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Top Chef Masters - Season 5 (all episodes)

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 08:12
Anyone watching?

We're almost done watching the first episode and we're not happy. First of all they have all this web-based contest stuff with the Sous Chefs. I'm not going to watch anything on my PC, me and my wife crowded in front of my desk. :mad: But more to the point of why I'm ready to bail already... it took nearly half the show before they did any actual cooking! I'm watching the show because I like to see top notch chefs try to out-cook each other, not to watch people jump out of planes and drive cross-country in their Lexus loaners.

We may give this season one more episode... but the SP is hanging by a thread.

Roamio Pro - Fios CC pairing doesn't stick

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 07:21
I've been through the re-pairing several times via the automated system and twice while Fios support were on the phone. In all cases the pairing lasts for a while and then I get the TiVo activate CC screen and no channels.

Bug List & First day likes/dislikes

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 06:21
Ok, I have had a Tivo since 1999. And a S3 HD since 2007. The is my first time in the new interface. A list of things I don't like after a day.

1) Settings Interface - Not HD old interface
2) Signal Strength - doesn't work, the Tone sound stopped signalling me how strong the signal was, and all the signals strength were a lot lower, S3 were all 90+, this device not (at least this page doesn't report correctly)
3) The channel select page (I'm OTA) is old interface. And it really sucks! When I scan channels about 40 show up, but only 10-15 are good. So I have to remove all 25+ bad channels. I literally have to do two steps, step 1 get a pen an paper and channel surf - writing down the good channels. step 2 enter the channel select page and delete the bad channels. Why can't this page be in HD and show you video at the same time, so you don't have to switch back and forth and quality and/remove channels from your lineup.
4)Showcase apps- OLD!! SD! I never used this stuff in 14 years. Why does it have such a large button for something that UI doesn't match and I don't use. Let me remove it or remove it for everyone. Google discontinues OLD products, this should be discontinued. I don't want those GAMES.
5)Youtube, why is the Loading screen not HD? why does it take so long to load?
6) ****** Very annoying = takes 3 seconds to change channels!! Why do we have to see a black screen for so long! the s3 OTA channel change was instant, you didn't see a black screen.... ******VERY ANNOYING
7) Amazon Instant is CRAP, worthless, and OLD. come on.... this is not the amazon one app we want. I rather have zero amazon then this app that I have not used in 7 years with the Tivo S3. yet again it would be better to get rid of the old first.
8) ********another very annoying, when you switch between season pass page and live view, or tivo menu and live video - why does the video/audio flash off for a second. It is distracting and never happened on my S3. feels very broken and buggy.
9) new RF remote seems slightly unresponsive, every 100 button presses doesn't seem to register.
10) why is default 1080i and not 1080p?
11) tivo lanuch pad seems unresponsive and OLD, Fling queue is a non-supported google chromecast feature. why does the logo need to say "Launchpad for Tivo" shouldn't "Launchpad" be enough? maybe season pass page it should be called "Seasonpass for Tivo" and "Live View for Tivo" Each menu title should have "for Tivo" added to it so I don't forget what Device I am using. bad design....
12) no Android support. I got the free Stream device. But I don't have or ever want a crappy iOS device.
13) NO UV MOVIES!! Booooo. we need Vude/Flixster ASAP

14) When changing channels on the S3 Tivo had a temporary buffer for the other tuner (the channel you are not watching) would continued to recorded. So if you switched back to the channel you would still have a buffer. so you switch back and forth between two live shows (which are not being recorded on a schedule) and still rewind, the Tivo uses the opposite tuner each channel you change. But now as soon as you change the channel you lose your buffer!! Tivo is only using one tuner when changing channel? Why not do the same thing as on the old, use all tuners that are not being used and keep the buffers for the old previous stations, rotate them out so you would have 4 - 30 minute buffers.

good stuff
1) hd OTA signal strength seems as good as my S3, even tho the testing page doesnt work
2) Slide remote works perfectly - will use this instead of the RF remote.
3) thank you for letting me hide how much drive space is used on the main window. seeing %10 used or 50% used is just useless, in 14 years of having a tivo I have never cared or ran not of space.
5) Tivo MINI!!
6) Android App now works! with the S3 it was crippled. (however the setup was rather silly.. I could of designed a much quicker.
7) The physical box is REALLY small! I like. (I turned of the LED lights tho & miss my clock and LED screen that indicated what shows are being recorded.)

all in all it seems like this unit is not completely new.
it still has OLD interfaces and OLD apps
Tivo really should of purged all the old stuff.
I can't believe some of the choices they made in this software.
But you have to remember. Tivo makes money from lawsuits, not US!

Overall I think Tivo just have bad software designers. They can't seem to get away from OLD code. They have a business department that decides UI and makes bad choices. They should look at both the Roku and cromecast, both of those products are more innovative. They should learn agile programming and more software updates. knowing tivo this software will not be changed for another 9 months. and if you were agile, most of the bugs I mentioned could be fixed in days or weeks.

But I love my tivo, because it lets me skip commercials and never miss a TV show. Lets me not have to pay for cable for over 9 years.

Anybody decide not to use the new remote?

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 05:48
I have 3 active TiVo's now. I keep pressing the Zoom button on the new remote because that is where the Guide button used to be. Now, I might agree that the new remote has a layout that is a bit more logical. But, I think it might be better if I am using 3 of the same remotes instead of 2 the same and 1 close but with a few buttons moved around. Just don't think there is any reason to use the new remote over my old glow remote that isn't currently being used.

Roamio Plus - Different channels missing on different tuners on CC

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 05:38
Was discussing the issue a bit in this thread. What I have found with my testing is I have different channels missing on different tuners on my multistream cablecard. For example, I have 4 tuners recording, I put tuner 5 in ch 1120 and tuner 6 on 1100. I move up or down on one tuner making sure I don't get onto the same channel (as I don't want to accidentally switch tuners) as the other and make note of the channels I am getting. I will be missing ch 1109 on tuner 5 and ch 1117 on tuner 6 but get ch 1109 on tuner 6 and get ch 1117 on tuner 5. When I don't get the channel, the screen is just black without any message.
I had the cable guy here for 2 hours switching CC's and TA's and he left while I was still having issues and scheduled somebody to come out the next day. I didn't know of the missing channels are per CC tuner until he left and did some more testing.

So, has anybody heard of this happening before and what can be done to fix? I need to narrow down the issue to the CC, TA, or TiVo Roamio Plus. The only thing I have switched out is the TiVo but the issue doesn't seem like a TiVo issue to me. FYI - I have a TiVo Elite in the other room and have switched the TA and it didn't seem to help.

Roamio Basic streaming to iPad issues

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 02:48
Just setup my new Roamio (OTA setup) + TiVo Stream unit and having issues w/ streaming or recording to my iPad mini - anyone else experiencing this? Actually I can't even get a connection test to succeed (fails on last step).

***EDIT: Issue resolved***

Bought Pro at SS for $51 off

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 02:40
I just bought a Roamio Pro from Solid Signal for $548.99 and their entire Roamio line is discounted, plus free ground ship and no tax!

PS - Oh and 2 day shipping all the way to Hawaii was only about $12.50. TiVo wanted about $115 for that!!! :eek:

Can mini start playing a recording before it has finished recording?

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 00:27
My current setup consists to two series 3 Tivos. The first Tivo is hooked to cable and records sports. Currently we have to wait until the recording finishes before we can transfer the recording to the second Tivo.

If i had a Roamio Tivo recording a 4 hour sporting event, could i start watching the recording on a mini two hours into the recording (i.e. before the recording is finished)?

Big Brother - 8-22-13

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 22:44
Well, tonight was definitely an episode of firsts in the BB house. Not only was it the first time a juror returned to the game, but tonight also marked the first time Elissa was ever shown talking strategy. :p

I liked how her and Helen tried to scare Andy into flipping. The sad thing is that it seemed like it almost worked. It will certainly be interesting to see who comes back in the house and who gets HoH. If someone from the 3 AM alliance doesn't win HoH, this game may finally get somewhat interesting.

TiVo HD and MoCa

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 22:33
Can you hook up a MoCa adapter on a TiVoHD and will it speed up MRV from a premier to an HD TiVo a considerable amount?

Killer Feature

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 22:31
For me, the killer feature is the new remote!

What a joy to not have to muck with setting multiple IR addresses on multiple remotes if you have multiple Tivos in one room.

I didn't realize that each Roamio remote pairs on a separate RF frequency to a unique TiVo. Very cool.

It would be very cool if TiVo would release a USB attachable RF receiver so we can use a Roamio remote with a Premiere.

Details on the remote:


Help me get or not get a Smart TV

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 22:02

Hi all, I am not a TV junkie but I do LOVE my Tivo and Apple TV. I have 3 Panasonic 50" Plasma's in my house and a 42" Samsung in my home office. For some reason recently I've gotten the bug for a 70-75" TV and I am having a hard time justifying it. (my brother got a 110" projector and it is nice but I am not a fan of projectors myself)

I have a 50" Panasonic Plasma HDTV, it was $500 3-4 years ago & there is nothing wrong with it. I have a Klipsch sound bar below it and I am VERY impressed with the quality of the soundbar & wireless sub. The picture quality on my TV is "ok" so really I would be upgrading to a better Processor from 120 to 240+ & then 20-25" which is 50% more screen size than I have now.
There's something uneasy about my sound bar costing more than my TV now.

Not many of the Smart TV features are jumping out at me because my Tivo and Apple TV have Netflix and other programs I often use, are there any advantages to the Smart TV I am overlooking?
I like the Split Screen some of the Samsung models support Web browsing & TV/ Netflix, I thought that was pretty cool. (but I often browse the web on an iPad)

The 3 models I liked were below:
  • Samsung 75" UN75F6300 $2,999
  • Sharp 70" LC70LE857U $2,999
  • Sharp 70" LC70LE750u

So besides the size, 20-25 extra inches going from a 50" tv, is there anything else to consider? I'd have NO other use for my current 50" Plasma so I would put it on Craigslist & hope to sell it for $100 or so... anything else to consider?

Xfinity On Demand option missing

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 21:52
Just hooked up my Roamio Plus this afternoon and I believe I have my cable card paired correctly. At least, I am getting all my channels, including all my premium channels. But I'm not seeing Xfinity On Demand under Find TV, Movies & Videos. This is where I would find it on my Premier XL. Is Xfinity on Demand showing up for anyone?

Roamios available! Minis, Streams, and Premieres too.

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 21:31
For sale, all are NIB, factory sealed, with full warranty from date of purchase.

Roamio - $179 (available 8/29)
Roamio Plus - $379 (available 8/29)
Roamio Pro - $569 (available 8/29)
Mini - $75
Stream - $122

Yes, the Premiers are still available. Sorry, but currently there are no price breaks on them.
Premiere 75 - $125
Premiere 4 - $199
Premiere XL - $220
Premiere XL4 - $299

Plus actual shipping

Please PM me

Embarassing Ad on My Tivo

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 21:26
So my Tivo has an ad for the new Roamio where they says it's what "users have been craving for."
Ouch! Two grammatical errors in one!
Do they have high schoolers (with poor grades) writing their copy?

HBO / Cinemax pixelating

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 21:19
Hi all,

Has anyone seen an issue where just some of the premiums are pixelating? I repaired both my cablecards with my new roamios tonight any everything is working except hbo/ Cinemax are very pixelated.

I have FiosTV

Rate your Roamio Excitement

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 20:40
It is pretty early, and this is certainly not scientific, but let's get SOME measure about how excited people are about the Romio product lineup so far.

Tivo Elite, Lifetime Service, Extended Warranty thru 06/2015

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 19:05
Looking to sell my 4 tuner Elite. Purchased in June 2012. Still have all the original accessories, box, and backlit remote.

The box has Lifetime Service and a transferable extended warranty (bought on TiVo.com) until late June 2015.

I have had some tuning issues with this box. I'm not sure if its:
*a software issue (lots of threads on these forums about blank channels)
*issue with my cable card and/or tuning adapter
*issue with my local cable headend
*a hardware issue with the DVR

You may never experience the blank channel issue...or you may. If you do, that's where the extended warranty comes in. Just have TiVo send a free replacement thru the extended warranty. I've resisted exchanging the box under warranty because I think it's a software issue. I figure it's best to sell it intact and let the new owner do what they wish. Asking $525. I'll pay for ground shipping to lower 48 states.

Tivo HD + Roamio Remote = Possible?

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 18:52
Looking for an RF solution for my Tivo HD. Would a Roamio remote work, or is another solution better?


Interesting Roamio advertisement

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 18:11
In this weeks LA Weekly, there is a small advertisement that reads like a love letter with the TiVo character and Roamio symbol. I don't have it on me, so can't quote it. It says to call 310-997-3133 which has a Pepe Le Pew type character talking about Roamio. You can enter to win 6 months of Netflix as well. They mention tivo.com/missedconnections but that redirects to tivo.com.