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Looking for Ideas on Resolving MoCa Networking Issue

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 22:22
This seems to be so simple, but it's got me scratching my head. First, let me preface this by saying I have 1 Roamio Plus and 3 Mini's currently working on my MoCa network. I have Comcast and have a MoCa adapter connected to my modem and router. I have my Roamio connected via coax on separate floor. The Mini's are scattered throughout the rest of the house connected by coax / MoCa connection. These are all working fine, streaming to the Mini's.

So here's what's troubling me. I wanted to split the coax at my Mini in the basement so I could connect my SmartTV via ethernet (hard wire) instead of wireless. I installed a splitter at the coax coming out of the wall. I then connected the coax from splitter to my Mini. The Mini is then unable to get a MoCa connection. I can't think of any reason why a coax line now running to the Mini and getting a MoCa connection is unable to get a MoCa connection after putting in the splitter.

I've tried connections at other coax connections coming directly from the wall to my other Mini's and same issue, no MoCa connectivity. I've also tried a different splitter as well as a different coax cable.

Seems this should be simple to just put a splitter in and maintain the MoCa connectivity. So I'm looking for ideas as to why and how to resolve this.

The Big Bang Theory S07E01E02 Hofstadter Insufficiency/Deception Verification 9/26/13

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 21:49
What's TCF without a Big Bang Theory thread?

FIOS - pixilation on Premium channels

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 19:38
I think I have read a thing or two on cable card issuer with FIOS, so I thought I would start a thread.

I am going to try a few different attenuatiors, but it is odd that it only happens with the premium channels.

Nope: as I expected, the attenuators didn't work. I know Margaret reported:

Quote: The NEXT update (maybe in two weeks?) should include:
- a fix for the "green switch" problem
- support for older versions of CableCARDS from FiOS I hope that will fix the pixilation on Premium FIOS channels

Pro black-screen tuner failure, but Mini works!

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 19:01
Hi Folks,

I'm a Cox customer in south San Diego county, which is SA/Cisco territory. I purchased a Pro and a Mini a couple of weeks ago and have been experiencing an intermittent live-tv tuner failure issue. At times, 50% of the channel changes fail with a black screen. At other times it works well as I select sequential channels with the channel up/down button.

I've looked at other threads here containing various tuner problems, and I've seen this black-screen issue mentioned before. Most of the threads seem to reference failures to use all of the tuners available on the cable card, but I'm not sure that's my problem. As a test, I started six simultaneous record sessions, all channels encrypted as reported by the CCI variable being 0x02. I confirmed that the six encrypted channels were actually being recorded by looking at the content, first with the Mini and then with the Pro. All was well. I then stopped the recordings and confirmed once again that all six had appropriate and unique content. I would assume that all six of my tuners are working correctly.

But this is interesting: the problem is mostly non-existent when tuning live-tv on the Mini! I've tested this by confirming that the Pro was failing most channel changes, then running upstairs to find that the Mini was working perfectly on the SAME channels the Pro was failing! I repeated this experiment a number of times with similar results. So why would the Mini's tune requests to the Pro work, while the Pro's own requests to itself fail? This doesn't make any sense, but it is what it is, and suggests an issue in the Pro itself.

Some threads here suggest that the cable card's firmware needing updating. But wouldn't stale cable card firmware affect both Pro and Mini channel selection?

Here are my stats:

90-db signal strength
35-db SNR
Manuf ID: 259
Firmware: PKEY1.5.3_F.p.0601

Cox also supplied a Cisco STA1520 Tuning Adapter.

For the record, the Mini does fail to tune from time-to-time, I'd guess maybe 1% of channel changes, versus 50% on the Pro (at times). I've also had the "waiting circle" a time or two that required a Mini reboot.

Don't get me wrong, the Pro and Mini are great, and I'm happy with the purchase. I'm sure that Tivo will fix this issue soon since it (or a variant) seems to be affecting multiple customers. Indeed, I'm going to purchase a few more Mini's.

Does TiVo mini work with pytivox ?

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 18:31
Is the TiVo mini able to read from a Pytivox share?

Id like to add a TiVo in my basement and the mini looks like it would be great price-wise

the infamous $700+ s3 who swapped for a mini

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 17:38
What did u get for it? I'm thinking maybe $200.... Hard to part with the dinosaur that cost an arm and a leg 6 yrs ago. Seeing how good the mini is w/ the roamio thinking its time.

At first I thought I'd miss the tuners but I've mastered multi tuner watching on the mini, simply record the other show and switch between live TV and the recorded show. Tuner problem solved.

Did u say goodbye?

TiVO Networking...

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 16:15
Not sure this is the right forum but...
I'm going to be hooking up an ethernet connection to a friend's TiVO. She does not have a computer or a router and would have no use for either one. But she does have internet service via a Comcast modem. Can the ethernet wire be hooked up directly to an ethernet port in the modem without a router? I"m sure I'm asking a silly question, but I don't know much more than my friend does, but it seems there should be a way to hook it up without installing a router. She had been using dial-up for her connection, but since it was thru Comcast's phone service, it never worked properly and now she has no guide info.

Youtube app - how do you type a search?

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 15:21
All I can find is the screen with the alphabet all across the top, but it doesn't respond to typing on the slide keyboard. Any help? I hope it's not gone. All the other apps still support typing.

New bill proposed regarding cable companies and cablecards

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 12:15

Love (not!) the comment in the article:

--- [snip] ---
"This is common sense legislation that recognizes the significant harms imposed by the integration ban, which since 2007 has forced consumers with leased set-top boxes to bear over $1 billion in unnecessary costs," said Michael Powell, a former FCC chairman, in a statement.
--- [/snip] ---

Why is it not common sense that passing this legislation would allow the cable companies to not have to compete?

Changing CR2032 clock battery in S3 OLED

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:59
I had my S3 OLED open after bad cap and hard drive repair so I figured I'd change out the CR2032 clock battery at the same time.

This is just info for future reference.

The unit has been running since around Mar 2007, so that makes around 6.5 years.

Given the length of operations, I figured the battery was probably pretty close to being done or maybe was already done. When I rebooted, certain values in system information like "Guide cache to" and VCM connection info would reset to December 31.

It turns out those values reset to December 31 regardless of the clock battery. The only job of the clock battery appears to be to, surprise, keep the clock going when power goes out. So the only reason to replace it (other than being proactive) is if your "Today's date" resets to "Tue Dec 31, 2002 4:00 pm" when you pull the plug.

Even if it does reset, you don't really need to replace the battery as upon first connect to mothership, it will correct the clock, but it might result in more background indexing than necessary. Also you might miss season passes for up to 24 hours until the first connect to mothership resets the clock to current date/time. You can alleviate that by forcing a connect to mothership after pulling the plug but may not be able to do that if you have a power outage and don't have access to the unit. If you have your TiVo connected to a UPS, there is even less reason to replace it.

Anyway, if you decide to replace the battery, be CAREFUL when you remove it. The "positive" retainer "arm"/"clip" is not designed to be lifted up. If you try to do so, there is a good chance you will BREAK the arm. Instead, insert a small jeweler's flathead screwdriver underneath the clock battery and twist around 30-45 degrees to get the battery slightly lifted, then push/slide the battery towards the side of the receptacle OPPOSITE of where the retainer arm connects. The battery will just pop out.

Though it isn't absolutely necessary, I found it easier to get clearance to remove the battery after removing the hard drive cage.

To insert the new battery, just tilt it slightly to get under the retainer arm, and push/slide it back in.

The original battery was Panasonic CR2032 from Indonesia. It tested 2.98 V after 6.5 years. My "Today's date" had never reset after pulling the plug, and the CR2032 is listed as supplying 3V, so it probably had a couple of years left.

The replacement battery tested at 3.25V.

Upon first boot, your clock will be reset to Tue Dec 31, 2002 4:00 pm. The first connect to mothership takes longer than normal. A bunch of time fields in the system information will reset to Dec 31. Everything is working fine after replacement and subsequent connect to mothership.

It is interesting to note that TiVo doesn't set its time at startup. It only appears to set the time when it connects to the mothership. If I had not forced a connect to mothership, the time would probably be wrong for 24 hours and season passes wouldn't record. I imagine this is what someone might experience if their clock battery was dead.

In conclusion, IMO it isn't really necessary to replace the clock battery, and I wouldn't bother in most cases, certainly not until your "Today's date" starts resetting to the past. I did it because I was curious and had the box open already.

Hope this at least prevents someone from breaking their clock battery arm just for being curious.

Mike and Molly

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:56
Has it been cancelled?

Age of Deleted shows

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:37
How long will a show appear in the Deleted folder after deletion? Lately it seems like if I were to delete something I only have maybe a couple of hours before it disappears from the Deleted folder. I haven't really tracked this in any way, just what it seems like when I think back to some fairly recent attempts to undelete a show.

Can Roamio and 2 Minis replace 3 Tivo HDs?

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:26
I have 3 Tivo HDs (den, bedroom, media room). I am considering replacing them with a Roamio Pro and two Minis. I'm wondering if I'll be happy with this setup? I realize I'll be gaining a lot moving up from the HD to the Roamio, but will I loose anything having the Minis on the other TVs rather than a full Tivo?

Regarding my subscription fees, I've been paying $327 per year ($129 for the first HD and $99 each for the other two). Without a discount, my new subscription fees for the Roamio and 2 Minis would be $324 per year ((15+6+6)*12). It looks like I might get a multi-service discount for $13 per month on the Roamio - but that discount might disappear after I stop the subscription on my HDs. Can someone confirm this? In any case, I wouldn't be spending more per year than I am now.

Any pros or cons you could provide would be appreciated.

TiVo Roamio- Can I return my Fios cable box?

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:14
I am contemplating getting a Roamio box and Tivo service instead of getting Fios DVR service. Right now I have a Fios set top box with no DVR service. If I go with TiVo, can I return my Fios set top box back to Verizon and stop paying the Fios set top box monthly rental charge?

Premiere "Breaking Bad"

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 10:57
So I have 1.5TB free on my Premiere in the bedroom and decided to record the whole Breaking Bad series (61 episodes). I was watching Netflix when it dawned on me that the record light wasn't on. I checked the SP and everything set (All new/rerun, no limit, keep till deleted). So I checked the schedule and the next 3 weren't checked,. I checked them to record and went back and found 3 hadn't recorded.

Thank You TIVO !!! ..... not ..... :mad::mad:

2013 Fall TV - What new shows have earned a Season Pass?

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 10:33
Checking the schedule it appears that no new shows premiere tonight so that means the first full week of premieres is now over.

So, the question is what new shows, based on their first episode, have earned a definite season pass on your DVR?

I still have a few new shows I have not seen yet (Hostages, The Goldburgs) but from what I have seen so far these shows have earned their spots on my DVR

The Trophy Wife

The Blacklist
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

That is it! I am being really picky this year and trying not to add too much. There may be a few others I record for a few more episodes to see how they pan out and a few others that may get added once they premiere.

What has made you list?

Weird missed recording problem: Roamio AND Elite

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 09:02
Had a weird recording glitch last night, looking to see if anyone has any clues on this. Short version: One show on my Roamio Pro and two shows on my Elite did not record due to "video signal was unavailable". But it was available. And I do not think this is the 5/6 tuner problem.

I have a Pro that is 2-3 weeks old, and works like a charm, no problems. And I have recorded six tuners at once, so no reason to think the missing 5/6 tuner cablecard is the issue. I also have an Elite, 2-3 years old, also works like a charm.

Last night I had 5 CBS shows set to record back to back. On both TiVos. No padding, no overlap (I don't pad CBS generally). At the same time, I had other tuners recording other shows (ABC, NBC, etc). Some with padding, some not, but I am anal about my recordings, and always check to make sure there are no conflicts.

On the new Pro, BBT1(7:00), BBT2(7:30) and Crazy Ones(8:00) all record. 2.5Men (8:30) does not, "no video signal available". Elementary (9:00) also recorded. I realized about 9:15 that 2.5Men did not record, started flipping thru the 6 tuners, and actually found the last few minutes of it on one tuner. So it clearly was available.

On the Elite, the two BBT recorded, but both MJF (NBC) and 2.5Men(CBS) did not. Same reason. Elementary did record.

Any clues? Had it been just one TiVo, I would blame it on a glitch. But to have two different TiVos miss the same program, that was clearly available, is a mystery. And remember, while the Pro is new, the Elite is a veteran, with nary a glitch in years, and a cablecard that I know has no issues.

Thanks in advance:confused:

Mini Tuner Question

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 07:59
I just got my first Mini and will be setting it up tonight. A couple of questions (yes, I searched but it seems unclear to me) came up about the tuner allocation.

I know that I would have to use one of the tuners on my XL4 to get started if I want live TV on the mini. However, I don't want to do that as I often use all of my tuners on the XL4. Can I set it up but then snag one of my Premiere tuners from another box instead? I have one Premiere that is really only for watching recordings from other Premieres and recordings from my computer. I never record TV on it so I could certainly live with it having only one available tuner.

If that cannot be accomplished, is it easy to snag a tuner from the XL4 only when I need it? Probably 99% of the time the mini will be used to watch recordings from my XL4, but I might want to watch the news or a football game on it from time to time. Is that something that can be done and then changed back quickly?

Thanks in advance for the info.

Back in the Game - Pilot - 9/25/2013

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 07:51
I thought this was a little better than expected. Definitely a Bad News Bears ripoff though. I kind of like the mom/coach character and some of the kids could be funny. It gets a marginal SP for me. I'll give it a few more episodes.