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Guide Data

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 13:38
I'm only getting less than 4 days of guide data. Anyone else having this problem? Do I need to connect to the TiVo Service in order to have the complete 9 days of guide data download?

TiVo customer service just lost a customer of over 15 years

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 13:32
I can't believe what a farce getting my account straightened out has been. Like a good TiVonation citizen, every time I bought a new TiVo, I would give my old one to someone else so they could enjoy the great benefits of TiVo. Turns out, I had been paying for that service all this time and was supposed to be paying the $6.99 rate, but was being charged $12.95. So I call to get it all squared away and they offer to credit me 3 months of the $12.95 and suspend charging my account until December. I agree that that is fair and equatable, I should have caught it myself. Then I look at my bank account and there sits another charge of $12.95 processed today!

I have canceled my last monthly subscription with TiVo and can't believe a company would treat its most loyal customers this way!!

Big Brother 9/7/2014 - HoH and Nominations

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 12:05
So Frankie wins HoH but it will all reset anyways, except maybe to piss off a few people along the way...most likely Cody.

I sorta agree with them that if you're in the Big Brother house and there is a choice, you almost have to push the button. You know that most people watching will want to see whatever it is happen.

And Jeff and Jordan's engagement was cute. It's still fun to watch those two.

(Another) restarting issue

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 11:28
I tried searching for this in the forums, but it looks like it’s a unique problem. I even called TiVo Customer Support, but they had never heard of this issue either (although a couple of possible problems were suggested). In any case, here is the problem, which seems to have only started last night:

When I watch a show I’ve recorded and I get to the end, I push Left/Back on the remote (instead of pushing the TiVo Central button), I hear the chime, and the options pop up at the bottom of the screen to keep the recording or delete; usually I select Delete, since I’m done watching the show, and it goes Back to the Now Playing List instead of TiVo Central. But last night when I was done watching an hour-long show, I pushed Left and heard the chime, but nothing came up – and the the TiVo shut down and restarted (which takes a while, of course). Once it was back on, I went back to the Now Playing List and deleted the show by just highlighting and deleting it.

Since the TiVo had restarted, I was hoping the issue had resolved itself; so this morning I watched another recorded hour-long show, and did the same thing when it was done: pushed Left/Back. I heard the chime again, and then the TiVo shut down and restarted again. How frustrating! I tried a half-hour show that had been recorded and skipped to the end, but when I hit Left, I heard the chime as normal, and the options to keep or delete did come up; I was then able to go to the Now playing List as normal. So it seems that an hour-long show will cause this problem, but not a half hour. (I haven’t even tried a movie, since I’m concerned that the length of the recording may be an issue.)

Another odd thing about this is my family and I watched an hour-long show that aired last night. We didn’t start watching when it first began, so we started it from the Now Playing List; and when we were finished watching it, I was able to do my “shortcut” with the Left arrow and delete the show without any problems. It wasn’t until I watched the show last night, and another one this morning (which were both recorded on Saturday night), that the problem started.

The age of the unit may very well be a contributing factor: it’s a Series 2, and according to my account that I viewed on the TiVo website, it was activated in 2006. After the show caused the unit to restart for the second time this morning, I tried permanently deleting some recordings from the Recently Deleted folder, but it happened again when I tried deleting something from the Now Playing List later.

The Customer Support agent I spoke to was very nice and did her best to help me, but was not able to resolve the issue (which is why I’m trying here). She suggested that the tuner in the unit may be at fault, although I still don’t understand how a tuner, which handles the live TV signal coming into the TiVo, could cause a recorded program to cause my issue. While still on the phone with her, I did try disconnecting the coaxial cable from the TiVo and then tried deleting a recording using the shortcut, and it still caused the unit to shut down and restart. She also suggested contacting weaknees.com to ask about estimates for a repair, so I still have that option. But if the TiVo’s hard drive is going (which is entirely possible, given its age and usage), it might be cheaper and more practical to just get a new unit (although that may not be possible right now).

SO…Anyone else have a similar issue? If so, were you able to fix the problem? How? Any help with this is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance to anyone that might have suggestions or solutions.

EAS Weather Alerts for Wrong County

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 10:17
Hi - I browsed through the many threads about EAS weather alerts but didn't see anything applicable to my scenario. Not to say there aren't any just to say, I looked but didn't see any. My apologies if this is redundant.

Yes, the EAS alerts are a pain but I wouldn't mind so much if the alerts were for the county where my Tivo is located. I live in Long Beach CA which is in LA County. My Tivo interrupts viewing and recordings with EAS alerts for Riverside County. Do you know how many fires and flash floods take place in Riverside County? I do now and it's a lot! The message displays Verizon Fios Pomona (a city in Riverside County) and a code VH003 or something. I contacted Verizon, thinking they had control over the EAS and updating my account with the correct county. They do not.

Is there anyway to fix it so I only get alerts for the county I live in? If you know So Cal, you know there's a whole other county (Orange County) between me and Riverside County. I live at the beach and other than high surf, tidal wave or hurricane (those last two have never happened but technically I guess they could), not much happens in terms of "emergency" weather. If one can opt-out of these alerts on one's smartphone, it seems to me one should be able to opt-out on one's Tivo. If that's not an option, I should at least only be bombarded with alerts that serve my county. Any advice or suggestions?

Constant Rebooting

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 09:56
Not sure if it was the last update, but my Roamio have been rebooting 1 to 3 times a week. Not consistent pattern, sometime when I choose info, sometimes when I chose play, and one time when I tried to record from the guide. Hopefully, this will be fixed with the next update. Has anyone else noticed a frequency of reboots?

Remote Tivo Code

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 09:13
My daughter bought a plus and a mini and on the mini they have a Sabre TV that was sold at the Military Base only I think and I can not find a code that work has anyone had this problem and found a code?

Signal Issues With Portland OR KOIN 6

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 09:06
I have 2 TIVO Premiere DVRs hooked up to an antenna in my attic. The signal strength for KOIN 6 channel has been fine for almost 2 years. A little bit after the software upgrade, both of my Premiere DVRs can't lock in the signal now for just that one channel. If i disconnect one from the antenna it works better. The signal strenth is about 45 - 50 % now. Used external antenna with no change. Direct to the TV tuner it works fine. What sucks it it's CBS and most of the programs i record are on this channel. Any usefull information that can help me? Thanks.

TiVo Mega drinks your milkshake, and then some

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 09:04
Lots of debate in the TiVo OTA thread about whether one should pay $15/mo. forever for the OTA box. Well, would you pay $5,000 one time for a TiVo?

TiVo is about to demo the TiVo Mega, basically a souped-up Roamio with... wait for it... 24 terabytes of storage.

TiVo estimates the price will be around $5,000. Hey, at least that includes Lifetime. Slated to hit the market early next year.

Windows Phone App

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 08:47
Sorry if there is already a thread for this, but I couldn't find it. I know everyone is clamoring for Android streaming, but it sure would be nice if they offered a Windows Phone app also. I'd be fine with non streaming to start with.

Was troubleshooting RF remote, Roamio now stuck in IR mode

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 06:46
Previously...I was experiencing the issue where every 4th or 5th key press would switch to IR (show RED light). It seems I wasn't the only one. :)

Though In a poor attempt to Troubleshoot...I attempted to re-pair the remote. Following some of the steps here and on the Tivo site. (CLEAR-ENTER-CLEAR-221-CLEAR...CLEAR-ENTER-CLEAR-220-CLEAR...TIVO+POWER-ThumbsDOwnx3-ENTER)

Now...I'm stuck (in a crappy spot), the remote only works in IR (RED). I get to the Blinking Yellow phase...but only TIVO+C will stop that.

Anyone have any straightforward step-by-step methods to get me out of my STUCK IN THE "IR" MUD state?

Season passes on unchecked channels?

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 02:42
Why are season passes still being recorded on my Roamio basic if I have un-checked those channels from my channel list? They don't show in my guide anymore. :confused:

Utopia - Season Premiere 9/7/2014 *spoilers*

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 00:51
Interesting concept for a show. Could become very interesting. But so far the show seems to have relied too much on typical reality TV-type casting in order to create drama rather than actually trying to cast people who will build an interesting new society.

Josh made a really boneheaded move to get plastered on the first night, and he's a really bad drunk. But that seems to have humbled him and he was pretty level-headed the rest of the episode. Which is a good thing, because he was a cocky a**hole before that.

That NYC lawyer was on a major power trip when he was officiating the "trial" and handing down the sentence. Did he really pack a gavel in his personal effects? I would have been with the guys who said they wanted Josh to stay and then bailed outside. That whole thing was a complete farce.

The blonde survivalist lady is a complete kook. One minute she is trying to get Josh kicked off the show and a couple hours later she's flirting with him like crazy.

That whole fight between Red and Aaron was nonsensical. Aaron didn't feel comfortable cooking the dead chicken for the whole group. Red was willing to prep it and cook it for himself and take the risk. I don't understand what caused the problem.

I can understand if the Pastor doesn't want to go near the lake when the ladies are skinny dipping, but was he saying that he couldn't go there at all when the ladies are there? If they were wearing swimsuits, would he still not be able to go near the lake?

Overall, I'm interested, but I sure hope that after these initial couple of days getting to know each other, the guys put their tempers away and start to figure out how to solve problems without yelling and being aggressive.

The Leftovers 9/7/2014 "The Prodigal Son Returns"

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 23:35
I may rewatch this episode.. Good season finale. It did feel like they were covering their bases for if the show wasn't renewed, because it could have ended on this episode.

...but clearly that's not what they wanted. There were four things I wanted to remember to post (among others):

* Remember when Kevin was thrown in the insane asylum room? Remember later how he woke up so you thought it was "just a dream"? Well, someone slipped him a copy of that 1972 issue of National Geographic, and when he opened it up to the page with the note, it was on the article about Cairo.

That's actually what was in that issue. He tore up the first copy he ever received (or destroyed it someone - I don't totally remember), and the second one that his daughter bought wasn't met with much approval. It doesn't seem like he read the magazine. So how did he know that Cairo was one of the articles? And how did he know what that page looked like? He gained actual information during that asylum "dream". It was more than just a dream.

* Two more things that Kevin and Tom did in common this episode:

1) Both of them went into a bathroom and found someone sharing Wayne's DNA

2) Both of them had a black man ask them if he could help them.. (Kevin was granted a wish by Wayne, and Tom was offered help from the religious bus)

* If the GR really really really wanted to piss Nora off, they'd have had the girl not only sitting in the correct seat (they screwed up the boy and girl's seats - they must have just had some rough account she told in a public story), but they'd also have the girl spilling orange juice all over the table. HOW MANY TIMES DID SHE HAVE TO TELL THE KID!! TWO HANDS!!!

It looks like it can be interpreted that Wayne indeed did grant Kevin's wish, assuming that Kevin just wanted a family again and now he's got Nora, Jill, and as a reddit poster said, another son fathered by someone else. (he even got the dog that he bet could be rehabilitated)

Oh, and.. "JILL!!!!!!!!"

unusual reboot problem in TivoHD

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 22:37
I have a TivoHD, originally 20 hour but long since upgraded. I had to replace the drive almost exactly a year ago. Just in the last few days, a strange problem has surfaced. When I get near the end of a recorded program and hit the left arrow (left side of the circle on a peanut remote) to go back and use "Delete program", the box reboots. This seems to be consistently repeatable and only seems to happen when I use the left arrow at the END of a program. if I do it in the middle, I get back to the Program menu option where I can resume playing or delete now. I just also confirmed that if I let the program end on its own, the box reboots instead of giving the "delete now" menu. This is REALLY weird!

I don't think I have any other indications typical of a failing hard drive. On rare occasions I'll get some pixellation of a recorded program but I generally chalk that up to the cable card or crap signal. The current drive is a WD-AV 1TB drive. IIRC, I loaded a recent "cake" image when I installed it a year ago. I've had no problems until now. I also have noted a thread on the Roamio forum regarding spontaneous reboots tied to a service update.
I would be quite surprised if Tivo released an update for an older box like mine, but I suppose anything is possible. Suggestions?

so tired of this... roamio pixilation and lock up

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 21:09
My Roamio Pro started locking up 1 year ago. Sent the unit back and got a new unit. 4 months later, same thing. TivoMargaret told of a new update to stop lock ups. Several weeks later, it fixed the lock up. In June 2014, it started to lock up again. Called weakness for warranty repair. Sent the unit in (at a $55 shipping cost), was told there was nothing they could find that was wrong with the unit but was replacing the unit anyway just in case. Now, 3 months later, tonight, while recording 4 hd channels, total lock up with extreme pixilation. A hard reboot was required. 40 minutes later, SAME THING! The unit is plugged directly into the power outlet, no ups. I have 1 other roamio pro and it works fine, a 1 tivohd and it works fine. What do I do now ? Please help.

652 reboots after stopping playback

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 20:19
Out of no where, twice in a row, after the program finished, I stopped the recording, the system froze, then re-booted. This was on two separate recordings in the same folder. I have had some lockups once in a while, that required a power cycle, but not under these circumstances.

This is a 652 (HD) model. OTA only.

No, I haven't checked the PS yet. :(

New Mini pricing at Weaknees $150, includes lifetime

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 18:09
Check it out. $150 for the Mini with Lifetime!


One Channel in My Lineup is Wrong

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 17:31
I have always had one channel that has always been wrong. I don't really record anything on it, so I haven't worried about it, but I think it would be nice to fix. The whole rest of the lineup is correct, except for that one channel (it thinks EWTN is actually QVC). I have the correct lineup selected - it's just the lineup is wrong. If possible, I'd like to just change something on the Tivo itself - since, in my experience, Time Warner Cable is very, very unlikely to actually make anything better for anyone ever for any reason. Any way to simply tell my Tivo to replace "this channel" with "that one" for guide data?