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Revolution preempted for Sandy news

Tue, 10/30/2012 - 08:34
When I went to watch the recent Revolution episode I had the Baltimore local news for the hour. Does anyone know when this episode will air on the East Coast?

Two unlocked AT&T iphones available soon

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 22:24
We're switching to Verizon so will have two phones available: a 32gb black 4 (already unlocked) and a 64gb black 4S (will be unlocked when I pay my EFT).

I'm planning on trading in to Amazon unless someone wants to make me an offer via PM.

MOCA Problems

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 21:26
I have two Actiontec units that I use for my Premiere. Worked perfectly for a few months. Now, for the third time, it has lost contact. The power and ethernet lights are lit but not the coax light and naturally I get the warning on the TiVo that it has no internet connection.

I've tried the usual, rebooting everything, hitting the reset buttons on the Actiontecs, all to no avail.

The thing is, it will come back to life over night without any action on my part.

It wouldn't bother me too much, but I use my iPad and iPhone to do a lot scheduling and managing and when it's down, no connectivity from them.

Once Upon a Time - S2E05 - "The Doctor"

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 19:01
I really enjoyed season 1, and season 2 has been kind of weak for me.

so much going on, lots of characters that i enjoy writers them tying in, but it feels like it could be kind of thin right now with so many characters. Is that the end of Dr. frankenstein and his monster? Interesting concept, but what about the stuff introduced in the first season? is pinnochio still laying in bed?

i was maybe hoping for more monster rampage or angry mob or something.

what did you all think?

World Without End on the Reelz Network

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 17:30
I have been watching World Without End, but I am confused. The people who regularly post here usually have the correct answers about these kind of questions.

In the "Making of..." show, they said it was an eight hour miniseries. On the IMDB, there are eight episodes listed. Reelz has been showing episodes that are two hours long each, so there will be either four episodes total, OR the "Making of..." show was in error and it's an eight episode show, sixteen hours total. The episode names that Reelz has listed are not those that IMDB has listed.

I'm a bit confused. Does anyone have the real information on this?


Top Chef contestants: Where are they now

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 17:16
I came across this and thought it was pretty interesting:


Premiere and Time Warner Cable

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 16:59
I just ordered my second Tivo Premiere directly from Tivo to install here in Murrells Inlet SC where we have Time Warner Cable. The first unit was installed effortlessly in Florida where we have Comcast Xfinity.

I visited the Time Warner customer center here this morning and I did not come away with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the upcoming install. I was told I have to call a phone number (which was given to me), order the M card and pick it up and the office. I was also told that the phone call will tell me if I need a tuner adaptor.

Anyone have a Tivo that they installed (themself) with Time Warner in SC? I want to know as much as I can find out as to what to expect......

CBS prime time 10/29/12. (Sandy related)

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 15:49
CBS to air repeats from 8-10 with Sandy coverage at 10. Guide data may not be updated in time so you may want to set those SPs to FR&RwDUP....

"Program change tonight: CBS to broadcast repeats of regular series 8-10; CBS News to broadcast prime time special on hurricane sandy at 10."

10/29 CBS & CW lineups preempted

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 15:48
Reruns (and storm coverage on CBS @ 10) will air instead.

Amazing Race - OAD 10/28/2012

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 15:21
If I hear "C'mon Twinnie" one more time... :eek:

For the first time watching this show, I think this week (and last) marks the first time that I HAVEN'T wanted to visit the country featured!

Xfinity OnDemand on TiVo Premiere 4

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 14:24
I'm at wits end and I'm about ready to cancel service. Has anyone had success with Xfinity OnDemand with a Premiere 4? I bought a new Premiere 4 12 days ago. Got the cable card from Comcast, hooked it all up. I love the TiVo interface, capacity, 4-channels, etc. But the Xfinity has NEVER worked. I've now spent 12 days on the phone with Comcast tech support and TiVo tech support. Both support groups say everything is good on their side so it must be the other side's problem.

I can access the Xfinity menu. I can browse through the shows/movies. I can select a show and it will start. But EVERY time, it freezes at 6 seconds. The time bar keeps on rolling along, but the picture stays frozen.

I've switched out the cable card. I've re-paired them multiple times. Comcast sent the "signal" multiple times. Comcast opened a network ticket with engineering. Then Comcast told me the Premiere 4 isn't compatible with Xfinity (of course TiVo says BS). Comcast has reset new "rate codes" whatever those are. All of this and still no luck on Xfinity.

I'm fed up. I'm within my 30 day money back window. I'm on the verge of cancelling TiVo and Comcast and switching to DirecTV and the new Genie system.

Has anyone else fought this TiVo/Comcast battle? Did you get success? What was the secret?

Watching a season week by week or all at once

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 14:21
For the last couple of years I have generally waited until a serialized season for a show has finished and then watched the whole thing of the course of a couple of weeks. Last week someone talked on a podcast about how watching week to week improves a show.

The only really serialized show I currently watch week to week is Walking Dead. Stuff like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Homeland, I wait until it's all done.

In my opinion, watching back to back can make complex shows easier to follow and also seems to make shows with flaws better for some reason (hard to put my finger on that). However I do like the "event" TV of watching the show Sunday then reading reviews and comments etc.

What do you guys think ?

Single Cam v Multi Cam Shows

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 14:17
I was just reading that Up All Night is switching to multi cam format


I don't know whether I really understand the difference. Can it be explained in an easy way (beyond use of more than one cam :)) How does it change the show.

Misfits Season 4

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 13:10
FYI: Misfits Season 4 has started airing on E4 across the pond.

Must be retrieved by magical means though, don't know if it will air on any channel here in the US.

Getting ep1 now, haven't watched yet so no consensus if it's better or worse than last season.
Rules say we can't discuss the episodes here anyway.


Changes in the TiVo Premiere 20.2.2 update

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 13:07
Hi Community,

This morning we began rolling out the 20.2.2 update for TiVo Premiere (including XL, 4, XL4, and Elite). Many boxes will be authorized for the update today, with more added each day from the priority list. (http://tivo.com/priority).

Note: Only boxes purchased directly from TiVo or through a retailer will be updated at this time. TiVo Premiere boxes provided by a cable company will be updated at a later date.

(To all our customers on the East Coast - stay safe and dry. May you be cozy at home with power and your TiVo!)

Here is a list of changes:

Season Pass Manager
The Season Pass Manager screen is now in HD.
* Season Passes that don’t have any episodes scheduled to record appear in gray
* Season Passes that have episodes that won't record due to conflicts display "(conflicts)" in the list
* When a Season Pass is highlighted, information on the right side of the screen tells you:
- If there are conflicts that will prevent some episodes from recording
- How many episodes will and won’t record
- The current Season Pass settings (New only, Keep at Most, Keep Until, and Start & Stop time)
* Season Passes can be re-ordered by entering numbers using the buttons on the remote control
* When you re-order your Season Pass list, it will automatically update to show if there are any conflicts
* SELECT on a Season Pass in the list will take you to a new Season Pass screen that lets you modify recording options and see "Upcoming" and "Conflicts" lists

To Do List
The HD To Do List has four different views (which can be seen by pressing the red C button on the remote)
* “will record & conflicts” – includes all shows that will record in the next two weeks AND any shows that won’t record because all of the tuners are busy recording other shows at that time (indicated by a red X)
* “conflicts” - all shows that can’t be recorded because all of the tuners are busy at that time
* “will record” – only includes shows that will record
* “all” – all individual recordings, WishList matches, and Season Pass shows; including those that won’t record because they are duplicates, not new, or have reached your keep at most setting

There are three different views of the History screen (which can be seen by pressing the red C button on the remote)
* “all” – all shows that weren’t recorded or were deleted
* “conflicts” – only shows that weren’t recorded because all of the tuners were busy at that time
* “deleted” – only shows that were deleted from the DVR
Reason that a show appears in History include:
- "Deleted" (which may appear as "Can Recover" if it is still in the Recently Deleted folder)
- "Canceled" - user canceled the Season Pass or WishList
- "Duplicate" - it has already been recorded
- "Not New" - the Season Pass was set to only record new episodes
- "Limit Reached" - Keep at most limit has been reached, so the oldest episode was deleted
- "Conflict" - couldn't record because all of the tuners were busy

My Shows for Multi-Room Streaming
The "Remote" My Shows screen is now in HD if you are looking at another TiVo Premiere on your home network.
- Press PLAY on a show in the list to immediately start streaming
- Modify the recording options on the remote DVR from the episode screen
- Set up new recordings on the remote DVR using "Explore this show" from the episode screen.

KidZone removed
The "KidZone" feature of SD Menus has been removed. It had very low usage (since it only worked in SD Menus) and it was going to be a lot of work to make it compatible with the database technology change we made in this release. We recommend using Parental Controls instead. They work in both SD and HD Menus.

Other changes
* Grid Guide
- Press LEFT to highlight the channel cell, and then press SELECT for options like "Add to favorites" and "Remove from Channel List"
- Press LEFT from the channel cell to go back in time. The channel cells will move to the right to indicate you are looking at shows that have already aired.

* Mini Guide
- pressing SELECT to bring up the Mini Guide now only works in Live TV (disabled in Recordings)

* Discovery Bar
- Press RECORD on an item to instantly set up a Season Pass
- Press PLAY on an "In My Shows" item to immediately start playing
- THUMBS UP and THUMBS DOWN can be used to rate shows in the Discovery Bar
- The Discovery Bar no longer dims when you transition to another screen. Instead it waits for a period of time to pass before requesting an update.

* Settings
- "Name this DVR" in Settings > Remote, CableCARD, & Devices (yes, "Man Cave" and "Princess Suite" are a couple of the choices. You can still type in a custom name.)
- "Allow Live TV on Other Devices" is to support TiVo Mini

* Other HD screens
- "Set Up a Manual Recording" is now in HD
- "Help" has been updated and is now in HD

* New Games available in "Showcases & Apps"
- Kaboom - find and destroy enemy mines
- Rockswap - line up rocks of the same type
- Quizzmaster - see who has the best general knowledge

* Plus
- The "Categories" item was removed from the bottom of the list on the left side in "Browse TV & Movies"
- A new "One Moment" screen appears when launching an App (previously you saw a black screen)
- "Browse by Time" has been renamed "Find by Time" (in 'Manage Recordings & Downloads')
- "Browse by Channel" has been renamed "Find by Channel" (in 'Manage Recordings & Downloads')
- Stability and performance improvements

We hope you enjoy the latest installment in our series of TiVo Premiere updates. If you have feedback about your TiVo experience please email me at margret@tivo.com.

anyone else having Hulu Plus issues?

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 11:40
For about 2 weeks now, I can't seem to get Hulu Plus to work properly on my Premiere. I can get to the menu, but after I select any show, it stalls and then comes back with an error telling me to try later. Its been 2-3 weeks of the same error.

Hulu Plus works fine on other devices in my home including Panasonic Plasma, Sony HDTV and Panasonic blue ray player.

I rebooted Premiere several times too. Anybody else experiencing this problem?

South Park - "A Nightmare on Facetime"

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 10:58
I thought this was one of the best SP I've ever seen. "Sharon we're rich! I bought BlockBuster!"

Top Chef: Seattle (Season 10-11/7/12)

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 10:08
Season 10 of Top Chef (Titled Top Chef: Seattle) premieres on Nov 7, 2012.

I don't know what's going on in Tivo-land, or if it is a Tribune Media thing, or if it's just a Charter Cable thing here, but this one is screwy too.

You can see the 11/7 episode and I was finally even able to set a new Season Pass, but when you look at 'upcoming episodes', S10 E01 is not listed. For that reason, I set it manually to record and, hopefully, the whole thing will straighten out in the upcoming weeks.

So, it's another Twilight Zone thing like Next Iron Chef: Redemption. Maybe they don't like colons or something. :D

Knology - CableCARD Self-install allowed?

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 09:25
I took the plunge on Friday and ordered a new TiVo Premiere XL that's due to arrive tomorrow. What I'm wondering is whether anyone knows if Knology in Montgomery, AL, is by chance offering self-installs these days on CableCARDs.

When I bought my TiVo HD back in October of 2007, two installers came out and had no real clue what they were doing. One person came out when one of the single-stream cards failed a couple years back and I requested a multi-stream as a replacement, and he too seemed less than knowledgeable. So I'm wondering if I'm able to go pick one up and do the install myself and merely call for activation.

Anyone know?

Storm of the Century

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 05:20
Just out of curiosity: Are the TiVo servers located in the path of Sandy the Superstorm?