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DirecTV Receiver with TiVo

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 19:23
The new DirecTV Receiver with TiVo does it have OTA input with it?

R10 reboot

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 19:15
Seems like when I do the 30sec pass and clock it reboots?

Tivo is very disappointing.

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 19:11
I have been a Tivo user for 12 years and one of my HD tivo boxes has a bad HD (3 yrs old) so I was talking to tech support and they said I should talk to sales and see if they could do anything to get me a discount on a new box. After talking to the sales guy for a bit, I told him I would be willing to upgrade both my current HD boxes to Premiere boxes and pay the new (more expensive monthly rates) if he could do something to discount the price of the boxes. He said ... "They had a deal yesterday and it expired." Telling me that was kinda dumb since it's not going to help my current problem ... he agreed and put me on hold to talk to a supervisor. The offer was if I bought 2 XL boxes at the 800 bucks price they would throw in the MoCa just for me. I find this to be crazy. He knows I am a long time customer and this is what he came back with? I was trying to save a little money not lay out 800 bucks for hardware.

I have always loved Tivo and thought i would pay more for the TIVO DVR instead of going to the cable DVR because they tried be customer focused. As a 12 year subscriber, I have given then tons of free word of mouth advertising, but when I need a little something from them ... I get a big upsell.

Cable DVR ... can't be all that bad.

h10 and hr10-250

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 19:01
Is the image the same

No HBO on Demand

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 17:56
I now have a series 3 Tivo HD with cable card. I just got rid of the cable box.
I can no longer get HBO, Encore, Stars or any other ON-Demand content. My cable company says it has to do with Tivo and it's own On-Demand services. That makes no sense since Tivo doesn't offer HBO, Encore, and Stars. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this with Tivo or a work around? Thanks for any and all replies.

Once Upon a Time - S2E08 - "Into the Deep" - OAD 11/25/2012

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 17:14
Some good info but a whole lot of baloney.

Hook can do the heart trick too? I don't know where he gets his magic to do it... but ok. Cora must be a REALLY good teacher.

When you're going to the red room, why not wear a flame suit? And don't give me a line about "things don't go with you"... the amulet did.

So the post-sleeping-curse room is right under the current-sleeping-curse room. I wonder how long the writers agonized over that decision before giving up and taking the easy way. :)

So, we now know don't believe anything Cora or Hook tells you. Ever.

I really am laughing at next week's episode title: Spoiler: Queen of Hearts. Gosh... I wonder who THAT could be? :)

If you didn't watch the coming attractions, they explained that next week's episode is the "Winter Finale". The mid-season premiere is in mid-January.

Guided setup without cable connection

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 15:41
I have two new TiVos coming on Thursday but the cable installer won't be here until Monday. Can I still run guided setup if I don't actually have cable coming in to the box?

Seems like a hard drive issue, but...

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 14:35
MY Series 3 HD TCD648250B is stuck on "welcome, powering up...". I had a WD 300GB drive here that is known to work. I downloaded WINMFS and ran a copy . It took about an hour and said successful, but when I put in the 300GB, it's the same thing. Welcome, powering up... and after a few minutes, reboot.

I took my Fluke to the main power supply connector and got the following voltages while on:
Orange 3.07vdc
Gray 7.64vdc
Red 5.08vdc
Yellow 12.43vdc

Seems ok doesn't it? Could my hard drive be messed up to a point where making a copy isn't good enough? How do I make a new drive from scratch? Saving my old shows isn't hat big a deal, but I wasn't to watch TV tonight!

How I Met Your Mother 8x08 - OAD 11/26/12 - 12 Horny Women

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 10:43
2 Words - Mister. Belding.

Best episode in the last 3 or 4, really. But that's not saying a whole lot.

I wondered why Marshall was telling a story to all the people who called off work to be in court with him. Day drinking? Probably separate days of the trial.

So Marshall becomes a judge (likely) - hey, look, character development. Novel.

Lily the only badass of the group, but who cares?

Robin and Barney -- get there already. Seriously.

Slingbox 500 & Tivo

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 07:58
Thinking about purchasing the new slingbox 500 and have it connected to my series 3hd.

Could someone explain to me how the connection is made? I know I don't have to connect it to my router but how does it connect to my tiro?

Thank you for your help, you people always come through....


Cable ONE selects TiVo

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 07:23
Another cable company to use TiVo.


30-second scan bug (Premiere XL4)

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 07:05
I have had a Premiere XL4 for about a month. I'm used to the 30-second skip function on the Series 3, so the difference between "skip" and "scan" took some getting used to.

I've noticed that sometimes when I hit the 30-second can button a few times, the show will actually jump all the way to the end. I think it happens when it's scanning ahead and I hit one of the 15-minute marks. The behavior of the skip ahead button then changes from 30-second skip to 15-minute skip. (normally used when fast-forwarding through a show)

I think the solution is to more slowly advance through commercials instead of just punching the button a bunch of times. But it really seems like a bug.

Tivo Series 3 HD with 1 TB WD DVR Expander

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 02:57
Works perfectly. No Lifetime sub. Excellent condition. I bought a Ceton card and just not using my Tivo anymore.

TiVo Series 3 Cable Card Reoccuring Problem

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 23:33
Sorry for the long post, I want to give all the details to be clear on what's happening.

I have a Series 3 TiVo using two M-Cards from Comcast.

Several weeks ago there was a problem where I could no longer access Netflix. I've had this problem / error before with different TiVo HD in my house. I checked my network switches and router and rebooted them, just in case but found nothing wrong. When I had this problem with the TiVo HD I ended up rebooting the TiVo and that solved the Netflix problem.

After checking my network, I rebooted the S3 TiVo. When the S3 booted up it presented an error regarding the cable cards, I think the error was 161-4. It said to contact my cable provider to resolve the issue. Once that message was displayed I couldn't really do anything with the TiVo. Clicking buttons on the remote would change screens on the TiVo but after a few seconds the error would reappear on the screen, locking me out.

My wife called Comcast the next day and they tried to reset the cable cards with a "hit" or whatever it is that they do. They couldn't resolve the issue and scheduled a truck / technician to come out and resolve the issue. Comcast replaced one of the two cable cards in the TiVo (the card in the top slot, slot 2). That resolved the issue for about two weeks, although during that time I noticed tiny audio dropouts on my local ABC affiliate HD channel in both recorded programming and live TV.

After a couple weeks Netflix stopped working so I rebooted the TiVo S3 again. Again I had the same error message when the TiVo booted back up. This time I tried power cycling the TiVo. The power cycle put the S3 into a reboot loop where it would never start up properly. After fooling with that for a while I pulled the plug on the TiVo and went to bed.

The next day I found a thread here that described a problem where the TiVo would get stuck in a reboot loop when the user had a cable card installed. This person said that they could remove the cable cards and the TiVo would boot but of course they couldn't watch or record TV without the cable cards.

I decided to remove one of the cable cards, the newer one that Comcast had installed a couple weeks earlier and booted the TiVo. The TiVo booted normally. When it came up it told me there had been a change in the number of cable cards and then it warned me that I wouldn't be able to record / watch two things at once without two cable cards. I proceeded on and it worked fine but could only record one show at a time.

Later I tried moving the cable cards around in the slots so the newer card was in the bottom slot and the older card was in the top slot. This caused the TiVo to reboot and get stuck in the reboot loop again. Long story, a little bit shorter, I tried every combination of cards in the different slots and the TiVo would always work fine with one card inserted but would always get stuck in a reboot loop with more than one card inserted.

After that I contacted TiVo tech support. The rep on the phone told me that the problem was that I was using two M-Cards and that the S3 only needed one. I spent some time trying to convince him that I did need two cards in the S3 and eventually he checked with his supervisor and acknowledged that I was correct. Then he suggested I contact Comcast again and have them bring two new cable cards. That sounded reasonable so I called Comcast.

Comcast came out an hour and 1/2 late and I had to convince them that installing a cable box was not what I needed they installed two different cable cards. The TiVo worked normally again except for the audio dropouts on ABC HD, That was until today. When I came home at lunch time, I found the S3 rebooting over and over again. I ejected the top cable card and the TiVo booted normally.

So I was convinced that Comcast cable cards were the problem and not my beloved TiVo but now I don't know. Do I need to ask Comcast to come out again for a third round of cable cards? The S3 worked fine for years and now this issue keeps reoccurring. Could there be a problem with the top cable card slot on the TiVo?

My TiVo HD with a single M-Card continues to work fine, except for the occasional need to reboot it when Netflix stops working, which is rare.

HDMI Switch issue with Premiere

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 22:40
Hi all, I recently bought a 3 port HDMI switch so I can connect my Premiere, Xbox and a PC up to my TV. The switch worked fine at first (or so I thought). It has a remote so I can switch between the devices easily, however, I noticed that when I turn the Xbox off, the switch cycles through the 3 ports to find a signal even though the Tivo is running and playing a show. I tried unplugging the Xbox so only the Tivo was connected, and the switch basically does not see the Tivo, until I turn the Xbox back on. Then I can switch back to the Tivo to watch my shows.
The switch says that it supports full 1080p HDMI 1.3b, 3D, 2.5GB/s, HD-DVD, SKY-STB, blah, blah, blah. My only thought is that the Tivo is not putting out enough juice and I need a separate power supply (not included) for this to work properly. I was hoping that there might be a setting I can change on the Tivo itself to get this to work properly.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts (other than "get a new switch dude") ;)

My Tivo doesn't like my TV lol

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 22:37
Series 2 DT, for almost a year the tivo in the bedroom would make the tv hum loudly when you turned it up past half way, nothing else hooked to it would. This weekend I finally got tired of it (pain makes me cranky and want to fix things) and I started experimenting around and figured out it was a ground loop issue inputting into the rca audio jacks from the Tivo because Tivo in all its wisdom decided that running a ground wire to the wall was just too much hard work.

So now my S2 has a three prong power cord from the junk box and no more humming.

Revolution - "Nobody's Fault But Mine" - OAD: 11/26/12

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 22:23
Pretty good fall finale. At least we got everybody back together, and we found out that Rachel was apparently not lying about the amplifier.

Whoever was flying that helicopter at the end sure had pretty good reflexes for someone who hadn't flown one in 15 years. And, was it my imagination, or did Monroe look a little surprised to see the helicopter flying??


Comcast won't send CableCard for Self-Install

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 21:21
Has anyone else had trouble getting a CableCard mailed from Comcast? I'm in Sonoma County (SF Bay Area) and was just told I have no choice but to go to a service center to pick one up.

The Chat Rep said: "The only items available here on my end are the cable boxes and that's it."

So I just filed a complaint with FCC (and sent them the chat log). If the same thing has happened to you anywhere in the country, feel free to email fccinfo@fcc.gov and reference my complaint 12-C00443172.

Most channels in guide say To Be Announced

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 20:12
On 2 of my Tivos (a Premiere and a Tivo HD), most of the channels say To Be Announced. The network connection is fine and I ran a forced call but it did not help. I am trying a re-guided setup so maybe that will help. It's been like this for a few days and of course, the Tivo is not recording the season pass shows.

My S2 Tivo does not have this problem (no cable-card nor cable box).

I don't see anyone else complaining about this issue. I am in S. Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale) on Comcast.

Gary Davis