD Series 3 w/a 750 GB HD w/Lifetime Service...

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 20:41
I think I've found the one I want to buy... what I am wondering is:

#1 Is this a good Tivo to purchase, since I'm new to Tivo, I've done as much research as you can... but never actually owned one... weigh in and help a NEWBIE out.

#2 What's the right price for this unit with Lifetime service? I know what the whole thing would cost if I bought it retail... what's a good price point if I buy it used?

Thanks in advance for your help! :up:

Olympics Women's Marathon

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 17:48
Note: this might be a change for the west coast only

Originally, NBC had planned to air the Women's Marathon on Sunday at 6 AM Pacific time. However, because they decided to air the Federer-Murray tennis match starting at 6 Pacific, the marathon will now air live in the west, starting at 3 AM Pacific on NBC.

External WD drive died

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 14:50
Found this one at Best Buy:
Western Digital - My Book Essential 2TB External USB 3.0/2.0 Hard Drive

Is this drive Tivo compatible?:confused:

TiVo Premier + Samsung UN46D8000 + Comcast = 3D Frustration

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 13:51
I recently moved to a home that won't support DirecTV, so I've gotten the next best thing Comcast + TiVo. For the most part it's fine, but with this new setup my Samsung UN46D8000 no longer automatically switches into 3D mode as it did when I had the DirecTV HD DVR. I can manually switch it into the correct mode, but thats not ideal. Since this is the same TV, same HDMI cable is this because TiVo does not adequately support this feature, or is it due to the Comcast input?

I contacted TiVo support but they just blame my TV -

Thank you for contacting TiVo Customer Support. I would be glad to help you with your 3D issues today.

The TiVo Premiere does support MPEG-4 3D programming. This seems to be more of an output format issue on the TV end. Side by side 3D is a type of 3D (there are a plethora of different formats, just check any 3D YouTube video on your computer and it will give you about 5 options on how you would like to view the 3D).

I suggest putting on a 3D channel, your 3D glasses, and using your TV remote to toggle settings in the TV. Maybe select "side by side" viewing and see what happens. If that fails, I would actually suggest contacting your TV manufacturer support and have them walk you through the steps. If that fails, feel free to contact us back and we can continue helping you resolve your issue

What do I reply when Charter Cable repair rep blames TiVo?

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 09:25
Here is what I have:
  • TiVo Premiere - Motorola M Card, Motorola Tuning Adapter: missing channels, pixelated picture on HD channels
  • Tivo HD - Motorola M Card, Motorola Tuning Adapter: missing all digital channels
  • TiVo HD XL - Motorola M Card, Motorola Tuning Adapter: Missing several HD channels (although I had them a week ago)

I have Charter Cable in Knoxville, TN and have had them out at least four times trying to resolve these painful issues. I always get the shrugged-shoulders look followed by "I don't have a lot of experience with TiVo boxes ..." followed by "everything looks fine on Charter's end, it must be your Tivo".

I am to the point of dropping cable & TiVo, and had an installation appointment for DirecTV, but didn't have a clear line of site, so satellite is not an option.

What answer do I give for when I'm stuck in the middle of "it's not us, it's them."

How has bad weather affected your service?

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 09:17
I know DIRECTV and DISH are horrible when it comes to bad weather. Heck, it doesn't even take rain, it could just be a very cloudy day and the signal will go out. But has anyone experienced bad recordings due to weather acting up on any cable providers?

Dallas - Family Business - 8/1/2012

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 07:49
Not a lot to say about this one. They are heading towards lots of stuff going on next week. So is Christopher the father? Loved Bobby's wife going off on JR.

COX 3D Channel 1300

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 05:40
Cox has the olympics in 3d on channel 1300 but tivo wont lock in on it. Sometimes it tries and i can see the pic for a minute or so. Other times no signal at all. Cox says cable card wont get 3d channels, that I need a box from them. Have heard of people with Comcast and TW getting 3d so I know its not completely true but was wondering if it works for anyone else who has cox cable. After all the trouble I had getting Cox to turn the plus package on that they also said I needed one of there boxes for I don't trust what they say.

Setting up recordings online...

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 01:28
How much time do you need in advance if you want to set a show to record online and have the TIVO actually do it? Obviously, programming something 30 minutes before it starts is a bad move but does anyone know what the minimum time you can wait is so that the TIVO actually gets the request and does it?

Bad M-Card?

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 00:23
I have a refurb Premiere I bought from Woot over a year ago. It's been unopened in it's box until a couple of months ago when I hooked it up and started using it unactivated as an OTA tuner. A couple of weeks ago I called to activate it as the second Premeire in my HT setup (and to convince them to give me the $99 lifetime deal on my month to month TiVoHD).

It's been working great but I've only been using it with an antenna. A few days ago I decided to go ahead and get a cable card for it (I have Comcast service and my other Premiere and my HD are both on it already). I powered it down and installed the M-Card but when I powered it up it never would get to the setup screen. I'd get the "We're almost there" screen but it would eventually get to a blank blue screen with nothing but the TiVo guy in the upper left corner. I could hit the TiVo button on the remote and it would cause it to reboot again and eventually end up at the same screen.

I assumed it was an issue with the M-Card and sure enough when I removed the card everything worked fine again. So I went by the Comcast office and told them I had a bad card and they gave me another one. I came home, put it in, and guess what?...same thing, same blue screen with the TiVo guy in the corner. Again, I removed the card and it worked fine.

I chatted with TiVo and they told me it sounded like a hardware issue and to call them to see about getting a replacement Premiere. They were pretty much no help at all.

As a test, would I lose pairing information if I were to try the M-Card from my working Premiere or HD just to see if the unit will get to a setup screeen and verify that my box is good? Could I install the questionable card in one of my working units to see if they boot up to verify that the card is good?

My gut feeling is that I got two bad cards in a row but I want to make sure if possible before I go to Comcast for the third time. I should also mention that this second card I got looks like it's been well used.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Netflix problem

Fri, 08/03/2012 - 22:06
I just purchased a tivo premiere and have not been able to use netflix on it. It loads my oueue but will almost never play any programs. It will show a box saying "unable to load this program at this time please try again later or try another selection". Hulu Plus and youtube work fine on the Tivo. Also my playstation and roku work on netflix on the same network. Tivo support blames Netflix and Netflix blames Tivo and I am left in the middle with no solution and very little help from either one. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried all the steps in the Tivo help section online.

FS: TiVo Series 3 TCD648250B // Lifetime // 1TB HD

Fri, 08/03/2012 - 21:21

I'm selling my Series 3 (TCD648250B). I'm the original owner, and it works perfectly:

* Upgraded to a 1 TB internal HDD -- Samsung 5400 RPM drive
* Lifetime Service
* OLED front panel

It has the original box, and all material than came with the TiVo. HOWEVER, I'm not sure if it came with a HDMI cable, but I seemed to have given my away... so no HDMI cable.

Asking $350. I am in Northern NJ, and would prefer we can meet locally.

Attached Images IMG_0183.JPG (121.4 KB) IMG_0182.JPG (53.9 KB)