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Is the TiVo slower with a tuner allocated to the Mini

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 08:01
I have a TiVo Elite and a Mini. It may be my imagination but I swear that the bluetooth/slide remote's response time is diminished with it's sharing a tuner with the Mini.

When I set it back to 0 tuners shared the response of the remote seems a bit snappier.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Mythbusters 6/12/2013 - Hypermiling and Crash Cushion

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 23:09
The synthetic cadaver was absolutely terrifying.

Of course Adam had an old Volvo!

I found it really annoying how they danced around ever saying that the police officers were fat. Plus sized. Big. Large. Wide. Heavyset. Just say fat!

movie search

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 21:47
I used to have Tivo for Directv. You could do a category search for movies. The result was 2 or 3 movies a week that you could record. Why can't we have this on Premiere?

How much do you pay for your cable card?

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 19:36
Tried looking all over but could not find. Getting xfinity and not sure how much they charge a month for a cable card.

Does anyone know? How much does your provider charge?

Thumbs up/down question

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 16:26
I've been very consistent in rating each of my recorded suggestions with thumb ratings for several months. That said, it's starting to feel like a job rating every single suggestion day after day. Is there a point of disminishing returns in terms of teaching TiVo what trypes of programs I like via thumb ratings?

I appreciate your feedback. :up:

Finally retired my grandfathered May 1999 S1

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 15:39
The ol' girls has been running like a champ for 14 years.

I was holding out for the 6-tuner model but for a number of reasons decided to pull the trigger now on a Premium 4 and a mini.

Transfer the grandfathered lifetime service with one-time transfer to the P4.

Ordered a 2g hard drive for the upgrade and we'll move into the 21st century.

Any other old-timers hanging around?

Stream Tivo Shows?

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 15:23
Now that other dvrs are catching up to Tivo, when is Tivo going to allow me to view my shows (from PC -pictures/music) via streaming from any device or connection for non apple products? I don’t want the mini…doesn’t do what I want anyway. Also I shouldn’t need to be on the same connection to delete shows.

TV Loosing Signal over HDMI

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 13:50
Over the past week I have been experiencing a new issue and can't seem to figure out how to prevent it.

It happens when in the HDUI, when navigating the UI by using the left or right arrow, every few times you enter or exit a folder the entire screen goes black, and my TV displays "No Signal" It's as if the HDMI cable was unplugged or the TiVo was powered off.

Here is what I have found.
Turning the TV off, then back on does not resolve the signal.
Letting it sit at the no signal screen will not make the video come back, it will sit at no signal for ever.
Restarting the TiVo will restore the signal.
Changing off my TiVo on the HDMI Switch, then Back to my TiVo also restores the signal.
The TiVo is not frozen, nor does it act like anything had ever happened when the signal is restored.

Last night while navigating a wish list folder with 8 recorded programs in it, while setting them all to KUID I had this issue happen 3 times.

It started a little over a week ago

It only appears to happen when hitting the left or right arrow to navigate the HDUI. It will not happen any other way. And no issues like this happen with my Apple TV or Blu-Ray Player.

The Doctor

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 12:44
The coolest superstar who ever lived - Julius Erving.

The thread title may confuse some people who'll think this is a Doctor Who thread but sports fans in my age group know who the real Doctor is. I just watched the NBA channel's hour and a half long documentary on Julius Erving titled "The Doctor". I'd heard that it was good and it was very good. Lots of rarely seen footage from his high school, college and ABA career.

Times have changed a lot. Erving was a playground legend but practically unknown during his college career at Massachussets. Stand out players get national attention in high school now. Then he was drafted by the NBA which had no national tv contract. There was no way to see him in the Philadelphia market. I only knew of him when I was a kid through Street and Smith's basketball magazine. Then one day, one of the UHF tv stations broadcast the ABA All Star game. That was the one in which he dunked from the foul line. That was the only time I saw Dr J play before he came to the Sixers.

Michael Jordan was a better player than the Doctor but was nowhere near as cool. Nobody was.

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 10

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:55
This thread is for episode discussion of Season 10.

Any bets that Fik-shun is this year's Cyrus? :up:

Major Crimes - New ADA!

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:30
I don't know if this is considered a spoiler but just in case:

Catalina quit her job as a hotel chamber maid and part time "jumping" dancer and must have gone to night school as she is now a lawyer and an Assistant District Attorney on Major Crimes. I was sure it was her and just checked at IMDb and it is. The actress' name is Nadine Velazquex and she is very pretty!! I wonder when the new ADA makes a closing statement she will end it with some jumping!! (Sorry, that was definitely sexist!!!)

Also, I wonder if there will be any romance with Det. Julio as he really gave her a good look when they first met!!

Major Crimes is not too bad but no one can beat Brenda Lee Johnson's character!!!


Status of Netflix on Mini: Any updates?

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 09:34
It's been a while since I've checked. Any new news or rumors about Netflix on the Mini or is it still expected to be sometime in 2013?

All Channels at 71% After New Antenna

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 09:22
Last weekend we replaced our outdoor TV antenna with one optimized for high-band VHF and UHF, a so called HDTV antenna. It's very nice.

Time Warner will not service our property because we have no street frontage. What we do have is a hill (since we are geeks it is Geek Hill). On top of the hill is our house. On top of our house is our new antenna. So it's OTA for us.

It was a hazy day so we could not see Mt Wilson but we set it more or less and used the TiVo to check things out. We seem to be accidentally picking up a station in Oxnard CA possibly 100 miles away. But what is odd is that only on my TiVo Premiere XL all of the channels that are usable show a signal strength of 71%.

I'm guessing my distribution amplifier is pulling up the noise floor, and this is skewing the TiVo calculations. Several HDHomerun tuners on the same amplifier show 100% on most, but not all channels, just as expected.

Our channel count went up to 133 from 106 by the way, I believe they are all ATSC. TV in the LA basin is very much multi-ethnic for obvious reasons.

Previously this Premiere did not show 71% signal level on all channels. It's just a curiosity though, as everything is working splendidly.

Our TiVo HD is on a different antenna.

TiVo Premiere Stuck on "A few minutes more!"

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 05:26
I have a TiVo Premiere that I had upgraded to a 1TB WD drive in 2010 when I bought it. This resides in my bedroom, so I don't use it as much as my main TiVo.

Last week I had turned on the news and found the TiVo stuck at "A few minutes more", so I unplugged the TiVo, and restarted it. It came back.

The next day, it did the same thing. I had also noticed that the unit was making more noise than usual, so I figured the disk was on the way out and ordered a new one (WD EURX drive).

Last night I used TivoBARS (backup and restore) to copy the old drive to the new one, booted up the system and everything was great. I noticed, however, with the system apart the noise is really the fan in the TiVo, so the disk may have never actually been bad.

Then, this morning... I turn on the new and we are back to the stuck at "Starting up, a few minutes more!". I reset it once again, and it came back up.

Any suggestions for how to fix this issue? I was thinking of doing a reset or clear but it suggests not doing this is it's paired to a cable card.

MLB Extra Innings -- Not Recorded, Unknown Reason

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 01:43
Completely stumped DirecTV Support!
  • I have a THR-22
  • I have a subscription to MLB Extra Innings
  • I have a Wishlist (autorecorded) set up for one team
  • Sometimes, I get recordings of games that are "Not Recorded" for an "unknown reason" (as the History shows), but only autorecorded on channels 700+, as opposed to manually set for channels in the 600 range
  • Yesterday, I watched part of a game live, but today when I went to view the recording of it, it was "Not Recorded"

What it looks like: I'll see a show in the Now Playing List, and it will show it as having recorded "Partial", and only for the amount of time for the buffer I added at the end. So, for example, I had a game autorecorded for 6 hours with a 1.5 hour buffer at the end, and when I view it, it starts playing back at 6:00 and then shows 1.5 hours of the DirecTV logo with music in the background.

The Recording History shows "This program was not recorded because of an unknown reason. If you continue to encounter this problem, try restarting the DIRECTV-TiVo DVR." I have tried restarting the DVR -- no change.

The baffling thing: I can always see the broadcasts live. I can flip through the channels and, so long as a game is on that channel, I see the game live. Also, I have only seen this happen when I autorecord, and it picks a channel in the 700s. If I specifically choose a program in the 600s (the main RSN channel that is mapped to the 700s), I never have the blank recording.

The DirecTV Support folks ran through all sorts of tests and couldn't come up with anything. They only think that they should send me a service call (and for me to pay $49 for the service call), which might only result in the guy switching out my receiver, which may not fix the issue anyway.

Has anyone else been seeing this?

Two New Compelling Upgrade Offers..What should I do?

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 14:23
Hello All I need some advice.
Here is My Current Setup:
TiVo HD- lifetime
Humax DRT800- lifetime
Series 3- $6.95/ month grandfathered rate.
I am looking to upgrade to the XL4 and doing away with the DRT800

Here are the option
1) Transfer the Series 3 $6.95 rate to a new XL4 (which will cost $350 for the box). They then told me I could get lifetime for the series 3 for 99 bucks.

2)XL4 plus lifetime for $699.

Part of me want to go option number one since I will still keep the low monthly rate. It will take 4-5 years to make it worth buying lifetime. If I always have that monthly rate I figure if I want to upgrade to something else down the line, i'll be able to switch it to a new box, which you cannot do with lifetime.
On the other hand, Who knows how long TiVo will honor the grandfathered rate?

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

Where to find a replacement for Tivo Side's Bluetooth dongle.

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 12:54
I have a Tivo Slide but no TIVO Bluetooth dongle.
Is there a replacement part or a compatible Bluetooth dongle out there.
I tried the one that came with my Mini BT keyboard....no joy.

FYI I can connect the Silde to my laptop using the Mini BT keyboard's bluetooth dongle.

TIVO-HDMI connection problem

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 12:35
My TIVO QUAD will not hook up to a HDTV with HDMI. It worked for about 4 weeks, and then suddenly there is a problem. I am not sure of the cause. I get no signal from the HDMI port, and if I hook up through Composite ports at the same time I get a message telling me to unhook the HDMI plug.

I have rearranged and put the TIVO QUAD in a room with an older STDTV and hooked it up via component plugs, and put a TIVO PREVIEW in a room the HDTV and hooked that up via HDMI. But I would like to upgrade the STDTV. I would like to avoid sending the TIVO QUAD back to RCN cable company and losing all my recordings. I am thinking there is a setting wrong, but repeated calls to customer support have been unable to produce a guess as to the problem.

Any ideas?

Also, can I determilne the manufacturing date of the TIVO QUAD. I am curious how long it has been circulating among cable customers.

Any compelling reason to upgrade from series 2?

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 12:26
I currently have a series 2 Tivo unit (9410) that has been working perfectly for many years.

I received an email offer for an upgrade that includes my keeping my current service plan. I consider this a decent offer since I am paying a yearly amount of $129. Since I only have analog cable, it looks like the only Premier unit I can use would be the Premier 500GB 2 tuner.

Trying to compare the specs the best I can, it looks like my present unit has a 40 hour capacity. The Premier 500GB unit says it has a 75 hour HD capacity. Well I don't have HD, so I am wondering how much analog capacity the Premier unit would have.

Other than a larger capacity, I like the idea of having a disk usage meter - something that I would really like.

Other than the capacity and the disk meter, is there any other compelling reason that I should think of upgrading? The upgraded unit would cost $99 right now with keeping my current service.

Anybody watching Top Hooker (not THAT kind of hooker)

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 11:53
Anybody watching this show? I just happened accrossed it and have been really enjoying it.


They are 2 episodes in.