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Jerky Playback

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 22:37
I just pulled a season of Bilko from the Tivo using kmttg. When I play them using media player classic on my windows machine they play fine but when I play them on my Tivo using pyTivo they appear jerky when motion moves fast.

How can I determine what needs to be tweaked? I don't know if pytivo is causing this as it sends back to the Tivo or did kmttg have a bad setting when it encoded the shows.

Use old WD My DVR Expander 500GB with Premiere?

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 20:25
I'm thinking of upgrading from TivoHD to the 320 GB Premiere for $69. Will my old WD My DVR Expander 500GB (eSATA) work with the Premiere?

Programs labeled NEW but not

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 18:57
OTA network programs.
Is anybody else having this issue? Many programs in my guide show NEW after the title but the date is form days to months old and they are not new.

'Star Trek' star Patrick Stewart rips Time Warner Cable in Twitter po

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 18:22

Time Warner Cable drew headlines from media outlets nationwide earlier this week after actor Patrick Stewart complained in a Twitter post about difficulties he had installing cable TV at his new apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y. "All I wanted to do was set up a new account with [Time Warner Cable] but 36hrs later I've lost the will to live," Stewart wrote in the Twitter post. The MSO's customer service team responded in its own Twitter post, offering to help, but Stewart said that it was too late. ABC's Good Morning America discussed the incident, saying that it is "finally proof that even if you're rich and famous, dealing with the cable company can still be an exercise in futility."

Format Never Used Before Hard Drive for Tivo on Windows Computer

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 16:30
I am returning my Tivo w/a broken HDMI port for a replacement unit. This is a Series 3. The broken unit has a 1 TB replacement hard drive. The original hard drive was sold years ago.

I will be swapping out the 1 TB drive from the broken unit w/a 250 gb refurb, the same drive this unit came w/or close WD 250 gb SATA video/PVR ready. As far as I know it was never used in/a TIVO. It will probably be formatted w/FAT or NTFS.

I want to simply format this drive for the TIVO and ship it back. So this is not an upgrade but simply sending them back the unit the way I purchased it.

How do I do format the new drive?

File transfers from my Tivo to my PC keep getting cut off

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 15:56
My Tivo is a regular Premiere with a 2TB hard drive in it. I have had this device for a year and a half. For the most part, it has always worked just fine.

I have a few HD recordings that I have tried to transfer from the Tivo onto my PC. Usually I use Tivo Desktop software to do this.

Some of these recorded files will partially transfer over. I will get about 75% of them or so. The output files do play fine, but they are shortened.

In the past, I have switched in Tivo Desktop between "fastest transfer method" and the non fastest method. Occasionally this will do the trick and the transfer will go through properly.

However, this time it is not working. I have even used kmttg in an attempt to make the files go through fully. But it is not working.

I have restarted the tivo in hopes that it would fix the problem. No good.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Much appreciated.



TIVO App won't activate TIVO Stream

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 15:34
Here's a doozy.

I am an RCN customer. I wanted to get TIVO stream so I read here, from an RCN engineer who had posted, that if I got a Quad 4 TIVO and a Preview to replace my 2 Premieres, that the TIVO stream would work. I had RCN come out and set up the Quad 4 TIVO and the Preview and set up the MOCA networking which was required for the TIVO stream to work and for the Quad 4 to work with the Preview. Everything was fine. I then ordered the TIVO stream through TIVO. It arrived. I had the TIVO app on both my Iphone and Ipad (most current versions of the software). I plugged in the TIVO stream for both power and ethernet connection through the router. I put in the Media Access Key to the Quad 4 on the IOS apps. The Apps recognized the TIVO stream but said that I needed to activate the stream. I went on the TIVO site and put the service number of the stream into the activation bar. I was then notified that the stream was preactivated by TIVO. However, the App would not recognize that the stream had been activated.

I called TIVO customer service and told them about the problem and they said that RCN had to turn back on the service numbers of the Premieres in their system in order for the stream to work properly. Although this did not make a bit of sense to me (because the stream will not work with Premieres), I called RCN with this advice and they, of course, told me that the Premiere boxes are recycled to other customers and they cannot turn back on the service numbers of surrendered boxes in my account because they will be activating those service numbers as soon as the boxes are redistributed to other customers. So now, there does not seem to be a solution. None of this, of course, was told to me before I purchased the stream.

Any suggestions.

Burning TiVo file to a DVD

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 15:33
Using TiVo Desktop software, I have transferred a video program from the TiVo Box to my computer. To burn the TiVo file to a DVD, I have used Roxio 2012 Creator and ConvertXtoDVD, both with no real success. Is there some other option available to me?

At&t Uverse & Tivo

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 14:13

When I moved into my new apartment I faced AT&T UVERSE and no available RF outlet in the unit.
The question: Is their a way to tie TIVO into the Modem which feeds UVERSE.

HDMI signal dies after the "Welcome.." screen on TiVo HD

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 13:43
I have 2 Lifetime Tivo HDs that have worked on the same TVs and HDMI cables for almost 5 years without a problem until recently. One of them simply stopped outputting anything after the Tivo "Welcome.." screen. When the boot-up process advances to the "Almost There.." screen, the HDMI output signal simply goes off but the AV and Component signals keep working. Everything else works normally after that (except the HDMI signal). The System Status screen says HDMI is “not connected”.

I’ve swapped my two Tivos between rooms (every combination of TVs cables, etc) and the problem is clearly only with one of my Tivos. I inspected the HDMI connector physically outside and inside on the PC board and it looks good. Also, if it matters, I'm not using cable cards. I use only OTA and analog cable inputs on both.

Since the Welcome screen displays properly every time, it seems like the HDMI hardware must be working and it seems like a software or HDMI handshake problem.

I’ve searched the forum and saw other folks reporting similar problems but I didn’t find any solutions or explanations. I'm stumped - Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

NBC Ratings Crash

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 13:10

Quote: The Office had 4.3 million viewers and a 2.1 rating among adults 18-49, down a whopping 46 percent in the demo from last fall. I figured the show would be down from its last premiere given how much its ratings dropped midseason. But this big of a drop is surprising considering how little competition was on the air and how much pre-season momentum NBC has had lately. Thursday also marked the return of NBC’s Up All Night (3.1 million, 1.3), down 46 percent, and Parks and Recreation (3.5 million, 1.7), down 19 percent for its lowest-rated premiere yet. The network’s SNL Election Special (5.2 million, 1.6) was modest and Rock Center with Brian Williams (4.1 million, 1.1) was down 21 percent. How much longer can they possibly keep this up? These are some REALLY horrible numbers and to think this was once the #1 network and Thursday was by far their strongest night. It's just inconceivable to think they have fallen so far. Are we already at the point to say we only have three major networks?

Parks and Rec 9/20 "Ms Knope Goes To Washington"

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 09:46
It's back!!! Yay!!! And it wasn't a bad episode.

I am exceedingly glad they got rid of the Ann whatsisname story line. I did not care for it at ALL.

And some really fun cameos, too.

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Fri, 09/21/2012 - 00:54
Can the Tivo Stream stream to a Roku?

Is there a way to access season pass manager on deactivated tivo?

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 00:13
After 10 years we decided it was time to move on from our old tivo r10s. In my stupidity i didnt write down all of our season passes before disconnecting directv yesterday. Now when trying to access it, i cant go into the menu and it tells me "no program data acquired from satellite, please check your satellite dish setup."

Does anyone know of a workaround so i can look at them and write them down?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Glee "Britney 2.0" (9/20/2012, Spoilers)

Thu, 09/20/2012 - 21:21
I did not love that episode. Of course, that's partially because frankly Brittany irritates the hell out of me, even when they use her a little bit for comedy purposes. When they do a whole episode around her? Nails on chalkboard. (I'd have been more OK with her on this show if they would have just made her a little naive, instead of dumb as a box of rocks.)

Um... really, the Christian character singing "3," a song that is pretty blatantly about a menage a troi? Catchy song, but that whole thing was really awkward.

I think there was just a few too many plot lines flying around this episode... the whole Rachel-Cassandra thing, the Rachel-Brody thing, the Jake plotline, the Jake-Marley thing, and all of that going on along with Brittany's issues... not to mention 8 songs? Too much, waaaaay too much.

What just happened here

Thu, 09/20/2012 - 20:20
I just experienced a rather strange bug that I can not explain.

I was just watching and recording the X Factor. At 8:59 it asked to change the channel for some random tivo suggestion. I answered right away to stay on current station.

At 9:00 the channel changed to H2 and I was watching Serial Killer Earth. I was like ok, that's kind of odd that it changed channels, but it must be recording it. 1 Red Light is on. I ended up watching this

at 9:12 all the sudden I was back on fox and watching Glee was on.

Confused, I hit live tv thinking the the tuner swapped. But instead of going to HD live tv brought me too CBS and Two and a Half Men Recording. Live TV again brought me back to fox. The buffer on fox had glee back to 9:00, and the buffer on CBS had Two and a Half Men.

So where was Serial Killer Earth coming from? I changed the channel to H2 and there it was, I picked up like 2 minutes later in the same episode.

I only have the 2 Tuner Original Premiere. This makes no since what so ever to me.

Edit: The only thing I can possibly think of was that episode was on earlier in the day and X Factor was recording over what was before it and some glitch happened that caused it to play from a past buffer recording?