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Does anyone with an XL4 and a TA have all features working?

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 23:11
I have a Tivo XL4 on Time Warner and a Cisco Tuning Adapter. It has a few of the issues that many are running into, such as no suggestions and the black screen issue where channels won't tune and recordings are missed.

I have made a few posts in these threads about the problems I am seeing with my XL4, but I thought I would try something different and ask:

Is anyone running an XL4 with a Tuning Adapter is NOT seeing any problems and has ALL features running the way they should? Is it even possible for a 4tuner DVR using a TA to work properly and not run into the problems with tuning, no suggestions, etc?

A quick way to add time to a recording while it is live

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 22:18
A hotkey to add time to a recording would be nice. When I had a Dish DVR I could hit a button and add time to a recording if it was still being recorded.

I looked around and couldn't find a hotkey to do this, my apologies if there is and I missed it.


Thu, 02/07/2013 - 21:01
test post


Thu, 02/07/2013 - 19:47
It appears all recordings on all stations are cut of by about 10 seconds. When playing back a recording, the recording has about 10 seconds from the previous program. It is almost like my cable company is on a 10 second delay. Anyone having this problem? Comcast cable Naples Florida. XL4

BUG: Record show from guide sends show to beginning

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 19:25
Found a bug and reported it to Tivo Support... If you are watching a recorded show, and while it's playing you go to the guide and record something, upon setting up the recording the show you were watching goes back to the beginning...

Surprisingly the rep said they hadn't gotten a lot of calls about this, so please call and let them know so we can get this fixed asap.

Try it, you'll see what I'm talking about... It's very annoying, especially if you're watching a sporting event!


jmfs may not be necessary for 2TB on S3s

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 18:47
With version 11.0k of the S3 platform software, it may be possible to do an upgrade with just WinMFS, even if copying an already upgraded drive, and let it expand the 3rd MFS Media partition beyond 1.2 TB and get away with it.

Since people are using jmfs to copy the HD's original 160GB drive and add a single huge 3rd MFS Media partition and having it work, it would seem the 1.2TB barrier has been broken.

I've got somebody testing an HD done that way right now, and I'm getting ready to see if I can get an OLED S3 to co-operate as well.

WinMFS, of course, has the virtue of being able to take an Apple Free partition in stride instead of being thwarted by its presence.

Stay tuned.

Hotlines for Cablecards & Tuning Adapters

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 17:02
I've cut and paste info originally found in a thread started by '36446' in order to put as much “contact” information as possible in the first post.

I will do my best to keep the information provided by other member in this thread updated on the original post. If a Admin or Mod wants to make this thread a “Sticky” or take over maintenance of this thread please feel free. Thanks, Brent

Comcast Cablecard Hotline: 1-877-405-2298

Cox: 877-820-8202
Cox Gulf Coast: 800-699-8151

Cox CableCARD Self-install instructions: Click HERE
Cox Tuning Adapter Self-install instructions: Click HERE

Time Warner CableCARD 1-866-606-5889
Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 11:00 pm (EST)
Sat - Sun 10:00 am to 11:00 pm (EST)

Verizon automated cablecard activation line: 1-888-897-7499 (Requires an activation code)

credits: 36446, myblubu, djwilso (if I have missed anyone please let me know)

Need advice on wireless speaker for Tivo Premiere

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 16:44
I have the Premiere connected via HDMI to a Sony TV. I would like to purchase a wireless speaker so I can place the speaker nearer to where we are sitting in the family rom.

Is there any suggestion on a wireless speaker brand/model? Then should I connect the wireless speaker going out of the Tivo or going out of the Sony TV?

And does a wireless speaker exist that has it's own AC power adapter?

Please let me know. Thanks.

Rebooting, Drive Diag, and Zipper question

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 16:32
Ok, so my trusty HR10-250 is acting up and while trying to figure out what the problem is I might have boogered up my drive. The tivo didn't seem to be working on the network (couldn't telnet or tivoweb to it) so while I had it out I figured I'd re-hack it remembered back in the days when something would crash and it would switch to the backup partition and I'd loose my hacks. So I haphazardly poped in into my computer and booted to the zipper CD I'd used to hack it in the first place and ran through the script. Of course when it asked if I needed to restore the image I skipped that step thinking it would just hack/enhance the image already on it. Well not when I put it in my Tivo it just continues to reboot after sitting on "starting up" for a few minutes. Also, when asked if there were existing recordings on it that I wanted ot maintain (can't remember the exact question) I said yes.

So did I hose it up entirely?

Second question, if a drive has been zippered and encryption has been turned off, can I put that drive in another tivo of the same model and watch the shows that are on it? I'm curious whether I can put it in one of my other HR10-250's and watch the stuff I'd already recorded without calling DTV to temporarily activate that Tivo. Do they even activate these anymore? Will I have to buy a new card even though the one in my old HR10-250 was activated and working?

I'm totally depressed at the thought of loosing one of my final two Tivos. Thanks for any assistance!

Malfunctioning Tuner (I think) - Premiere

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 16:16
I'm hoping somebody else might be able to shed some light on this problem, which seems to have become chronic on one of my Premieres.

Set up - (the same with both Premieres) - 2 Tuner Premiere, Motorola Tuning Adapter, Charter Cable is my cable co.

On my living room Tivo, the last several days when I first turn the TV on, there are channels that say 'unauthorized' with that little Tivo box on a black screen. Or, sometimes it seems to have just stopped in the middle of a picture and you see a paused picture on the screen, also with the Tivo 'box' that says the channel is unauthorized. It seems to be randomly quite a few, but not all, of my channels. IOW, it's not even always the same channels that are missing.

I'm pretty sure it's not a Charter problem because I can go in the bdrm, turn on that TV, and all the channels are fine.

When it first happened it seemed to clear up pretty quickly but yesterday I waited it out for a few hours and still channels were unauthorized. I finally re-started the Tivo and everything was fine again. This morning I turned on the TV to find the same problem so, after something was finished recording, I restarted the Tivo and, again, everything fine.

I try to figure things out before I make phone calls but I'm not an electronics expert. This is confusing. I don't think it's my cable and I don't even think it's the tuning adapter because when I restart the Tivo all is good again.

I'm a little paranoid to mess with the tuning adapter and CableCARD because the cable guy had such difficulty, last March when I got my Premieres, getting them going. But everything has been pretty much fine since he set them up.

Any ideas?

The Americans - "The Clock" - 2/6/13

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 15:12
It's kind of refreshing to see low tech stuff. I enjoy this show so far. I'm not a Keri Russell fan but I think Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich are good. This show is a bit different. So far so good :)

Changing wireless router

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 15:06
I bought a new wireless router (Apple Time Capsule) to replace the Cisco one. I knew the dual band would help with our iPads' connections. But I am wholly unable to tell our Premiere XL4 that it needs to connect to a different network, never mind telling it the new password. We have gone through repeating the setup, but it never asks which network to join. I am sure this must be hidden someplace in the Tivo menu, I just can not find it. Until then I have the Cisco connected to the Time Capsule and everything functions, but does a 2 person household need 2 wireless networks?

Arrow "Betrayal" 2/6/2013

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 12:36
I think Ollie set a personal best for killing henchmen in this episode. Henchmens 'R Us will be hiring soon.

It's time to give the Hood a mask. The idea of a hood adequately hiding his identity and him constantly being in the shadows and looking down at his shoes is getting ridiculous.

I don't understand how Merlyn's voice sounded processed on Diggle's recording but Moira's didn't.

TiVo Desktop problem transferring HD file to PC

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 11:59
I can transfer low definition files fine to my PC, but most often not able to do the same with HD files. It starts the transfer and then stops after about 2 minutes with "Interrupted". I try to restart continuously without luck. I use a wireless connection, NTFS PC, the latest TiVo Desktop (2.8.3), and have over 1TB of hard drive space. Also, I have the TiVo desktop use another area for the cache. TiVo Desktop is using Bonjour for the transfers. I tried Beacon and had the same problem.

When the transfer is interrupted there is no segments on my hard drive. It did not transfer anything. This is the same for dozens of different HD files. Then I transfer a SD file and it works great. My ethernet connection from the TiVo is plugged directly into my wireless router. I even disabled all firewalls and severely reduced any programs running in the background. I did once plug my ethernet cable from the TiVo directly into my PC and it did work, but the transfer of one HD file stated it would take 12 hours to finish for a one hour program!

I did try to transfer using the internet and it failed in the same way. I also removed my cordless phone (2.4GHz) from next to the PC and ho help at all.

Any other suggestions for me?

The real life Archer characters

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 10:27

Lana is a Hooters waitress from whom Thompson once ordered hot wings, and Archer is, of course, a former model.

For fun - What would a new TiVo Desktop look like?

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 09:20
So, we have seen some conjecture that a possible refresh of TiVo Desktop may be on the horizon. I thought it might be fun to consider what that refresh might look like.

The current desktop allows you too:
  • Publish music to your TiVo
  • Publish a Photo Library to your TiVo
  • Transfer shows from your TiVo box for archival and to view them on your computer.
  • Down scale and decode videos to be moved to mobile devices (paid version only)

I am not sure how much use the photo and music connectivity really gets. Does anyone consistently use these features? But moving video’s to a central media server is something that is done quite a bit and several community tools have been developed that are far more feature rich and usable. My guess is that we would see a similar product in design and functionality as the IOS TiVo app / TiVo Stream – No remote control functionality, but I would expect:
  • Streaming of content, downloading content, managing season passes and enabling transfers of individual shows or series.
  • The TiVo Stream would be the mechanism that connects PC’s to TiVo’s

So the question is; what product would bring value to consumers? What would you like to see in a refreshed TiVo Desktop?

My first feature request is more seamless access of content between the network video shares and TiVo content. I would like to see the new HD screens applied to your network shares and natively enable streaming from the Network share to the TiVo.

tivo getting too hot, possible to cause issues?

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 09:18
I posted a few days ago, regarding pixilation that I've having on about 20 channels. Time Warner hasn't been able to fix it (they've come to replace the cable card, however both cards were bad, and they didn't have more with them).

This has been going on since December, just with certain channels -- anyhow, long story short, yesterday I decided to move my tuning adapter to another shelf on my entertainment center (I noticed that when I took it off the top of my TiVo it was hot, and so was the TiVo), and the farther I got it away from the TiVo (as I was lifting it) the channels started to pixelate less.

In the end, for the last 12 hours or so, with the TA on another shelf from the TiVo, I've had no issues with pixilation on the channels I was before. Now, this has also happened when I've rebooted the TiVo and TA (where it doesn't pixelate for maybe half a day or so), so I'm not sure if its just luck (that it's working since I rebooted everything, and it'll start pixelating again, as it always has after a reboot and several hours), or if its possible that me moving the TA may have fixed it?

I'm thinking that since the TiVo doesn't have the TA on it anymore, adding extra heat (and the cable card was pretty hot too when I pulled it out, whereas its much cooler now), that this could have fixed it?

TWC is supposed to come out today to try and replace the CC and/or TA today, but if things are working now, I'd rather them not waste their time, or mine..

So, before I jump the gun and tell them not to, is it possible that moving the TA fixed it? (Again, I had to reboot everything to move the TA, and when I've rebooted everything in the past, the pixelated channels work for about the same period of time that they have been after me moving the TA, before they start to pixelate again, so I don't want to just presume that me moving it 100% fixed it, however I'm a bit more convinced that me moving it ultimately did more good, than bad).

If anyone can provide any feedback as to if me moving the TA could have fixed it, I'd appreciate it. I just want to make sure I'm not tricking myself into believing it's fixed (but maybe others have had similar issues, and moving the TA fixed it for them?)


$100 WD20EURS again 'til 02/13/03

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 09:05
Okay, so I can't write dates for some reason. It's through 02/13/13

newegg promo code: EMCXVXN24

takes $20 off


Keep an eye out for price matching from Amazon.

XL4 Doesn't Show Up on HD

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:08
I want to transfer shows from the XL4 to the HD, but the XL4 Doesn't Show Up on HD. The HD does show up on the XL4, though, and I am able to transfer shows from the HD to the XL4 just fine. Has anyone encountered this? I have contacted Tivo support 3 times, and they haven't been able to figure it out.

Rebooting both
Rebooting router
Verifying media access key is the same
Enabling sharing on the devices
Enabling network applications on the devices
Tried both wireless and wired connections
and probably some other stuff i'm too tired to remember

TCD746500 w/75 hours=TCD750500?

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 07:48
I've got a chance to buy a new Premiere 4 at a very good price, and it has the 75 hr. drive, which I want, but is a TCD746500. I was under the impression that the 750500 had the bigger drive while the 746500 had the 45 hr. drive. The box does say "expanded edition" and "75 HD hours" so I assume I was mistaken.

My question is- will I be missing out on any features of the 750500 by buying the expanded edition of the older model?