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How do I view Tivo Desktop Transferred Recordings through Tivo & TV?

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 13:10
Can I view shows I've transferred from my Tivo to my computer through Desktop on my Tivo again, if I've deleted those shows from my Tivo? If so, where do I find those on my Tivo?

Also, can HD shows that have been transferred be seen again in HD?

I'm confused about "bridges"

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 12:58
Being confused is a normal state for me, so this is not that unusual.

But, I am trying to wrap my head around the "bridge" devices and how I can connect my S3 and Premier to communicate with my wireless router. Right now I am using a Tivo N adapter on my Premiere and a Tivo G adapter on my S3. I am going to purchase a new Premiere unit and also hook it up to the existing network (somehow) and don't really want to shell out another $90 for an N adapter.

I have gathered that hard wiring the DVR's to my router is the preferred setup, but routing the ethernet cables will be problematical due to the distances and home architecture layout. I have done a bit of research into the MOCA system, but am not convinced it's the way to go for me (but my mind can be changed).

Can someone explain the "bridge" system to me? A diagram would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance. You folks here on TC are the best :)

System cannot find the file specified

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 10:41
Just recently file transfers have started to fail. I select "Pick Recordings to Transfer". Check the box for a Masterpiece Theater Classic...Downton Abbey Season 3, and after a few seconds the transfer status window indicates "The system cannot find the file specified". The file is on the TIVO. In fact I cannot transfer any files. All transfers fail in the same fashion. This has just started happening. I have successfully transferred hundreds of files to my PC prior to this.


"Tivo Desktop did not find a Tivo DVR on your home network"

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 10:32
I have a XL4 using Comcast Cable. I recently installed Tivo Desktop to my new Windows 8 laptop and transferred a 4 hour program. The video transferred fine, but I didn't have sound. Then, I found a post here that gave me a link to a codec at C-Net. I downloaded that and got sound.

A few days later, I added the recommended WD 1TB Expander to my DVR.

Now, I'm getting "Tivo Desktop did not find a Tivo DVR on your home network." I can't transfer new programs nor see the previously transferred program on my DVR/ TV.

Does the downloaded codec or addition of the Expander have anything to do with this problem? If so, can it be resolved? Or is something else causing this problem and can it be resolved?:confused:

N11, occasionally N13 connection issues can't connect for a week

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 09:27
So - I have a Series 3, an HD, and a Series 2, all Lifetime subscriptions. Series 3 and HD both have 2 cablecards each.

I tired to download a movie last night via Amazon on my Series 3 and I was told the service wasn't available. This happened to me about a month ago, and I figured out the problem was that the TiVo hadn't connected in a few days for some reason. I forced a connection and everything went through. Hurrah.

But this time, I got an N11 error while on step 3 - Retrieving data/Downloading.

So I tried again. And again. And again.

I have FIOS, the newer Actiontec router, central NJ. Series 3 and HD are connected via ethernet/powerline. Series 2 via wireless G.

I checked the Series2 - connected fine via wireless.

I checked the HD - hadn't connected either, since a day after the Series 3 last daily attempt. Forced connection - same thing, N11.

- rebooted everything (router, TiVo) first one at a time, tried to reconnect, then both at the same time
- Tried using the wireless. Rebooted everything again with wireless on the Series 3. No dice.
- on wireless and ethernet configs, pinged S3 Tivo from multiple computers, both wired and wireless. No problems. Typed IP address into browser, connected fine.
- started messing with router features, created rule with all the TCP and UDP ports; added the Series 3 TiVo. No dice.

Note this setup has been running for years without interruption.

Tried the TiVo chat guy and he was no help whatsoever. Still saying ports must not be opened.

The HD box, I forced connection with and it worked, went through, downloaded and loaded. Yippie.

Series 3 is still failing, though. I've gone through the 10-12 or so previous posts here and elsewhere quoting N11 or N13 issues.. most seem pretty old, and not much help.

Help me, TiVo Community, you're my only hope!

Audio gets out of phase - Sound changes

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 06:27
This is a weird one and happens quite often - but cannot be repeated on demand. The Tivo is a P4.

When using FF/RW and Jump Back buttons frequently, the audio will sometimes (as best as I can describe) go - "off track" during playback of recorded shows. Kind of like the sound a multi=track reel to reel tape recorder would get if the tape wasn't on the heads right or something. It is still in sync - that is not the issue.

In my best estimation it's either -
Gone from stereo to mono
Gotten out of phase.

Some people might not even notice but I worked in recording studios and have engineered my own recordings as well - and it's very noticeable.

This usually only seems to happen when I'm skipping around a lot.
Skipping back/forward again usually will correct it either on the first try or after a couple attempts.

Yea - WERID right?

The TV is a VIZIO VX42L HDTV10A - and the P4 is plugged direct via HDMI - no switches or other stuff going on - but that shouldn't matter - it will only reproduce whatever audio it is being fed right?

Parade's End SP issue

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 02:13
On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, HBO will be presenting a BBC-coproduced mini-series, Parade's End. Favorable reviews have been showing up in various places. When I tried to set up a Season Pass with the New only option (my default), no episodes were selected. THe system default of New and Repeat did allow all episodes to be scheduled.

Although no first date is shown, apparently for some areas, the New flag was not set (the series was shown in Britain last summer). However, the presentation on HBO next week will be the first viewing in the USA.

Help with MOCA networking

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 17:47
I have two TiVo Premiere 4 boxes running off MoCa network through an Actiontec MoCa Adapter ECB 2500c without any problem.

I have a second Actiontec MoCa Adapter ECB 2500c. I am trying to connect this adapter to one of my wall coax connections upstairs to then connect via ethernet to a second router (for improved wi-fi as the main motorola modem/router is located in the basement and has poor signal upstairs).

Is this even possible? Am I even making any sense?


While Watching a Recording and other things?

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 17:04
Ok, so I am watching a recording-like the News, no problem there.

But then I am doing other things, like changing priorities in season pass, or looking at tonight schedule and setting up a new recording - what ever; so there is not problem there. Doing all that while still watching the recording.

But then I want to go back and continue the recording to watch it full screen now. Since there is no "exit" button how do I do that? I assume this is another secrete button? or?

Copy to smaller hybrid hard drive?

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 16:16
I've got a TivoHD. I still have the original hard drive somewhere, but it's been upgraded to a 1 TB hard drive.
However, now I want to "downgrade" to my Seagate 750 GB hybrid drive (it's quieter, etc.)

I don't care about losing any saved data (meaning stored DVR'd shows). Can I use WinMFS tools to copy the existing 1 TB "system" stuff to the smaller drive?

If not, I'm assuming I could use the old, original drive, copy and re-expand, although it'll need a bunch of updates after that and possibly a re-pairing of the cable card (I don't remember which cable card was in what device at the time) since Time Warner pairs everything to the specific Tivo, unlike Verizon.

Comcast MCard Cost

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 15:30
I know that this is a big question for a bunch of us. So let share some pain... I have two TiVos (Premiere and Premiere XL4), and one Cable box. I get charged 9.95 / month for HD Technology Fee, 9.95 / month for Digital Access and Cable card, this covers my cable box and the Premiere, then I get charged another $9.95 for the Cable Card for the new Premiere XL4.

From the way the sales person explained it, yes I called them up, the first charge brings HD to the house and authorizes it all outlets. That's a joke since they don't really support the wiring in the house anymore, and the first thing the tech always does is check the outlet with a bandwidth meter.

The second 9.95 covers digital access and a cable card. Has anyone else noticed that the Comcast HD cable box has an mCard shoved in it? I think the digital access is the cable box, because they told me it would be 9.95 to get a second HD box.

I know the third $9.95 covers the new mCard for the Premiere XL4, since I just added that one. So there is my mCard story.

BTW, I'm in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs market place. Sure wish I could buy my own mCard, like I can buy my own modem.

castle 2/18/13

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 13:51
castle goes jack bauer on the bad guy and no thread!!!!!

i'm glad for once we had a realistic show where the cop did let the friend do something bad instead of saying i'm a cop, i cant let you do that. i thought for a moment alexis was on a boat but they probably would have felt that. i guess sweeps month means a lot of continued shows to next week.

was there a previous ep where alexis was in some other trouble as well. i think after this she's going to be taking internet classes for her degree :)

Cutting the Cord

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 13:32
I finally did it. After the latest Comcast (insult) price I finally had enough. My combo bill of digital economy with HD and Internet jumped $10 to $99 in the last month, and up from $73 two years ago. With the exception of my wife's cooking shows and my kids occasional Disney Channel viewing, 90% of what we watch is on network television. The only major show I'm losing is The Daily Show, but that is available online. Comcast tried to convince me to stay with their basic for $15 + $10 for HD, but why spend $25/month when I get that for free OTA?

I tried cutting the cord a couple years back but the antenna I tried wasn't very good. But I recently checked again and found a really well reviewed antenna in the Mohu Leaf, so I ordered it and installed it last night. Perfect picture clarity and it's not an eyesore, so this is definitely the way to go.

I was reading updating my shows on Season Pass Manager, but once I changed the Tivo's setting the Season Pass Manager auto updated accordingly making my life a thousand times easier.

So Thank You Tivo for doing that.

Amazon Video Rental option comes & goes

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 12:39
Yesterday I was looking for a way to see "Argo" and saw that I could eaither purchases it through the Amazon menu on my Tivo HD for $19.99 or "rent" it for $4.99, which is a file that you can download that deletes itself after a day or two. That evening my wife & I went back to set up this download, but only the $19.99 purchase option appeared.

This morning went on again, saw the $4.99 rental option and selected it. The TiVo had not yet been connected to Amazon account, so I started setting it up, but did not have the correct Amazon ID & password (my wife manages the Amazon account). When she got up later, the $4.99 rental option dissappeared again and we only see the $19.99 purchase option.

Can someone tell me what the heck is going on?

Is there Facebook app on Tivo Premiere?

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 11:45
Is there a Facebook app for the Tivo? I'd like to show my aging mother some profiles of her friends/relatives. The tv screen is better for her than my tablet screen.

Premiere not working with remote in Live TV

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 11:37
Okay, here is one for you:

Yesterday my TiVo Premiere (regular old two-tuner premiere) stopped responding to remote commands during live TV. In order to change the channel or watch a show I have to use the Android App, and then I have to use the my shows or guide (that remote doesn't work either). Once I am in a recording, the remotes work fine again, FF, Rewind, Pause, etc all work again. None of the remotes work in live TV: Slide, Harmony, Regular TiVo remote, nothing.

Anyone else getting this? Seen this before?

series 1 hdd errors

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 08:50
I pulled the drive from my Philips hdr112 series 1 TiVo. The unit has lifetime service and the I rigged it wireless with a spare 54g linksys. Now the guy I bought it from upgraded it to a 120 gig WDHDD. About 2 weeks ago it was stuck on boot screen, I tried diagnostics and all the tricks online, nothing worked so I pulled the drive, loaded winmfs and it kept giving me the error 8 super header so I tried fixing the boot, first #1 then #2 and now I'm getting error 7 about partitions or something. I have a new old stock WD drive, same type as what was in the unit except 160 gig and want to use winmfs and put the image I downloaded for this series 1 tivo onto the new drive. It gives an inode error everytime I try to put that image onto the drive, I'm wondering if the drive needs re formatted?

Thanks for all the help guys


Latest revision?

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 07:58
I just picked up a Series3 HD. It had not been connected for over a year. What is the most current software revision for the Series3?

I had a Series3 OLED years ago but have only been using Premieres lately. Has anything changed for the Series3 in the last couple of years? Any new features or just fixes?

Cable conversion question

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 07:53
I have a Premier XL and my cable company Midco is doing an analog to digital conversion in my area. I've been having trouble getting the new digital channels to show up with a program listing. And TiVo has been no help at all, I got a message back about how they can't support cable sub-channels.

While re-doing guided setup for the hundredth time I read about the M-card. It says you need to have a M-card to get digital cable, but I thought the M-card was for encrypted channels? Is an M-card the issue preventing me from getting my cable channel listings?

The Big Bang Theory [02/21/2013] - "The Monster Isolation"

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 07:09
Poor Raj. Would it really destroy the show to let him have a girlfriend?

Raj: My heart is stone. From now on, I'm a monk. I renounce all worldly pleasures. Except for Lobster. And, garlic butter.
I'm surprised they "let" Penny be good in the play. They have so many jokes about her singing that I assumed they would do the same with her acting. Even Sheldon was impressed.

Sheldon: How can she remember all those lines, but as a waitress she can't remember "no tomato" on my hamburger?