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Best Multi Room Tivo Solution For This Situation

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 12:08
Here is the situation, my Mom's Direct TV Tivo died, and she is 70 years old and doesn't want anything new besides Tivo. However I think I have to get her to switch to Comcast so she can have Tivo which is a challenge in itself to explain. She is usually pretty good with technology, she figured out on her own how to transfer her tivo recordings to VHS and she brings them up to their lake home.

Here is my parent's current set up. 3 rooms with Direct TV DVR, 1 room Direct Tivo. So here are the current must haves by upgrading. 1 room must have Tivo dedicated to my mom's shows that she transfers to VHS. 2 rooms with a DVR, and the 3rd room dedicated to a DVR that has a slingbox hooked up to it.

I am trying to find the most hassle free solution, because I live 2 miles away and I have to go over there every time the tv goes out. I am not apposed to networking stuff but I am curious to see what solutions everyone can come up with...

OSX-Does Roxio TivoTransfer Work With New Roamio's?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 12:07
I am in the process of ordering a new Roamio (Base), and have Roxio Toast 10 w/TivoTransfer. Does anyone know if there are any versions of Toast/TivoTransfer for the mac which work with the new Tivo's?

BTW-I am 100% OSX as of 3 years ago.


Network issues

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 11:41
Hello all,

I replaced my Tivo 3 HD yesterday with a new Roamio Plus. My cable card was a S-Card so I have to wait until Monday to get the cable service working.

Meanwhile I have been trying to download content from Amazon, and watch Netflix, etc. I have also been trying to stream to my ipad.

I have yet to get the streaming working. Sometimes it sees the service and sometimes it doesn't.

I can watch the network status toggle on and off, the IP address appears and then resets. When I ping the tivo internally on the network, I get a bunch of packet loss. The VuDu box on the same wiring and network switch has no drop outs. If it switch cables with the Vudu, I get the same result.

I also get the same issue happening over my home wifi if I try that.

I have an apple time capsule as my router. I have check the ports are open to go outside the network, and internally.

I also have a another series 3 in the house in another room, and it works fine, but of course no streaming.

Any ideas?

TiVo iOS App --- Wishlists?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 11:35
Loving the App on my iPad. However, does anybody know if there's a way to mange Wishlists via the App?

Premiere or Mini

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 11:28
Getting the Pro should I keep Premiere or sell and get mini? Thoughts?

Can you add 1 TB expander to Pro

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 11:26
Can I add my 1 TB expander to the Roamio Pro?

BitTorrent Traffic and a Mini

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 11:21
I'm about to replace two Premieres with Roamio Pro and a Mini. My only concern is whenever I download torrents, my connection is noticeably slower because of the consumed bandwidth. Has anyone with a Mini had any issues with it while downloading torrents?

TiVo Apple App -- issues connecting over wifi when away from home

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 10:48
Has anyone else noticed that when trying to connect to TiVo app when outside of the home network, you get error messages when trying to log in? Fr example, I am at work and my iPhone is connecting to work wifi, I can't use tivo app. However if I switch wifi off and connect via LTE network, then TiVo app works.

Annoying to have to toggle back and forth. Wonder if this is a bug or just unique to me?


Anyone else having these issues?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 10:30
I have been using the Roamio Plus for a few days and have been wondering if anyone else has been having these issues

1. Tivo box will freeze and reset periodically. This has happened three times or so.

2. A channel will not work (Says signal strength is low or the channel isn't provided). I can fix it by either changing to another channel and changing back, or sometimes I have to reset the Tivo. Then the channel will work again. (I am using Charter).

Swap Hard Drives

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 10:10
I didn't see an answer to this on a quick search.

Is it possible to take a hard drive from a Premiere XL and put it in a Premiere? Both are the 2 tuner models and are in service now. The non XL has lifetime and I am probably going to retire one of the boxes and figured I could use the extra space in the lifetime box.

Should I cancel Roku Order?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 04:58
I bought the Roamio to record OTA channels (and to ditch DirecTV), but I also have on order a Chromecast and Roku.

I have tried Netflix and Hulu+ through our Wii and PS, but it's very slow which is why I ordered the Roku. However, I see that both Netflix and Hulu+ are now integrated nicely into the Roamio.

So my question is, to those who have a Roku3, is there any good reason to keep the Roku3 when it comes, or will I just find myself only using the Tivo b/c it's "right there" and integrated? Any advantages Roku has in regard to streaming that Roamio does not have? Thanks!

Stream FROM PC?

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 23:17
Anyone know if the Romio will stream AVCHD from PC? I have tons of AVCHD content that up until now, I have had to convert to a supported format to play via TivoDesktop on S3 and HD. Now two weeks ago I find that they disabled that for the free Desktop... so I can't playback any camcorder video on Tivo at all.

Does the Romio support streaming of AVCHD camcorder content directly from PC via TIvoDesktop? Or is there still no solution for that?

Is there a screen saver on the Tivo?

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 22:23
There used to be one on my old DVR and it was useful. I just wondered if such a thing existed somewhere in the Tivo menus

can cable cards operate without tivo service?

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 21:44
I recently got a series 3 tivo off craigslist for dirt cheap. Was told it fully works and it appears to boot up fine. I want to possibly $99 lifetime it and just stick it in a guest bedroom that isn't used much.

Now, I also have a spare S-cable card i can (temporarily) use in it and was wondering if it is possible to call comcast & just pair the cable card with this series 3 and then view all channels, but not get the lifetime tivo service just yet. This way, make sure it is indeed fully working. Once all is good, then get the lifetime service.

I realize I would absolutely no TiVo features (guide and mrv) until I subscribe, but I just want to basically view some channels for now.

I also realize there is a 30 day money back with tivo in case there is a problem, but i would rather not have to possibly deal with all that and basically just make sure it is ok on my own.

Is this doable in any way?

Premiere functional problems

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 21:03
I have been a TiVo subscriber from very nearly the beginning. I think I paid monthly for a Series 1 for about 7 years, and I don't remember the thing crashing, ever. Rose-colored glasses, maybe.

My perception of TiVo is that the more complex it has gotten, the slower and less reliable it has gotten. My Premiere never had enough processing power to run the "fancy" menus, so I am still on the basic menus My standards are "appliance", not "wait a sec ... hold on ... there it is!" with every key press.

Over a year ago, I permanently lost the sound effect for medium speed fast forward. So, slow -- "silent" -- fast. Other sound effects do not play if the TiVo is too busy. Screens have black backgrounds by mistake, then I pop out of and back into the menu, and it is back to normal (blue w/graphics, or whatever).

If I have the guide up while playing a recorded program, and set another program in the guide to record, then go into a submenu to set recording options (like 5 minutes longer, or whatever), upon return TiVo now completely forgets that it was playing a program. I get the program guide over a black screen or TV. If I go back to playing the program, TiVo has lost its place and starts earlier in the program or at the beginning. If it was playing TV on 20 minutes delay, it forgets its place and goes to live TV. This stuff used to work; now it fails every time.

If TiVo is recording two shows as once, I have a really good chance of the box crashing if I try to do anything else, like playing something on NetFlix. It's just too busy, and just not reliable. It just did this. I was in a NetFlix menu with two shows trying to tape, and down she comes. I can't imagine 4 shows at once ever working unless that box has a massive hardware upgrade. I can't trust TiVo to do more, because it still doesn't do what was promised in the first place.

Since this may well be my last TiVo, and it's "lifetime" (like a prison sentence lately), is there a procedure to wipe and load the OS to try to fix this? Re-install my sound effects files and fix whatever of this system corruption is fixable. I too have ordered a Roku box like everyone else; that is where NetFlix and Amazon Prime will run. Maybe if I can start fresh, and just never use any of the extended features, I can at least get the thing to be a DVR again, almost as good as my Series 1. (Hey, I still have the Series 1, and about 4 other TiVos kicking around.)

Series4 20.3.1-01-2-746

Thanks for any advice.

Will it take awhile for my new Roamio to get my same Media Access Key?

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 20:20
I am trying to transfer shows from my Premiere to my Roamio. But when I try I get the error message that they are not on the same account, or a MAK error. Sure enough my Roamio shows a different MAK than my premiere and my online account. But my Roamio is showing up on my online account at least in the billing and season pass area. What gives?

WIN A Netflix 6month Promo from Tivo =)

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 19:51
Roamio is in L.A.! Give him a call for a good time and a chance to win a 6 month Netflix subscription!

(877) 521-2288 #missedconnections

This was posted on my Facebook just moments ago. I called and entered.:)
And here is the picture that made me do a doubletake. Somebody in Marketing was dirty minded. But it worked.


Can the Tivo Premiere be expanded to 3TB?

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 17:40
The Tivo Roamio that just came out can be expanded to 3 terabytes.

The Premiere and the Roamio run similar firmware.

Sooooooo will it now be possible to expand our premieres all the way up to 3 TB?

I know that this is a shot in the dark. Just hoping.

What do you think?


Tivo Desktop on Windows 7

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 17:36
I recently cleaned out my computer and did a complete reinstall. I bought the TiVo Desktop and it will not download. I have contacted support several times but they have not been of any help

When I first did this, I did not even have a firewall - I did not want them to have that as an excuse. I do have eSet - the same one I used before.

But the shows are in the queue, saying failed. It sees the two TiVos (2 & 3) and it see the shows. I can choose to download a show but it fails.

I am using Windows 7 32 bit on this one.

Any advice would be appreciated.

(BTW, there is a Google ad on the home page about an updgrade - and it does not work, I was wondering if there is something for people who have the lifetime on two TiVos)

Thank you

Roamio and FIOS

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 16:57
I am having an odd problem.

I got the Roamio Pro in this week. I took one of my m-cards from my S3 and plugged it in. I got the cable card paired without a problem.

I get all of the non-copyright protected channels without a problem.

I get all of the copyright protected channels but.... All of the CC 0x02 channels become unusable pretty quickly. They all get pixelated and come in and out. They all seem to initially start correctly if I just tune to the channel (not go to a tuner that is already tuned).

I've double checked and the CC is paired.
The signal strength is around 95 (removed a splitter and rose to 100)
The SNR is around 38.
The corrected and uncorrected counts are 0.
I added a low pass filter without any effect.
I added a attenuator (~8) without any effect.
I've tried 3 different Motorolla m-cards (and spent a few hours with Verizon getting them paired properly)
I also replaced the RG6 cables from the wall to the Tivo.

The copyright protected channels on my other Tivo work properly. The copyright protected channels worked on my S3 without a problem when I had the m-cards installed.

I talked to verizon and validated the pairing of my cable card.
I talked to Tivo and they think it's the m-card.
I take the second cable card from my S3 and one from my HD Homerun and get those paired individually with the same result. I had Verizon on the phone when I paired cards and they were willing to deactivate/repair often to help fix the problem.

My next step is to talk to Tivo again. I'm looking to see if anyone is having problems with the copy protected channels (HBO, MAX, ch 131..) with FIOS.

Are there any suggestions on other things I can try?