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Extended TiVo HD to lifetime service - can I sell it before it renews?

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 16:38
Hello all,

I called TiVo to cancel service on a 160GB TiVo HD that I have not been using these past few months. TiVo offered to extend it to lifetime service for $99 and said it would automatically switch over to lifetime when the current annual service expired in October. I accepted their offer and see the $99 transaction showing that TiVo charged me the $99 for lifetime on that unit.

Do I have to wait for October when the service rolls over to sell it? I would like to sell it right away.

I have the original box, manual, cables, etc, all in like new condition, what is a fair price for a 160GB TiVo HD with lifetime?

Decision time: replace hard drive or upgrade?

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 16:35
Well, it finally happened: the series 2 single tuner's hard drive gave out. The series 2 we bought in 2003 (monthly service on it), replaced the hard drive with a larger one back in 2004 or 2005 and put a replacement power supply about two years ago. We have it hooked up to a cable box in a guest room where it doesn't get much use; it is connected to to a 32-inch HDTV.

So now, decision time: Replace the hard drive again or is time to give up and move on to a Premiere? I hate to give up on a piece of technology that still (mostly) works fine (a habit I picked up from my parents). I had the thought of replacing the Series 2 with the Series 3 from my bedroom, and thus placing an Elite/XL4 in my bedroom.

Replacing the hard drive is a bit more work, but if I get rid of the Series 2, I can send one of the cable boxes back to the cable company. I honestly don't know which way to proceed. Any other pros/cons that I'm missing here?

Grande Cable Premier vs retail Premier

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 15:46
I would like to do a comparison between the Premier TiVo I received from Grande and a retail box. I have seen some things that suggest there may be some moderately significant differences between the two. I certainly hope so, because this unit is considerably more pathetic than what I had surmised the stock Premiers are.

First of all, the Title Search, one of the very most powerful and important features of the previous platforms, is a piece of crap on this TiVo. There are no filters, and the list is limited to 8 or 10 or so entries. This is utterly useless. The legacy TiVo platforms all offered extensive filters in a 2 or 3 stage progression. Are all Premiers this badly crippled?

Secondly, although the unit does sport much, much faster networking, speed doesn't help if it doesn't work in the first place. I'm using kmttg to transfer material from the TiVos to the video server. This was working on all the TiVos for a while, but then about a week ago, the Premier quit transferring videos via TTG. I called TiVo support, and they have no suggestions. Any attempt to transfer via TTG results in the TiVo returning the following error:

Code: Server Busy
too many transfers in progress There are no transfers in progress. Rebooting does not help. Transfers to the TiVo work just fine.

Powering off??

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 13:24
Hello all......Just getting to know my new Tivo, and so far I am very pleased. I have one question. I am comming from a Verizon Motorola DVR and when I finish watching TV I would shut off the TV and press the "off button" on the DVR remote to put the DVR in a screen saver mode. Is there any similar "screen saver " mode on the Tivo, or do I just leave the Tivo on the currant TV station and just shut the TV? I notice the green light is always on in the front.....Is this normal?.........Thanks for any Info!

Famous Scientologists

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 11:13
Some of these are news to me, such as Elizabeth (Peggy Olson) Moss of Mad Men. But then I don't read Star or People, so maybe I'm just behind on the news.


Linux based Home Media applications

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 00:37
I decided to start this thread because while there are not a huge number of people running applications such as Galleon, pyTivo, or HME for Python under Linux, there are still some of us, and perhaps a few lurking in the bushes who would consider dipping their toe into building a Linux server because of the speed, simplicity, expanded feature set, and stability of a Linux server. Others, perhaps may be thinking of hacking their Linux-based NAS boxes so they can run one of the aforementioned apps.

Basically, anything related to Linux and a networked TiVo is open for discussion, here. Anything related to specific features of one of the popular HMO or HME applications is probably better suited to one of the application specific threads elsewhere in the forum, but if your need is to write a script for handling downloaded videos or for starting pyTivo automatically at boot time, running an application under wine, or even getting a greenfield Linux installation set up for use with a TiVo, this is the place to be.

There are several members of this forum who have extensive experience with *nix based systems, and I invite them to participate. I am sure they will be happy to offer assistance to TiVo owners with limited (or no) Linux experience. While I am no Linux expert, I do have some experience with the OS and with interfacing it to TiVo DVRs, and I will be happy to offer my own help as far as I am able.

So, anyone who is interseted or needs help with any aspect of Linux and TiVo ,speak up!

No guide info on mt antenna setup

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 00:36
Im trying to drop my directtv and go to just antenna. I live in a very rural area in northern Nevada and when I scan my channels I end up with about 10 or so unique ones but only 1 shows any guide information. If I get the channel why can't I get a guide to match? I've tried changing my zip code to one closer to salt lake but it just get worse.

Boot bug with latest update

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 00:22
My series 3 rebooted, started playing the THX animation and promptly died. If I click the Tivo button right at the beginning of the THX animation it will bring me to the Tivo menu for a few seconds but then it will reboot. Reading some other threads, it seems like the latest SW update has wreaked havoc. Are there any known fixes for this problem? Any recommended kickstarter codes?

The unit has had a new HDD & repaired PSU for 3 months now with zero problems. All SMART tests pass.

My Series HD is having the exact same issue and it started at exactly the same time (dies a few seconds into the dancing Tivo movie). It has no modifications.

I rebooted both because Netflix streaming was flaky (most programs refused to stream).

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!


Premiere service transfer is now possible

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 20:39
I called tivo a few months ago & got nowhere trying to transfer an Elite (xl4) into a $6.95 service plan. I figured if I offered to buy it from them maybe they'd let me do the transfer.

I came across a deal on the Elite for $330. I decided to get lifetime & try for the $99 lifetime offer on my S3 (that had the $6.95 service plan). When i called I was offered a deal,
if I bought the unit for $499 from Tivo they'd allow me to transfer it into the $6.95/month plan.
After doing the math, i declined & bought lifetime for $399 and the $99 LT for the S3.

Tivo for tablets not working or listed?

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 19:15
Got AOKP Rom installed so far everything works awesome. But when I goto the market to download Tivo for Tablets, not the regular Tivo app but the one for Tablets its not listed in the market. If I use my nephews TF101 its their but not with my TF300. When I goto Tivo's site it says that it will work with my TF300. Is their something in the AOKP rom that prevents it from working?

Can I use (1) 2TB Partitioned into (2) 1TB sections?

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 17:08
I've upgraded several TiVo HDs by using an internal 1TB drive and an external 1TB drive. I'm pretty sure the answer is "No, stupid!", but I have to ask.

Is it possible to just use ONE 2TB drive and partition it in half -- then do the upgrade and get the 2TB space with just one drive? In effect, tricking the TiVo HD into thinking it's using two 1TB drives. I would disable (take out) the external SATA connector so that no one would try to add another drive.

That's not gonna work, is it?

So, if that doesn't work, what about installing the second 1TB drive INSIDE the TiVo HD. I'm sure I could make it fit and (again) I would disable the external connector. Any thoughts on that idea? I just want to have a maxed out HD without a cumbersome external drive to mess with.



Refurb Tivo Drive upgrade - wait or asap?

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 14:44
I bought a 2nd Premier (with lifetime) during the current Fast-Forward sale and eventually I want to upgrade the drive but I have several questions.

Should I upgrade the drive as soon as I receive the unit or confirm the refurb works for about 30 days and/or wait until the warranty expires. Not sure how reliable the refurbs are.

Also, I've read a lot of pros/cons between the WD EURS, EARX and other drives. What appears to be the most reliable for TP right now?

Thank you in advance for the support/feedback.

tivo 2 tv's

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 12:21
Hi hope im posting in the write part , i have seen some posts about my topic but im still not clear on how to do it , i had my tivo box fitted yesterday in my lounge but i would like to extend it so i can watch it in my bedroom aswell when i looked on the back there is only one rf and that has the aerial going in so how can i do it?


Advanced format drive for a S2 DirecTiVo?

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 09:47
Has anyone successfully used one of the Western Digital AV-GP advanced format drives in a Series 2 DirecTiVo? I'm going to attempt to revive a Hughes HDRV2, and I can get a WD10EURX to use with my Rosewill RC-A-SATA-IDE SATA/IDE adapter for about $100. Is this an exercise in futility, and if so, what currently available drive is among the recommended for a Series 2 with LB48-aware 6.4a software?

Breaking Bad Season 5 Preview (Spoilers)

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 07:30
AMC has a GREAT preview of Season 5....spoliers only for those who have NOT watched previous seasons. No spoilers for S5...

This includes brief interview clips with Walt, Walt Jr., Skyler, Jesse, Hank, and Marie....good stuff.

Upgrade Premiere to XL4 on T-W Cable

Fri, 07/06/2012 - 17:45
I currently have a basic Premiere with $12.99 monthly service and a cable card from Time-Warner that they needed to roll a truck to install. I've ordered an XL4 from Electronics Expo ($314) to replace it since I need more tuners and don't want multiple boxes.

Are they going to need to roll a truck again to move the cable card from one box to the other?, and will Tivo honor my $12.99 rate or will they try and bump me to something higher?

I guess there isn't much of a market for a used Premiere without lifetime service, I'll keep that in the garage as a spare.

TiVo Series 3 TCD648250B w/ Lifetime & 1TB HDD

Fri, 07/06/2012 - 17:33
I'm offering this unit here before I go to eBay. I am the original owner and this unit works perfectly. It was upgraded to a Western Digital AV-GP WD10EVDS HDD in 2010. Unit will come in it's original box with all original accessories.

$375 shipped.

Tivo two tv's

Fri, 07/06/2012 - 17:29
Hi hope im posting in the write part , i have seen some posts about my topic but im still not clear on how to do it , i had my tivo box fitted yesterday in my lounge but i would like to extend it so i can watch it in my bedroom aswell when i looked on the back there is only one rf and that has the aerial going in so how can i do it?


Attempting to recover my WD1600AVBS hard drive

Fri, 07/06/2012 - 17:20
We lost our TCD652160 the other night and I tracked it down to the hard drive no longer spinning. The power supply is fine though (I hooked up another SATA drive from some spare parts and it spun right up). Upon further investigation of the WD1600AVBS drive I found that the printed circuit board appears to have slightly melted the foam backing right at the "D1" chip on the board. My hunch therefore is that the issue is not the spindle, but the PCB.

Here's my question. Does anyone know whether the PCB on one of these drives can be swapped? If, say, I purchase a used TCD652160 with the exact same stock drive, can use that PCB to help bring my existing drive back to life?

Thanks for any advice.

FIVB World League volleyball

Fri, 07/06/2012 - 15:17
For those of you into volleyball, take note that although the World League matches being shown right now have 2010 date info, they are in fact 2012 World League matches.