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Что за фигня!?

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 09:03
Админы форума! Вы что дурнины? Нафига меня забанили!? Я же по делу вас назвал какшками. Вы посты пои просто так удаляете. Я что виноват, что та сумма которую я предлагаю за рекламу, вас не устраивает!? Жлобы!

Что за фигня!?

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 08:48
Админы форума! Вы что дурнины? Нафига меня забанили!? Я же по делу вас назвал какшками. Вы посты пои просто так удаляете. Я что виноват, что та сумма которую я предлагаю за рекламу, вас не устраивает!? Жлобы!

Что за фигня!?

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 08:43
Админы форума! Вы что дурнины? Нафига меня забанили!? Я же по делу вас назвал какшками. Вы посты пои просто так удаляете. Я что виноват, что та сумма которую я предлагаю за рекламу, вас не устраивает!? Жлобы!

Modern Family | "Mistery Date" | 2012-11-14

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 07:40
yes Mistery. not Mystery.

The Phil storyline was hilarious...

and the mural.

Tivo Desktop Plus not finding DVR...easy fix!

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 07:25
After giving up on Tivo Desktop Plus and seeing a new version, I thought I would give it a try.....Still not working! So I uninstalled, ran the Tivo cleaner, cleared the cache, re-installed newest version.....Nothing, Same message(No DVR's on the network). Since I didn't want to spend all day looking through the registry deleting old files(AGAIN)...I ran CCleaner (Free version), did the cleaner and then ran the registry cleaner! It found 27 corrupted Tivo files and problems and 4 other PC problems. I deleted all of the Tivo files, ran the cleaner again, ran the reg cleaner again(no problems found) ...restarted the Windows 7 computer, started Tivo and it started in 38 seconds and found my Tivo's and actually started to auto transfer some shows from 5 months ago! It worked for me so hopefully this will work for some of you! Give it a try and good luck!

Possible to upgrade a subscribed unit to Lifetime?

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 07:09
I had someone ask me and don't know - if they buy a (newish) box from some else that's under the monthly subscription for another 18 months - can they go to Lifetime immediately and not have to finish the 18 months of monthly fees?

OR - is it like a cell phone - you are locked in and cannot escape until the contract term is over?

Restore Hacked Hdvr2 Or Dsr7000

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 02:47
I have an HDVR2 and a DSR7000 both of which are standard 40hr unhacked units but showing some signs of disc failure. I have the opportunity to buy one each of the same models at a low price. They work, have both been hacked and have larger drives and 6.2 software. My questions are:
If I buy can I restore them to unhacked condition by simply running Clear and Delete?
Can I swap the hacked drives in some way to restore my failing units? . . and also avoid possible activation probs with DirecTV?

I am NOT tech savvy on this stuff, so need to know whether it's as simple as doing a C&D, or to just steer clear.

Arrow - S01E06 - "Legacies" 11/14/2012

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 01:52
I'm still enjoying the show and I'm glad to see Diggle point out to Oliver that he doesn't have to strictly to Robert's list.

It seems that Diggle is becoming Alfred to Oliver.

That was certainly an interesting take on the Royal Flush Gang and while I get they can't and won't do flying playing cards, I'm not sure if the hockey masks worked.
It was interesting that Robert caused the Gang's money problems and that not everyone takes redemption when offered to them.

Although I guess the cops don't look up in Starling City.

Shout outs this week:
Keystone City
Stagg Industries
Coast City
So was that a Larchmont High School ring or a Legion of Superheroes ring?

Bug in 'Search By Title' after Fall Update

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 22:58
I did a Search By Title for 'College Football' to see what games were coming up this weekend. College Football was not listed as an upcoming show by the search. Knowing there were plenty of games on this Saturday, I tried Search By Time and Search By Channel, and both did find 'College Football' listed as upcoming shows. Same thing happened when I searched for 'Revolution', but not when I searched for 'Castle' or 'Last Resort'. Weird that some shows are found but others are not. This behavior started after I got the fall update. My Premier is OTA only and I'm using the SDUI.

Pause bug in the Fall update

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 21:26
I'm seeing a bug on my Elite when watching Live TV. If I am behind the current time and fast-forward up to current time and hit Pause just at the right time, the TiVo will show the progress bar as paused, but live TV will just continue right on playing.

If I then press Play, it jumps back to the point where it should actually be paused at and plays from there.

Tonight I had a few minutes so I played with it to see if I could repeat this, and I found that I could do it almost repeatedly using the following steps:

Go back in time any amount of time.
Fast-forward and let it go all the way to the end of the live buffer.
Wait until the progress bar switches to the single green play triangle icon.
At that instant, press Pause.
If you get the timing just right, the TiVo will show as paused but continue to play.

I can do this over and over now. Luckily, I know the simple workaround is to wait just a bit longer before pressing Pause, but it was very annoying the first several times it happened.

NCIS - "Shell Shock, Part 1" - 11/13/12

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 20:23
My TiVo, or cable, cut out in the middle and I lost 20 minutes or so - minus commercials...
I'm totally asking for spoilers. :)

Who is Randall Kersey? Was he on a video at the store? Where'd they get the video? Did the alley stuff really happen?

I saw the tattoo guy, and the wife,
Captain Westcott's brother shows up
Westcott and Gibbs are looking at a still from the video, they talk, Gibbs is so smart! "Face the fear." :)
'I'm wondering where they got that video? It was much clearer than VHS.'
Therapy all around... Cute pic!
'What's this IJI? And who is Kersey?'
They go to Kersey's house.
'Oh! He's bad!'
Then credits.

It was the weirdest thing! Never any pixelation or stutters - played normally all through - then I was still so confused, and saw that I only had 40 minutes recorded. Weird!

Can anyone help fill in the blank? Thanks!

Survivor: Philippines - 11/14/12

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 20:16
Good for Skupin. I'm really tired of Abi and hope they can pull Lisa in next week and split the vote 3-3 for Abi and Pete to flush out her idol. If Lisa really can't break from her original tribe that has treated her like crap then it makes sense to vote her out next but i hope it doesn't come to that.

Black Friday?

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 19:54
Does Tivo do any sales on black friday usually? I am ready to upgrade tivo's and have been holding off for the tivo mini, but that doesn't seem to be happening soon.. so now just hoping for some kind of sale

Football Description - What Language is This

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 18:59
I was going through the upcoming football games on my TiVo. The description for this one seems a bit unusual. Anyone have a guess as to what's up with it. I can surmise what it is saying, but it's not English or Spanish.

"Matchen spelas pa Metlife Stadium." (I couldn't even find the special character for the "a."

Edit: Found it. å for på

Wireless Networking Causes XL 4 to Reboot

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 18:27
Here is a case in which wireless networking causes TiVo XL 4 to reboot during the "transfer program" feature.
Specifically, programs are on a S-3, to be transfered to XL 4, via wireless bridge.

After selecting a program on a Series 3 to be transferred to a XL 4.
The XL 4 reboots.
Also noted: on the S-3 I could select programs on the XL 4 to be transferred; but they would not complete.

Problem started:
After, swapping a time warner supplied cable modem, for a new Zoom Model 5350 Cable Modem w/4 port router and "N" wireless.
The "5350" was default configured, except to set primary network ssid, and enable WEP encryption and set the password.

Troubleshooting results:
With limited info supplied on Zoom cd and online, I was not comfortable with changing settings I knew little about. So, I turned off the built in wireless in the Zoom. Re connected the original stand alone wireless router. (Original wireless router is connected to Zoom cable modem router output.)

Programs can now be transfered to XL 4 and no reboot, and from XL 4 to the S-3.

If anyone can help with wireless setup for the Zoom. I would be willing to give it another go. Their user manual leaves a lot to be desired...

Otherwise, the Zoom will be replaced with a Motorola SB6141 modem.
The SB6141 modem will connect to old wireless router (that is working.)

TIVO Noise Reduction + Routing its output to another room

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 17:55
So I have a tivo premiere right now in my bedroom and have noticed its pretty loud. I was searching around for noise reduction methods and noticed a few people say its not even in there rooms, they simply route the output all around the house so it doesn't matter where the box is.

That sounds awesome! Can someone explain to me how to do that or link me?


P4 + Life = $650 after discount - Deal or no Deal?

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 15:44
I'm not totally jumping up and down about this deal, however adding 3 years service here for $40 is way better than risking 3rd party sales - and you can't buy that outside of Tivo.

We would like to upgrade our standard Premiere with Life to 4 tuners. Just not sure when to do it.

Also - they don't seem to publish actual HDD specs.
Is the Premiere standard 45HD Hour HDD any bigger than the one in the 4 tuner P4?
It doesn't make a ton of difference - we usually record and delete right away - and if it gets too full, transfer shows over and move into iTunes to watch on AppleTV3 at our leisure.

Problem With Streaming ... error

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 13:20
I get this error message a lot "Getting more of the show. Please wait a moment, then press PLAY".

When I use the HuluPlus and Netflix apps through Tivo Premiere, I usually do not have a problem with streaming.

I use PlayOn and PyTivo for most of my viewing.

Anyone got any idea how I can determine which software in the loop is causing this??


record 2 area-codes?

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 13:11
I am located in Southern California and can pull in stations from both San Diego and Los Angeles. But is there a way to program my Premiere for both areas? Currently I only have it setup for San Diego (because those stations are strongest) but my wife wants me to add a second antenna aimed at LA so that we can pick up the additional channels there.

I think I would have to buy a second Premiere and 'aim' it only at LA, but then we get into switching between different tuner/DVRs -- which has poor WAF.

Receiving slingbox feed

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 12:35
I have a TiVo premiere connected to the Internet. Is there away to log into a slingbox account and view the slingbox feed on my Tv, through my TiVo? The TiVo premiere obviously picks up specific websites, such as Netflix,etc. but there is no actual browser. thanks.