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Blackout screen while using Pandora ?

Mon, 02/25/2013 - 02:05
Is there anyway to black out the screen on the Elite while using Pandora ?

I'd like to use it while I leep but the light from the screen will bother me.

tivo getting less channels than DTA

Mon, 02/25/2013 - 02:03
I have comcast limited basic subscription. The comcast through DTA, I get some extra channels compared to Tivo. These channels are not premium, but not part of limited basic line up (history channel, etc...).
I was under the impression that DTA only shows un-encrypted channels.
Why doesn't Tivo show these channels(assuming that they weren't encrypted)?

Southland Season 5 Thread

Mon, 02/25/2013 - 00:14
I've decided to start a new Season 5 thread since the first one is several months old and was largely side-tracked by a discussion about whether or not Season 2 was "cobbled" together ;)

So far I'm liking the writing of this season, Last seasons' writing was a bit sloppy, with a few clichés thrown in (Lucy Liu's overcompensating female cop character being prominent) and some outright laziness and lack of imagination in the form of some classic COPS moments being re-created nearly frame-by-frame.

I do hope that they finally start to show more of Cooper's relationship side, now that they've shown this much. I was thinking that the glimpses we have been shown up until now were nothing but a hook to keep us interested.

Cooper's new rookie is the type sadly not unheard of today in law enforcement. I do wish they would have kept him on a bit longer and perhaps shown some positive qualities in addition to the negative ones. Even a "know it all" can occasionally have a positive contribution.

I'm glad to see that Lydia's partner from last season is back, as they have a great working relationship.

The Amazing Race - "Loose Lips Sink Ships" - 2/24/12

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 23:23
I can't believe those doctors were all ready to give up after 5 minutes, without even looking to see what the other challenge was! And they should have tried the other one WAY sooner.

Multi Room Viewing

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 22:42
Ok I have 3 Tivos
Tivo 1 is a Premiere (Tivo-LR)
Tivo 2 is a S2DT (Tivo-FB)
Tivo 3 is a S2DT (Tivo-BB)

Tivo-LR can see both S2 tivos. but the S2 tivos only can see the S2 tivos and not the premiere. I have go online disabled View sharing, run updates waited until tivo2go showed i,i,i and the reenabled view sharing. waited until tivo2go showed a,a,a. But still not working. This started about 3 weeks ago. Around that same time I switched out the router/modem. Not sure it it stopped working before or after. I had a 2Wire DSL Modem/Router, switched to a Zyxel PK5001Z modem/router. All 3 tivos are hardwired. All are in the same subnet. All has same Ip #s,, subnet

One TiVo Premiere and one TiVo Series 3 with one remote?

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 20:58
Is there any way to control two different TiVos - i.e. a Premiere and a Series 3 with one remote?

I like the newer TiVoGlo remotes with the Select button in the center. But they don't have the "1-2" switch like some of the older TiVos. Is there any way to use that one remote to control either TiVo?

The two boxes will be in a rack. I guess without the switch there'd be no way to select which TiVo you'd be working.

So, the next question, assuming there's no good answer for my first... If you're going to have to have a unique remote for each TiVo then you'd use the procedure Controlling two TiVo boxes with separate remotes, correct?

Tuning adapter question

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 20:24
I have two Premiere Xl4's both using a Motorola tuning adapter. I can tune all channels including SDV on both, however I have the same issues as many in that suggestions will non populate with TA's attached so I'm using a timer to turn them off at night until TiVo sorts this out. That said, I notice that when I try to test channels from the diagnostics utilities from within TiVo, it doesn't see any channels, the same is true when trying to get a signal level. The only way the TiVo seems to see channels is under the tuning adapter diagnostics. Is anyone else who's using a TA having the same experience?

Both of my Premiere's are crashing intermittently

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 19:47
I'm a new TiVo adoptee and purchased two Premiere XL4's with lifetime service. That said, I'm having intermittent soft reboots sometimes as often as once/day on my family room Premiere and only a few times on my master bedroom Premiere (which is used a lot less). It never happens while simply watching live/recorded TV, but only when I'm interacting with it. I use the TiVo iPad app most of the time versus the remote (not sure if this has anything to do with it) and today I hit the TiVo button and heard the ding but the TiVo never opened up the page so I hit it again and all of the tuner lights illuminated briefly and the unit restarted unexpectedly and then I saw "Just a few more minutes..." Because both of my Premiere's have done this I'm hard pressed to believe it's a double hardware fault. Again, this only seems to happen when I interact with the TiVo. Tech support could only tell me that TiVo's will reboot to protect themselves - not sure from what in this case... My signal levels are perfect and both TiVo's are hardwired over gigabit with plenty of air ventilation and nothing above or below them. I'm hoping that TiVo keeps some sort of event logs which tech support could analyze. Anyone else seen this kind of behavior?

The Official 2013 Oscars Thread - Live Spoilers

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 18:52
For those of us who do care. :)

Oscar fashion

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 18:49
Watching the red carpet show now (slightly behind live).

The segment with Michael Kors, Vera Wang, and the other designers talking about film costumes inspiring fashion was a lot of fun.

What's your favorite look so far?

4-tuner Hard Drive going already?

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 17:02
Had my 500GB 4-tuner for just over 6 months but it has started to give some signs of hard drive issues. I've had 10-year old S1's with working original drives so this is unexpected. Anyone else seen issues this early? I'm tempted to pull the drive and copy it now but don't want to jeopardize my extended warranty.

A recorded show pause for about a second

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 15:21
For the last week when I watch a recorded program it would freeze for a second and restart. It only happen about 2 times in the 6 days. Is this a sign that some thing going to happen?

Why did my WHS stop transferring my TiVo videos?

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 14:27
I've been using an HP MediaSmart EX480/WHS (Windows Home Server) to extend the size of my Series 3's storage space for several years now with great success.

Using the "HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo" addin of the WHS console to auto-transfer episodes of a show as they air to the WHS, then transferring them back to the TiVo when I was ready to watch the entire season(s) has made managing my S3's limited space doable (as well as letting me record new shows on 'speculation' and then waiting to see if they get good reviews or if the network ends up Firefly'ing them).

This method has worked really well for me for me for some time now... but the file transfers have suddenly stopped working, with the "File Transfer Status" tab showing all transfers with a red "X" and the red error message "Cannot contact TiVo DVR, please check that it is powered-on is connected to the network. If problems persist, please consult the documentation." in the info block when you select one of the failed transfers.

Since just about every element making up this very useful system has been deprecated by it's maker (HP gave up on the MediaSmart line... Microsoft has taken the WHS OS in a different direction, and as for the TiVo corporation... <grrr>... don't get me started, since they still refuse to put sufficiently large hard drives in even their top-of-the-line models!), I'm kinda stuck trying to figure out the problem myself.

The only changes in any portion of my setup prior to this problem was caused by having to go back to my old router for wired networking, while changing the 'new' router to only function for wireless networking. This change occurred a week or so before the transfers began failing, so I doubt it has anything to do with the failed transfers, but I can't think of any other potential root cause. Both WHS and S3 are hard-wired through the same gigabit switch.

Other random points about my current setup:
  1. The "Files on TiVo DVRs" tab of the HP Expander addin is still being updated with new shows from my S3.
  2. The S3 hasn't shown any issues (any new ones at any rate <grin>).
  3. I am still able to use my S3 to transfer and play content that was previously transferred to the WHS.

Things I've already tried, unsuccessfully to fix the problem:
  1. Rebooted both WHS and S3 multiple times, including after each of the following changes.
  2. Changed which network ports (and even which switch) the S3 and WHS are plugged into.
  3. Significantly reduced the amount of video currently stored on the WHS (thinking I might have run into a previously unknown limit).
  4. Uninstalled and reinstalled the HP MediaSmart Expander addin.

Anyone have any suggestions for other things I should try, before I have to start taking more extreme measures (like trying to pick up one of those problematic drive extenders) to avoid running out of space?

The Americans S1E3 In Control OAD 2/20/13

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 09:50
Very cool episode. Loved seeing the Reagan shooting from the perspectives of all the different parties who knew nothing at the time. We have known for so long that Hinkley was just obsessed with Jodie Foster that we forget that the U.S. thought he might have been a Russian agent.

The whole Al Haig claiming he was in charge has always been a joke and he has always seemed like a buffoon for saying it, so I never considered the Russians might have seriously thought a coup was happening in the U.S. That was very interesting!

I always wonder what Jodie Foster feels about the shooting.