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Asus Transformer Book Trio

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 08:49
This device looks interesting. It's more in the line of how I see the PC of the future. What I find interesting is that as a tablet, it's Android, and as a PC, it's Windows 8. I wonder how Microsoft feels about that? The tablet part has a seperate CPU than the desktop part. So, I wonder how the two interact. Can you get to documents on the tablet via your PC or are they just completely seperate entities that share a device?


Food Network Star 2013

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 08:28
I figure not enough interest for a weekly thread... So here is a season thread.

Seems like the Food Network upped their game with some recognizable faces and people with more polish... (though it seems they planted some early duds for easy eliminations)

And Dooshka has got to go! She gives super models a bad name...

But I was happy with the other lady that went last night as well - both of them needed to go. Hopefully Dooshka next week.

Favorites after first show...

Chad, Stacey, and Chris - though Chris didn't do so well - but I liked him from the Food Truck show.

We laughed at segment with the obesity guy during his presentation with the focus group.. as soon as he mentioned losing weight, he went from red to green. Though I didn't think his potato meal looked healthy.

The Killing - S3E01/E02

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 08:25
Very happy to see this show back. As I thought they would do they are using the case that Linden was obsessed with prior to the Larsen case as this seasons story. Very interesting so far. I like the way they have tied the three separate stories together so far, homeless Seattle teens, the murder of one of them with the case from Linden's past.

And yes its still always raining...

Warehouse 13, 6/3/13 - S04E15

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 07:54
Warehouse 13, 6/3/13 - S04E15

Season Pass did not pick up tonight's New episode "Instinct"

First Aired Date Missing.

Highly Questionable

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 07:37
I may have a new favorite show. This show has been on for a couple of years but it was known as Dan LeBatard Is Highly Questionable until recently. It was a bizarre sports talk show in which long time sports writer Dan LeBatard would sit in his kitchen with his highly incomprehensible Cuban father and talk sports. It was too weird for me to watch. The show recently added another sports writer Bomani Jones as co-host and shortened the name. It's still basically the same show but Bomani cracks me up. I've always liked him on the various espn shows he's been on. Papi is still lovable but decreasing his role has made the show better. I laugh more during this show than I have in any half hour comedy show other than VEEP in years.

Hannibal, are you still watching it? [spoilers]

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 01:03
During the first three episodes, this became one of my favorite shows. I loved the actors. I loved the characters. It felt intellectual and emotional.

However, lately it's just been in a death spiral for me. It maintains the level of creepiness that it had in the beginning, yet it's becoming predictable, unrealistic, and just plain boring at times.

Take the most recent episode for example. Will Graham suffering from lost time. Hannibal and some other doctor conspire to not inform him of this. Immediately, you know that Hannibal is going to kill the other doctor and frame the girl. It's just a given.

Before that, we had human totem pole killer, with some convoluted motivation that really didn't make any sense.

Before that, the musician killer. Another episode where it was obvious that Hannibal was just going to kill the killer. Not really any drama. It was all revealed to us in slow obvious detail.

The entire Abigail story arc has been flat ever since she was revealed to be a killer. Hannibal knows she is a killer. She knows Hannibal is the guy who made the phone call. Graham knows that Hannibal helped her conceal the evidence of the man she killed.

It feels to me like a combination of subpar 'monster of the week' episodes mixed with these boring slow drawn out predictable multi-episode story arcs.

Other people, are you still enjoying this series?

Tivo lockup watching Netflix-again

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 00:24
My series 3 locked up watching Netflix again.
I couldn't even get to the menu where the reset/reboot option is.
I had to pull the power cord.

When is tivo going to do something about these Netflix problems?
Three years of these Netflix issues is enough.

500GB vs 1TB HDD?????

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 22:47
What is the physical difference between these two HDDs? More discs? Larger discs? What? Would the 500GB run cooler and quieter and longer? Thanks.

GoT "The Rains of Castamere" 6/2/13

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 21:09
What a beautiful wedding!!!

Oh wait.. It's a blood bath!

Original Premier coax + antenna

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 21:02
Can the premiere pull channels from a direct coax Cable connection and an OTA Antenna connection together at the same time? (if you understand what I mean)

Whites (UK show streaming on Hulu)

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 19:29
I have not watched the show but I did a catch a commercial today. I can't seem to find the actual commercial anywhere on Hulu. The trailers on Hulu do not have the problem described below.

At the end of most commercials for shows that are exclusive to Hulu they end with text on three simultaneous but separate screens. The text is as follows:

Screen 1: Title of show
Screen 2. Only
Screen 3: On Hulu

This particular show has the unfortunate title of "Whites". I realize this is the standard language in their ads but I think they could have made an exception here.

TivoS3 proactive measures?

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 18:11
I have 5 Tivo S3's w/LifeTimeService. What steps can i take to prepare for eventual hardrive failures?
1. I can upgrade the hardrives and remove orginals for storage.
2. Wondering can i buy a cheap TivoS3 off say ebay and use that hardive? Can you use a hardrive from another TivoS3 and just drop it in a S3 with a failed hardrive and it will work? Do you have to tweak the tivo to accept the used hardrive frm another used tivo?


Tivo server to Ipad via Stream?

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 17:13
I think I know the answer but wanted to ask the question directly.

I have a 4 tuner Premier and a Tivo Stream. I also own an Ipad.

I can successfully transfer shows from the Premier to my Ipad via the stream.

But I have a number of shows on my Tivo Server from years past.

Must I transfer those twice - once from the server to the Premier and then to the Ipad via the stream or is there a way to get the Stream to see the recordings on the server?


Winter/Summer any shows have a sister series?

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 16:05
I always thought a popular show shouldn't be off for the summer. I get why it's like that for some shows, but don't get it for others.

Do any shows have a sister show that airs during the summer? The only one I could think of was saved by the bell, during the summer they had a series where they worked at a beach club. That works perfectly for school series; winter time they are in school and summer they are on break doing different things/story lines maybe different characters introduced.

I ask because I was watching the walking dead and recently saw a story quoting the head of AMC saying they "see no end in sight" for the series. It seems like a real money maker for them. I think they would want to air more than 16 episodes a year. I'm not saying it has to be the same writers, actors or characters. It would be cool to see the viewpoint from a different group of survivors in a different location. Maybe origin episodes?

YouTube goes Blue/Teal

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 06:06
I now have a Blue/Teal YouTube interface, Anyone else?

I like it, looks like a few improvements were also added, just wish it was more responsive.

WD20EURS Amazon $88 at the moment

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 02:01

But it's through Amazon from some outfit called New World IT, about which I know absolutely nothing, so do your homework.


Amazon themselves are asking $94.36 at the moment.

Unlike newegg, Amazon prices aren't guaranteed to be the same through any specific date.

Twc Los Angeles - what splitter do I need?

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 00:02
Last weekend I started losing channels, particularly AMC HD and BBC HD, buts others as well. Called twc, they came out fixed the prob, told me I didn't need a splitter, and left after removing if. I have Moca. I added the splitter back and lost the channels within the hour.

Called TiVo who said I must have the splitter, but the type of splitter or coaxial cable itself could be at fault, but could not recommend a new type/brand of splitter, and that I should ask at Best Buy (tivo can recommend Best Buy, but not a brand/piece of equipment that makes their product work)

I have the tuning adapter and a Premiere tivo - I am pulling my hair out - what to do?

Infinity On Demand disappeared

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 22:20
I've been using Comcast's On Demand from my Tivo Premier 4 for a couple of months now. A day or two ago, it just disappeared. The other stuff, like You Tube, is still there.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, and if so how was it fixed. I've tried reconnecting to the Tivo service, resetting (rebooting) the device and cold -booting the device all without success. I believe if I call Tivo, the first thing the guy is going to ask me to do is cold-boot (unplug) the device. I really don't want to do that again. :confused:

Orphan Black 6/1/13 "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 21:08
Only ten more months! :(

So does the death of Psycho Clone and Soccer Clone embracing her psycho side mean that we have a new Psycho Clone? Psycho Clone is dead, long live Psycho Clone?

And I guess Mrs. S. was one of the scientists in charge of the original experiment? Clearly, my theory that Mystery Maslany from last week was the original from which the clones were cloned is wrong...unless make-up did a horrible job at making her look older, which would be uncharacteristic. So she's, what, Insider Clone?

It's interesting how ambiguous many of the characters are...not good, not evil, just...complicated. And I love love LOVE how this show lets its characters figure stuff out, instead of everybody just being a bunch of morons who never think to ask questions. They got deeper into things in ten episodes than Lost did in two seasons...and I loved the first two seasons of Lost.

It's gonna be a long ten months...

Oh, and I was specifically watching the camera work when there were multiple Maslanys on-screen. Awesome! There were times when three of them were interacting, and the CAMERA WAS MOVING! And it all looked perfectly natural! We've come a long time from the days when "twin" effects were done by keeping each character on one side of the screen with the camera locked into position.

The Venture Brothers are back 6/2/13

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 19:50
Cartoon Network. Midnight EDT. First episode is one hour.