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Gift of Revenge 11/11/12

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 23:49
I swear this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

And or judging by threads, is no one else watching Revenge this season?

Dexter S07E07 "Chemistry" 2012-Nov-11

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 23:12
How could Deb (or anyone else involved) think that having two uniforms trailing Isaak is going to be enough to stop him from killing again? This is the guy who single-handedly (or maybe he used both hands) killed three (or four?) tough guys at a bar.

And Dexter is sure taking the Isaak threat calmly. Maybe he does not do afraid, but basic lizard brain thinking should tell him that he is running a high risk of being killed by Isaak.

How did Hannah get the poison on the pen? I was expecting her to do it, I was watching for it (the idea was obvious), but I could not see the actual deed. Are we supposed to think that when he went to get the tissues, she quickly grabbed his pen and put some poison on it?

The scene with Quinn backing down when the club owner (George) refused to free Nadia was contrived. There is little reason for the guy not to follow through with the deal. Why risk trouble just for one girl? And Quinn backed down too easily -- he obviously could not legally go after the guy, but he should have threatened him with physical violence.

When Hannah told Dexter that he just would not admit that he likes killing, I was expecting Dexter to respond something like "I do not LIKE killing...I NEED to kill".

I'm not liking the LaGuerta supercop subplot. Obviously the writers wanted to have someone hot on Dexter's trail, but they should have chosen a more intelligent character to do the job.

Oh, the irony. Deb finally comes around to Dexter's way of justice and orders a hit, but she chooses the one person that Dexter really does not want to kill.

Networking Issue with S3

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 22:56
I own a Premiere and a Series 3. Recently, they have stopped being able to see eachother over the network. The reason I think it's something to do with my S3 is because I'm also suddenly not able to access Streambaby on my S3, but I can use it fine on my Premiere.

I am able to connect to TiVo service fine from both, and I can access my mp3s and photos from both just fine.

Things I've tried:
Restarting both TiVos
Restarting PC
Reinstalling TiVo Desktop
Downgrading Java from v7 to v6
Made sure both TiVos were set up in TiVo Desktop Access Control
Both TiVos have video sharing/downloading permission on tivo.com

I'm running Windows 7 on the PC if that makes a difference.

Any ideas?

Walking Dead S3E5 "Say The Word" 11/11/12

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 22:33
Lots of reports of this episode being "even better than last week" but it wasn't.

I'm confused about Carol, did we see her die?, what's in the grave ? I thought we saw her run off and never saw her dead.

Kind of a slow episode, I'm not a fan of people going crazy :cool:

The phone, of course, was a nice setup for next week.

Love TIVO but can't get the Stream to work

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 20:20
I have had the stream hooked up over a month and still can't it to work with either my Iphone or iPad. Every time I call support they say it has been esculated to a supervisor and that there isn't more they can do. I have 7 active premiere and 1 Elite all with lifetime subscriptions. I think I qualify as a decent customer. They keep thinking they have too many older TIVO's listed still on my account that I don't have anymore. Both my devices see the two Tivo's I have wired into my Verizon FIOS router but when they try to link up it goes all the way through the progress bar taking about 10 or so minutes and at the end it says unable to link, try again. Just checking if anyone else has had this problem. I have a newer top end wireless router besides the Verizon one but they say I need to be hooked up to the Verizon network because it is the first one coming off the cable. I have tried using the other router as well but it won't even get as far as the Verizon one. I am traveling much and wanted to catch up with some my programs and have been unable to. I am very frustrated.

The Amazing Race "Off to See the Wizard" OAD 11/11/12

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 20:16
UGH! To Be Continued???????????????????????? :down::down:

And Karma was supposed to bite the Twinnies in the butt, not the Rockers! :(

Loved seeing the Chippendales with very few clothes - again! "[These floral swim caps] look like Mama's family!" :D

I feel bad for the Beekmans - that one guy just can't swim....

What's gonna happen??????????????????????????????????

Seagate Momentus ST750LX003 incompatible with TivoHD?

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 20:11
I am trying to use a Seagate Momentus XT 750 in my TCD652160 and it doesnt want to boot. I get the initial splash screen and then after about 5 seconds it goes solid grey and never moves farther. I connected my original 160gb drive and it booted fine so I know its a software/firmware issue.

I tried the the 652_gset.tbk file that most people use and also tried making a copy from my original 160gb drive (running 11.0j) with no luck. I even tried connecting with both Component and HDMI with both inputs being displayed simultaneously in case it was a handshake issue.

Any ideas?

hard drive question

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 18:25
my hard drive failed in my newer version series 2 it is a 540 and i have a hard drive from a series 2 240 will that work ?

Large B drives - How do I properly update the Superheader to include HDB4 and HDB5?

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 16:05
First let me say it really SUCKS that MFSlive and Winmfs have the same unfixed bugs they did 3+ years ago :mad:

I am trying to add a "B" drive larger than 1tb without using a modified kernel or wasting part of the drive. A great reason for doing this would be to retain the original 160gb internal drive and add a 1.5TB drive.

I have successfully created the correct partition layout but when I try to manually add the new partitions to the superheader it seems not to work.

The quick way you can try this yourself would be to attach a B drive larger than 1tb to the computer and run WinMFS. Select MFSadd and tell it to limit the partition to 1tb. Then boot into MFSlife and manually do an MFSadd on the drive itself. At that point your B drive partition layout should be something like -
/dev/hdb2 1mb
/dev/hdb3 1000mb
/dev/hdb4 1mb
/dev/hdb5 500mb

If you try to manually add these two partitions with the manual command "mfsadd /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdb4 /dev/sdb5" it seems to work but I then booted back into windows and viewed the superheader through WinMFS and it didnt show the extra partitions.

Is there an updated version of MFSadd that will do this properly?

NFL Season Ticket recordings

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 09:57
You might want to make sure your recordings are happening today. I noticed mine wasn't, for some reason when you go to record it there is a $0.00 before the description, I'm wondering if the Tivo is treating it a a pay for view and not automatically recording it from my wishlist.

Launching YouTube app with a specific video

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 09:27
Could one of you kind souls with a good network-sniffing setup help me out?
For my upcoming HME app, I'd like to be able to launch the TiVo YouTube app with a video id.

I already know that it uses two HME apps... one to search/browse the videos, and another "Video Player" to view the video. (Actually there are three apps... the third is labeled "tcast jump" that goes to the search app.) I need somebody to sniff the traffic (or perhaps watch the traffic internally?) to find out what parameters are getting passed to the viewing app when you hit "play" in the browsing app. I expect it's an "application transition" type of event which passes a TeDict.

I'm hoping it's a straightforward translation of the usual "watch" URLs for YouTube videos, I just haven't been able to guess how that value gets passed in. Currently the app just auto-exits when I launch it with the wrong (or no) arguments.
Oh yeah... therefore, please provide details about the video you started as well, so we can compare it's URL on youtube.com to the contents of the TeDict.

This might be very valuable to those working on the Premiere tablet apps, too... it might provide a key to launching a youtube video on the TiVo through request from your tablet app with those x-tivo urls

Hmm.. can you already do that with the TiVo iPad app with the Premiere (send a youtube video to the TiVo)? If you can, then that could make for even easier network sniffing! (I dunno... I don't have a Premiere :[ )

SNL 11/10/12 Anne Hathaway; Rihanna

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 09:15
Election Night at the Romney's
Anne Hathaway monologue
Girlfriends Talk Show
The Legend of Mokiki and the Sloppy Swish
Goin' Out On Top
Rihanna performs
Weekend Update
..Top Stories
..President Barack Obama
..More Top Stories
..Gay Couple from Maine
..More Top Stories
..Drunk Uncle
The Painting of American Gothic
Rihanna performs
Flaritin commercial

Cold open was meh for me, not awful, but not hilarious.

The big hits were Homeland, The Painting of American Gothic, and the Flaritin commercial.

Once again I'm left to ponder why they stuck a fairly strong commercial parody at the end of the show, it was strong enough to be the lead out of the monologue.

Good but probably could have been better/stronger Girlfriends, The Legend of Mokiki, Goin' Out On Top, and Ellen.

The Sloppy Swish thing, is that better known in New York or other places? I'd never heard of it before but the crowd seemed to have a very strong response to it so it makes me think that it's a NY thing.

Once again I'm left to conclude that this getting older stuff effing sucks. Eventually I'm not going to be able to stay up to watch the cold open.

TivoDecoder Reverse Possible?

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 07:41
I have a file .TiVo video file that I used TivoDecoder on. Now it can't be converted using Tivo Desktop Plus. Is there anyway to reverse what TivoDecoder did?

Tivo Desktop Plus ver 2.8.3 Convert for Options

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 07:37
Tivo Desktop Plus ver 2.8.3 Convert for Options:

Apple iPad
Apple iPod
ARCHOS Android Tablet
Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Curve 8900
Blackberry Pearl
BlackBerry Storm 9500
Blackberry Tour
DROID by Motorola
H.264 compatible device
iPhone iPod Touch
Nokia N80
Palm Pre
Sony PSP
Treo 650
Zune HD

They are all MP4 format. Does Tivo Desktop Plus allow converting to WMV?

Default Audio Track Spanish

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 07:29
So I am watching the last two recordings of Modern Family and for some reason at different scenes there is a guy doing a overlay descriping the scene. So I look at the source channel which here is WTAE ABC HD and it shows the default audio track for that channel is Spanish? and I can not change it. I check the non HD version and it is fine showing English.. I know there was someone else in my area that was having an issue with the channel and not sure if you notice this also... I am not sure if this is a cable/channel problem or a Tivo since the last update issue.....

The Vampire Diaries "The Killer" 11/8/2012

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 07:21
Three days later and no thread. Seems like people are losing interest in the story of the universe's worst vampire ever. So now Elena's not only the world's most pathetic vampire but she's crazy too.

The hunter was an idiot. He deserved to die a quick death.

Tivo series 2!

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 06:41
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Wedding Band, 11-10-2012, Pilot

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 00:57
I liked it. Looking forward to next episode.

How to Force XL4 to Record HD Suggestions

Sat, 11/10/2012 - 22:18
On the Series 3 Tivo on the available Channels List I unchecked the SD channel when an equivalent HD channel was available to prevent TiVo from recording SD versions of its suggestions. I did the same thing on my new XL4 and it continues to record suggestions from channels that are unchecked.

How do I discourage the XL4 from picking up suggestions from SD channels?

30 second skip jumps minutes

Sat, 11/10/2012 - 22:10
Ive had the newest model for a few months and I'm having an intermittent problem that is getting annoying. Sometimes when I'm skipping through commercials instead of skipping ahead 30 seconds, it will skip ahead about 5 minutes or so. It usually does this at the end of a set of commercials putting me 5 minutes passed the point where the show started up again. Is anyone else getting this? I haven't called dtv because their answer is usually to switch out receivers. I don't want a new receiver. I've got too much unwatched stuff on this one. How can I fix this?