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Will pyTiVo display artwork for a video in the list of videos to transfer?

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 12:53
been using pyTiVo for years and I see DFLF has a working metagenerator for the files - mostly movies and some TV shows ripped from DVD to mpeg2.

so I can now have the text list of videos, and going into them shows the metadata from the txt file cirrectly - and the artwork is in the same folder as the the xxxx.mpg and the xxxx.mpg.txt

but TiVo does not display the artwork - did not find the palce to read up on how this works, can anyone reply with the answer or a link that shows the how? TIA

Any advice on getting TiVo service to test whether it will work for us?

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 12:18
We're considering finally cutting the cord and are planning to try a dry run with TiVo. My current thinking is to pick up a used TiVo or two (series 3 or better) without lifetime service, attach it/them to an antenna and record OTA for a while, keeping our DirecTV as-is during that time as a safety net.

(I don't have the option to consider htpc/Tablo/DVR+ options as this needs to be as close as possible to what we have now for others in the family.)

Since I've never had a TiVo, my question is this - is there anything I need to know before signing up month-to-month? Specifically, is there anything I, as a brand new customer, could gain - or lose - long term by signing up for something specific, asking for a certain deal, etc.? Also, other than me getting a used DVR with lifetime included, do any of the units have different pricing plans attached/grandfathered to them from previous users?

Thanks for any help in curing my ignorance - I searched the forum and didn't run across any posts that mentioned anything like this.

Record cancelled programs?

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 12:05
I have shows in my to do list that have been cancelled because the Tivo feels it won't have enough room to record them. Will it automatically record them anyway if there is enough room, or would I have to remember and manually add them back in?

Forum time is off

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 12:02
I noticed this in the iphone 6 pre-order thread when were all online and the times stamps were off.

I see that the last time the subject shows up in a thread was 2011

I'm posting this at 1:16PM ET the forums stamped it at 1:02

vidmgr - Is there a guide for dummies?

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 11:16
So, I need a step-by-step on how to get vidmgr up and running on my base Roamio. I'm not a complete dunce, I have pyTivo installed and operational, and running as a service on a WHSv1, but vidmgr just seems confusing to me.

Can anyone 'walk me through it like I'm 80'? lol. :D

remote code

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 10:43
Need help finding remote code for Seiki TV on Tivo remote

Masters of Sex | "One for the Money, Two for the Show" | 2014-09-21 S2E11

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 10:16
Thread starter...hope this season ends on a high note.

More comments later.

Roamio Pro/Amazon Download issues (again)

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 10:02
Over the past several years, Tivo performance in downloading Amazon Instant Video has been extremely variable. On both Roamio and Premier hardware, sometimes a normal HD movie would download quickly and without incident. Other times, the download would be totally unsuccessful in this way:

You use the Tivo app on the Premier/Roamio, search for and select the content on Amazon, select the HD variation, tell it you want to "purchase the rental", enter your pin, etc. You get an email from Amazon confirming and thanking you. After a bit, the blue light comes on, and the Tivo "seems" to be downloading. However, when it's still on hours later you check, and it says that (for example) after four hours, a total of 44 seconds of content has downloaded.

I've done every possible troubleshooting I can think of. I've completely shut down my entire network and all Tivos. Router/Switch, all Tivos unplugged, etc. Bring up the Router, then in order power up the other devices. I'm on FiOS, with a 50/50 connection. I have zero issues with any other device beyond the Tivos. My tested internet speed and latency are both extremely good - to the specific ports that the Tivos are plugged into. All Tivos connected via Ethernet.

I'm getting more and more convinced that Tivo simply isn't up to the task of IP delivered content, as while some of their support staff as recently as this past Friday acknowledged known issues with this, there has been no improvement to speak of. It works sometimes and then it just doesn't work.

I do not believe this is Amazon. If we all remember, when you "rent" or "buy" content from Amazon through your Tivo, it is my understanding that all content is effectively proxied through the Tivo system. Meaning that there is no direct connection (socket or other) between your Tivo and Amazon. Other devices - at the exact same time and the exact same location - have no issues with Amazon audio or video services. This includes both streaming (which of course, the Tivo cannot do) and download services. I'm personally of the opinion that the problem has to do with how Tivo is trying to proxy the content delivery, but have no real data to support this other than the use cases which eliminate either my network, my internet connection, or general Amazon audio video is the issue - pretty much leaving Tivo as the last edge on Occam's Razor.

Any comment or relevant information about this? In my area, Verizon is releasing new "home" equipment that compares better with Tivo than previous equipment (though my original Verizon DVR has never failed, and multiple Tivos have....). Since I can't currently use my Minis for Amazon content whatsoever, and since my Roamios are extremely unreliable in this regard, combined with some newer defects I'm dealing with (audio/video sync issues with mini, degraded playback performance on Roamios if they happen to be downloading IP delivered content) I'm starting to think about next steps. Having lifetime on all my equipment doesn't really give Tivo any reason to focus on fixing these issues, IMHO.

The Good Wife S06:E:01 9/22/14

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 09:14
So, looks like Carey is in deep doo doo.
I love all of the actors from The Wire that show up on this show. Here's 1.5 er I mean 1.3 million in cash...
Looks like the show will carry on without Josh Charles and do just fine.

And no panties intern :eek:

True Detective Season 2 Casting news

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 07:21
Confirmed for Season 2 is Colin Farrell


I am on board. I think they guy can really act and it will be interesting if he does American accent or stays Irish.

I am still holding out for Jessica Chastain. I think her and Farrell together could be awesome.

spsps code not working

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 00:06
I had this code working on my mini For quick hide of banner.
my mini was stuck on a black screen so i had to reboot mini, now I can't get code to work again. Any trick to it? I know it has to be input while watching a recorded show

Menu is fuzzy after plugging into Marantz SR5009 reciever

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 22:24
I have a problem with my on-screen Guide menu on my Roamio Pro.

The on-screen Guide menu looks terrible. The font is readable, but it's 'fuzzy', in a way. Like there's a loss of resolution or something. This is a new problem.

The picture is the same (as far as I can tell), so I'm living with it. The TV, btw, is a Pioneer Kuro 50" Plasma.

I bought a new receiver, a Marantz SR5009. Instead of plugging my TiVo directly into the TV, I obviously was now plugging it into the pass-through HDMI port, with an HDMI out from the receiver to the TV.

The length of the HDMI cords should be noted. I have a 15' from the TiVo to the receiver, and a 25' from the receiver to the TV. Previously the TiVo went straight to the TV on a 25' cable. Not sure if this is an issue.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Madam Secretary "Pilot" (9/21/14) SPOILERS!

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 21:05
I thought it was interesting, especially since she's intent on being a rogue, and not an ass kisser. I may set up an SP when I get home.

Watched it live, so I missed some things. Who was killed in the car crash?

Apparently, Zeljko Ivanek is playing the same suck-up bureaucrat with an agenda that he usually does.

Guide Favorites without ABC buttons?

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 20:40
I've got a TiVo Premiere HD and TWC just changed all my channels. I reset the whole thing and re-added Favorites, but on the Channel Guide I'm getting every single channel.

With the previous software, you could toggle between Favorites and All Channels by pressing Enter on the remote. But with the new software, you need a remote that has A-B-C buttons to change from All to Favorites -- and my remote doesn't have those buttons.

Does anyone know how to change the Guide settings without a remote with ABC buttons?


Tivo Stream Slow, How do I speed up?

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 19:04
I know this general question has been asked but there always seems to be on detail that doesn't match my situation. I have the TiVo Roamio with Tivo stream standalone. I use apple Tivo app on iPad and iPhone. I have comcast with 50mb/s download speed. My iPad averages a speed of 42mb/s. A 1 hour tv show downloading medium size takes about 20mins. Yet I can download Avatar in HD (5.5GB) in the same time (20mins) or less. The Tivo stream is just ridiculously slow is there anyway to speed up? With my connection I should easily be able to download a 1 hour show (medium quality) in 5 mins. Also note I'm downloading on my home network not out of network. How do I make my Tivo stream match my internet speed?

Youtube not streaming

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 18:47
On my Tivo HD...ethernet connected. I cant get youtube to stream. I use it nearly every day (at least my grandson does). And today I cant get anything to stream. I get an error that I need to allow transfers on tivo.com (already have checked it long ago...and rechecked today)...and restart the tivo...did that. Also suggested router errors...I rebooted the router a few times...and cable modem.

I can open the youtube app but cant get any video to stream. Netflix works...I can stream netflix movies. I also tried youtube through my 360 and that works.

Ethernet comes through a 4 port switch...which has my tivo, 360 and a wireless cam hooked up.

I did ping the tivo through the FRING app on my iphone and it was suffering major packet loss (like 50%)

Anybody have any suggestions for me here?



Doctor Who "Time Heist" OAD 9/20/14

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 17:49
Well I'm one of the positive one's on this season but another enjoyable episode. Not great, they can't all be, but watchable and enjoyable.

I liked the reference back to the phone number in the shop, that points back to that being Missy related.

Some predictable parts, especially the Architect being the Doctor, but I like all the timey wimey stuff.

I like the little references like ""Big scarf. Bow tie. Bit embarrassing"

Put Roamio hard drive into Premiere?

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 17:23
The day I received my new Roamio (last December), I removed it's 500GB hard drive and installed a 2TB. I did this before I even plugged it in and activated it.

It just occurred to me that I have that 500GB hard drive sitting in a box in my closet, so the question is: can I put that 500GB into one of my Premieres essentially upgrading it from it original 320GB?

It seems like it should be a simple swap, similar to the Roamio, but I thought I'd ask just in case I'm missing something.

Bonjour Mademoiselle Tivo

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 15:56
It looks like most of you here use something other than Tivo Desktop. I wanted something simple so I set up a dedicated Windows 7 Professional computer with Tive Desktop to serve downloaded movies. It’s been running for over a year and it’s been mostly problematic. Sometimes the Tivo Premier can’t see it, sometimes the Tivo Roamio can’t see it and sometimes neither Tivo can see it.

I’ve tried all the usual fixes such as: reboot the computer, restart the Tivo service, use Tivo desktop cleaner and reinstall Tivo Desktop, clear the cache and so on. Some things fix the problem temporarily. Nothing fixed the problem permanently.

One of the times I was reinstalling Tivo Desktop I noticed that it installed Bonour 2.x. I remembered that my PC with iTunes used Bonjour 3.x. So, I uninstalled the Bonjour 2.x that came with Tivo Desktop and installed Bonjour 3.x that came with iTunes. That was six weeks ago and everything has been working perfectly ever since. Just passing this along since I haven’t seen any solutions like it.

Can I activate a Mediacom/CableCompany NEW TiVo Mini on Tivo.com account?

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 13:17
So i thought I scored a great deal on a NEW, in package TiVo mini. Turns out it looks like it is a cable company owned/rented unit. I went to TiVo.com and it says to call an 800 number, or contact Mediacom, the local cable company. I didn't even know that they distributed Minis. (I've been out of the TiVo loop for about 4 years, went to DirecTV, and now on OTA.)
So, any chance TiVo customer service would activate the unit on my regular TiVo.com account? Or is the unit just worthless?

Any help and info/insight is greatly appreciated.

Alex (DocChaos)