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Rotten Tomatoes for TV

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 17:38
Looks like tomorrow Rotten Tomatoes is going to launch a TV site.


I am looking forward to it. I sometimes do make decisions on which shows to try out based on reviews.

Right now I go to Aint It Cool News's Coaxial page, because with every premiere, They have a rundown of critics views from across the country.

I just decided to try out Sleepy Hollow based on the reviews.

Also like this idea. Should be cool.

"For the older shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” “we will go back to the beginning,” and include reviews of their earlier seasons, Matt Atchity, editor-in-chief of Rotten Tomatoes, told Variety."



Mon, 09/16/2013 - 17:07
the new website sucks laggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Shows that started off strong and then quickly went downhill ...

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 16:39
I was thinking today about how some shows get off to a great start, and then rapidly devolve into a complete turd. It's amazing how the writers/showrunners can take something so great and ruin it so quickly.

Here are a couple examples that spring to mind:

Heroes - I consider its first season to be among the best single seasons of any show I've watched. The second season was extremely average, and the subsequent seasons were just garbage.

The 4400 - A very cool idea that started off strong and then completely went off the rails.

True Blood - This show didn't fall as far or as fast as the others, but each season has gotten progressively worse. I absolutely loved the first couple seasons.

What other shows would you guys add to the list?

Samsung PN51F5500AF Not Syncing

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 15:40
We have 3 Samsung PN51F5500AF's hooked up to Tivo Mini's on one job site and 2 PN51F5500AF hooked up to Tivo Mini's on a completely different job site. They are hooked up as simple as possible...HDMI out of TIVO Mini into HDMI 1 on tv. Sound is through the tv speakers, we are using the Tivo Mini remote to control the unit.

It seems that the units are not correctly syncing on the HDMI signal. We have an HDMI tester that allows us to capture and insert our own HDCP and EDID between devices, and it cannot work. We believe it to be failing to handshake with the tv. We have tried different cables, and the only resolution has been to go component.

I hope that Tivo checks into this and comes up with a software fix FAST as samsung tv's are very popular.

Tivo Premiere XL vs Mini

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 15:36
I am trying to decide the best path to take.

I currently have a Tivo Premiere XL from June 2010 with Lifetime.
I have a Comcast HDDVR and 2 digital adapters.
The 2 DVRs are on the main TV to record upto 4 shows at once.

I want to get rid of all Comcast equipment except Cable cards.
One of the digital adapters I want to upgrade to a full HDDVR capability.

1st idea: Purchase a new Roamio Pro and Mini(maybe 2), with Lifetimes.
Put Roamio in main TV room.
Put Mini in Bedroom.
Maybe add a Mini to other Bedroom.
Add Moca network box. (Cable modem in different room from Roamio :( ).
Sell Tivo XL.
Get rid of all comcast equipment keeping 1 card (Free).

2nd idea: Purchase Roamio Pro and move Tivo XL into bedroom.
Possibly add Mini to other Bedroom.
Add 2 Moca units (cable modem and Tivo XL).
Get rid of all comcast equipment using 2 cards (Cost?).

Any Pros and Cons for each idea?
1. Can the Tivo Premiere XL access programs on the Roamio?
2. Can the Roamio access programs on the XL?


Loss of internet or ethernet takes down MoCA?

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 14:04
I'm using my Plus as a MoCA bridge. The MoCA segment only contains the Plus and a Mini, and the Plus's ethernet port is directly attached to my router.

I've noticed that when I reboot my router (which obviously disables the internet, but also takes down the Plus's ethernet link) my Mini disconnects from MoCA saying the network is no longer available.

Should the loss of either internet or ethernet link on the Plus disrupt the MoCA network? It seems like the MoCA segment shouldn't be affected by either of those two occurrences.

No Discovery Bar Sometimes? (Network Errors)

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 13:48
Coming from a HD unit that did not have the Discovery Bar, I am noticing sometimes that it is not displaying on my new Roamio and giving a C133 error and an error 501(I think it was?) if attempting to choose the What to Watch feature. Is this normal? Is this an issue with the TiVo Service itself (as the error message indicates)? I can successfully test the TiVo's connection while this is happening as well as use the mini connected by MOCA in the other room (it displaying no Discovery Bar however). All other network connected devices are operational as well when this happens.

This usually lasts a minute or so before rectifying itself. I was just wondering if this is normal behavior for the Discovery Bar? Like network congestion on TiVo's end or something?

Frasier: Premiered twenty years ago tonight

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 13:24
Quote: "Frasier" premiered 20 years ago on September 16, 1993.

The NBC comedy starring Kelsey Grammer as radio therapist Frasier Crane ran for 11 seasons, ending in 2004. The Frasier character first appeared in a 1984 episode of "Cheers," and became a regular at the bar, before he got his own spinoff.

"Frasier" also starred David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin and John Mahoney One of my favorite ever sitcoms. Incredibly well-written, great casting, ensemble chemistry for the ages. Part of the reason we now have a Jack Russell:).

For many years after it ended, my wife & I would watch one or two eps a night in bed. Until we knew them by heart. It's why they make TiVos:up:.

And the writers really were in it for the long game. There were story lines, like Niles infatuation with Daphne, that took ten years to come to fruit. And the delivery guy who rolled out Martin's EZ-chair in the final episode? The same guy who rolled it in, in the pilot.

Attached Images eddie-moose.jpg (30.6 KB)

TiVo Mini with loose power plug

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 12:30
I just picked up a Mini for my mom this weekend and noticed the power cord is loose. The plug doesn't sit flush on the back of the Mini and you can actually move it in and out without unplugging it. There is a noticable gap where the power cord stops and the back the of Mini. Are they all like this or did I get a bad one?

It works, but I am concerned with how it looks since it looks like the plug should be a flush fit.

Boston Comcast HD Technology Fee

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 11:59
Hey all,

For those of you that use a Tivo with comcast in downtown Boston, do you pay the HD Tech fee to get access to HD channels? I was just told by Comcast that I wouldn't need to pay the fees but I find that hard to believe if I want full HD access. Just curious if anyone has had experience with this.

Being that I want to put a Tivo Mini in my other room I think I should at least escape the "addl HD outlets" fee.


Roamio Plus - Comcast - SNR/Signal Level

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 11:58
Not having any issues.....but after looking this morning to see if my Tivo rebooted last night (separate issue) from the DVR Diagnostics screen....I noticed all my my tuners had 100 signal level and generally a high 41-43 SNR.

Now after doing a bunch of reading online....seems Tivo recommends the following ranges:

Minimum SNR
QAM 64 - 23 dB
QAM 256 - 29 dB

Maximum SNR
QAM 64 - 30 dB
QAM 256 - 35 dB

Now, the only real reason I care is some people say those high levels of mine, not so much the SNR but the signal, can cause the Tivo problems over the long run. I've read somewhere that Tivo has protection built in that in extreme cases will cut the signal if it's too hot?

Most people I read say that Tivo is a little picky with the SNR numbers. Some say why would a high SNR be bad......only thing is that a high SNR could mean a high signal level (which I think is what I had).

My setup
For my house I have the cable that enters the house split once (-3.5dB each) to feed the cable modem on a clean run and the other to feed a 4 port amp that boosts (7dB) for each port. One of those ports feeds the Tivo (about a 26 foot run).

So first thing I did was take the split before the amp and split it again with a -3.5dB splitter. I fed the Tivo directly from this, and the amp with the other side. That was line into house -3.5dB, -3.5dB and then a run to the Tivo. This was OK....but overall I saw some issues with some channels having a real low SNR level of 26 and a low signal level. This caused severe pixelation and tons of errors.

So next I reverted everything back to the amp. From the amp port that feeds the Tivo....I ran a cable into a 3-way splitter and used one of the -7dB ports. This to me is basically using the amp to go +7dB and the splitter to go -7dB. This really didn't make much difference. All my signal levels stayed at 100 and the SNR levels stayed basically around 41-43dB. I read this as the signal was still to hot.

So I took that -7dB run and split it again with a -3.5dB splitter. Now, SNR levels down into the upper 30's (36-39dB)....but what I think is more important are the signal levels are now all under 100....most in the 96-99 range.

What's weird is by splitting this after the amp....I'm taking -10.5dB off the signal (while adding 7dB)....that technically is about the same as splitting the line before the amp....but for some reason splitting before the amp dropped the signals too much? No idea why.

Anyway.....I think I'll order some attenuators and replace my franken-splitter setup.

I'm assuming splitters do the same thing as an attenuator would correct? Just that the attenuator is a cleaner install?

Anyone know why the pre-amp split would cause the bad signal levels?


Roamio Plus - All tuners on same channel

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 08:22
Any idea why this morning, all 6 tuners on my Roamio Plus were tuned to the same channel?

It didn't reboot overnight as far as I know....the DVR Diagnostics Cable Card Time since OOB tune start was 146000 seconds.


KMTTG - Cannot see SPs on XL4 or Roamio?

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 07:24
I'm a bit of a KMTTG noob. I see the programs on both units just fine, but I cannot see any of the "Remote" data (SPs, ToDos, etc.) on either device.

>> RUNNING 'REMOTE Season Pass List' JOB FOR TiVo: TiVo S5
RemoteInit - (IP=, port=1413): java.security.cert.CertificateException: Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints

Any suggestions?

Dexter S08E11 "Monkey In a Box" 2013-Sep-15

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 01:48
I was enjoying this episode until the last 5 minutes. And then the writers go and ruin it AGAIN by dumbing Dexter down and making a totally contrived situation. Sure, I get it that Dexter did not feel the need to kill Saxon. But nevertheless, killing Saxon was the only smart thing Dexter could possibly do. Saxon knows way too much to risk what he might say if he is arrested, even if Dexter is out of the country. I was expecting Dexter to say, "I don't need to kill you, but of course I will anyway."

And then there is Deb, she has the gun pointed right at Saxon from 10 feet away, while Saxon has the gun at his side. And yet Saxon manages to move his arm up and take a shot at Deb before she manages to move her trigger finger? Sheeesh.

A smaller issue, but still a symptom of the bad execution this show has had this season -- when Dexter was getting all traces of himself out of Vogel's apartment, opening all the drawers, going through the files, etc. -- he was not wearing gloves. Arghhh!

The Newsroom S02E09 "Election Night, Part 2" 2013-Sep-15

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 01:32
Hmmm, did The Newsroom suddenly become a fairy tale or a Disney movie? I cannot remember the last season finale -- for any show -- that had such a sappy, sweet ending.

I couldn't tell whether the Michigan call that Jim made early turned out being correct or not. Was that the final vote tally on the computer screen?

S3 OLED, Lifetime, 1TB, Wireless N, $349 OBO

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 23:20
Clearing out one of my last lifetime'd TiVos (besides the Roamio).

I've got an original S3 OLED with a brand new 1 TB Green WD HD, Glo Remote, and wireless N adapter.

S3 OLED 1TB and Wireless N with Lifetime

Good luck bidding!

prepping a Series 2 for sale

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:43
I'm cleaning out the basement and would like to see if I can sell my unused Series 2.

Is it necessary and/or a good idea to clear out my stuff from it? Not even sure what is on it that may be an issue. It's name? my name? My network name? My network password? My telephone number? My Amazon Instant Video credentials? Is there a go-back-to-factory settings option? If there were, would that be what I want to do? If I am selling it with lifetime service, I wouldn't want to de-activate it, right? Or should the new buyer re-activate it?

If I did want to do something, how would I? I'm at a new location with a new Premier and new cable service. If I plug it in wouldn't it want to download programming?

a little confused...appreciate if anyone who has done this could shed some light

tivohd booting issue

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:22
I have a TiVo hd that is about 3 years old. Expanded to 1tb. It goes to the welcome starting up page and then the screen goes black and then back to welcome. I put in the old original drive and it booted without difficulty. The drive is a wd10ears. I did the windows dldiag program and no errors found. I tried to run wdidle3 1.04 and it just gave me a system error when I typed in wdidle3

Any suggestions?

I assume it is a bad drive. If so what is a good inexpensive 1tb drive to replace it with.


something as simple as VideoReDo

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:08
does anyone know of an app that's as easy to use, as fast and reliable as VideoReDo for quick edits? I've demoed the trial just to clip tops and tails, and then re-save in the same format. VRD is great at this.
I then use Handbrake to convert, as it as more options for audio tracks.
Is there an alternative app that can handle .ts files, TiVo, mpg2 etc for the raw editing part? $100 seems a little steep for that one purpose