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Unable to use Moca adapter with Mini Please Help

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 10:21
Hi guys,

I'm trying to get an ethernet connection next to my Mini which is in a bedroom away from the router. I want to hook up a PS3 or Roku next to the Mini. I have FiOS with Moca.

When I take the coax from the wall and put it to the input of the Moca adapter and the output going to the Mini, the ethernet connection works but the Mini doesnt have a Moca signal.

When I hook the Mini up directly it connects via Moca just fine but then my ethernet adapter doesnt work. I tried using a splitter with one cable going straight to the Mini and another cable going to the Moca Adapter and when I did that the Mini works fine but still no ethernet. Ethernet only works when I Dont have the mini connected.

Thank you in advance for any help!!

Pick Recordings to Transfer Greyed Out

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 09:34
Using desktop 2.8.3 (free version). In Pick Recordings to Transfer, the 'Start Transfer button' is greyed out, no matter what show I choose. This started when a download stopped about 75% of the way through, as though it were completed, and the partial show is viewable on the computer. Rebooted computer, restarted Tivo, cleared the cache. Also, tried to do a direct transfer by changing the date back before February 16, logging in to Tivo now playing. Transfers start, but then interrupt about halfway through.

Any thoughts other than flaky drive on Tivo? Everything on the TIVO itself is viewable, including shows that I've tried to download.

Mini live TV stream viewing on other units?

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 08:17
Just installed three Mini's this weekend! So far all is good. But I do have some questions for you guys.

1) Lets say game is on and you want all TVs to view it at the same time. Is this possible? At the same point in the stream? Or does it have. Be recorded from the main TiVo and then all other Mini's stream?

2) if someone is watching a show on a Mini via live TV, is there any way a person on another Elite or Mini jump onto that stream? For example, upstairs yells down, check out this show... And then I can pop on and view it? Or again, does there need to be a recording?

I know the Mini actually records the live TV, but it does not show up on the main Tivo unit as a recording. At least from what I could find. IMO, that should be available to all TiVo units.


Watching TiVo away from home what should I use TiVo stream, Slingbox, or HDhome

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 06:46
So I am really trying to find the best way to watch my TiVo away from home. I bought a TiVo stream thinking I could find a way to VPN it, but it seems as of now that is not possible. So I am considering returning the stream and trying a Slingbox, an HDhomerun, or maybe eagle eyetv (not too sure if last one is possible).

Does anyone have suggestions or experience on using any of this items away from home on an iPhone or a mini?

Is Comcast on Demand working for anybody?

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 04:28
The premier that is hosting the mini works with Comcast on Demand just fine. I am using 1Gbps Ethernet for connecting Mini to my home network.

The first time I tried Comcast On Demand on the mini, it listed the shows just fine but when I tried to play one, I got an error that it has run into some error and I should try later. (no, I did not write down the error).

Just to make sure On Demand is working, I went to premier, watched a couple on Demand shows and then came back to mini and this time I can't even get the listings. I get an error with some reference what seems to be a server address with some TiVo and Comcast in the name. And then it asks me to call my service provider.

But knowing how clueless Comcast tech support is, I am not going to bother. They are going to ask me if I have a Comcast DVR and claim that I must have a Comcast DVR in order to get on Demand and I am sure they have not heard of Mini.

So, anybody got their mini working with On Demand?

TiVo Mini Power Consumption Figures

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 02:40
~5.5 watts
~4.5 watts during standby

Measured with my Kill-a-Watt.

WD "Green" drives and a Series 3?

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 00:31
I recently got an older DELL desktop from a family member. Instead of stripping it and reloading windows, I thought I might try to use its internal SATA drive in a Series 3 (OLED) TiVo I have sitting around (without a drive).

Its a Western Digital Caviar "Green" one. Model #WD5000AAVS-00N7B0. I have a Series 3 image to put on it so can this be used in a Series 3? I also realized these "green" drives have the intellipark feature and this needs to be disabled, correct? If so, how or where can I go to that will tell me how to do it correctly so it can then be used in a TiVo?

HD XL wireless transfer speed vs premiere?

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 22:13
Is there a difference in a Premiere XL vs a HD XL for network speed? If I use Tivo Desktop to copy a program from the Premiere to my desktop, it takes a little over a n hour for a 1 hour program. It takes 5 hours from the HD X to the same desktop PC (running win7).

Both use the wireless-G Tivo adapter, both are right next to each other.

Any ideas why the HD is so much slower?

Tivo and U-Verse? Could it be true?

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 22:08
In typical fashion while discussing a phone issue, the AT&T rep begins his spiel about U-Verse. So I stop him at the beginning on the part where he says "other products" and inform him that I am not interested in U-Verse. He politely asked why and I proceeded to inform him that I have been a Tivo customer since the beginning and wasn't about to give up on them now regardless of how badly the people at Charter treat me (great topic for the next post). I continued to explain that when AT&T makes a product that is compatible with my Tivo I would consider it. I even volunteered that more customer service reps should take lessons from the folks at AT&T...
...and that's when he said it. He said "we are now". I heard the words "memo last week" and "cable cards are coming soon". As he explained it, I must retain my cable card through my cable company but the U-Verse product would indeed work through my Tivo. Now this great representative of the U-Verse is either a wonderfully blossoming idiot or my hero. I do not know which just yet; hence this post.
Is there anyone out in Tivoland that could help clarify the subject matter of this thread? Has anyone heard of such a thing as Tivo working with something other than cable or is this information new and unannounced to the general public from the great and mighty AT&T?
I allowed him to go ahead and schedule an installation despite my skepticism and they will be here next Saturday to inform me of the good or bad news.
Thoughts and comments please.

Guide not complete?

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 21:55
Its the middle of the month and the new season of Merlin that has been in our Season pass manager since last season did not begin recording the new season of Merlin on Syfy?

When we look in the guide it is not even listed but the shows are on every week. How do I get my guide to show me all that is available so I can set it to record?

Amazon Instant Video

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 19:47
I can watch on my premiere, but can't watch on my mini?
Says to policy restrictions this cannot be played on "unknown" or something like that.
Can't watch the hobbit, or choose my first 3 seasons of modern family downloads.
However, if I choose to play the entire folder which begins with several tivo recorded tivo episodes...it plays one right after the other even the DL'd protected ones.

What gives? Any ideas?


MoCA or Ethernet

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 17:10
I have the option for both MoCA and ethernet cable. Which one would be better? Using just ethernet will it slow down my internet while streaming? Power consumption issues?

Thanks for the feedback!

TiVo Mini bugs - lip sync and failed channel changes

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 16:00
I've only had the Mini for a couple of days and it downloaded an update last night so I've been waiting to see if the problems persisted post update.

But my Mini seems to have a small lipsync issue with Live TV on some but not all stations. My Comcast DVR is not having a problem with the same stations. Also I've noticed that when selecting a channel from the guide that maybe 5% of the time it fails to change channels, but just returns me to a frozen screen from the last channel selected. Bringing up the guide again and reselecting the new channel seems to work.

Anybody else seeing this?

802.11n adapter

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 15:30
Just picked up the Tivo 802.11n adapter for use with my TivoHD. I was able to get it working on my network but I can't get MultiRoom viewing to work. Netflix works great. The adapter is in client mode and the Tivo seems to be picking up a address instead of an address off of my network 192.168.2.xx.

Any ideas?

Salvaging a Tivo HD

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 15:05
Hello experts, I recently cut the cords for Dish, and went OTA. Then I missed DVR, and bought a used Tivo HD (TCD652160) on craigslist. Seller said it was working fine until he tried factory reset, and was stuck in Few More minutes screen. I removed the harddisk, and ran WD diagnostics. It initially said too many bad sectors, and after two write all zeros, now drive is good.

I downloaded a Tivo image from this forum (Need an image? Don't PM me. thread, unable to provide link, post#723) and restored to the disk using winmfs. Now Tivo just does a Powering up, and reboots after few seconds. It does not seem to understand any kickstart codes. (or at least no change in display via HDMI)

So now my question is does the TiVo image contains the bootpage and kernel or do I need to restore them separately? If separately, where can I find kernel image?

G4 channel rebranded as Esquire TV

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 14:03
I just received this email from Verizon FIOS

Quote: On or after April 22, 2013, the content provider will replace G4 programming on FiOS TV channel 191 with Esquire TV programming.

The content provider will discontinue G4 programming. This content will not be available on FiOS TV or through any other TV programming provider

Esquire TV programming will feature gaming and technology and will also span a wide variety of additional content, including entertainment, food, fashion, women, humor, and travel According to Wikipedia, G4 is being rebranded as Esquire TV.

Down to my last video output :-(

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 13:39

Hello all, I have a tivo series 3 HD, here not to long ago my hdmi quit working which is a common issue when they get older I found out. So I switched to component output, this morning no video again, after trying different cables to no avail I tried RCA and wala I got a picture, but now on analog not digital. I took the cover off and checked out the caps, the power supply shows all the right voltages without a load on it. any help will be appreciated, I'm out of town sometimes for a day or two so might not reply right away. Thanks again

MoCa vs ethernet

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 12:35
I have a new TiVo Premiere 4 and an "old" TiVo HD (2 tuners). I have an Ethernet line connected to my Premier. There is no Ethernet connection near the HD so i am currently using a wireless adapter for the daily updates and transfers between the two Tivos. I am thinking about running an Ethernet line from my router to the HD. I also have one MoCa adapter (it came as part of a package I bought that included the Premiere, a TiVo Stream and a MoCa adapter). I can run the Ethernet line for a few bucks whereas a second MoCa adapter is around $50. Which is a better choice for me? My primary reason for doing all this is to speed up transfers between the two TiVos. My understanding is that is I want to go the MoCa route I need 2 MoCa adapters (1 between the modem and router and 1 for the TiVo HD).


Tivo mini + wifi bridge

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 10:19
I received my Tivo mini yesterday and wanted to share my experience setting it up (as the internet is fairly void of this information).

I have it running quite well using a wireless bridge, however I wouldn't recommend it for most folks. Wireless is a fickle technology, and not something you want to depend on for a high speed constant connection if you can avoid it.

That said, my bedroom doesn't have a cable connection to use Moca, I'm not drilling holes between rooms to run ethernet, and I didn't want to spend the money on a powerline network adapter knowing the chances weren't great it would work with the rooms being on separate circuits.

So, I purchased a cheap wifi router that supports wireless bridge mode, set it up to connect to my broadband router (which the tivo elite plugs into), made sure I was using the 'cleanest' wifi channel (using inSSIDer), and crossed my fingers.

The Tivo mini worked as I would expect. Setup was fine, no lag. The only difference I notice comparing it to my Elite is that the video is choppier when fast forwarding, making it harder to tell when to hit play when you get through commercials. Having not tried it elsewhere, I'm not sure if that's normal for the Mini or due to bandwidth.

This is not something I would configure for my family. Getting wifi bridge mode setup isn't something to mess with if you haven't heard of it or worked with it before. Also, I live in an area where I can only see one other wifi network (the neighbor). You might very well run into problems in even moderately crowded wifi areas.

So, that's my experience. I just wanted to throw out there that it is possible, I can understand why Tivo doesn't support it, and make your own decision if the risk of it not working is worth it to you if wifi is your only option.