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Family Tree - Anyone Watching?

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 07:33
I really like this show. It's funny, quirky and interesting. I do find myself laughing out loud, which isn't the case for lots of comedies.

Of course, I LOVE monkey!

I heard it's likely to get cancelled (already?).

Anyone else watching? Liking? Or not?

Tivo mini data usage....

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 03:54
I just got my tivo mini hooked up via moca. Does anyone know how much dAta usage this takes? My Comcast Internet is capped at 250. Just wanted to check to see if anyone knew. I appreciate the info on this site.

Tivo Stream hangs during Step 2: Checking Activation Status

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 23:24
Not sure why its not here, but if you go on over to the TiVo support forums here:


You'll find entry #17 which worked for me:

Based in the reports of the following steps resolving the issue regarding TiVo Stream’s failing during step 4.

1) On the TiVo iPad app, in the settings icon, select "System Information" under TiVo Stream

2) Scroll to the bottom and select "Make Service Call"

3) This can take some time to update the TiVo Stream. Return to this screen occasionally until the Software Update Status says "Pending Restart".

4) On the same screen, select "Restart TiVo Stream". This took 5 or so minutes for me

5) Go back and re-attempt TiVo Stream Setup.

We would like to request that those of you who have experienced the issue try the above steps and let us here at TiVo know the outcome. We would like to verify if this is a resolution that all customers can use. We appreciate any assistance you are willing to offer and thank you all for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. We appreciate all your assistance.

Thank you,


Lifetimed S3, refurbed still boxed XL4 and TiVo Stream

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 21:39
For sale:
All prices negotiable and plus shipping. Make an offer.

Lifetimed S3 with a new hard drive $300

Refurbished Premiere Elite/XL4 still boxed up, just received from TiVo after swapping one under warranty, with warranty intact $300

TiVo Stream $75

I'll bundle the XL4 and Stream for $325.

TiVo Roamio black screen after setup

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 19:28
Just purchased a brand new tivo roamio pro. I'm upgrading from my premier Xl. I have an m-card from my previous tivo(nds).

After calling up to have my m-card binded, and completing set up I kept getting zero stations, ever channel was coming in as a black error v52.

I worked with cablevision for about an hour over the phone. Tech suggested I go exchange m-card.

I Exchanged the card called cablevision again rebinded. Same problem.

Called tivo support. After many reboots and attempts to get it to work they called cablevision. They attempted many things. Still black on all channels. After an hour tivo said it was due to a low signal. (Maybe to many splitters) I tried moving the tivo near where the cable comes into the house. Still nothing. Any suggestions this is killing me.

'Breaking Bad': Final two episodes extended by 10 minutes each

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 17:09

Quote: The last two episodes of the series will run about 10 minutes longer than usual. Both episodes, Sunday's (Sept. 22) "Granite State" and the Sept. 29 finale, "Felina," will run from 9 to 10:15 p.m. ET. Quote: We'd say "adjust your DVRs accordingly," but chances are that's already happened. Edit:

I just noticed it this was already posted in the TV Talk forum. I should have checked their first.:)

BBC America cancels 'Copper' after two seasons

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 17:02

Quote: BBC America has canceled "Copper" after two seasons on the cable network. This Sunday's Season 2 finale will be the last of the series. :(

Last Tango in Halifax

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 16:24
This show has turned out to be a delight and I'm really enjoying it so far. Hope it becomes a regular series.

Emergency Alert issue

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 15:20
Hey all, weird thing happened on my Roamio Pro last night.

Emergency alert came for an amber alert and interrupted what I was watching. That's fine, expected behavior.

However, when the alert was over, the TiVO went back to a basic channel (CSPAN in my case) and the TiVo became unresponsive. Would not respond to any commands from the remote.

I pulled the plug on the tivo, and plugged back in. When it came back up, it was still on CSPAN and STILL unresponsive to remote.

After about 2-3 minutes, the channel changed and i was able to use the remote again.

I am on Comcast using a Motorola M-Card.

Anyone else seen this or heard of it occurring elsewhere? Hoping it was just a one-time thing.


For sale on Ebay Tivo HD and HD XL (both w/Lifetime Service)

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 15:06
I am selling one Tivo HD upgraded to 1TB and one Tivo HD XL, both with lifetime service. See links below:

TiVo HD TCD652160 DVR w/ LIFETIME SERVICE Upgraded 1TB Drive


Both come with Tivo wireless G adapter.

Roamio not finding current shows

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 13:52
I was trying to set up season passes for Castle and The Mentalist but the Roamio isn't finding the current season - both default to the syndicated showings on TNT. What's up?


HR10-250 reboots/crashes on signal loss

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 12:22
For the past year or so I had noticed that my DirecTV tivo (HR10-250) had rebooted (both tuners were on the same channel) at some point when I wasn't looking and sometimes it'd be hung. It's a minor annoyance so I would just move on or reboot and move on.

I noticed last week during a thunderstorm and signal loss that my Tivo rebooted after being up for two weeks and then again, last night during a thunderstorm with signal loss my Tivo froze up not once but TWICE during a long storm.

I don't think that's a coincidence. Anyone else seen a pattern like that?

Roamio Remote Played Sounds

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 12:19
I was working on my Roamio changing cable connections. I started hearing this musical sound. I thought I've never heard that sound from my iPhone before. Finally I figured out it was the Roamio remote playing some kind of musical tones. What is that sound for and how did it start playing? I've had Tivo for years and never heard a remote make a sound. It played until I touched a key.

Bones Season 9 Thread

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 12:16
Anyone still watching? :)

The whole "Booth can't tell Bones why he's breaking her heart" thing got old in the first 15 minutes. The only redeeming factor is that they resolved that with her coming to trust him and now Pelant will make a move, which will shake things up.

I'll keep watching, but I wasn't impressed with the premier.

Green Switch Problem

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 12:09
I was wondering if Tivo was any closer to figuring out the whole green switch problem. I for one was one of the users having this problem and I remember Tivo Margaret saying they were looking into it? Do we know anymore about if they found what the problem really was causing the MRV streaming to dropout? I still do not buy the solution of "buy a new non-green switch".

Existing Recordings Access

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 11:56
I plan to switch from a Premiere XL to a Roamio Pro.
What happens to the recordings on the PremiereXL when I remove the cable card to return it to Comcast?
Will I be able to watch them or transfer them to the Roamio?
Any suggestions? New season of shows are starting so it will be a jugging act.


pyTiVo Question - Cannot see shared folder in Win7

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 11:31
I have pyTiVo running on Win7:

1. I can see my 2 TiVos (XL4 & Roamio)
2. I can pull .TiVo files no problems
3. I cannot see my shared folder from either device
4. Cannot push .TiVo files to either device

I have allowed the UDP 5353 exception in Windows Firewall.

Any suggestions to expose my shared files on my Windows device?

Note: Almost working on my MacBook:

1. I can see my 2 TiVos (XL4 & Roamio)
2. I can pull .TiVo files no problems
3. I can see my shared folder from both devices
4. I can stream from the shared folder
5. I cannot push .TiVo files to either device

Maybe I am missing some basic setting for PUSHING .Tivo files w/pyTivo?

Ray Donovan - anyone still watching? **spoilers***

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 11:17
After watching the last episode (S1E11), I'm confused about the priest. Was Bunchy right about it being him or was it just a coincidence?

The wife can go anytime now.

Shows that were the greatest shows EVER until you got tired of them

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 10:52
Mad Men and Lost fit this category for me. I watched Lost until the end even though I grew tired of it long before the final season. I'll do the same with Mad Men but the episodes will sit on TiVo for a while.

My TiVo Experience

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 10:47
After receiving my latest statement from Comcast, I decided to switch back completely to TiVo.

A brief history:

I had a TiVo Series 2 many years ago and was very happy with it. When my ex-partner moved in with me, we bought a Series 3 and all was right in the world until my condo association decided to switch our building to Dish Network making our Series 3 pretty much useless unless we only wanted to watch local channels. About a year ago, my condo association switched back to Comcast. During the sign up period, they offered a decent deal on their own DVRs, and I began to rent two of them - one for the living room, one for the bedroom. The DVRs were okay - I got used to them.

Fast forward to last week when I got my latest bill from Comcast. The initial deal for the DVRs was over. I called Comcast to see if they would extend the deal and their customer service representative was so obstinate, that I decided then and there to switch back to TiVo. I had wanted to do this for a while, but after investigating the cost of cable cards, HD fees, and the high price of the TiVo itself with lifetime service, I wouldn't switch - until now.

I did a little bit of research and chose the new TiVo Roamio - I wasn't aware it was so new on the market. I also looked into the TiVo mini. This would solve the issue of the second DVR in my bedroom for a pretty good price. I am opposed to paying an "HD technology" fee to Comcast, but I'd rather pay them $10 a month than $40. I ordered the equipment with Weaknees - great customer service with lots of answers to my questions.

In anticipation of receiving the equipment on Tuesday, I stopped by my local Comcast office here in Miami to get a cable card. The office was a mess. A queue to the left, another queue to the right, a take a number system and no signage or information whatsoever. I took number 99 and waited for a while. They were calling number 10. I noticed people with equipment in the right side queue, which was slowly moving. I asked the security guard who said that queue was for equipment only. Would it hurt them to put up a sign? I stood in the queue and after about half an hour, I had a cable card in hand. Almost immediately, I received an email from Comcast with my new fees - $9.95 HD Technology fee plus $11.45 Additional Outlet fee. I figured it would work itself out when I returned their DVRs after I got my TiVo set up.

UPS delivered my equipment around 6:00 PM. I started to unbox the Roamio first. Then I removed the bulky Comcast DVR from the living room and replaced it with the much lighter and prettier Roamio. Coaxial cable - connected. HDMI cable - click. Ethernet cable - click. Power cable - no click. I plugged it in and waited. The beautiful TiVo logo was on the screen. Then I waited some more. Just a few more minutes. Thank goodness I had my iPad to keep me entertained. Still loading. I had dinner. Still waiting. After who knows how long, I was able to run through the guided setup. At some point, I went into the TiVo website and paid for the lifetime service - ouch - even with the existing customer discount. After a few more minutes, I was up and running - but no signal from Comcast. I had activated the cable card on line, but apparently someone didn't get the message. I called the Comcast cable card number and spoke to a lovely lady - probably somewhere in Asia. After going through all my authentication steps, she told me she would pair my cable card to my TiVo, but I still had to speak with another agent in another department for the rates. Cable card was paired. Still no signal. After speaking with another agent, she was able to get my signal working. Halleluiah. But where are my premium channels? HBO and Showtime weren't showing up. I'd deal with this later. I knew I had to set up my remote on my TiVo. That was easy.

It was probably around 9:30 PM when I decided to install the TiVo mini in the bedroom. It would be a long night. Out came the Comcast DVR. Wow was that cabinet hot. HDMI cable - click. Ethernet cable - click. Coaxial cable - nope - doesn't need it. Power cable - no click. Again, the lovely TiVo logo was on my bedroom TV. Hello old friend. Let the waiting begin. In the meantime, I discovered the TiVo app for my iPad. I can now watch a program I recorded on my Roamio on my iPad? How awesome. Hello Rachel Maddow - you look lovely on my iPad. After who knows how long, I was able to run through guided setup on the mini. What do you mean you can't find another DVR on the network? It's right there in the living room and connected to the same router! What the heck is a V70 error? Try again! Again I told you! I can't get out of this screen. I am sorry mini, but I have to unplug you. Hello again TiVo logo on my TV. Time to go back and watch on the iPad. Still waiting. OK .. time to read my book. After a good while, time to run the guided setup again. What do you mean you can't find a network to connect to? You just connected to it a few minutes ago. I didn't move any cables. Your lights are still flashing and you still show up on my router screen. Time to unplug you again. The mini was turning out to be a maxi headache. The plug goes back in and Mister TiVo comes back on the screen for a while. I run through guided setup again and get to the very end. The little animation runs but there is no menu and no image on the screen other than a small Mister TiVo on the upper left hand side. I wait for a few minutes and nothing changes. Time to unplug again and try again. It starts to reboot. Then - no image. Nothing. Nada. I change sources and the TV still works. I am exhausted - time for bed. I will deal with you in the morning. 4:00 AM arrives and the screen is still dark. Unplug and reboot again. Same result. What is that saying about the meaning on insanity from Albert Einstein? At least I can watch the morning news on the iPad. It's too early to get up and watch in the living room - plus I'd disrupt Kitty. 6:30 AM rolls around and I decide to go to the office. I will deal with the mini TiVo later.

I place the two ancient Comcast DVRs in a bag and stop at the Comcast service center on my way to the office. While the clerk starts up her computer for the morning, there is only one person in front of me in the equipment queue. I take a number just in case the rules changed overnight. Some people are sitting in the waiting area with their equipment in hand. Can't they read the sign about the queue for equipment only? Oh yeah, there is no sign. It took me less than ten minutes to return my DVRs and get a receipt. Yes, you need a receipt. Don't just leave the DVRs in those return boxes outside. Comcast will claim they never got their equipment back and start charging you like they started to charge me for not returning my own Motorola modem, which I bought at Wal-mart. Back in the car, I get another e-mail from Comcast. DVRs have been removed from my account. Goodbye $35.90 DVR monthly fee. They are still charging me the $11.45 additional outlet fee. Time to make another call to Comcast. When I explain to the friendly representative, who seems to be in Brazil that my condo association has a contract with them, she refers me to the business department. Another agent - another few minutes of authentication. This lovely agent can't even help me and refers me back to the residential department and places me on hold for another agent. Thank you for wasting my time. By this time, I want to speak to a supervisor. I have better things to do. The friendly agent now gives me a ticket number - apparently the golden ticket to be able to speak to a supervisor - and transfers me. I can tell the supervisor is going to get my issue resolved. She's friendly and quick. She immediately sees on her screen that my billing doesn't match my equipment. She does some investigating and removes the codes from my account. She also claims that I won't have to pay the $9.95 HD technology fee. I love this woman. She also offers to investigate and remove the Motorola modem from my account. Total time on the phone with Comcast today - 87 minutes. Another email comes in from Comcast. Now I have a credit! It's a good day.

After work, I return home to see that all my HBO and Showtime channels are showing up on the Roamio. Yay. The TV with the mini however is still a dark screen. Time to unplug you and try again. This time, it works. I have live video on my bedroom TV and it's quick. There is no lag time when changing channels. Wow. I am impressed. Then, I am surprised to see the Xfinity On Demand app logo on the menu. Even the lovely Comcast supervisor didn't know that was possible. That evening, Roamio starts to automatically record programs for me to watch - six channels at a time! I am amazed. Why are you recording Fox News? Time to play with the thumbs up and thumbs down feature.