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YouTube,Slide Remote, and symbols

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 10:36
Tried using the Tivo Slide Remote to search for youtube videos the other night. Almost all of the punctuation symbols were not working for me. Semicolon is the only one that i recall working. I was needing to use the colon, but it was always inserting a semicolon.

Trying the !, *, #, also gave incorrect results (a number if i recall correctly)

Hell On Wheels - Purged Away With Blood - 9/16/12

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 10:01
Another good episode IMO in a very good season. This was #6 and I think at the end they said "3 more episodes". So there is only 9 or am I (which is likely) confused?

Any talk about future "smart" enhancements to the TiVo app/ Stream.

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 08:53
Would be great to have a season pass for offloading (downloading) shows automatically.

Premier XL4 vs Uverse vs DirecTV

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 02:44
Ok, my Tivo indeed appears to be dying. Now, I have to decide whether to get new hardware that commits me to two years of DirecTV, or go with Uverse or Atlantic Broadband.

I can transfer my lifetime sub to DirecTV, but would get a crippled Tivo based on hardware from 2004. I can get their generic dvr with multi-room support, but the FF,RWD, and Replay are sluggish from what I hear.

I could go with Uverse. I hear they have the best SD pq, so I might not really need HD expect for Game of Thrones. It's not like John Stewart's jokes are any funnier in HD. That means I have a four tuner, multi-room dvr that isn't too bad. Hopefully it has a more responsive UI than DirecTV.

Finally, I don't remember anymore why I hated cable so much when I switched to DirecTV in 1997. Ever since I got my DirecTivo unit in 2000, I've been pretty happy. Now Atlantic Broadband works with (uncrippled) Tivo and has triple play bundles that look attractive, even after adding the cost of a lifetime Tivo or two. The calculus seems to have shifted back to cable.

Yeah, there is a question in there somewhere. I'm a leaving something out? Is Uverse worth trying first?

Premier XL & Netflix. Signin w/remote?

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 22:22
Haven't used Netflix for a while. Wanted to watch something. Went to Netflix. It asked me to sign in using my (non-slide) Tivo remote.
Is this possible? I looked through the manual. Went back and forth several times. Never saw how to enter alpha characters. Did I just miss it?

As I remember, when I set up the service all I had to do was enter an activation code.

Is this what all the complaining is about?

I'm disgusted w/the Tivo program guide. I can get Netflix through my blu-ray.

Wondering if it's time to sell the Tivo, cancel Netflix, downgrade my internet, and buy the Channelmaster or "generic" HD dvr. With Me TV, Retro TV, Antenna TV, and This TV, PBS, and some local independent stations, I always have soemthing to watch.


Sun, 09/16/2012 - 22:00
I just saw a promo for the documentary behind will.i.am's song he wrote that is to be transmitted back from Curiosity. It's on Sci, Wednesday night, 9/19 titled i.am.mars Reach For The Stars.

Is my Tivo dying?

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 18:51
I have had TV reception problems. The signal flickers on and off and I sometimes get the message, "searching for signal..." DirecTV sent a tech out here and he changed the LNB and the multi-switch. That helped a little, but the signal strength shows only 70-80% on satellite 2. The tech then swapped out the cables feeding tuner 1 and tuner 2 on my original DirecTivo box. It still showed the weak signal on satellite 2. The tech told me that means the problem is my tuner. Does that sound right?

Phone line needed?

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 16:35
Sorry if this has been answered before. I am thinking of giving a Tivo Series 3 OLED to my uncle. He will have only a cell phone and no internet service. He will have Charter cable service in SoCal and I would set it up w/ 2 Cable Cards.

Will he need a landline for guide updates or any other reason? I don't imagine that there will be any firmware updates any time soon? I can do a clear and delete before I give it to him. Will I be able to do guided setup w/o a landline?

Music/Photos not showing up on Tivo

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 14:59
I have always had my music folder and photos show up on my tivo, but now they are not there. I did change from DSL to Cable internet, and all 3 of my tivos see each other on the net, I can see all 3 tivos on my laptop, and I can download and upload tivo shows to my laptop (Windows) so I believe everybody is seeing everybody.

When I go into the tivo desktop settings it shows the IP address as something different than what it shows under my settings on my Tivo.
also the IP address on tivo desktop is grayed out so I can't seem to change it even if that is the problem, but I don't think it is, since I am downloading to desktop from all my tivos. FYI 3 Tivo premieres.

I've rebooted everything, tivos, router, usb wireless connections.

Any suggestions?

SNL 9/15/12 Seth MacFarlane

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 14:15
Cold Open - Barack Obama
Monologue - Voices in my head
Commercial - Political ad
Sex After 50
Commercial - Eastwood and Chair
Lids Club, Gungnam Style - Psy cameo
Introduction To Puppetry
Frank Ocean performs
Weekend Update:
- Honey Boo Boo Child and Mama.
- Ryan Lochte.
- Get out the vote
Do I stutter?
Steve Harvey Show
I'm like...
Frank Ocean performs
Wooden Spoon Warehouse

The season opener knocked it out of the park. Seth was a great host. Normally there's a few good skits and a few bad ones. I can't think of a single skit that was bad (some were a little weak, but not bad). You know it's a great episode when the weakest thing is Weekend Update.

A few comments though...

I had just seen the Gungnam Style video for the first time on Friday so I immediately knew what they were going for when Bobby came out. Originally I thought it was a cheesy move to take advantage of the popularity of the video, and it kind of was, but having Psy on it made it more legit. Plus Taran was a dead ringer for the guy in the yellow suit.

Seth was great. Loved his Ryan Lochte.

Download doesn't continue when app is running in the background.

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 13:35
If I start a download and then hit my iPads home button and play in another app, the TiVo download stops. Also it looks like if I turn the iPad off the download doesn't continue.

This doesn't seem right. I would think that downloads should continue in the background.

Is this how it is working for everyone else?

Antenna TV

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 12:03
Do I have to purchase a subscription to access Antenna TV and use the DVR functions with the TIVIO PREMIERE TIVO?



Store all videos on Tivo?

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 10:35
I am just coming back to Tivo after a hiatus. I am purchasing 2 Premieres and wanted to see if any of you have stored your entire video collections on your Tivo's? I have about 1TB of archived DVDs and shows on my home server, but if I put in a 2TB HD in each Tivo, could be stored there instead. I was thinking about not having to run Pytivo or streambaby then. Have any of you tried this? How does it work for browsing your shows? Thanks!

Shark Tank OAD 09/14/2012

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 10:17
I really don't like when the Sharks "collude". To me, it goes against the very premise of the show that the Sharks are supposed to feed on each other when there is a product/idea that is worthy.

I actually loved that coat check idea. I think it would be great for arenas and concerts.

I think it would be better if it was totally automatic so that you wouldn't have to employ anybody to run it.

Guided Setup for FiOS w/o CableCARD in place?

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 08:02
My cableco is currently RCN and my TiVoHD is running with a CableCARD (two S-cards, FWIW).

Tomorrow I am switching to Verizon FiOS for TV and internet.

Should/can I run GuidedSetup to bring in the Verizon lineup even though I won't have the Verizon CableCARD in place? It would be nice to have the lineup all ready so that once the FiOS tech has finished the install and put in the CableCARD I would be good to go, rather than having to spend an hour running Guided Setup before I can record things.

But for some reason I'm under the impression you have to have the new card in place to run GS. Maybe because GS shows you channel previews to help you verify you have the right lineup, and obviously it can't do that w/o a CableCARD in place?

If it can be done, I assume the procedure it to pop out the cards, then run Guided Setup to bring in the new lineup? And at that point the TiVo would obviously be useless for recording, though I could watch anything already recorded?

refusing to implement fire rectification Shiling Leather City 4 shop was closed down

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 04:36
Yesterday, the Guangzhou Huadu District Shiling town of the fire station of law and order brigade, fire squadron, the Paul Smith outlet Paul Smith outlet police station in the area, Shiling (International) Leather City fire safety inspection. Leather city property management has long fires rectification notice issued to the business, but the day there are still many shops and was found to have blocked fire exits, shops live security paul smith sale risks, including four shops on the spot seizure.

Around 16:35 yesterday, the inspectors came to the the leather city a named object treasure factory shops. The reporter saw that the shop doorway lay a gas stove, paul smith sale materials, goods and other debris in front of their shops are everywhere, has Cheap Designer Clothes spread to the store, and people almost nowhere under the foot. Store entrance leading to the second floor of the warehouse are all kinds of hardware goods accounted for half of the exit is completely blocked by shelves. The inspectors immediately to the store to make the temporary seized punishment, Paul Smith for sale because the store did not live in the man's sake, only punishable by a fine of 100-500 yuan, and asked the shopkeeper for rectification www.ipaulsmithsale.com application through the review can be re-opened. But the seals affixed inspectors, the person in charge of the shop has disappeared.

Few steps outside paul smith sale store Huaxing Long iron hardware store situation is more serious: half the shops were huge shelves occupy the middle, leaving only a only enough for one person out of the trail, at the end of the stairs is one filled with goods. When reporters stepping gunny bags on the ladder, and finally climbed the second Paul Smith outlet shop floor and found the above actually amazing little place, separated the two small cheap paul smith rooms, room with two queen beds and a few household items, next to the stairs is placed a row of neatly hanging clothes, can not be calculated exactly how many people live there.

The boss full out, I do not live here, cheap paul smith do not know anything. The woman so Kandian inspectors said. When asked How many people live on the second floor, and whether there rectification notice of receipt of property management, she is utterly ignorant. Finally, the store also is the temporary seizure and will face a fine of more than 5,000 yuan to 50,000 Paul Smith Bags yuan.

We will require a week Paul Smith Bags ago property management 315 businesses to the leather city issued a rectification notice. During the inspections, most merchants have the personnel to move out, but still do not change a small part. Public security deputy brigade commander Zhou Yuanhao frankly, most of the mall stores Paul Smith Scarfs sold to private, compared to just letting management more difficult.

compared to foreign luggage brand

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 04:36
Survival of paul smith sale store the fittest, is a timeless truth. Highlights intense Pijuxiangbao industry to compete in the market, if they do not pay attention to brand strategy, the luggage companies will be out in the future competition. Has over 10 million registered enterprises in mainland China, but the registered trademark, only 2.6 million, of which there are 18% of the foreign brands. Chinese brand is still hard to find the list of the ten most valuable brand in the world in front of the industry in Pijuxiangbao, nowhere.

advertising and many other aspects of system and planning.

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 04:35
The brand image is the wealth of the enterprise. Of establishing not only brand awareness, reputation and loyalty, but also to pay attention to the belief degrees. Customer brand loyalty ultimately depends on their degree of understanding and awareness of the brand connotation. Customer awareness of the brand to accept brand loyalty brand to a belief in the brand, this process not all brands can easily experience a fracture, often Paul Smith for sale loyal brand great brand beliefs is that he is not the loyalists consumer branded products, but also consciously safeguard the brand, to help expand the brand loyal users. The support of these requirements there is a strong corporate brand culture, brand culture is the only way to achieve brand beliefs.

of China's industrial enterprises should be how to

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 04:35
In recent years the development of the domestic luggage is extraordinarily rapid, many companies are determined to make the determination of the brand and take concrete actions to close to brand this paul smith sale goal, but hard to make you look at the bags of the entire domestic industry, distinctive personality unique corporate or product, which makes it difficult for customers to impressed with the product. The domestic luggage Enterprise distinct personality to shape their own distinctive history and traditional culture and history of the nation, from the development of their own business focus, focus the luggage business slogans, trademarks, design, advertising and many other aspects of system and planning.

the Guangzhou Huadu District Shiling town

Sun, 09/16/2012 - 04:34
next to the stairs is placed a row of neatly hanging clothes, can not be calculated exactly how many people live there.

The boss full out, I do not live here, cheap paul smith do not know anything. The woman so Kandian inspectors said. When asked How many people live on the second floor, and whether there rectification notice of receipt of property management, she is utterly ignorant. Finally, the store also is the temporary seizure and will face a fine of more than 5,000 yuan to 50,000 Paul Smith Bags yuan.