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Service plan questions

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 09:10
I'm cutting the cord and plan on using Tivo for OTA HD. I'm hesitant to purchase new from Tivo as there are rumors of new hardware in the fall and trying to figure out what my options are to cheaply start using Tivo now with minimal commitment. I'm a little confused about the options as it pertains to the service plans and commitment.

It looks like I can try to find a used series 3 HD on ebay and then I can activate for $12.99 per month with no commitment. This may be the best option that I can tell.

I can buy a refurbished Premiere from Tivo for $99 but i need to commit to one year of service at $14.99/month. What's not clear to me is if I purchase a new Tivo within the 1st year, can I transfer my service and if so does the one year commitment reset?

I can buy a used Premiere on ebay. Do I need to commit to one year of service with this option? Same question as above in regards to transfering service to a new Tivo within the first year.


UltraDMA CRC Errors??? What??

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 07:31
My "new" WD AV-GP 2t was makings some weird noises. When I took it out and ran HDDScan it came up with UltraDMA CRC Errors :eek: with an exclamation point next to it. Anyone know whats going on with this drive? I'm selling the box and want to make sure everything is fine with it.
It's a Premier XL with Lifetime.

Bachelorette - Desiree Hartsock - all eps

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 01:44
Anyone watching? I watched a bit of the beginning. I personally don't care to watch much beyond the scenery and any particularly dramatic moments.

Feel free to keep me up to date on any moments you think are worth watching like stuff in the previews Spoiler: (e.g. fist fight, guy's girlfriend showing up)
. :)

For sale: Premiere with Lifetime $400

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 21:23
I bought this on this forum from another user in Dec 2012 and I haven't used it as much as I expected. Could use the money for a new work suit.

It's the standard premiere, I never had a need to upgrade the hard drive...2 tuners, 75 HD hours, Standard remote. Again, it comes with Lifetime Service.

It's outside of the limited warranty.

$400 includes shipping. Just as when buying, I'll accept Paypal when selling. PM me for my email.

Thanks a lot.

What's with all the TWC and Direct TV trolls?

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 20:25
I guess TWC is happy when some with Tivo calls in with a problem. That way they can blame someone else besides TWC for poorly maintained cable infrastructure and poorly trained tech support you get on the telephone. The field techs are good as long as they get good info.

Mad Men - "The Better Half" - OAD 5-26-13

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 19:58
Poor Peggy, Abe dumps her and Ted goes on like nothing happened between. Betty (January Jones) look hot.

Home network not working

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 19:04
Hi Folks, I'm not really into IT stuff but not a total nuffa so I will try and explain what's happening and hope it's an easy fix.

Running S3 Tivo, had it for about 4 years and it's worked great, had it connected through Home Network on our old PC and it worked most of the time fairly well but since upgrading our PC I can't get it to work.

Contacted Tivo and they sent out a patch which I installed and it transferred 1 program from my PC to the Tivo but wont bring up the Now playing list and says that the Tivo is not detected.

I've adjusted everything I can in the Firewall settings and our Norton Anti Virus software and now I'm stumped.

I've gone over everything I did when it transferred the 1 program and can't seem to get it to do it again.

I had no problems doing this the first time, I feel as though I've missed a step or does the Tivo software not like Windows 7?

Cheers Damo

Inside Amy Schumer - Comedy Central

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:38
Just did a mini marathon on On Demand. If you like Louie, Curb and Seinfeld this is right up your alley.

First off, it is not a Sitcom. It's sketch comedy. But does have the above shows influence.

I've always liked her on the CC Roasts. And she is hilarious. The writing very smart (and raunchy). Not every sketch is a hit, but most are.

My favorites were The Perm, Sexting, Lunch at O'Nutters and Urban Fitters.

Also, was surprised how good an actress she is!

TiVo Premiere/Cablevision - Channels no longer found

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:36
I have a TiVo Premiere and use Brooklyn/Queens (NY) Cablevision. All has gone well, until about two days ago, when the TiVo spontaneously rebooted, and then a large number of channels (forty or so), stopped being found when I try to tune them in. The on-screen message says "Searching for signal on this cable channel".

They range in Channel number from 56 to the high 700's.....These channels had no problem being found previously, and I have made no hardware changes of any kind.

It is worth noting that I have an identical setup in another room....Same TiVo device, same provider, and these channels have no problem, nor does my spare bedroom have a problem, with just Cablevisions' provided S.A. cable decoder.

I have restarted the TiVo twice and have reseated the CableCard in the offending TiVo, with no change in result.

Any help would be appreciated.


Reminder: Longmire returns tonight 5/27/13

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:31
A&E, 10pm EDT. Plus several repeat showings.

XL4 had no audio on recorded show

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:29
I thought that someone else had this issue but I do not see it now.

Our XL4 still has not gotten the new s/w. Last night my wife wanted to see a show she likes. We have 5 episodes in The Little Couple folder, so may as well watch (get rid of) one of them. It started and there was no audio. We use HDMI and have not had this problem before. OK, so I went back to the start...no audio. We went forward...no audio. Tried the next show and it was fine. Went back to the "bad" show and it was OK now. Is this just a fluke? Is there something I can try if it happens again? Could the new s/w fix this? Our P4 does have the new s/w but the XL4 still does not. They were bought from TIVO at the same time.

TiVo disappointment

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:23
I posted this in the FiOS forum earlier today and someone suggested that I post here as well.
The contents of my post are below:
I had a DirecTiVo many years ago and loved it. When I got FiOS, I wanted to get back to TiVo but it was too expensive. I was excited when I found 2 TiVo Premiere 4's at a garage sale so I bought them. I had to purchase 2 MoCA adapters so that I could share programming with both of them. I got them hooked up on Saturday morning and man, am I disappointed.
While the FiOS MRDVR has many faults, it far surpasses the TiVo in my opinion. It's almost like TiVo hasn't made any improvements over the last 10+ years. Maybe I simply got used to the way FiOS is laid out, but the TiVo seems confusing.
1. It took the TiVo unit nearly 2 hours to update the software
2. I got the M-Card connected and configured but then it took nearly 2 hours for the guide data to update
3. Being "in" a menu and still able to see the programming on live TV
3. There's no way to add or remove a channel to the favorites "on the fly"
4. Color-coded programming is non-existent
5. A black remote with black buttons is useless in a darkened room
6. It's difficult to use indexing (if it even exists) and to stop the program that's playing doesn't exist.
7. Only a 30 minute buffer
8. Guide doesn't show the channel icon, just shows the name/number
There are many more nuances that I'm not used to yet.
Several things that I love about the TiVo
1. Suggestions. These include actual programming, not paid VOD
2. Wish List. If I see an ad for a movie that I want to record that's more than 2 weeks out, I have to actually REMEMBER to record it
3. Searching for programming with actors who are in the listing. Meaning, if I'm watching a movie that has Al Pacino in it, I can search for other programming starring him.
4. Finding a showing in the future and being able to set it to record (the FiOS secondary STB does not allow you to do this. You have to go to the channel and time and then set it to record)
5. "Like" a program so that the system can make recommendations
6. Being able to switch from 1 channel to another while buffering both
7. Fast Forward plays the content at super-speed instead of skipping

Remote responsiveness is about the same for both the TiVo and FiOS DVR, but the TiVo *always* responds when pressing a button whereas the FiOS unit sometimes lags 4-5 seconds.

I'm glad that I have 30 days to decide on whether to cancel or keep the TiVo service, but initial thoughts are disappointment.


OK - I'm Stumped. Can't get my original S3 to boot

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 14:48
Hi all! I know that there have been a few threads on this, but I still can't find an answer to my issue. I have an original S3 that just won't boot. I have replaced the HD with a new drive (with the 648 image), I have replaced all of the busted capacitors, and have even gone so far as to switch out the power supply with my other S3 just to verify that I installed everything correctly. But still, I am stuck on the "Welcome, Powering Up..." screen. Any suggestions?

One thing that I didn't mention was the fact that I had an external drive hooked up to the unit when it died - I have not plugged that drive back in as I suspect that its dead as well. Could that be my issue?


"Beyond the Candelabra" HBO Liberace Movie

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 13:54
Well, knock me over with a Virgin White Fox boa!

I liked "Beyond the Candelabra."

I would have never thought that I could sit through the whole two hours but it flowed.

It was faaaabbbb yeeeeww lus. :D

I'm sure everybody was thinking that Lee just needed to hang on another 20 (30?) years so he could come out of the closet.

It should be a shoo in for an Emmy for makeup. Before and after plastic surgery, with and without hair, and it holds up in HD. Great job!

Oh. Every time the scene was in the mansion there were yapping dogs in the soundtrack background. Drove my dogs crazy.

Older TV Episodes Won't Play on Premiere

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 12:08
I'm a longtime TiVo user with S1, S2, S3 and Premiere. I've been collecting Big Bang Theory episodes for many years. I recently noticed that episodes from the Spring of 2011 and earlier no longer play on my Premiere. When I try, I receive an error message that says there was no signal from the cable when the show was recorded; but of course I've watched those episodes many times over the last couple years. And the Premiere shows each one still takes up between 3.2 gigs and 3.4 gigs of disk space, so they appear to be intact. Episodes from the following season (beginning in Fall 2011) play OK. And all episodes (from 2010, 2011, etc.) still play fine on the S3. The problem episodes won't transfer, either; instead, the S3 tells me it has put the episode in the To Do list to transfer later, but it never does.

Has anyone else ever experienced this problem, or one like it? I had planned to keep these episodes.

m.tivo.com no longer working?

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 10:00
m.tivo.com seems broken - does not open on any mobile or desktop device i have tried. Is this temporary? Is there another web based interface for searching and programming content for my TiVo DVR's? I do not have an iPhone or Android, and always used this mobile site instead.

So if it's not my HD going bad...

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 05:53
We have a Tivo Premiere XL and for the last few months, we've been seeing that the TiVo has been keeping fewer and fewer programs. I posted about this back in January here http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb...d.php?t=499362 but the problem has actually gotten worse.

We have set it up so that all the season passes we really care about are set to KUID. We have other season passes, mostly for kids shows, which are not set that way. We have been noticing that anything that is not set to KUID is actually deleted either immediately after the show stops recording or shortly thereafter. Just this morning, just to verify before writing this post, I recorded two shows -- one on each tuner. After recording stopped, I went in to "My Shows" to see if they were still there; they were. But less than 5 minutes later, one of them was deleted. I went in to the "Recently Deleted" folder and nothing is there. As I was typing out this post, I noticed that the other one was deleted as well. When I started this post, space usage was reported at 38%. Just now, I looked up and saw space usage was reported at 37%. I went looking for that second show and it's gone. It's not showing in "Recently Deleted", either. Needless to say, this is incredibly frustrating.

Last night, in hopes of perhaps hopefully fixing whatever is going wrong, I had TiVo run some checks/diagnostics on the hard drive. I used the guide found here http://www.weaknees.com/tivo-kickstart-codes.php and I ran it through the following:

Media File System (MFS) check
Media File System (MFS) cleanup
Hard Drive Test -> Run S.M.A.R.T. tests

I don't know the results of the first 2 (no notification was given) but the last test (which took all night to run) showed that everything passed. So whatever is wrong, it doesn't seem to be the hard drive. I've searched around and it doesn't look like the drive needs any kind of defragging but I can't think of anything else it might be. *Something* is using up the other 63% of the space and TiVo doesn't seem to be able to fully utilize it.

Do any of you have any suggestions you can offer as to what I can do/check next? I just don't know what more we should do. We haven't had this box very long (perhaps 2 - 3 years?) and we have a lifetime subscription with it so I'm not too keen on just going out and replacing it. So any ideas/suggestions would be very welcome.


Purchasing TiVO Premiere 4 on amazon

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 23:57
I have an existing TiVo, so I am eligible for the Multi-service discount ($100) for the Product Lifetime Service. I was wondering if I could purchase the TiVo Premiere 4 from amazon.com and still be eligible for the $100 discount? Also, would I be able to purchase the $39.99 3-year extended warranty? Thanks.

Smash "The Nominations/The Tonys" (5/26/13, Spoilers)

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 22:25
First, a note: these "two" episodes were aired as a two-hour block, with no separation between them. The second part actually started at :55. Hence, one thread.

Interesting goof from the props people: when Karen handed Jimmy the ticket, it clearly read "Manhattan Theater Workshop." Either the props people forgot that the show had moved to Broadway, or they had that ticket as an earlier prop and just didn't care to try and make up a Ticketron ticket prop.

Thankfully, this show is over, so that we never have to hear Anjelica Houston "sing" ever again. Wow. I swear, I heard the classic "screech/crash" sound effect when she sang her line on "Under Pressure." Everyone else was really good on it, especially Christian Borle, whom we heard much too little singing from over the run of the show.

Thankfully, the show didn't end how I (and others, I'd expect) thought it would, with a cliffhanger over who won the Tony. I'll give the show credit, they did at least try for a conclusion as best as they could.

Unfortunately, that's all the credit I can give to the show. With that last hour, the show took an unbearable turn towards the self-aware, breaking the fourth wall completely with Tom doing his best sitcom-my look into the camera and react after kissing that Tony committee member (which, in and of itself was eye-rolling). Then, that whole last number, especially the "Where are we going?" "Show's over" bit? BLECH. It was already an bad song before that, that just made it completely awful.

After seeing how well another show recently reproduced a major awards show, it made this supposed "Tony Awards" look even more embarrassingly fake. The staging of the sectionals on "Glee" look more elaborate. That was a dinky little stage. Plus, it ignored the fact that the nominee performances usually do a fairly close staging to how they are performed in the show, including set pieces and such. It would be completely unrealistic for a last minute change like they did.

Oh, well, like Ivy said, "Show's over." I should be thankful they figured out a way to conclude it rather than leave it hanging. I just wish that they didn't conclude it on such a disappointing note.

Rookie Blue 2013 Season thread (spoilers)

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 22:17
Since the other thread was prior to the show starting (and said spoilers "maybe"), I figured starting a new thread. We didn't get a lot of episode threads last summer, so I figured a season long thread would probably be appropriate.

So, first episode is done.

That was a quick end to the undercover assignment. I understand why they did it, writers wise, so we don't have to deal with separate goings on. It didn't surprise me that Swarek found a new girl. He's not over Andy, though. They way he looked at her when she came out of the truck tells you it isn't over. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I didn't recall Swarek becoming a detective. Did that happen when Jerry died? If so, why would he have seniority over Nash? She's been a detective longer.

And Nick 'shooting' Andy? Yeah, that's gotta go over well. Anyone know about glocks? Is what Nick said true?

Speaking of detectives - where's Callahan? He convinced Andy to go off on the task force. We didn't see him at all in the season opener. I saw him on the 2 hour finale of Criminal Minds. I wonder if he's moved shows, or if that is going to just be a one-off. About the Criminal Minds episode - Spoiler: He played Hotch's brother, Sean Hotchner, who was sent off to jail at the end of the episode - plenty of time to not worry about having him on the show, but it could be a short prison sentence

As far as Andy/Swarek - he said he loved her and wanted to get back together, and then she left. He never really ended that relationship. Officer Cruz is in for a rude awakening. Yes, he may think it's over, but with his reactions, you know it isn't. It obviously isn't for Andy. I wonder how Andy and Nick are going to be. They had to play boyfriend/girlfriend, and were obviously keeping that separate while they were in their apartment (taking turns on the sofa), but they are going to be close (even with him 'shooting' her) after depending on each other during that time. Gail is going to have issues with that, I bet.