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Puerto Rico & Roamio

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 06:18
I ordered one a few days ago and waiting for it to ship. But i heard in the past that Tivo Central features like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube didn't work in Puerto Rico. Pretty much netflix, spotify and pandora work in Puerto Rico and on my Roku. So I wonder if they fixed that for the Roamio?

Note: this is my first Tivo, always been using Satellite for TV until now.

Slow Wireless Connection on Roamio Streaming???

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 05:22
So I just swapped out my Premiere TiVOs with Roamios. Both Premiere's had wireless N adapters and streaming between them on my wireless N network worked very well.

With my new Roamio's every time I try to stream between them I get an error message that the wireless network is too slow.

Any suggestions for improving wireless performance here? Running Ethernet cables through my house is not an option so I have to get this resolved.

Roamio vs XBox One?

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 05:19
OK, I had a Roamio Pro on order from SS, but the delay and some other monetary things made me rethink so I cancelled the order....for now.....I think....

Reason is, I am second guessing because of the features and excitement over the new Xbox One and its possible DVR and TV abilities. I followed some threads on AVS for a bit when it was announced but have since lost touch. I hypothesized there that what if it could accept an Ethernet or USB tuner like the HDHomerun or Ceton products instead of just passing thru the hdmi, aka the GoogleTV, and if so, possibly also be able to store recordings locally or on an external drive, making a pretty impressive DVR and media machine. I also thought the old 360's may be then used as extenders for the XBone, like a TiVo mini/ MC extender, all with (hopefully), no monthly costs involved.

My question is, does anyone know anything new about the XBone, for reasons mentioned above, that may make my second guessing of plunking down all this cash on new TiVo gear and Lifetime Service, valid???

Covert Affairs "Crackity Jones" OAD 8/27/2013

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 05:06
Jeez. I'm not really big on lovey-dovey stuff in my spy adventures but if they're going to put Annie and Augie together, at least let them be together a while before breaking them up over this "No secrets" b.s. They had one bump in the road and it's Quitsville.

Digging up Augie's robotic, emotionless ex-wife came so far out of left field, it was ridiculous. So she faked her death. Did she have no family? Forget Augie, did she not have a mother or father or siblings or close friends or relatives who would be devastated by her death. Did she not care? Pairing her with Annie on a mission was even more silly.

Calder Michaels has an open office with no doors or windows? How's that make any sense in an environment where everything is top secret and compartmentalized? At least he's coming to the realization that Annie lies her ass of to everybody she works for.

$0 Down option

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 02:53
I got both of my premiers by cliking on a banner ad for $0 down and 19.99 a month which was a really good deal for me because im really low income and paycheck to paycheck and never would have been able to afford them otherwise. I was wondering if / when are they going to do this for the Roamio? I really would like the 4 tuners per TV. Would the tivo stream work with the roamio? Thanks!

Back in the TiVo fold after a long hiatus

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 01:10
First, I'm what you might consider a TiVo early adopter. I got my first TiVo in 2000. We took a rather lengthy break from TiVo a few years back, opting instead for a Windows Media Center PC with Xbox 360s for extenders (which has worked quite well). But now Xbox One is coming out (and we will be getting one). And I believe that a TiVo will be a better fit with the Xbox One HDMI passthrough.

So, we're back. I picked up a base Roamio yesterday and got lifetime service on it. If all goes well with Roamio and if the wife likes it, we'll end up with a TiVo mini to extend the experience to another TV.

In a way we missed TiVo, but I think that I'll also miss some things about having a media center PC. I'm looking forward to seeing how Tivo has evolved over the last few years.

Big Brother - 8/28/13

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 00:17
Wow, Amanda calling Ellisa "trash" is IRONIC. Did Amanda realize she was dressing for the Veto ceremony and not a hooker convention. As short as her shorts were, at least she wasn't in her underwear today. And the high-heels were a nice touch with those short shorts...if you're going for the trashy look.

And calling Ellisa plastic is funny coming from someone who keeps commenting about her own breast implants.

Will programs like streambaby benefit from the gigabit ethernet?

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 00:02
I noticed that the new Roamio Pro I picked up today has a 10/100/1000 ethernet port. Does the Roamio actually utilize the full speed of this connection, and can programs such as streambaby take advantage of this faster speed?

MoCA question

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 21:59
I have a 4 tuner Premiere currently but use an external MoCA adapter to enable MoCA on my network because I perceived some issues when I tried to use the built-in MoCA. My question is are those issues just in my head and is there any benefit to using the built-in MoCA or an external device? I have a Roamio Pro on the way and was just wondering if I should use the built in MoCA when it arrives or just leave my adapter in place. Thanks.

My Roamio doesn't have "Allow Live TV on other devices"

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 21:41
Just unpacked my new Roamio and Mini... both are connected to same network via Ethernet. But Mini could not find Roamio. Went to settings on Roamio to turn on the "Allow Live TV on other devices" option per the instructions, but it does not appear under Settings & Messages > Settings > Remote, CableCARD, & Devices, or anywhere else for that matter.

Any ideas? OS version seems to be up to date based on reading other threads.

Thanks in advance

Why no Web Browser? Waiting to upgrade for years

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 21:24
TLDR - I love how Tivo works as a DVR - have loved it for a long time
I will stay with TIVO.. but not sure if I should upgrade . The extra storage capacity and nifty back lit remote are somewhat attractive.. but I'd need to feel some goodwill to the company also.. and my goodwill is strained by what I don't understand.

any ideas of something that works well along side tivo ?

Long version below:

Hi.... long time Tivo user... bought my first one in June 2000 when my wife was pregnant with our second kid (thats how I know)

I was content with the first one forever but eventually the HD TV thing starting coming out and the old one showed some wear so I bought a new series 3 around 2006 (?) This one is still going strong.

What I've really been waiting for is convergence. I figured in 2006 or 2007 or was it 2008 when began to be able to access YouTube on my series 3 that is was only a matter of time till I got a full browser.

Instead they went backwards.

Just 2 months ago, I broke down and ordered Uverse in disgust -- I really wanted to get away from Comcast for political/free-speech sorts of issues and they're almost more a media content creator than a data carier. Not that AT&T is an angel...

OK well.. that was a mistake .. uverse's DVR was an insult to the very notion of the advance of Technology.. it was lacking core features of my year 2000 TIVO ! disgustingly pathetic attempt to shackle consumers. So, I'm happily back with my dated Series 3

NOW... here is where I"m at.

I want convergence ... I'm feeling like I'd be better served spending 600$ on separate PC (or more accurately using the $600 towards a $1000 ish pc with a game quality video card).

Some of me really wants more capacity... it would be great not to have a second thought about which football games I want to watch.. just record 10 or 15 3 hour games in HD and decide late at night which ones looked good and stop watching if one became a blow out and switch to another

. .... and I want that back lit remote on the pro. The Drive on the series 3 is going to fail eventually too I suppose being 8 years old.

But, I'm not made of money.... purchasing both the PC and the Romaio isn't an option.

Some of this question is to sooth bitterness I suppose... why can't I just have my Tivo act alos like a PC ?

I got the Samsung Note 2 last year. I have my choice of 3 or 4 web browsers on it.. and I'm not bound to using web ap pages.. I prefer to access the pages via browser for a few reasons....(complicated perhaps.. but mostly fear or walled gardens and a pissing match on who sets the terms of access in terms of how much data I need to share....contact lists are sacrosant.. i don't ever want to connect my yahoo id, to my google id to my twitter id , to a facebook id.. .and some other places i use mutiple identities... that is getting increasingly hard to do on phones.

If my Samsung Note 2 has the capacity to run web browsers the procerssor in a tivo box (a modern one.. not my year 2000 one that can still function if I bother) has got to be powerful enough.

I feel like it is a matter of Throttling... and..

...and somehow throttling power to access information really sets me off.

Is there a reason beyond throttling I'm not getting?

Will I really need two boxes under my TV to be happy (I am a football fan, and have enough network tv shows as do my kids to justify the $90 a month packaged entertainment deal from the cable company )

As I tend to watch programs with the rewind button and the super slow motion button constantly in use (i'll watch each key play in a football game 3 or 4 times concentrating on the qb once, linemen second.. refs eye and reciever on a third..perhaps.. or just watch at different speeds and toggle back and forth frame by frame lookng at gaps or content.. that will never work via streaming (or maybe more precisicely they won't tend to let me). I' do similar on policital events analyizing in slow motion changes in body posture in minute seconds upon beign asked a question etc.. or just want to hear and ponder the implication of the word choice again right after I hear a sentence)

I guess I'm saying ,.... I NEED a Tivo for what Tivo does a great job at...recording channels...
... I don't think I need a tivo for streaming (my kids use the xbox.. for amazon prime free content etc)

Anyway.. I guess I'd like to hear other kindred spirits who adore TIVO in some ways I do but are feeling like they also need more that TIVO hasn't wanted to scale with...
... I mean if my phone can go from a motorola Brick in 2000 to a Note 2 in 2013.. why hasn't my Tivo grown in similar leaps and bounds into being both a DVR and a full on Linux based PC that can run any ap a pc can and fit video cards and maybe even integrate console game access etc? ....

Not quite as pathetic as Uverse not having slow motion and freeze frame in 2013 that tivo had in 2000 but.. still really hard for me understand!

Roamio pro and Time Warner setup

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 21:10
Got my pro this afternoon called TW to pair the unit. They have a cable card setup number to call. I was only on hold for 2 min before someone picked up

CSR asked what box I had, told him the Roamio pro. He said nice and that's the box he was going to get. Said it was top of the line and he had already authorized over 100 TiVo boxes so far

Took about 5 min to pair e cable card. It was a Cisco PKM802. I asked him was I going to get 6 tuners he said you bet. Got off the phone with him and I was able to record 6 HD channels

Only one small problem so far. Some of the channels are not coming in. Only one HBO Chanel is seen and a few others. Comedy Central etc. it say Chanel temporarily unavailable.

I rebooted the TiVo and tuning adapter to try and fix it. That didn't help. I am going to give it until tomorrow to try and fix its self before calling time warner back

Very happy so far

Roamio pro and Time Warner setup

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 21:09
Got my pro this afternoon called TW to pair the unit. They have a cable card setup number to call. I was only on hold for 2 min before someone picked up

CSR asked what box I had, told him the Roamio pro. He said nice and that's the box he was going to get. Said it was top of the line and he had already authorized over 100 TiVo boxes so far

Took about 5 min to pair e cable card. It was a Cisco PKM802. I asked him was I going to get 6 tuners he said you bet. Got off the phone with him and I was able to record 6 HD channels

Only one small problem so far. Some of the channels are not coming in. Only one HBO Chanel is seen and a few others. Comedy Central etc. it say Chanel temporarily unavailable.

I rebooted the TiVo and tuning adapter to try and fix it. That didn't help. I am going to give it until tomorrow to try and fix its self before calling time warner back

Very happy so far

Stream or copy?

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 20:51
I currently have one S3 and two HDs. Any sharing between them is a copy. I am getting a new Roamio Pro to replace the S3. Will the interaction both ways between the Pro and the old HDs still be a copy operation or will one or both way be able to stream? If the answer is that one or both of the directions is still a copy, does the Roamio help to increase the throttling limits at all? ie. copies on my current systems barely stay ahead of playing... would be nice if the copy worked faster.

Never get email notifications

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 20:43
Ever since I joined TCF I have never received any email notifications even though I have it selected in my account. If I check the box next to my thread subscriptions it does not stick. The same for private messages.

I am using windows live mail and even if I check my email account on PTD.net there is nothing there. Can some one fix this?

Wishlist Saved Searches Missing

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 20:36
Does anyone know how to find a list of your Wishlists?

There used to a menu item under "Find TV, Movies & Videos" for "Wishlist Saved Searches". Now it just says "Wishlist Searches"

This only allows you to create a new wishlist, and the only ones place you can see wishlists are those in your Season Passes, which you can see only in the Season Pass Manager.

Not all of my wishlists were setup to be in my season passes.

I tried both the SD and HD menus, and couldn't find a way to fine my wishlists.

Any suggestions???

Used Premier vs Mini as a Roamio companion

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 19:24
I think people have an interesting option when choosing a companion device for their new Roamio TiVo.

They of course could select a TiVo Mini for $250 or purchase a used lifetime Premier for around $350.

Yes the premier has the slower UI, requires a cable card and probably won't get any of the new over the top applications.

But the Premiers have extra tuners, their own space, full TiVo app integration, and works well streaming in both directions.

I am not really asking if you would keep an existing Premier, I am asking if you would purposefully purchase a premier for a second or third TV.

What do you think? With the used Premier market, is this a viable option for you?

Roamio to Roamio scheduling

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 19:23
Hi, new Tivo user, just got a Roamio Pro used with Verizon FiOS.

I currently have four Verizon HD-DVR boxes, I can play shows recorded on one box from another box, but I can't schedule shows to record on a different box than the current box, I have to go to that room to schedule shows to record there.

If I buy more Roamio Pro boxes, or Mini's:
1) Can I watch a show recorded on one DVR from another DVR?
2) Can I schedule shows from one DVR to record on a different DVR?
3) Is there some sort of smart recording manager that will divide the recording tasks between all DVR's and use and share all tuners and all disk space efficiently?
4) Is there any quality or responsiveness degradation when watching from a Mini instead of the main DVR directly?

Thank you

Will Roamios work with Series 3 TiVos?

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 18:51
I know the TiVo Mini can't interact at all with a Series 3 since its basically a streaming device and the Series 3 are "transfer" only type devices. I have a few lifetime Series 3 and can they still interact somewhat (aka..."multi room transfer" recorded shows) with the new Roamios?

Mini Networking issues.

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 18:41
I'm having disconnect issues with my newly acquired Mini and brand new Roamio Plus.

The Mini works fine for a while, but then starts stuttering and at times throws up the network disconnect issue.

I have a cat 5 cable running between two GigE switches. On the office switch is an ASUS router/wifi, cable modem, various office equipment and the Mini. The Livingroom has the aforementioned GigE switch which has the Roamio, a wifi access point, sling box, Roku 3 and Roku Soundbridge. The cable between the two switches runs through walls, and has my own homemade ends, which I can't totally vouch for, but haven't given me problems till now. Last night I measured throughput between two computers with GigE NICs. First I did it with the desktop and laptop in the office off the same switch, got a benchmark of about 800 Mbps. Then I took the laptop out to the livingroom and ran the same test and got about 400Mbps. Given that this is way higher than the bandwidth needed for moving HDTV, I'm not sure where I stand. As a further test, I replaced the cable embedded in my walls with a known good cat 5 cable running between the two switches. I'm still having the same issues.