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kmttg Delete Task

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 13:37
- Using a Mac (10.8)
- using ver v0p9f and enabled both TivoWebPlus Delete and iPad style.
- Able to download, and transcode fine
- TiVo Premier, with network remote control enabled

I get the following errors with TWP Delete selected;

Quote: TWP Delete: connection failed: .../confirm/del/1223167
java.net.ConnectException: Operation timed out The iPad delete fails as well.

Will wifi transfers between TiVO and PC still work if I stopped TiVo service?

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 13:31
I use the TiVO desktop app to transfer videos from my PC to TiVO. I am planning to stop my cable service. Therefore I don't need the TiVo service anymore but would still like to continue transferring the videos.

If I stop the TiVo service, will the desktop still work? I ask because I wanted to make sure that the desktop doesn't talk with the TiVo box to see if my service is active.. or does some kind of similar check?

Comcast strikes again

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 12:00
Been meaning to share this tale of woe. Back around the end of October, Comcast decided to assign new channel numbers to all HD channels in my area. My friend got a notice in the mail regarding the change and gave me a heads up. I don't recall ever getting notified.

A few weeks later I got another call from my friend stating her HD channels got reassigned but her TiVo Premier box could not tune the new channels. Comcast apparently forgot to mention to TiVo that they were reassigning all HD channels. It took several days before TiVo sent out an updated channel list. To further complicate matters, Comcast made the change to different parts of town over a period of weeks. So my TiVo box got the new channel line up before the channels actually got changed. I figured at least there would be no service interruption.

Once Comcast made the change to my area, my TiVo box had the old and new channel list. I went in and removed all the old channels and restarted the unit. However, SPs were still set to record from the old channels. Gave it a day and another restart but the Season Passes were still set for the old channels. I contacted TiVo support and was told there was no solution and I would have to recreate all SPs (which it turned out was not entirely true). So I recreated most SPs and deleted the old ones but left a few untouched.

I then noticed that any Wishlist searches set to auto-record were also recording from the old channels. However, if I listed upcoming shows it was finding them on the new channels. So I turned off auto-record on all WLs, waited a day, then set them to auto-record again. When I looked at the To Do List, all the WLs were still set to record from the old channels. :(

I contacted TiVo support again. The CSR thought that manually deleting the old channels from the channel list should have resolved the problem but obviously, it did not. He went off to speak to the next-tier support. When he came back he confirmed what I concluded - TiVo would need to send deletions of all the old channels to remedy the issue.

Within a few days I received a line up change notice that all old channels had been removed. Sure enough, the To Do list indicated that the auto-recorded Wishlists would now record from the new channels and the old Season Passes I did not delete magically changed to the new channels.

Merlin: Autoer's Bane OAD 1/4 @ 10pm ET

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 11:28
Just a heads up because my sp didn't pick this episode up. It didn't pick up next week's second part either.

Hulu Plus issues

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 08:02
For the past week the Hulu Plus app has not only been slower than usual but it has given error messages at start up or crashed outright while searching in the app. Has anyone else been experiencing this?

"exact" title searches on the Tivo Premiere

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 07:48
I have a Tivo Premiere XL4, I was looking into tips on name/title searches and they recommend to do an exact search to use the pause button to enclose the name such as "The Americans" for a wishlist search because just setting up a wishlist for Americans would get lots of results and not necessarily the exact show.

Problem is when I use pause on my XL4 it just pauses the video in the small window. I have tried using symbols on my slide remote with no success.

How do you do an exact search on the Tivo Premieres?

Warning: Young Justice / Green Lantern Return Jan 5th

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 06:34
New episodes for these two series start airing on January 5th, 2013.

If you watch, make sure your DVR is picking them up. Mine wasn't going to record them because the original air date was set for October, when the show as pulled from the schedule abruptly.

Big Bang Theory 1.3.13 The Egg Salad Equivalency

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 06:03
So... what are we going to bicker about this week?
Penny's hair was soft and curly and looked fairly clean, she didn't drink at all, and she was dressed nice- there was not a pair of skanky sweat pants or a bare midriff in sight.

Maybe the glasses will trigger some interesting discussion :cool:

Bitten by the CI Byte

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 21:30
Hi, this is a long shot but I moved to a place that sets the CCI byte to max and therefore I cannot transfer shows to PC except over the air. I just thought of this but don't know if it's kosher:

Are there folks around who do not have these restrictions who record and transfer and then figure out a way to send the file (like a zipped file or something)? I know you can't record something and then sell it, but what about sending it? I am not aware of anything against this but as I said this is something I just thought about.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Streaming Problem

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 20:56
I have two Tivo Premiers on my home network. Prior to the most recent service update, I was able to stream shows recorded on one on them to the other, in either direction. Now I am only able to stream from my living room to my bedroom, but not the other way.

By going to Settings & Messages, Help, Multiple Tivo Boxes, Streaming Between Tivo Boxes, Multi-room Advanced Help I can see that under "Multi-Room Content" my living room box "Streams: sends and receives", while my bedroom box says "Streams: no".

How can I reset the bedroom box's ability to stream?

Premiere 4 Tuner Switching

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 20:46
Does anyone know if there are discreet remote codes for each tuner with a Premiere 4? It's really annoying having to cycle through all four tuners every time when you are only watching two programs. At the very least is there a way to up and down with the tuners?

Remote codes for Dell XPS One 27

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 19:18
I just bought a Dell XPS One 27", which lists the Dell RC260 remote as an optional accessory. From my understanding, it is an IR remote, which suggests I should be able to at least control volume on the PC with the TiVo remote, if only I know the right code.

For clarification, the PC is a 27" all-in-one with 2560x1440 resolution, and HDMI-in, which allows it to operate as a slave to my TiVo. For now, I can control the volume with my wireless keyboard while watching TV, but it would be much more convenient to use the TiVo remote.

Anyone have experience with this?

ordering premier, how long does it take?

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 19:03
I ordered a Premier XL 4 because Best Buy did not have them in stock and was not helpful about telling me when they would be in stock. I ordered it from Tivo. How long does it take. It has not even been shipped yet.

Video Redo

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 15:36
I have a tivo program recorded in HD that I transferred to my PC. I tried to convert it to sd and then burn to a DVD. It gets thru the recoding but then when it goes to burn it, the program stops and I get a not responding message.

size of transferred recordings?

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 14:49
about how much space does a hd show take up on a ipad?

I record most of my shows in hd. they're mostly an hr long how big will they be once they're transferred to the ipad?

Metagenerator Can't find Netflix Server

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 14:32
Anyone else using Metagenerator and find that the search fails every time if looking for the Netflix server? It has been this way for at least a few weeks now. It still works serching TheMovieDB but apparently Netflix has moved the server address or something.

Anyone know how to reach the developers about this?

"Reality Show" 2012 (Spoilers)

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 13:59
Have you seen "Reality Show" on SHOWTIME? It's just eight episodes, and it's like a combination of "The Joe Schmo Show" and "Breaking Bad". Lotsa' nudity and moral/ethical dilemmas.

Anybody wanna' talk about it?

Tivo HD to Tivo Premiere 4

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 13:26
So far, so good.

Had the Tivo HD for 4.5 years, it served me well. I didn't necessarily see a huge bonus in updating, but I gave it a shot because there seemed to be some benefits.

The HD menus are nice. I don't find the box overly slow to respond or clunky. It could be snappier, sure, but it's perfectly standard as-is.

Nice having four tuners. Very nice.

I miss the old Youtube and Netflix apps. The new ones ARE slow and difficult to navigate. I also would rather the Netflix app buffer for 4-5 seconds instead of starting right away with horrible quality video and then gradually getting better. It's an annoyance.

The free space indicator is nice, but I always used suggestions for that anyway and so it's not necessarily a new thing, just presented better.

Oddly enough, closed captioning seems to work a lot better on the Premiere -- it is synced better and is better formatted. I do use that occasionally, so it's a nice bonus.

I was not able to get the season passes moved over via tivo.com which I thought I should be able to, but perhaps that a Premiere-only feature.

Having to buy a Tivo Stream to wirelessly beam shows to my devices is a non-starter. Why would I pay $150 just for that?

Overall, a nice box. Hopefully the software updates continue to refine the box and improve some of the irks.

Cannot see multi-room content

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 11:26
My two TiVo Premieres will "see" each other on my wireless network, showing each other's names in their My Shows lists -- BUT, they will not show the content of each other's My Shows lists.

Selecting the "other" TiVo under My Shows, in each case, results in the following message: "The [other] DVR's My Shows could not be displayed because of a network problem. Press LEFT to return to the My Shows list."

My TiVo Desktop will show the content of each, and all other aspects of the network work fine. Successful streams from YouTube indicate Internet connectivity.

No combination of network component re-boots or service reconnects has helped, all performed under the guidance of a support technician, by phone.

Since there was a software upgrade, recently (I cannot remember the exact date), I am beginning to think that there is a problem with the new version.

Anyone else experiencing this sort of issue?

Selling my TiVo.

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 09:44
I have an original unmodified working TiVo which has given years of good service, for sale. There are nine currently on eBay so I have no idea of what to price it it. Can anybody on here help me out?