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NASCAR @ Martinsville (10/28) - ESPN

Sun, 10/28/2012 - 09:48
Green Flag moved up to 1:43 Eastern; Recording is currently set to start @ 1:45., so adjust accordingly.

How to get best HD video file from KMTTG

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 16:59
What are the formats you are supposed to use and encodes to get the best resolution?

And what's a .TiVo file? Is it for transfering into another TiVo to play?


Boss S2E10 "True Enough" Finale OAD 2012-10-19 ***spoilers****

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 15:17
It sure looked like this was not only the Season Finale of Boss, it's the Series Finale.

They wrapped up about every thread in rapid time.

It was the deepest plunge into the dark.

Never before has a Chicago Mare left so many actual bodies lying around.

I was thinking that there is not a single sympathetic character in the entire cast. Even our hero reporter made some dick moves when he made a deal to oust his boss from the editor job.

Overall it was a good quality yarn but I don't think we could have taken much more of the morose happenings.

That Guy...Who Was in That Thing - documentary on Showtime

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 15:04
I really enjoyed "That Guy...Who Was in That Thing" a documentary film on Showtime.

I had written a lot more but it got deleted by PEBKAC.

It's a great insight into the real world of the anonymous lesser-known workaday Hollywood character actors.

What impresses me most is how they can have a house with a mortgage and kids in school when they're lucky to get one job a month. They all keep up with the time-wasting auditions in hopes of not only getting a role on a TV series but a TV series that gets picked up.


I've spotted 3 of the guys on one movie and 3 TV shows since I watched just last week. See if you can tell me what roles.


Amazon Instant Video Folder

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 14:33
I did a couple of searches on this and couldn't find anything. When you purchase or rent an Amazon Instant Video, it causes two entries on your "My Shows" screen. Don't know why but it adds both the movie and then a folder with the movie again. Does anyone know if you can delete the one with the folder and still keep the 2nd one with the movie by itself?

Upgrading from Series 2 questions

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 11:50
I currently have a Series 2 with lifetime and was told by Tivo CSRs that there is an upgrade path available until Nov. 19 - $299 to buy a Premiere box outright, and then $99 for lifetime. As we have OTA HD and HD cable in, the Premiere seems like a good way to get the latest technology and still maintain a lifetime sub.

So, questions:
  1. Is the UI still slow as I've read about elsewhere? I know there have been software upgrades since the initial Premiere release and wasn't sure if the performance was fixed. How does it compare to the Series2 UI?
  2. How decent is the cross-service search? (i.e. searching OTA, Cable, Netflix, Hulu, etc. at the same time)

Any other thoughts or observations are welcome! And thanks.

Tivo Copy Issues. Almost in Tears. Please help.

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 11:37
I am close to tears here. I bought a new WD approved HD and wanted to use Mfscopy and I screwed something up.

I backed up my original drive, kernal, and boot page, but now I am not sure what to do and don't want to totally blow this.

In Winmfs when I select my original Tivo drive I can see the parameters of model #, format, drive size (160GB), sectors, bus type and it is unmounted. But when I click select the drive does not show up in the lower left of Winmfs and when I go to to mfs copy, only the drive I am trying to copy to shows up.

Here is a screenshot

The drive just shows up at Tivo Drive A: 0 (, )

Scary thing is when I went to select the drive the first time it all showed up ok. I am not sure what I did.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Mockingbird Lane - OAD 10/26/2012

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 10:13
Not sure what I made of this. Part of me says the past should stay in the past and The Munsters had its day, and part says there's some potential for silliness.

I'm thinking this may be better as a sitcom rather than a dramady though.

Wife loved it and, I must admit, it was fun to see some of the old nuances used in the show.

I understand that it's just a pilot for a series that was never made. Do you think they should make it or just let it die like the original?

Shark tank, OAD 10/26/12

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 23:04
What a fun show this was. I was LMAO at the battle for the rights to that smiley face sponge.

I want one of those segway inspired unicycles. Two unlikely sharks couldn't wait to try it out. Hadn't heard about the discussed segway fatality.

Fringe 10/26/12 "The Bullet That Saved The World"

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 21:23
1) That ranks pretty high on my list of Things I Did Not See Coming.

2) When Bishops lose their children, it does not often end well for the multiverse.

3) Will we ever learned how the bullet saved the world?

Stream - halfway through program iPad displays "finished"

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 19:36
When streaming a program on iPad, about halfway through the program, the stream stops and "Finished" appears on iPad screen. The program will not continue from the point it stopped. In order to start the stream again I have to reverse the program a minute and them start the stream again. Once this is done the program will play to the end.

I'd appreciate any help to eliminate this issue.

The Vampire Diaries "The Rager" 10/25/2012

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 18:44
Sometimes I just love Rebekah, and this ep was one of those times. Loved how she took Elena's ring away. That was great. And maybe she'll make a real friend of April....but even if not I'm sure she'll be entertaining.

So Tyler cheated on Caroline with wolf girl. Bad Tyler.

I'm a bit confused about Klaus and Damon and the Vampire Hunter when the hospital blew up. Did Damon think the Vampire Hunter got blown up, but Klaus got him out before the explosion?

I even liked Matt and Jeremy this ep, and no Bonnie!

Recording Size

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 16:53
One of the shows my wife collects on our new Tivo Premiere is I Love Lucy. Setting up the recordings from a Wish List the Tivo grabs episodes from a couple different channels. They are all 1/2 hours shows. Most of them record at 990 megs. However some record at an average of 3000 megs. Why the difference? It was my belief that Comcast was broadcasting in only digital (since we need cable boxes for each TV). Are their broadcasts still in analog (the 990 ones) and others in digital (the 3000+ mb ones)? Is there a way to lower the quality (and file size)?

Call the Midwife not Recording?

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 16:07
I have set a SP for this show on both Tivo's. But neither one is picking up the new episodes. They are showing in "upcoming episodes" so I am selecting them manually. This show has been running at least 4 weeks now. Is anyone else having this problem? I am on Comcast/Xfinity in California. Thanks!

TivoHD with Lifetime, but 1 tuner broken. How much?

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 15:51
as chronicled in another thread, my TivoHD looks like it has a bad tuner. (much troubleshooting resulted in this diagnosis, no need to rehash it all here) So i'm thinking of trying to sell it and get a premiere.

question is, how much would it be worth on ebay (or someone here interested?)? Assume the 160gb drive is in there. $150? $200? more? i mean, it still works on one tuner, just can't record 2 things at once or watch live tv while recording something different. Fully working ones go over $300, so i would think no less than half price is fair to assume.

I DO have a 1tb drive in it now, but i'd probably take it out and put it in the new premiere box if i go this route. i don't think i'd get an extra $80 or so that it would cost me to get a new drive.

Parks and Recreation S05E05 "Halloween Surprise" 10/25/2012 *Spoilers*

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 15:42
Great episode.

Glad to see Ron actually has some emotions and went back to Diane's house and apologized to her. I'm always happy to have Lucy Lawless on my TV.

Jerry's "fart attack" was hilarious.

And of course, the Halloween Surprise of Ben showing up and proposing to Leslie was pretty cool. I thought it was funny she kept making him stop so she could drink in the surroundings and remember the moment. I'm guessing there's no chance that Ben actually takes the job in Florida. Them being apart this long has been enough. I think he's got to stay in Pawnee after this.

Planning to replace 5-year-old upgraded 1TB drive in TiVo HD

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 14:24
I bought my TiVo HD TCD652160 exactly 5 years ago, and immediately upgraded the drive with a 1TB WD10EACS using WinMFS.

The system is still running flawlessly 5 years later, but I know that the drive isn't going to last forever. I don't need additional capacity and I want to preserve all my settings and recordings, so I'd like to simply clone my existing drive to a new 1TB drive.

I see that WD10EACS drives are still available - but is there any good reason I should consider a newer SATA-300 WD drive (EADS, EARS, EURS, EVDS)? I assume with any new WD drive that it would be wise to run wdidle3.exe to make sure that the IntelliPark feature is disabled, right?

Is MFSCopy in WinMFS the best way to clone my drive? Or is it better to use the Linux dd or dd_rescue command? I haven't messed with these tools in 5 years, so I just want to make sure I'm doing things right! Thanks for the advice.

Last Resort S01E05 "Skeleton Crew" 10/25/2012 *Spoilers*

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 12:59
I actually liked this episode quite a bit. Sure, the stuff with the subs was wildly unrealistic, but at this point we just have to quit nitpicking that stuff and accept that they're trying to make a show with some action, and that making it realistic would also make it super boring. Am I correct that the Colorado just sunk the Illinois (or one of the 688 class subs that were hunting them)? That's definitely not going to go over well with the folks in D.C.

I was shocked when the Admiral busted out the gun and shot the White House aide and the SecDef. I didn't notice what happened right after that. Did the soldiers protecting the SecDef kill the Admiral? I assumed that's what Chaplin was telling Lt. Shepard at the end, but wasn't positive.

The story with the XO's wife and Kylie Sinclair looks like it could be promising. Not sure where they're exactly going with that, but I want to find out.

Finally, what was Chaplin's plan? To let the XO and the crew get off scot free and have him take the fall for everything? And where does that stand now that the deal was pulled and then the people were shot? Are we back to the same status quo as before this episode? Or are the ships enacting the blockade going to be pulled somewhere else and the tension will now be ratcheted down a little?

Use Premiere 4 saved disk image to update 4XL

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 12:33

I have an Premiere 4 image on a 500G disk I saved when I upgraded that box to 2TB. My friend has a premiere XL4 that has a bad hard drive. Can I take the 500G drive and use JMFS to make him a new 2TB drive he can put in his XL4?

Tivo Series 3 HD Terminates recordings early

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 11:46
Anyone have any ideas about a TIVO series 3 with a dual cable card that started to terminate programs very early? Running with Cox Cable in Phoenix.

After one to three minutes most of the new recordings that have been programmed will terminate early. Almost every time. One exception was a ball game that was set for 1 hour of overtime (4 hours total) and it terminated at
2 hours and 35 minutes.

Just prior to termination you usally see a short burst of digital screen garbage and then that is it.

I have an external 500gb drive along with the original 160gb internal that the DVR came with.

I was thinking of detaching the external drive to see if it is the external hard drive that is failing.

Thanks, JR