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Which TiVo model?

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 14:27
I'm thinking about getting a TiVo but after taking a look around I'm not sure which model would be appropriate.

Here are my criteria/situation:

A. I have a hearing loss and need closed captions to make programming accessible so I need a TiVo with closed captioning options

B. I have one HDTV (Sony Bravia 32L5000) and no plans for more

C. Minimal hard drive size would do

D. Currently I have Comcast for TV but am considering moving to FiOSTV--I have FiOS for broadband and phone

Given the above criteria, recommendations as to which TiVo model would be appropriate?



How to program my Sound Bar with Tivo Remotes?

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 13:09

I got 2 energy klipsch sound bars for my Panasonic TV's, one in my Basement and one in my Living Room and I am VERY Impressed with the sound and bass. I was able to turn OFF my speakers on my Panasonic but how do I program the Sound Bar to work with my Tivo Remotes Mute and volume Up and Down?

The instructions said to hold the source button then push Mute on the sound bar and then mute 4 times on the Remote to learn it, same for volume UP and Down. I got it to Mute with the Tivo Remote but the sound comes back seconds later and volume up and down doesnt work. any other suggestions?


New Idol Judge Confirmed

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 11:16
Looks like Jennifer Hudson has been confirmed as one of the new judges on American Idol. Others being discussed for the remaining sports are Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken.

While in some ways, it's an interesting premise to have previous contestants as judges, I'm not sure how I feel about them making up the entire panel. But then again, they DO need to make some serious changes and as long as Nicki's not coming back, it'll be an improvement.

Link to article

Does Someone Have To Go? - Premiere (5/23/2013)

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 10:56
Did anyone watch this train wreck?

It was painful to watch this real company be put through the reality television production wringer...

People are interviewed in private about their co-workers, and then their comments aired out in a company wide meeting... Salaries are divulged, and then they have to "vote someone off the island"? :eek:

I read something on the web that another company was being courted for this show, but they pulled out in time to avert disaster in their company... They were sold that this was an opportunity for their company to be highlighed on television and potentially promote (or demote) employees on television...

At first they were intrigued... Have their company highlighted on television with the opportunity to promote employees in public? Great PR! But they described that the producers started down the path of being more interested in having someone fired...

tivo plus service?

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 10:30
I just got around to watching some shows on my DRT800 S2/dvd unit and the last few shows didnt record and I got a message that they were not recorded because it was scheduled with a "Tivo Plus" feature. What is tivo plus? I thought that was the old term for paid service not the free basic service that came with Pioneer/Toshiba DVD units? My unit has full paid lifetime service for the last 6-7 years. Any ideas?

TiVo - freezing so much I can't watch anything

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 08:34

Been reading many of the posts here but not certain if what I'm encountering is common.

Here's what I have: Series 3 HD TiVo Lifetime Service, running Verizon Fios with two cable cards. About 4 years old, using external WD hard drive and wireless adaptor. Has run flawlessly until about a month ago.

Problem: Started occasional freeze and reboot during playback of recorded programs. Did this once, then again a few days later, then to maybe once a day. At first it seemed to freeze at the same point during the recorded program. The past few days the issue got much worse and yesterday could not watch though a half hour recorded program without a reboot and now can’t even watch live TV without it almost instantly rebooting if you rewind, fast forward or pause.

What I've done:

Unplugged and restarted.
Checked all cables.
Ran kickstart 57 & 58. Stated it installed a service update.
Run the kickstart 54 and both internal and external drives passed the smart test.
I even tried divorcing the external HD but no good.

Right now I have it running kickstart 54 for the long internal drive test.

Any advice or suggestions would be welcome!

Is the old Premiere snappier than the XL4

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 00:54
Just got a new (refurbished, actually) Premiere and I have to say, and this is only subjective, that the Premiere seems a lot more snappy and responsive than my XL4.

They are both on the same very fast network, so that's not a factor.

Anyone else have both of these boxes and a similar experience?

Good Bye TiVo

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 23:25
Well, after being a TiVo subscriber for 13 years, I am fed up with their shoddy product and shoddy customer service and dumping my remaining 3 DVRs (I had 6 and have recently dumped 3) and going with either Roku or Apple TV and Time Warner Cable DVRs. The final straw was when I had recently set a hockey game (a Stanley Cup semi-finals game) to record while I was at work and when I got home, ready to watch a game I had been anticipating all day, I was greeted with a black screen and an error message. Ironically, the channel (NBCSN) worked just fine on a different TV that didn't have a TiVo DVR connected. This isn't the first problem I've had with a TiVo DVR. I spent literally several months (more than 4, all told) helping TiVo TS troubleshoot a problem and what did I get in response? Two subscription-free months for the defective DVR and two TiVo supervisors giving me conflicting information as to whether or not my defective DVR would be replaced. One said sure, no problem while the other said I would have to jump through a few more troubleshooting hoops before a decision would be made on how to proceed. Apparently 4 months of hoop jumping wasn't enough for her.
So, I'm done. I'm done with having to deal with the CableCard issues and the tuning adapter issues and I am done having to pay $20 a month/DVR for a product that has become more of a headache than anything. Ironically, when it's all said and done, I will be paying more for Apple TV or Roku and the TWC DVR than if I were to stay with TiVo but I don't care. If it means paying a couple bucks more a month to have the peace of mind knowing that when I set a channel to record while I am at work, my program will be ready for viewing when I get home, then so be it.
One word of advice TiVo: Study the customer service practices of Verizon Wireless and mirror those. They actually care about their customers - something you might want to consider if you want to stay in business.

Buh Bye

Uh Oh... Flashing green LED

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 20:53
OK I now have the flashing green power LED. No output... no life on Tivo...

Did I make a mistake?... Tivo was working fine, then I out it in standby.. waited a few mins, then unplugged the power. When I powered it back up... flashing green power light... No response of tivo to any TiVo controls.

Any suggestions?

TiVo TCD658000 HD XL

Tivo Server/Web Video Ports

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 20:42

My Tivo is picking the worse time to download web videos. I have my router setup to block connection via IP address from my tivo for certain days and time. This works to stop the Tivo from downloading content at bad times.

However this does affect other things the Tivo needs to do like connecting to the Tivo Services.

So is their some ports that I can block that will block web video downloads but not affect the unit from connecting to the Tivo Servers?

A list of IP Address to block for web video would also work. As long as it is not the IP address to the Tivo Servers.

Thanks for all the help, God Bless.

Falling Skies

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 16:15
For those who may be wanting to catch up on this series there is a season 1 marathon Memorial Day with a season 2 marathon the following Saturday (8 June) leading up to the Season 3 premiere on June 9.

My mini alternative

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 14:35
I really wanted a mini for my shack in the backyard, but I do not have a 4-tuner Tivo.

The $250 price (with lifetime) was reasonable, but unfortunately it would be a lot more because I would have to buy a new TiVo as well.
I started looking around and found an HDMI wireless transmitter:


This is $150 and *generally* has the range that I need. Watch the video to see some of the issues that I am still working out..

But once that was installed I realized that the IR transmitter in the unit does not work because Tivo uses a dual-band IR. So I had to get one of these:


The net price is ~$180 for the two devices and it took only a few minutes to get them working together (once I had both).

The picture is less than spectacular (even though I am getting 720p) there are some blotchy artifacts that I get from poor signal. I think that possibly getting a longer cable and moving the shack unit off of the TV and onto the wall closer to the door might be good.

The Tivo has dual HD outputs (HDMI and component) so I run component to the TV and HDMI to the broadcaster. HDMI has its own set of issues with handshakes and there are still some things to work out there, but generally everything is working like I need it to.

Here is a video that walks through what I did:


I think within a room this would be great for hiding the Tivo and having a TV mounted on the wall.

Hawaii 5-0 Aloha. Malama Pono 5/20

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 13:54

Hawaii 5-0 is actually a rather dumb procedural cop show but there are two main reasons I continue to watch it. First are the fantastically beautiful locations. And second (or maybe first!) is Grace Park. I absolutely love her!!! When this version of H5-0 was announced and they said that Kono was going to be a woman I thought back to the original H5-0 and the actor who played Kono (he went by the single name of Zulu) was a big husky guy and I said that no way a woman could replace him. But they set up the new Kono as an athletic woman who can literally beat the crap out of a guy and I like those kinds of characters.

So at first I though they were going to kill her off but that would have been too easy. But at the end when she decides to go with her sort-of-criminal boy friend I was so disappointed.

Does anyone know if this is permanent or will she come back as her character said she would.

I want BOOMER back!!!


Terrible time getting Minis to work

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 12:06
I'm pretty frustrated, hopefully someone can help.

I upgraded from 2 Series 3's to 1 Premiere 4 Tivo and 2 Minis.

Ripped out the 3's, and installed the 4 with a new M-Card and a tuning adapter. The main Tivo tunes all channels fine. I can watch any and all channels just fine. Great, now on to the Minis...

Hooked them up via Ethernet, and they connect to the main Tivo, but don't show live TV. I can play recorded content just fine, but whenever I try to watch Live TV, I get either:

"Searching for Signal on this Antenna Channel" (What? Tivo 4's don't even have Antenna support!)


"This channel is temporarily unavailable. Press SELECT to try tuning to this Channel again. Contact your cable provider for more information"

I called Tivo, and I can verify that:

I'm not trying to tune the same channel as another tuner.
Yes, I'm trying to watch channels that I can receive normally on the main Tivo
Yes, the Tivo is configured to share 2 tuners with the Minis as per the instructions
Yes, the Minis are registered with Tivo under the same account as the main Tivo. They all have Lifetime service.

Now this is the strange part. I left it like this and went out of town for 3 days, came back and low and behold, I can watch Live channels on the Minis! Great, I was thinking it must have been a software update by Tivo that made it work. My Minis are running this version:

I could tell it was working because I saw 2 red lights on the front of the Tivo I had never seen before indicating that the Mini's were capturing those tuners. Everything played great, no quality or connection issues.

Then, I decided to unplug the Tivo and re-arrange my components slightly, and then plug it back in. I was expecting everything to work again... NOPE, same problem!

Am I supposed to wait for a really long time everytime my Tivo looses power for my Minis to reconnect? What is going on here?

TA Recording Overide!

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 10:02
So it's obvious with a TA new restrictions were put into place blocking channels we could record before. I ran a test and determined this


This image shows you two recordings. One was recorded with the TA on.
The other was recorded with the TA off, not unplugged.

NOTE: Channels that require the TA to function will not load without it.

What this means, if there is something you wish to use TD or Pytivo you will need to time it and power down the TA before the show starts. Otherwise you will have to use a TV card to do your own editing.

It's Christmas: An early gift for everyone at TC, your welcome.

Mini - why need network connection

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 08:48
So, last night the mini was having some issues. Network error, V112 I think, maybe it was V121.. couldn't connect to host, couldn't get live tv, couldn't stream from primary XL4, etc..

So, I thought maybe she needs a reboot. When I went over to the mini, I noticed that the physical NETWORK cable was unplugged. So I thought, duh, that makes sense, I wonder how/when that happened.

Anyway, I plugged the network cable back in, nothing got better. Tried to connect to TIVO, check network connection - nothing. It would just time out and sometimes if froze, so I rebooted. again.

then I rebooted the ENTIRE network all the way to the modem, modem, routers, homeplug, everything - except the XL4.

So, the XL4 was now doing some update which took well over an HOUR to load. So, I went to bed..but, the mini with the now PLUGGED IN NETWORK CABLE the Ethernet lights on the BACK on the mini were blinking, the yellow status and green activity lights were blinking...but it had never done that before.

So, either A) the lights are now activated due to some firmware/software update or B) the CABLE HAS NEVER BEEN PLUGGED IN AFTER SETUP???!!!

Either way, I can guarantee you that the LIGHTS on the back were never on or flashing since I am VERY sensitive to light in the room in in an INSTANT could see the lights filling up the room...so

So, I'm LEANING towards the fact that the network cable has not been plugged in for over TWO months since setting up the mini the first time?

Is that possible? Will it just work totally fine with MOCA and without NETWORK? It sure seems to..

and the end of the story: I have now unplugged the network cable that connects the mini to the home network and BOOM the mini works fine now, streams live tv and can stream stored content on the primary XL4 just fine - so no network needed?

Linksys Adapter for Premiere 4 and XL4

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 08:45
I plan to buy a TiVo Premiere 4 (or XL4) for use with a Linksys, "Wireless-N Gaming and Video Adapter", WET610N. This model is said to be compatible with an, "Ethernet-enabled DVR". Is the Linksys WET610N compatible with the TiVo Premiere series?

Summer Shows 2013

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 07:44
Over the last few years, I've always managed to find stuff that interested me during the summer. Looking at this year's crop of shows, it looks like I'll be watching a lot of baseball, and movies. Not a whole lot interests me, unless you're into crime dramas, which I'm not.


BTW, was looking at my SPs and was wondering if anyone knew if these shows were coming back:

Political Animals (not great, but had an interesting cast)
Covert Affairs (I need a little Piper :) )

Why Does Tivo Take So Long To Boot Up?

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 04:46
Last night another hiccup from the electric company. Power was down for a few seconds. Tivo came back but it took about seven minutes for recording to resume (seven minutes including the idiotic cartoon). PCs, smartphones, tablets all can boot in about a minute (or less). Tivo has always taken a long time. Why? Tivo has been on the market for about 13 years. You'd think this is something they could have solved by now.

Yes, I know about UPS. Still, there's no reason why a reboot should take seven minutes. And don't add insult to injury with a Tivo cartoon and a THX cartoom (much as I like George Lucas, I don't need the cartoon).