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Sons of Anarchy - "Sovereign" - 9/11/12

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 22:36
Dawn :(

I guess it's pretty safe to say Tig is as a definite nay for Clay staying SAMCRO. (if they ever get to vote it)

Any idea who home invading, artificial leg guy(gal?) is, or who they are in general?

Horrible Lag

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 21:05
Got my Stream today, hooked it up, and BAM horrible lag. The stream wont go 30 seconds without freezing. I have two IPads and the problem is the same on both.

Anyone have any ideas on how to trouble shoot this? I have the Stream hardwired on the network but down in the basement. I assume the streaming comes from my wireless router (which is centrally located) not the stream, is that correct?

Linux GPL'd sources for recent software

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 20:45
A note to TiVo, I am requesting the 11.2 (DirecTV THR22), 15.3 (Virgin Mobile/Cisco/Gimbal, 19.0 (tivo stream), and 20.x (latest premiere) GPL'd sources.

I'm surmising that tivo is not legally on the hook to release the source for the the 3rd party boxes (DirecTV and Virgin), though would appreciate a confirmation of that.

For the 19.x software, I can understand that you may wish to wait for the 90 days for the dust to settle. For the 20.x software, that's been out for a while now.

Finally, a question about the tivo software running on the stream, why is it an LSB system? This is the first mips cpu I've seen tivo run in LSB, was it because of the transcoder hardware?


Stream wont Connect

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 20:25
My stream doesnt get past the 1st Step. The IPad app shows it found a stream. Then it goes to step 1 (checking software version) and it fails with: not able to setup tivo stream.

i have the tivo activated on tivo.com

I have an IP which i can see in my router

The white light is not solid. It keeps flashing.

any ideas?

Is it okay to turn the TiVo off (i.e. unplug) every night?

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 19:50
Planning on moving my Series 3 to the bedroom, but my wife has bionic ears and swears that she won't be able to sleep because of the noise.

Will we damage the TiVo if we turn it off every night? I know it won't record shows, but that's fine. Just want to make sure that it has no ill effects on the box.


Problem with MRV to Tivo HD

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 19:12
I have been having this problem for a couple weeks now and can not seem to find an answer. I have a Premiere and a Tivo HD. In the Now Playing list on the Premiere I can see the Tivo HD and transfrer programs from it with no problem. When I go to the Now Playing list on the HD I can not see the Premiere. The Premiere is connected via wifi and the tivo HD is hardwired to the router. From my computer I can connect to either one from a browser. Any ideas???

comcast, stream and copy protection

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 17:59
Greetings all,
Just wondering if comcast users are running into a lot of issues with copy protection. My plan for the stream is to download to ipad but I keep on hearing that many shows are copy protected. Dont want to purchase if this is the case.
Just looking for feedback and experiences

Major Crimes - 9/10/12 ** SPOILERS **

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 17:39

Now I found this episode to be quite good. Certainly the character played by Mary McDonnell is no Closer, but with the majority of the detectives from The Closer staying with this new show and their entertaining interactions, this show is shaping up as a pretty fair replacement to The Closer.

However, the character of Rusty is TERRIBLE!! I assume he's there to soften and humanize Capt Raydor but I cringe every time he appears in a scene.

A very big similarity is that in the beginning of the Closer all the detectives were very leary of their new boss. Here some of them, most notibly Det. Provenza, were quite angry about their new boss. But in The Closer, within a few episodes everyone fell in line and started to work very well with Brenda Leigh. Here within a couple of episodes Det. Provenza no longer seems to have a problem with Capt Raydor and is working well with her.

Anyway, in my opinion not a bad show!


P. S. Julio was Rambo-awesome at the end with that high power rifle firing into the trailer!!

Stream issues - Downloading options are incomplete and broken

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 17:38
I installed my stream today. Works fine for streaming, but I wish the volume was much louder. Its super quiet on most of my shows on my iPad3. Much quieter than using my Slingbox or Netflix on the same iPad.

My biggest beef is with downloading shows. They might as well just disable it. Just like the issue we had with Series 2 Tivo-to-Tivo copying, I can copy hardly anything. The Tivo app does not tell you which programs are copy protected. You start the copy process, and only find out that it is not copyable until after it fails. Then for some reason, it completely breaks the Tivo Stream - DVR association. I have to go through the entire Stream setup process again before it will work again. This is a bug that I'm sure will be addressed. But they need to make the app show us if it's protected. I can only download broadcast shows. Nothing from cable, and certainly nothing from Premium channels just like the Series 2. Sigh.

New Tivo App (2.0) awesome but won't run on Jailbroken iOS devices

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 17:04
Title says it all. I got so upset about this issue, I responded to the thread on TiVo's website with a filedropper link to the previous version (1.9.1) as well as instructions on how to put it back on your ipad/iphone so that it will run.

Tivo is blaming CableLabs for this "glitch" saying that CableLabs requires that they not be running on a jailbroken iOS system.

I say this is over-reaching and that the few companies that have tried to do this before were shotdown in the tech press for doing it; as well as having to deal with a lot of pissed-off customers.

(see Skype, myAT&T, NetFlix).


I've asked TiVo to either tell us what/how this app is "checking " (Since there are reports of people getting this error message even when they are not jailbroken) and why specifically this isn't allowed; since the new application still doest not give us real access to the recordings (unless you own an as-yet available streaming device)

Premiere 4

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 16:40
Bit the bullet today and bought the new Premiere 4 to replace my Premiere XL. Does anyone here have the Premiere 4 and can comment on performance of the new 4 tuner box, like responsiveness, sluggishness, or any issues with recording 4 shows at once, as compared with the less hungry 2 tuner Premiere XL? An XL4 would be ideal, but the up front cost is too much right now and I figure that I can always replace the hard drive or add an external at a later date if storage becomes an issue. As far as the Premiere 4 not having THX certification, will I notice any degradation of audio or video as compared to what I am used to with the Premiere XL? The audio and video of the XL, by the way, is vastly superior to my cable company issued "high end" DVR that I had before. Is there any truth that the THX certified TiVos run 7.1 and the non-THX units run 5.1? I have only a 5.1 setup right now anyway, but if the THX boxes can output 7.1 then that would be something to consider as far as future proofing goes. One last question. The Premiere 4 is only compatible with digital channels. Am I going to lose any channels in the Comcast Boston area or is the system 100% digital now? Any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated and thank you in advance for all responses.

My, Castle, what dainty hands you have!

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 16:06
And well-manicured, too!

Oh, wait...

Took me a minute! :D

System Information Page

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 15:15
I've been playing with the extended system information page that you can get to by going to

http://<stream ip>:49152/sysinfo

and I see some interesting things. First off it lists the resolution, profile/level and bitrate for streaming shows. I tried a few different ones, SD and HD, and they're all streamed as 1280x720 High@4.1 with a bitrate of 2.24Mbps. So basically it's equivalent to the Best option when downloading.

When you do a download at Standard it 960x540 High@4.1 with a bitrate of 1.24Mbps.

The bitrates scale pretty well to the resolution so I can see why no one really notices a difference. Although on an iPad 3 with the higher res screen the resolution difference may be more apparent.

Also it seems that they are using standard encrypted HLS for both streaming and side loading, which explains why the side loaded programs are not downloaded with a backup of the iPad.

However I'm wondering, since it is using HLS, if it might be possible to hijack a stream on a PC and at least view it?

I'm not an HLS expert, or an encryption expert, but I think desktop browsers also support HLS so it could be possible.

Which has better OTA receiver?

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 14:32
Does the Series 3 OLED or Tivo HD have a better OTA antenna tuner?

Or are they both the same? I'm getting ready to cut the cord and thinking about trying out canceling service on either the S3 or HD to see if they will offer the $99 PLS special, and trying to decide which Tivo to try it with.


Tivo HD drive upgrade

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 11:53
Hi all

Longtime forum member, infrequent poster.

Back in 2008 I replaced my Series 2 Tivo with a Tivo HD (TCD652160). I upgraded the hard drive with a 1TB Hitachi drive using WinMFS and the system has worked flawlessly until the last couple of days.

Last Thursday I was watching recorded content when the playback started stuttering and the Tivo would not respond to commands. After a restart when I got the same behavior I realized that the hard drive was starting to go bad and as I had a Seagate 1TB hard drive on hand I opted to try copying the drive with all recorded shows using WinMFS. Copy process completed after about 36 hours and initially everything seemed well. I watched the program that was stuttering on the old drive and everything was fine. Later in the afternoon when I turned on the TV I saw that the Tivo was locked up. I tried doing a kickstart 57 to repair the file system but the system would reboot after about 15 seconds and it never completed the process.

I decided to abandon the idea of keeping the shows and I used the Seagate Seatools utility to do a complete erasure of the drive and I used WinMFS to restore the drive backup made from the Hitachi drive.

I fired up the Tivo and it booted and things looked promising although I was surprised to see the recordings listed on the "now playing" page as I know the WinMFS backup by default doesn't copy the recordings. I was thinking about perhaps doing a 'clear and delete' when the system suddenly rebooted and now it has the green screen which I guess means that the kickstart 57 is running again.

I know back in 2008 there was a list of drives that were recommended and there were some that were known NOT to work in Tivos. I just checked the drive upgrade thread and doing a little cross referencing to Newegg the Seagate 1 TB drives listed are listed as "not available".

The drive I was trying to use is a ST1000DL02. I wanted to run this by forum experts to opine whether I've just got an incompatible drive here or whether there are things left to try that I haven't thought of yet. Also is there an updated list of known good drives?

Apps.TV is no more

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 10:35
I noticed last night that Reversi wasn't showing up in my TiVos' menus, just the apps.tv IP address. Today I went to look at apps.tv in my browser, and sure enough, I saw this:

I've been expecting this for a while, but it's still a sad day for me. After taking down their own hosted apps, and purging others from the list, apps.tv was down to just two available apps at the time of shutdown: my own Reversi, and that Fire Dispatch thing. I figured our host was just waiting for them to give up before shutting down (not that he said anything about it). But I had no intention of turning off Reversi. Looks like I waited him out. (In fact, Reversi is still running as I type this, but without apps.tv, you can't get to it.)

On the one hand, I'd like to thank our host for providing a valuable service to the TiVo community for many years, with no recompense. On the other, I'd like to curse him out for being a bipolar flake and shutting down without notice.

HD upgrade question

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 09:35
Iupgraded my TIVO HD with a 1.5Tb drive. The upgrade went flawless using the Tivo upgrade program. The unit works perfectly but it seems to still want to delete any HD recording over 20 HRs. The unit knows it has the big drive but still wants to delete programs. How do I fix this?

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CableCARD Operation

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 09:16
I have a THD (TCD652160), bought used on eBay that I cannot get to receive all digital channels. I'm hoping it's not a TiVo problem, indicating I bought a lemon.

The CableCARD *seems* to be working but only one channel in the 300-range (non-HD digital) is working and only half of the channels in the 400 range (the HD channels) work. The missing channels all show that the signal is there and the tuning is locked -- it gives all the appearances that the CC has tuned the signal and is working properly, all except there's no picture and sound. My other THDs receive these channels just fine.

If I understand a CableCARD (CC), it's much like a set top box in that it decodes the signal and hands the audio/video off to the receiver, in this case, a TiVo DVR.

So why would it decode and display only some channels and not all the channels I should be receiving? Is there *anything* in the DVR itself that could cause this problem? Bent pins in the CC slot? Burned out components? I had them check the permissions for receiving these channels and they assured me that the CC is configured to receive all the channels I'm not getting.

I'm on my second CC now and it receives the same channels as the first CC did.

Interestingly, over the weekend, with their tech support on the line, I swapped in a known good CC from one of my other THD boxes and the suspect THD worked properly after re-doing the pairing (unless my recollection is bad!). That's why I picked up a different CC from the Cable Co office yesterday. But it works no better than the one I returned. (Note that this caused crashing on the good THD from which I borrowed the CC once I put the CC back in!)

So I'm very curious if this could possibly be a THD DVR problem and not a CC problem.