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All done and ready to ROCK!!!!!

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 18:34
Well TiVo you have done it again. I'm all setup and Running I have Cox with Motorola TA and Motorola M-Card. I did need to call cox for supper the auto pairing did not work but to my shock the rep at cox told me we have a guy in your area and he is dispatched your way. He showed up 1 hour later repaired and PLUGGED IN MY USB CABLE for my TA yes I forgot hehe. :rolleyes:

My PyTiVo movie folder showed right up in my now playing list and BAM
This box is so much faster then the S4.

Funny question the tech asked me since it was a new Tivo he asked me does Tivo do multi room viewing I said are you kidding tivo was doing it before eveybody else.

Greeting Card Included w/ Plus :)

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 16:37
My Plus just arrived. I ordered from Tivo on launch night.

Inside the brown shipping box was a little envelope with a greeting card. Looks hand written. Nice touch. :)

Setup question

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 16:32
Ok I got my Roamio plus :) and I got my M-Card Motorola. Evething is going ok on the setup. But Cable card will not pair :( so I called Cox and my crazy luck they have a tech in my area and he is on the way :) that never happens.
But When do I add the Motorola TA? Nothing in the setup about when to hook it up????

TIVO Stream vs. Belkin @tv

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 16:07
Anyone here have experience with Belkin @tv plus - that allows you to download shows from dvr to both ios and android devices? How does it compare to the TIVO stream?

Appreciate any opinions

What would this Premiere go for?

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 16:04
TiVo premiere 318HD hours or 2TB internal HD with lifetime service
How much would this go for and would anyone be interested in it? Thanks.

Roamio basic + Stream

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 14:52
Weird - it says on the website that Roamio basic on wireless isn't supported for use w/ Stream, but I'm able to Stream/copy to my iPad just fine w/o connecting to Ethernet (I'm on wifi):

"This method does not support streaming content between two or more TiVo devices such as TiVo DVRs, TiVo Mini or TiVo Stream (with 4-tuner TiVo Roamio)."

Not that I'm complaining, just interesting that the setup is not supported (maybe functionally it works but they won't support any bandwidth/performance issues etc.?).

Great move by tivo!

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 14:40
Great move by tivo to release the new tivo roamios before the start of the new fall tv season! I see where some verizon customers are wondering if the new verizon media 6 tuner box will be out in time for the fall tv season. At least tivo GETS IT!

my old directv tivo remote works withe the premiere!

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 14:18
Well i either lost or misplaced my glo remote that came with my tivo premiere xl 2 tuner tivo and had been using a tivo qwerty remote. Recently my qwerty remote was not working right it gets stuck on fast forward or change channels so i thought i'd try the directv tivo remote that i use to use withe my hr 10-250 ,lucky me it works fine with my tivo premiere ,so i dont have to buy a new tivo remote! I didn't think the satellite tivo remote would work withe cable tivo premiere box but it does.:p( and yes tried new batteries first.)

Timeframe for new/better apps with html5 (?)

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 14:00
I currently use my PS3 as my primary streaming box (AppleTV for itunes stuff) and frankly it's a pretty amazing thing. A decade old yet state of the art streaming services, all the latest interfaces, fast. etc. Also a phenomenal and fast BR player.(If only it had a cc slot...)

That said, I wouldn't mind at all if I could migrate all my streaming into my soon to arrive Roamio Plus. Retire the PS3 to the kids for gaming, and swap to a simple BR player for discs alone.

So all that said, anyone with the technical insight into how easy it will be to port other apps (eg Vudu, Amazon Prime, etc) and what hurdles (eg TiVo approvals, etc) may exist in the process?

Asked another way...by say Christmas are we more likely than not to have a bunch of new/updated and robust apps? And yes I mean Christmas this year! :)

No upgrade incentive from TiVo!

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 13:28
TiVo is obviously not too anxious to encourage existing TiVo owners to “upgrade” to a Roamio! I attempted to do so today, but they won’t “cancel” my old service contract (goes to 2/2014) and start a new service contract on the Roamio. I either have to pay off the old service contract or pay the early termination fee. I don’t need the extra DVR and I don’t have a relative or friend who wants to take on the contractual obligation, even if I give them my Premier box. I believe this will result in a loss of revenue for TiVo in the long run as I suspect 6 months from now, they will reduce the price of the Roamio, or something better might come along from another company. It’s my understanding that TiVo is already in some financial stress; they could help alleviate it by providing some financial encouragement to existing TiVo owners to upgrade without actually reducing the price of the new product. They may lose some owner loyalty to this practice!:(

TWC trying to fix CBS with giveaways

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 13:18
Just read this on Cnet -- TWC will be doing a giveaway to those without CBS.


No impact to me sort eh, our CBS is still good on Brighthouse but not on cbs.com, but majority of content is available for us on HuluPlus


So, Brighthouse just told me my TA only support 2 streams

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 13:17
I was posting in this and that thread about my problems and they called me back saying that the TA's they have (don't have model atm as I'm at work) only support 2 streams (hardware/software limitation). And basically don't hold my breath on them upgrading the hardware anytime soon. So, that means it can only support two SDV channels at once (this would explain what I was mentioning in the threads above).

So, that leaves me with some *not great* choices. Try to buy my on TA that supports 6 streams and see if they will support it. Try disabling 4 of my tuners so my SDV channels will come in properly all the time. Wait for Brighthouse to upgrade their hardware and live with what I have atm.

excel test

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 12:47
Code: THE WEATHER CHANNEL        "99,926"        88
CNN / HLN        "99,292"        87
FOOD NETWORK        "99,283"        87
TBS NETWORK        "99,231"        87
DISCOVERY CHANNEL        "98,891"        87
NICK-AT-NITE        "98,799"        87
NICKELODEON        "98,799"        87
ADULT SWIM        "98,671"        86
THE CARTOON NETWORK        "98,671"        86
USA NETWORK        "98,647"        86
CABLE NEWS NETWORK        "98,496"        86
A&E NETWORK        "98,302"        86
LIFETIME TELEVISION        "98,251"        86
HOME AND GARDEN TV        "98,229"        86
HISTORY        "98,226"        86
DISNEY CHANNEL        "98,142"        86
TURNER NETWORK TELEVISION        "98,139"        86
HEADLINE NEWS        "98,010"        86
TLC        "97,842"        86
COMEDY CENTRAL        "97,838"        86
ESPN        "97,736"        86
ESPN2        "97,717"        86
AMC        "97,699"        86
MTV: MUSIC TELEVISION        "97,654"        86
SPIKE TV        "97,639"        86
SYFY        "97,447"        85
FOX NEWS CHANNEL        "97,186"        85
FX        "97,157"        85
VH1        "96,786"        85
E! ENTERTAINMENT TV        "96,472"        84
ABC FAMILY        "96,462"        84
TV LAND        "96,282"        84
CNBC        "96,242"        84
ANIMAL PLANET        "96,223"        84
MSNBC        "94,519"        83
TRAVEL CHANNEL        "94,418"        83
BRAVO        "94,129"        82
CMT        "91,249"        80
TRU TV (formerly COURT TV)        "91,197"        80
BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TV        "91,159"        80
HALLMARK CHANNEL        "85,897"        75
Fox Sports 1 (formerly Speed)        "85,798"        75
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHNL        "84,446"        74
INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY (formerly DISCOVERY TIMES)        "84,289"        74
LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK        "83,933"        74
OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK (formerly Discovery Health)        "83,261"        73
WE:WOMENS ENTERTAINMENT        "83,151"        73
GOLF CHANNEL        "82,089"        72
MTV2        "81,185"        71
DISNEY XD (formerly TOON DISNEY)        "80,864"        71
BBC-AMERICA        "80,066"        70
OXYGEN MEDIA        "78,208"        68
NBC SPORTS NETWORK        "77,746"        68
GSN        "77,431"        68
TV GUIDE NETWORK        "77,294"        68
SCIENCE (formerly SCIENCE CHANNEL)        "76,804"        67
NICK JR (formerly NOGGIN)        "76,389"        67
FOX BUSINESS NETWORK        "75,501"        66
ESPNEWS        "74,784"        65
THE INSPIRATIONAL NETWORK        "74,631"        65
ESPNU        "74,445"        65
WGN AMERICA (formerly Superstation WGN)        "73,969"        65
STYLE        "73,579"        64
TeenNick (formerly THE N)        "73,443"        64
FUSE        "73,008"        64
THE HUB (formerly DISCOVERY KIDS)        "72,237"        63
NFL NETWORK        "70,910"        62
MLB NETWORK        "70,043"        61
INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL        "69,517"        61
H2 (formerly HISTORY INTERNATIONAL)        "68,489"        60
GALAVISION        "68,167"        60
BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL        "68,007"        60
NICKTOONS        "67,950"        60
REELZCHANNEL        "66,739"        58
SOAPNET        "66,352"        58
GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY        "62,914"        55
MILITARY CHANNEL        "62,255"        55
VH1 CLASSIC        "61,717"        54
G4        "61,217"        54
DISNEY JUNIOR        "61,005"        53
UP (Formerly GMC)        "60,858"        53
COOKING CHANNEL (formerly FINE LIVING)        "60,718"        53
NBA-TV        "59,721"        52
DESTINATION AMERICA (formerly PLANET GREEN)        "59,616"        52
DIY NETWORK        "58,592"        51
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WILD        "57,833"        51
TV ONE        "57,419"        50
SPROUT        "55,218"        48
FOX SOCCER CHANNEL        "52,982"        46
VELOCITY (Formerly HD THEATER)        "52,271"        46
LOGO        "52,204"        46
CENTRIC        "51,953"        45
HALLMARK MOVIE CHANNEL        "51,668"        45
FX MOVIE CHANNEL        "49,799"        44
DISCOVERY FIT & HEALTH (formerly FIT TV)        "48,852"        43
CURRENT TV        "48,178"        42
OVATION NETWORK        "43,412"        38
CHILLER        "42,227"        37
ENCORE        "41,696"        37
RFD-TV        "40,699"        36
ENCORE PRIMARY        "40,621"        36
MUN2 CABLE        "39,888"        35
OUTDOOR CHANNEL        "39,175"        34
Fox Sports 2 (formerly FUEL)        "37,707"        33
TR3S        "36,301"        32
CLOO (formerly SLEUTH)        "33,640"        29
NUVO TV        "32,735"        29
HBO - THE WORKS        "32,445"        28
HBO PRIME        "32,144"        28
SPORTSMAN CHANNEL        "31,822"        28
ESPN CLASSIC        "30,715"        27
STARZ        "29,141"        26
STARZ PRIMARY        "28,436"        25
SHOWTIME        "28,094"        25
SHOWTIME PRIME        "27,867"        24
FOX DEPORTES        "20,599"        18
MULTIMAX        "20,471"        18
MAXPRIME        "20,226"        18
DISCOVERY EN ESPANOL        "7,311"        6
TOTAL CABLE PLUS        "103,241"        90
TOTAL WIRED CABLE        "68,033"        60
CABLE PLUS W/ PAY        "55,719"        49
WIRED CABLE W/ PAY        "37,031"        32
ADS        "35,833"        31
TOTAL U.S.        "114,200"

Two Premieres Model 746320- NIB

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 12:41
Typo in the heading - should read Model 746320.

I am FINALLY getting around to selling two premieres that I've never opened or set up:



Pricing has been set based on sales of a similar units last week, but the auction is also set up for Best Offers.

Toshiba RS-TX20 Harddrive Replacement

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 12:29
The HD in my TX20 is starting to fail (picture keeps freezing). How do I determine which HD's will work in this unit? Just looking for an inexpensive drive. Don't need a lot of space.

Roamio Plus & 30 second skip

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 10:59
Never seen this before. When I use the 30 second skip instead of jumping 30 seconds ahead my Roamio Plus goes into fast forward to get 30 seconds further along. The 8 second skip back works like I expect, a direct jump back. I can probably get used to it but its not what I'm used to. Every previous TiVo has just jumped ahead. Is this something that can be set or is it hard coded behavior?

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free

MOCA with FIOS help needed

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 09:58
I'm in the market for a Roameo Plus and several Minis. I have FIOS for TV / internet and coax to every TV site, and ethernet to all but one. I'd like to know if I can use the built in MOCA on the Roameo to send both DVR'ed shows *and* netflix/youtube/internet shows to the Mini that will not be near an ethernet jack.

I think it'll all just work, without additional hardware (eg, a MOCA adapter) but I'd like to get an education opinion.

Does anyone have any answers?

Thank you.


Why are OTA recordings 4-5x larger than cable/FIOS?

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 09:52
I have FIOS. SD recordings (I love old tv shows and save alot of them), require alot more space when recorded OTA than recorded from a cable channel.

I mean, 1 hr shows on the cable run about 1.2G, while OTA requires 8-9G files!

Therefore, I get alot lets recorded on the Tivo before it runs out of space!

Now, I know about compression, etc but why does one need a bandwidth of 13 mbps ota for sd shows on sd 480 channels?

TiVo -> TiVo Stream anywhere ...

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 09:22
Do you think they will ever provide this feature?

I have a real need for this... We have a home in Florida that presently don't want to pay for cable TV 11 months of the year we don't use it, as we only vacation there right now (4-5weeks per year).

If I could have a Roamio in our CT home, and be able to stream the content to another Premiere or Roamio in FLorida -- I'd buy one Today!

I'm able to stream to my iPad in Florida, so what's the difference? Why wouldn't they just modify the client software on the TiVo to allow over Internet streaming between all your TiVos on the same account?

do I just buy an HDMI adapter for my iPad and do a homegrown solution to get it on my 52" screen?