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Ray Donovan S1E09 "Road Trip" OAD 200130825 **spoilers***

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 22:59
Wow. There have been 9 episodes already!

You could see Mickey's gears grinding and you knew that the Miller was gonna get shot. Mickey should have taken the pictures from the wall.

Now they'll say Miller was killed over a drug deal.

Tommy is not worth the trouble. He dressed so nice for the awards show.

Big Brother - 8/25/13

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 22:45
Elissa is the worst player I've ever seen. With Judd back in the game, she had the perfect opportunity to team up with him, Spencer and GM and turn the game around. They have the numbers, they are just too stupid to realize it. At the very least, Elissa could have at least used her HoH as leverage to secure some deals with other players. Instead, she didn't do jack sh*t. Not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless.

Dexter 8/25/13 "Make Your Own Kind Of Music"

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 22:42
With all this talk about a Breaking Bad spin-off sit-com with Saul, I can't help but think Dexter should get a sit-com spin-off of its own. "The Deb & Hannah Show." Two hot roomies. Who want to kill each other.


Things do seem to be coming together, in the sense that fissile material comes together in the core of a nuclear bomb. I sense a body count coming on...

Breaking Bad 08/25/13 "Confessions"

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 21:31
Pretty cagey. I didn't expect Walt to full on implicate Hank. It's a stop-gap measure for sure, but still.

Another great episode. The train keeps rollin' full steam.

Premiere and roamio MSR.

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 20:11
Trying to figure this out... I have the premiere, hard wired. I want to add another TiVo to the bedroom so that they can share shows. There is no way to get network cable to the bedroom since its in the attic.

But of course I will want the roamio as the new main tivo... How well does the wireless adapter work (for the premiere) and are there any good alternatives?

Edit: MSR? Multi room streaming lol thanks iPhone.

Roamio wont accept My Book AV

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 18:49
After I got it up and running, I connected the My Book AV DVR Expander 1TB and restarted the box (twice). It keeps telling me the drive is unsupported after I agree to allow it to set it up for storage.

Connected to basic Roamio via eSata.

Also seems to be stuck on "Getting info (Downloading...)"

Edit: Finally made it thru download (on wifi with 85% signal).

Roamio Doesn't Appear in Tivo Transfer

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 18:23
I connected my new Roamio directly to my router via hardwired Ethernet cable, but it's not showing up in Tivo Transfer for Mac. My old Premiere is there, but nothing else. Anybody else having this issue?

Tuners 5 and 6 Not Authorized

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 18:14
Has anyone see this before? I have a Roamio Plus with a SA CableCard and when I try to use tuners 5 and 6 all but the in the clear channels say not authorized and to call Comcast. Does Comcast have to do something on their end to get my 5th and 6th tuners authorized? I tested this by recording 4 shows and used the 5th tuner to navigate channels. Then used the 5th tuner on an in the clear channel and used the 6th channel to navigate channels.

Available Space Discrepancy Between Tivo and App

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 17:45
I just finished transferring my recordings from my Premiere to my new Roamio. The available space shows 43% on my TV, but shows as 58% on my iPad app. Anybody else having this issue?

Roamio Plus Troubleshooting Questions

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 17:40
#1 I have the new Roamio Plus setup and was wondering if anyone else has a Mini connected. When my mini is connected but not being used for more than 4 hours it is still using a tuner. I can only record 5 shows at once and that was after a reboot for good measure. Is dynamic tuner allocation not implemented yet in the Roamio? For some reason I thought it was. Also after connecting my mini I can not see it as an option to allow a tuner in Settings and Messages-->Remote, CableCard, & Devices. There was an option in there on the Premiere XL4 I had before that could set how many tuners to allocate.
All I have in this menu now is:

CableCard Decoder
External Storage
Name This DVR
Network Remote Control
Remote Control Setup
Tuning Adapter

#2 Does anyone with a mini connected to a Roamio Plus or Pro have tuner allocation as an option? Also I have Moca enabled and in network settings there is no way for me to see the Moca network status.

#3 With my XL4 when Moca bridging was enabled if I looked in Settings---> Network in the field Type: is says Ethernet Connection + Moca but on the Roamio is just says Ethernet Connection even when Moca bridging has been enabled.

Attached Images IMG_2629.jpg (67.1 KB) IMG_2630.jpg (87.1 KB) IMG_2631.jpg (79.7 KB)

Roamie and TTGO?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 17:36
Nowhere on TiVo's site do I see mention of TTGO other than transfer to iOS devices. Am I just being paranoid or has this feature been abandoned?

Roamio Wifi Setup Problem

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 17:20
Is anyone having problems connecting their Roamio via Wifi? I'm using the current (6th Generation) Apple Airport Extreme router. After a lot of fooling around, the only way I was able to connect via Wifi was to:

1. Turn off MAC filtering (called Timed Access Control in Apple's Airport Utility). I'm certain I typed the MAC address correctly as shown on the Tivo screen, and I have 9 other devices that connect with no problems.

2. Plug in a hardwired Ethernet cable first, before choosing "Connect Using Wireless." It doesn't make any sense to have to do this for a wireless setup. Even after doing this, the "Network Connection" screen doesn't refresh to show a wireless connection. You have to go to the "Network Diagnostics" screen and come back to it.

If I undo either of those two steps and try connecting again via wireless, I get a "Wireless Network Problem" screen, error code (N06). There are some troubleshooting tips on that screen, and then it says "For more info, visit tiro.com/help/N06," which brings you to a web page that says "Internal Server Error."

I called up Tivo Support, and the representative didn't know about this issue and wasn't very helpful.

Roamio Remote?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 16:58
So the Roamio remote will work with my S3 but not my Premiere is that correct? Seems backwards to me. :confused:

8/25/13 Futurama "Fanarama" marathon

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 16:47
Comedy Central are running a 10 show marathon of episodes of Futurama chosen by viewers starting at 6pm EST <14 mins at time of writing, the guide over at tivo.com has the "New" flag for those episodes (just like my cableco DVR).

If you have a SP for new episodes, don't be surprised to see a bunch of re-runs mixed in.

Terrible Time Warner Installation

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 16:32
So, I decided to treat myself to cable after being without it for a year or so, and thought I would go all out and get the new Roamio basic. As I am under contract with ATT Uverse (internet only) at the moment, Time Warner is my cheapest option for standalone cable.

So now I have a lifetime Premiere and Roamio. Couldn't have been any happier this morning as I had everything ready to go for the technician.

Time Warner calls me to tell me that they don't have enough tuning adapters for my two Tivos. I politely asked if one could be installed as I could try a self install at a later date for my premiere. The technician tells me they don't allow half-installations.

He calls his supervisor, and finally agrees to come out and manages to track down a second tuning adapter: what luck!

But he spends the next 3 hours going up and down my stairs from one Tivo to the next complaining about how much of a pain Tivos are, and how I shouldn't have scheduled this for a Sunday because if they cable cards don't work, they don't have access to any more.

Long story short, he is unable to get most of the SDV channels to work on the Roamio, and no channels will come in upstairs on my premiere as it says none of the channels are authorized.

When I called the cable card hotline, they informed me that the Tuner and FDC levels are not in the correct range: both -11 dBmV according to the TA Diagnostics screen. She said that if these levels are adjusted between -7 and 7, the Roamio should work fine. She did agree that I would likely need a new cable card for the Premiere.

What I've noticed is that certain SDV channels will come in on the Roamio if I change the channel back and forth a couple of times. Does it sound like the levels being adjusted would fix this issue?

Edit: I just noticed that the SDV channels that we do get are heavily pixelated every couple of minutes, similar to an OTA channel with a weak signal.

TiVo Premiere, 2 tuner, OTA/cable, lifetime $400

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 16:13
I have 3 1Tb premiere units available. Each has lifetime, 1 TB upgraded drives, new remotes, 2 tuners , OTA/cable. $400 each. I take paypal. Message me if interested.

New drive in DVR expander?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 15:34
My wife had her DVR expander die a year or so ago. We bought a new one but I kept the old one thinking I mig replace the drive and use it on my PC. However now I'm curious... If I replaced the drive would it still work on a TiVo? Not that I need more space with my 3TB pro coming, but still curious.

please help me debug CC problem before I go down CS hole

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 15:06
I respectfully request any assistance available in isolating my problem before I get on the phone with my cable company tech support.

Problem: Sometime around 8 August, I seem to have lost the ability to tune any cable channels on one of my two TivoHDs. The other one is behaving completely normally. On reboot, the tivo shows the 'acquiring channel list' screen for a while before timing out and going to a black screen on any cable channel with the error banner "The channel is experiencing network difficulties. Contact your cable provider...". This is the state on analog as well as digital channels.

Looking through cable card screens, it looks like it has lost pairing. The pairing screen is headed by "In order to start cable service for this device, please contact your cable provider". I have requested a STB refresh via my cable company's (Charter) website, and also a pairing hit from a live CSR last night, with no change.

I'd really like to know as much as I can about what is going on before I call back. Thank you all for any guidance you can provide:

Data I can find that could conceivably be relevant, taken after a fresh boot

== DVR Diagnostics Screen ==
Tuner: 0
Channel: 18
Frequency: -
Modulation: Analog
Connector Type: RF2
Signal Source: Cable
CableCard Association: None
Signal Strength: -
Signal Lock: No
Program Lock: No
Search Complete: No
SNR: -
RS Uncorrected: -
RS Corrected: -
RC State: Available
Current Tunig Status: Tuned: Success
Tune State: Started
Last Used Channel Paln: Undefined
CCI Byte: N/A
Time Since Tune Start: 319 Seconds
Time Since Signal Lock: 843 seconds
Audio PID: -
Video PID: -
Resolution Status: Network Not Available
PEnding Tune Status: No tune pending

Tuner: 1
Channel: 19
Frequency: -
Modulation: Analog
Connector Type: RF2
Signal Source: Cable
CableCard Association: None
Signal Strength: -
Signal Lock: No
Program Lock: No
Search Complete: No
SNR: -
RS Uncorrected: -
RS Corrected: -
RC State: Available
Current Tuning Status: Tuned: Success
Tune State: Started
Last Used Channel Paln: Undefined
CCI Byte: N/A
Time Since Tune Start: 98 Seconds
Time Since Signal Lock: 869 seconds
Audio PID: -
Video PID: -
Resolution Status: Network Not Available
Pending Tune Status: No tune pending

CableCard: 1
Module State: Operating Normally
Module Mode: M-Mode
Decrypt RecordChannels: None
Channel List Received: yes
VCT ID: 38
OOB Signal Lock: Yes
OOB Frequency: 75250 KHz
OOB Data Rate: 2048 Kbps
OOB Spectral Inversion: On
OOB SNR: 24 dB
Time Since OOB Tune Start: 702 seconds
Firmware Upgrade: Not Upgrading
Card Serial Number (H): 0x0
Card Serial Number (L): 0x13F0XXXX
Manufacture ID: 0
Firmware Version: 613

Cable Card: 2
Module State: Not Inserted
...: omitted (no cc in slot 2)

Tuning Adapter: Operational
Last Status: Ready
Channel List Received: Yes

== CC Screens ==
=== Conditional Access ===
Unit Address: 000-03345-XXXXX-XXX
Encryption: DES
Con:Yes EBCP:Yes Val:V 0x09

=== CableCard(tm) Status ===
Manufacturer: Motorla
FW Version: 02.65, 02.01, 03.25
HW Version: 0469927002
Unit Address: 0x0013F0XXXX
Download Status
left: 0 last: 999999 rate: 0
State: Wait To Start
EMM Provider ID: 1

Out of Band Channel Mode: OOB
Last Known Carrier: 75.250

=== Network Setup ===
2-Way Established: Unknown
OOB LKC: 75.250
OOB Status: IDLE

EMM PID: 1 0x1503
Messages: 10520

VCTID: 38 VCT Rcvd: 143

=== Pairing Screen ===
In order to start cable service
for this device, please contact
your cable provider

CableCARD ID: 000-334-XXX-XXX-X
Host ID: 035-011-XXX-XXX-X
Data: 288-826-XXX-XX

Unit Address: 000-03345-XXXXX-XXX
eCM MAC: -:-:-:-:-:-
HOST MAC: 00:00:00:00:00:00
Host Type: 1-Way RF only

=== DSG ===

In OOB Mode

=== The other screen (forgot title in menu) ===
Interactive (Aloha) Info

IP Address:
UPM Address: 0x000000
DSP ID: 0x0000
USP ID: 0x0000
DSP: Unconfigured
USP: No Message to Send
Signon Status: Unknown
Ack timeout: 0 msec
Cell Abort count: 0 (max = 0)
MAC Abort count: 0 (max = 0)

Unwanted Recording Cancellation

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 13:49
Since yesterday, I have truncated two shows being recorded. I have not indicated cancellation. I think both cases occurred when I went to second channel (premiers) and changed the channel. It appears that recordings were stopped on opposite channel when I did this. In each case, my intent was to record two shows concurrently, the first a scheduled recording and the second, an ad hoc recording.

Any similar problems out there? Thanks!

RedZone on Fios

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 13:41
Every year, I go through a huge ordeal to get RedZone working on my Cablecards. Can somebody tell me what they are currently seeing on channel 835 assuming you have the RedZone subscription. My Tivo tells me I am not authorized (v58) and a black screen. Verizon confirms that I am subscribed, but that I wont see anything until the first week which I know is not true. Wondering if anybody is seeing the RedZone splash screen as opposed to a black screen.