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Cable card with Hotwire as ISP?

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 21:24

Next week I move to a new house. The community is served by Hotwire and that's my only choice for cable service. Other cable companies won't or can't provide service.

The Hotwire rep said they don't have cable cards. Don't know if that's the truth b/c she didn't sound all that knowledgeable.

But if it is true my only option would seem to be to get my own cable card.

Is that doable? Does the cable company have to provision the card? If possible, where would I get one?



Premiere 4 sound playing without video window

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 20:38
I just got a new Premiere 4 a few days ago and all seems good except for one annoying problem. I have turned the video window off in settings so that it will not be distracting when looking for something to watch. After watching live TV and going to the main menu by pressing the Tivo button the sound from the channel I was watching continues to play even though the video window is not there. It continues even if i go to the now playing list or to do list. I double checked my other 2 tuner Premiere and it doesn't have this problem.

Anyone else see this bug?

How to Organize Shows

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 18:15
With a newly acquired XL4, my hard drive is filling up fast. But there seems to be no way to organize shows in folders, a la Dish PVR that I used to have.

Any ideas on how to create folders such as News, Series, Sports etc.?

Supernatural - "The Great Escapist" - 5/1/13

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 16:12
Sorry guys, I'm running far behind on everything trying to get ready to leave in the morning for the NJ convention. :D

So yeah I loved just about everything this episode. Except one thing that I'm very very upset about. (under spoilers because of size) Spoiler:


Continuity? Who needs it right?
Okay that aside. I got seriously emotional when Sam was talking to Dean about the Knights of the Round Table and how he has always known he wasn't "clean" and that the trials are purifying him. FINALLY he can stop feeling like the freak. Praise the Lord! I'm serious. The only person that hates Sam more than Sam is.. nobody. I'm so tired of him being the kicked dog. Please writers don't have backed off from that!!

And Dean going off on Metatron about Kevin. They really love that kid! Oh but I did about throw something at the screen when he said "We should have brought him here" (to the bunker) because FRICKEN DUH MOFO!

The final two episodes are going to be not so fun. THIS IS A SPOILER PICTURE FROM THE FINALE so click at your own risk...


And with the finale being called "Sacrifice" and Jensen having a baby and Misha moved to regular... my theory is this. Look at Sam's face. Look at how dead his eyes are. When did we see that last? Mystery Spot? Flashbacks when he was trying to bargain for Dean's soul? That's a "I've lost my brother" face if I've ever seen one. I will gladly be wrong on this but I think I even speculated before that I think Sam is going to succeed in closing those gates and Dean is going to be the sacrifice to do so. Do not want.

Web Video Launchpad can now be de-selected

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 15:46
Haven't seen this posted in the Web Video Launchpad thread, but this can now be de-selected from your video providers menu eliminating it from "My Shows" (NPL)....

Multiple Outputs for Premiere XL?

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 14:55
I have a premiere XL and currently it is connected via HDMI to my TV.

I find my wife often is in the kitchen, 20 feet away, and wants to watch the same show as she goes back and forth between tasks. I was hoping to mirror the Tivo signal to the kitchen TV (a smaller one).

The thought is to get an HDMI splitter and a wireless HDMI repeater. This would give me a mirrored signal on both TVs simultaneously. And because we have a bluetooth remote, she does not need line of sight to use the Tivo controls.

I am assuming this will work.

Someone also told me that the component output on the XL could do up to 1080i. I don't know if this is the case, but if that was true, I wouldn't need the splitter, just and RGB to HDMI cable and the wireless repeater.

Can anyone chime in on this scenario?

Arrow - S01E21 - "The Undertaking" 05/01/2013

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 14:14
Interesting that there was no island flashback but I guess it was necessary in order to set up the goings on in Starling City and flesh out the background on Malcolm's plot and his history with Robert.

Oliver finds out that Mom is in on the conspiracy and Malcolm is too (but he doesn't know about those years of training in Nanda Parbat).
Big blow to Oliver. At least he rescued Walter (although the parachute jump was a stretch).

Loved Felicity in the casino.

BTW, based on the name "Markov device", I was 99.999% certain of what the device did the moment I heard the name.

Other shoutouts included "Ted Kord", and "Ray and Jean" (Palmer and Loring, respectively).

Used hard drive space and "suggestions"

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 11:39
It shows my hard drive still has more than 3/4 of free space left but the "suggestions" keep being deleted.

Is there a way I can force the Tivo to actually USE the hard drive space it has for my enjoyment?

Is it limited to only a certain amount of suggestion movies? I want it to FILL THE HARD DRIVE!

Anyone have a DirecTV Genie?

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 10:41
Didn't think this should go under the "TiVo Powered PVR" section of the forums since the Genie is not TiVo-Powered...so I am posting here...

All of my receivers are pretty old: 2003 DTiVo, 2006 HD-DVR, 2008 HD-DVR.

DirecTV has offered me a free Genie to swap out my old receivers... Even though my old receivers are on lease, they say that they are so old, they don't even want them back...they'll just yank the access cards...

1) Does anyone have experience with the Genie? Will I be pleased? What are the little idiosyncracies that bother you? I hear that the satellite stream is slightly delayed which causes echoing problems if you try and watch the same program on multiple televisions in the house...

2) Are the satellite receivers silent? I don't really want a fan sound in my bedroom... To date, I have a HDMI run between my living room and my bedroom so that I can keep the noisy receiver out of the bedroom...

Any experience or feedback would be much appreciated...

Considering my first TiVo - questions

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 09:35
For 10 years now, I've used SageTV on my own hardware for my DVR, recording both OTA for HD, and analog cable for the few cable shows I'd record.

I've used a cable set-top box for general cable TV watching. Over the years I've started wanting to record more and more HD cable shows (and the analog cable disappeared), so I got a DVR from my cable provider (Scientific Atlanta HD8300 from WOW - Wide Open West).

So, we've been stuck switching inputs on the TV and managing recordings in two places. I'm considering ditching SageTV (which Google bought years ago, and is now unsupported), ditching the HD8300, and getting a Premiere XL4 box. Some questions:

1) Since this will replace my cable box, how is the TiVo for general channel-surfing of live tv? Is it very slow when hitting the up/down channel buttons, compared to the HD8300?

2) Is it possible/easy to just type in a channel number to jump to it, as we often do now? For example, the wife just knows that 217 is the channel for Food Network, she can grab the Harmony One remote and type in 217 and boom she's at Food Network. Does this work similarly on the TiVo if you're watching live tv?


TiVo Premiere XL Reboots selectin LiveTV

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 09:15
Last night, my TiVo Premiere XL rebooted.
After the reboot, it shows the last channel or channel 2 with the TiVo menu up and the small video window.

Sometimes it shows an error:

Problems with the TiVo Service (C133).

Whenever, I try to hit Live TV the screen goes black and it reboots.
I have rebooted at least 10 times I have pulled the power cord.

Weaknees points to a power supply problem.

Does anyone have any Ideas what the problem might be?



good wife season finale

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 07:45
i'm glad we got the surprise at the end, if it was will i was going to be very unhappy! i think being the 1st lady means the new business will have all the business anyone wants. i'm surprised they even allow her to work because of potential conflicts. but i'm sure this happens in real life all the time.

bringing your babies to court will not gain any favors unless maybe theres a jury there. the way they ran from place to place was funny

the nanny for the grandma taking the money and not running was truly classic. he knows he cant ask for the money back nor really force him out since he's now the gov.

wouldnt free legal services for 2 years cost more than 20% discount on the rent? but it's a guaranteed client i guess.

will not wanting to hurt alicia was a tad admirable but flaunting it in front of the gov was just unclassy.

American Idol - Top 4 Perform - OAD 5/1/2013

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 07:34
OK, Urban's The Stig! Hillarious.

IMHO, Amber needs to go next. Her voice is tight and 'up there', although she did do a fair job with the second song.

I see Kree totally ignored Harry's advice and, again IMO, ruined her second song with all the runs.

Modern Family 5/1. The last word

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 06:47
My recording cut off on the final punchline.
Phil says " I didn't say dinner, I said _____________?
Please fill in the blank. And thanks.

A decent eposide with Haley as the tooth fairy and Phil's classroom presentation as highlights.

Tivo HDs lost channels 707, 709, others? Premiere didn't.

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 01:11
TiVo HD lost some channels but my TiVo Premiere didn't. The cable strength meter shows100% for all working channels but 0% for these missing channels. ???

This is on Comcast Napa CA.

Survivor: Caramoan "The Beginning of the End" 5/1/13 *spoilers*

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 01:02
So Andrea joins the list of those voted out with a hidden immunity idol in their pockets. Pretty good job by the rest of the group to keep it secret from her. I lived her reaction when she got the second vote. "WHAT?!?!"

So could anyone tell if the place where Eric found the HII was the same place where Andrea caught Malcolm digging last week? I'd live to know if Malcolm was digging in the completely wrong place, or if he would have found it with a little more digging.

I was shocked when Eddie jumped in for the doughnuts during the first challenge, but I guess it worked out pretty well for him. But now that Andrea is gone, it will be interesting to see whether they'll immediately vote him off or if someone will pull him in. With just two episodes left (next Wednesday and the following Sunday), there will be eight on the jury and a final three. If Eddie makes it to the end, he'd probably have votes from Michael, Malcolm, Reynold, and Andrea, so he's definitely a threat to win if the rest of them are not careful.

I'd love to see Cochran make it to the end because I think his jury speech and answers will be much more entertaining than anyone else left in the game.

Tivo doesn't see server when running Mac2Tivo

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 22:41
My Tivo is a Series 3 HD XL, with the most recent OS.

I'm running Mac2Tivo 1.2.1 (104) on Snow Leopard.
I"ve added a directory full of pictures to MAc2Tivo. The app shows that it is sharing video wth the DVR.

When I click on the server IP address on the Tivo, it can't find the server.
The IP address is the same one that I got fron the Network Preferences in my Mac Book Pro.

I have viewed jpgs on my Mac from my Tivo before, somehow I've lost that ability. Do I need to enable another setting?


The Americans "The Colonel" (OAD 5/1/2013)

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 22:20
Well that was just an awesome hour of television.

I loved how each group only knew half of what the other was doing.

I think it was a major error for him to not go home to his kids, keeping up normal appearances is never more important than around the time of major operations.

Oh, hey, you blew your chance to catch a spy on American soil, too bad, oh yeah, we have a sick aunt, can you watch the kids?

Anyone care to venture what they are saying at the end of the show?

At the very least I get that the daughter thinks something is going on, but what was that odd stare she had at the end? Was she supposed to be looking at something on the other side of the room?

I was more worried she would see scratches on the floor from the mom moving the washer or dryer to get to the secret hole in the wall.

The Big C Hereafter-Spoilers to Date

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 19:47
Quality of Life OAD 4/29/13

Anyone watching? I thought an all-season (or limited season) thread since no thread yet...

I LOVE Andrea-mentioning her roomie's herpes med cracked me up! :p I hope she does move back in. She can be "Mr J's" assistant again, and they can get rid of that perky blond-I don't care for her one bit.

So Dr Perfect has colon cancer-interesting! Maybe Cathy can teach him to be more compassionate. That will be a cool subplot.

As always, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Sean-he and Cathy bouncing in the bouncy castle was so sweet. And ever the annoying brother, he was laughing at her incontinence. But it wouldn't be "him" if he didn't. Deep down, Cathy knows it was with love. :o The sight of them riding that scooter in the mall! LOLZ! :D :D

I did tear up at the last scene with Cathy and Adam. Setting off the fireworks, her telling him/asking him if it was OK to give up chemo...Laura Linney is such a great actress. And the kid who plays her son is good too.

Well-anyone else watching???

Digital box

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 18:54
I have an old TiVo Pioneer 810, that still works but now that I got rid of all my Comcast boxes, I won't be able to use it, or will I? Now using HD TiVo's with cable cards.
Is there such a box you can BUY to convert my digital to my old TiVo?