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Did NBC broadcast the Olympics in 1080p at all? Why haven't Tivos started to allow 1

Tue, 08/14/2012 - 05:24
Does anybody know if NBC broadcast the Olympics in 1080p at all - either Over The Air or cable?

Why haven't Tivos started to allow 1080p recording? (I know no broadcasters have started sending 1080p channels. But why hasn't Tivo built in this functionality?

Cox cable card

Tue, 08/14/2012 - 04:53
Our Cox cable card lost pairing info. What could have caused it?

final word as of this point in time on Tivo copy protection workaround

Tue, 08/14/2012 - 03:16
final word as of this point in time on Tivo copy protection workaround


My question is straight foward.

As of this point in time, where are we on the issue of finding a crack/hack/workaround to the following: transferring Tivo Premiere or Tivo HD XL copy-protected recordings from the Tivo to the computer?

Has anybody ever made progress on this issue?

What makes it so hard?

Thank you very much for your expert advice. [/size][/b]

final word as of this point in time on Tivo copy protection workaround

Tue, 08/14/2012 - 03:08
My question is straight foward.

As of this point in time, where are we on the issue of finding a crack/hack/workaround to the following: transferring Tivo Premiere or Tivo HD XL copy-protected recordings from the Tivo to the computer?

Has anybody ever made progress on this issue?

What makes it so hard?

Thank you very much for your expert advice.

Problem transferring full version of show

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 23:58
I am running v2.83 of TiVo Desktop Pro. I use it to copy programs from my DVR, and use the 7 or 8 TB of storage I have on my computer as a place to keep programs, as opposed to the drive on the TiVo itself (which is much smaller).

I transfer things back and forth all the time. However, I've had issues transferring the Opening & Closing Ceremonies from the Olympics. I try, and they transfer, but they never seem to finish.

I've tried multiple times with the closing ceremonies, and it stops during the moment when the cauldron is lowered. It never finishes out. I can't figure out why.

Is it merely the length? I wouldn't think so, because I've transferred MLB games that are as long as 4.5 hours. I'm at a loss to explain why neither of these transfer properly, when other things do.


P.S. My TiVo Premiere is hardwired into my router, but the desktop computer where I'm backing up to is wireless. This hasn't been a problem before.

Can't change audio track

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 21:50
On one channel the audio track is set to spanish and it says there is no other audio track. When i listen I get english with commentary. I cannot figure how to change it back to english. This only exists on one HD channel.

For Sale on Ebay Tivo HD TDC652160 LIFETIME SERVICE

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 21:18
I just had an auction go live on Ebay for a Tivo HD TCD652160 with Lifetime Service.

Here's the link:


Longmire Season 1 (Spoilers to Date)

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 18:48
I'm starting a whole season thread because I'd like to see if there are any other Longmire viewers out there.

I gather from the Pilot episode thread that this is a book? Well, I've never read it, kinda interested in it now though.

I'm just loving this show.

Who the **** is Robert Taylor and why have I never seen him before? He is just all kinds of kicked back kick ass.

Cannot stream between two Premiere's w/ wireless G adapters

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 18:22
So I purchased the deal where I got two premiere with a wireless G adapter thinking I'd be able to stream HD from one to another without issue, but that doesn't appear to be the case. With them both on the same network, in a 1200 square foot condo with a Wireless G/N router in the room between them, I cannot stream without a pause every 2 seconds. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way for me to optimize my network? Other clients on the network are pulling consistant 30-35Mbps down from the WAN, and higher than that on the LAN via wireless. As far as I know, HD can't possible consume more than 5mbps.


Animal Practice Premiere - 8/12/12 - Spoilers

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 17:03
No thread about Animal Practice that premiered after the Olympic Closing Ceremonies last night? I'm not surprised really. I watched the commercial free premiere and it was 20 minutes of my life that I'll never be able to get back. It may have been commercial free cause no one wanted to be associated with it. Not one laugh or chuckle during the show. The creators must have thought that having animals on the show would be enough make it successful, but I thought it was just plain stupid. My advice is avoid this one at all costs. Anyone feel different?

True Blood S05E10, 8/12/12

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 16:57
I thought this was better than prior weeks, but I still don't care about the authority and their whole story doesn't make sense. All these vampires joined the authority with the intention of waiting around until the leader could be overthrown? And is Salome powerful enough to overthrow it without Russell, and if so why would she involve him? He clearly doesn't believe in their fundamentalist agenda.

Bill was watching the scene with Erik, his sister, Godrick, and Lilith. He knew the latter two weren't there because they didn't show up in his view on the screen. Does that mean they're a hallucination and, if so, it looks like Bill wasn't surprised by that.

Jessica knows fundamentalism when she sees it. I assume she, Sam and Luna will team up to overthrow the Authority, along with possibly Erik. I still think he's faking it.

Was the vampire on the other side of the contract with Sookie's ancestors the same one who Sookie saw when she saw her parents' murder?

I liked Hoyt's goodbye.

Strike Back, Starting Soon. Who Will be Watching

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 15:17
I think we're just a week or two from the new season beginning. I'm looking forward to seeing where they go next. Anybody else watching/enjoying this show?

M-card, buy Tivo XL4, subscribe to Tivo

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 13:57
As told in my other posts of the past few months, I had DTV with Tivo, then switched to FIOS. I am using the just received FIOS $250 reward card to (help) purchase the Tivo XL4.

I have the physical FIOS M card, but not activated.

I also need to do the Tivo subscription.

What is the preferred order of these actions?

--extra question: Tivo warns that XL4 is digital channels only. I have been assuming that FIOS channels are all digital since they are all about fiber, and routers and such. Anybody know one way or the other?

1080i or 720p

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 13:13
Since I want to avoid all the flickering that occurs when I watch Netflix on my Premiere, I have set the video output from the TiVo at 1080i, and no other (my Sony A2000 SXRD TV does not do 1080p/24, only 1080p/60, so Netflix doesn't play well with it). That fixes the flickering.

I don't want to restart the 1080i v 720p arguments, but what do I lose when watching cable stations delivered to me in 720p which are then converted by the Premiere and output at 1080i?

Conversely, if I set the Premiere output at 720p, I assume it will convert a 1080i signal to 720p, then deliver it to my TV, which then converts it to 1080p/60. Is this the better way to go?

Two S3HD units with lifetime

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 12:58
I know this is supposed to be a link to an eBay listing but I hate selling anything on eBay. What I'd like to do is to sell my two S3HD boxes (originally 160GB drive) and buy a 4-tuner Tivo. Both boxes have lifetime. One has a 320GB drive that I recently swapped in from an unused Premiere and the other has a 1TB drive. Each Tivo would come with the power cord and a lightly used remote. Shipping on each box would be $20. PM me if you would like to make an offer.

I also have a TCD540 box that has been upgraded in the past year to a 160GB drive. The only thing wrong is that the little Tivo guy covering the nightlight is missing.

Did not get closing ceremony!

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:50
All - so disappointed that my Tivo did NOT record the repeat of the closing ceremony of the XXX Olympics that came on around midnight EST. When I looked at the recording history the msg said that Tivo encountered an unexpected conflict. I had nothing scheduled for that time slot and in the history nothing showed up as a conflict. Did NBC somehow block DVR recording of the ceremony? I had no problems recording other Olympic events.
I have FIOS service.
So sad because a quick search seems to show no repeats of the closing ceremonies.

Moving from Comcast SD box to Tivo PremierXL

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:23
I've been muddling along with an SD TV and a Series 2 with a Comcast SD Box. Comcast's switch to all digital in my area has made my Series 2 not nearly as useful so the time has come to upgrade. I have a new HD TV set up now but of course can't watch any HD channels even though my cable package includes them because I don't have an HD Comcast box.

My question is - do I first need to get a Comcast HD box set up and ensure that I can watch HD channels and then after that ditch the box and get the Premiere with a cablecard or can I go straight to the Premiere and never hook up a Comcast HD box?

I've been reading about the trouble some have had with getting their cards to pair and just wonder if Comcast will know I'm supposed to have HD channels if I've never had them set up with one of their boxes.

SA S2 Constantly rebooting

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:21
I'm at my wits end. I had a SA S2 TDC240040 and a TDC540080 Tivos which quit booting up, so I replaced the drives with a WD1500640EARS and a ST31500541As drives. Used WinMSF to do the upgrade. First had hard time for the BIOS to read the drives, but once it got the correct modeel and size everything went smooth. I used a Win XP home with SP3 on it. On the WD drive I ran the WDidle3.exe and it worked OK. The adapter cards seem to work fine. It's the one with the jumpers on them. Anyway, after doing a clean and erase everything on he, downloading programming, they both started to reboot constantly. They run for 10 min or so and reboot. I did the Kickstart onboth and everything looks OK. 5 and 12 VDC are going to the drive all the time, even during reboot. I read and read but can't find any answers. I hope some genious(es) will be` able to help me. I assume the images are OK, did the Sk 54 I believe which swaps the boot deal. :confused:

Grimm: The Essential Guide

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:08
Grimm is starting it's second season tonight. For those of you into the show, and have iPads with iBooks installed, there's a free book about Grimm (in the thread title).

Grimm: The Essential Guide (iTunes link).

This is ONLY an iPad/iBooks book. (actually, I don't know if it works on the iPhone).

Kind of cool.. it lists al of the Wessen so far and other neat stuff.

Question regarding kmttg

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:01
Be gentle please... I am downloading shows from my tivo to my mac using kmttg. I would like to watch the shows on my ipad and iPhone. After the show downloads, what do I do to convert it into a file format for my iphone or iPad?

It's downloading with a .tivo extension.