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Glee - ANyone still watching?

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 17:09
Haven't seen a post yet this thread. Anyone still watching?

Netflix and TiVo Premiere

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 17:01
I'm seeing a lot of threads on the issues with the Netflix streaming app on the TiVo Premiere, but I'm not seeing any solutions other than buying more hardware.

Lately, when we watch a movie streamed from Netflix the TiVo reboots itself near the end of the movie, and leaves a gap in the show/shows being recorded from cable. This always happens right near the end, and I'm surmising that Netflix has streamed the entire movie into the TiVo buffer and then the TiVo thinks it's getting a signal to reboot, and it does. Because TiVo takes an unusually long time to reboot (3-5 minutes) we lose large portions of the recording shows. Does anyone have a solution for this, or is this another example of the poor software that TiVo continues to write?


Exclude a channel in wishlist recording

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 15:14
How do I do this?

I created a wishlist to catch all live boxing without me having to remember to set things to record as various episode titles (the name listed in the guide for the event), dates, and channels make season passes useless.

Wishlists are a very cool feature for this and I'm just beginning to grasp their power, but I've run into a problem. While excluding titles and requesting new only has greatly reduced the collateral I am collecting in the folder, I can't figure out how to stop these random, old fight cards on SNY (the NY Mets channel) from taking up precious space.

We recorded and are currently going through the entire series Breaking Bad marathon and only have a basic. This coupled with the facts that we give every new show half of their pilot to hook us and that old favorites are back with new seasons means we have a very full DVR ranging 80-95% full. I mark everything keep until I delete with some light viewing exceptions.

That is why this is currently a big deal. These cards, with my half hour padding, take up space and may prevent a beloved show from recording and I can't figure out how to exclude them. They are simply titled Boxing, so I can't exclude that. They are also marked as new even though they are not and they contain no description so I can't exclude them based on a random phrase in there. I also can't remove SNY from my guide because I use the channel in another wishlist.

The only solution I can think of would be just simply to exclude SNY from the results, but that, oddly, doesn't seem to be an option. What can I do within the wishlist feature to stop it from recording them?

EDIT: Here is a thought if I am as doomed in the wishlist world as I think I am: Would it be possible to attach an external HD to temporarily expand space while we continue to go through Breaking Bad?

pyTiVo Pushed Recording - not streamable on Ipad

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 13:56
I pushed a recording (.mp4) to my Roamio using pyTiVo. I notice I cannot stream this program (or any others like it) on an iPad. Only option is to watch now on the TV.

I am guessing there is video a format issue here that Roamio can decode on the fly, but ipad cannot handle.

Any suggestions to make .mp4 an iPad compatible format?

I'm guessing KMTTG can assist here, but my results with that tool have been meager so far.


Annoying guide behavior between Roamio and Mini

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 13:47
So, I've noticed a really annoying behavior with the guide on the Mini. Anyone else see this?

My Mini is connected to a Roamio Plus. On my Roamio I have set up 25 channels as favorites for my family. When the Roamio's guide is is configured to view Favories (as apposed to My Channels), the Mini will ONLY show the Favorites. You can attempt to change the filter back to My Channels on the Mini but nothing happens.

The only way to fix it is to go to the Roamio (on the other side of the house) and set it back to My Channels. Once this is done, the Mini can enable / disable this filter fine.

This clearly sounds like a bug.

MLB app (using international subscription)?

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 11:48
I am currently OTA using Premieres and antenna, so I haven't been seeing the MLB playoffs except through my MLB International subscription and UK VPN connection. Is it possible to get the Tivo MLB app to work in this way, or is there a limitation built into the app (like the iPad has for geolocation)?

Is Fox New losing it's grip on the cable news lead?

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 10:27
At least it looks that way in the core 25-54 demo.

And CNN is just woeful.


Roamio Plus Gigabit performance

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 10:25
I currently have a 4th Gen Airport Extreme that's wired to a Linksys 10/100 switch that my Roamio Plus is connected to.

Using kmttg on a Windows 7 machine, when I go to transfer a show using that setup I get around 85 Mbps transfer (according to kmttg).

Curiously, I bypassed the 10/100 switch to see what increase in speeds I would get using a Gigabit connection. The same transfer was now 128 Mbps.

Shouldn't the gigabit connection be higher than that? Or does the Tivo and kmttg have to do things that add overhead?

Also noticed that in my DHCP client list, the Roamio Plus has 2 MAC addresses? I would imagine one would be the wireless and the other the wired.....but I have the Roamio setup to only be wired? Why would both be showing up? I've never connected my Roamio via wireless and neither of those addresses are in the wireless clients list. Unless they have different chips for 10/100 and 1000?


Partial downloads - Tivo2go or web

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 09:28
For the most part, Tivo2go works great. Every once in a while, however, the box just refuses to transfer a full file.. What I've noticed:

It's not a file size thing, the network can handle much higher files, and tivo 2 go has transferred around 10-15 gig files, easily, many cases just that night.

This happens wither I use tivo2go, or access the box directly via the browser (ie: https://ip). When downloading via web, both mpeg-ts and mpeg-ps fail

It doesn't matter what device is used. Over the course of my time with Tivo, I've had this happen to everything from the S3 to my newer premiere and s4 boxes. I've also had a couple different' PC's built, not that either.

Last night's episode of SHIELD, for example, 1.4 gig and it stops. Last week's Scandal, not the exact same size, but it got to the same size every time, and again, just stops

I CAN transfer from Tivo -> Tivo just fine, this is not an issue. However, trying to transfer from the other Tivo to the PC, same thing. It's like something is blocking the transfer, or prematurely telling the file to end.

Again, this doesn't happen every time, maybe once every couple of weeks, but I'd kind of like to see what can be done to resolve it. Any thoughts?

Jeff Probst: Top 5 Survivor Power Plays

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 08:16

Note: A possible spoiler about the current season in the final paragraph.

Supernatural "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" 10/8/13

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 06:37
No thread? Is photoshopgrl OK?

I thought this was a good kickoff to the season, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it.

I laughed when Bobby got promoted to the front seat of the car :p

There may be plenty of similar shows on TV right now, but for a long time this show was it for non-teen-angst supernatural TV in primetime and I'm with it for the long haul.

Woot - Premiere 4/XL4 & Stream Bundle $99.99 & $199.99

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 05:37
New Premiere 4 & New Stream Bundle - $99.99

Refurbished Premiere XL4 & New Stream Bundle - $199.99


Little People Big World returning as a regular series

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 04:49
I was happy to read that the show is returning as a regular series -- starting October 29.

Read here

Roamio and VPN

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 00:48
I went out to diner tonight. The restaurant was boring so I logged my iPhone into my VPN to see what was going on at home. Absentmindedly, I tapped the Tivo app. Not only did the app load but I had full access to live TV and all my recorded shows. Has anybody else been this lucky?

Guide data missing?

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 22:55
My guide data is all gone on my Roamio Pro, which was previously working just fine. Got a warning yesterday (that I didn't see until now) that guide data was about to run out. I think the errors were M59 and M60.

System Info recognizes my lifetime subscription. No problems with missed network connections. A forced network connection appears to work fine and is reported as successful, but doesn't fix the missing guide data issue.

I tried restarting and that did not make any difference either.

If it matter, I am on Comcast in Boston. No significant lineup changes recently (change to FXX a couple weeks ago was the most recent I believe).

Anyone else having this problem or have any ideas?

Sons of Anarchy 10/8/13 "The Mad King"

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 22:38
I can almost...ALMOST...believe Jax is stupid enough to fall for that. To believe that when the people who have already murdered two of his men, and who he has learned are secretly plotting to destroy his club, say "Take our call right here on this "X", and make sure all your big guns are there," they are planning to make a deal with people they hate for his benefit. I can ALMOST believe Jax is that %@^#ing stupid.

But Chib?!?!

Testing something

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 22:01

Audio Sync

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 22:00
Yesterday I started experiencing audio sync issues. The only change was enabling MoCA for a TiVo mini and installing the requisite MoCA POE filter. The audio sync issue was both on the Roamio and mini on a couple channels and Netflix. I rebooted both devices and the audio sync remained. There are no amps or receivers between the TiVos and TVs.

The Paradise 10/6/2013 (S01E01E02) "Episode 1", "Episode 2"

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 21:56
I don't think it really took but one hour, but for sure by two hours I was invested in the characters and hooked on the story. I like Moray. Nothing gets by him and he really seems to care about his store and the people in it. It's nice to see how he sees most everything going on, one way or another, and gives credit where it's due.

I can't believe store employees actually lived in the store though. Crazy. No idea if it's true, but I'm presuming it probably is.

Anyway, I probably won't be posting any more threads beyond this or maybe the next, because I'm gonna go get all the episodes from other sources since this aired in the UK last year, and season 2 begins airing there in a couple weeks. I want to be caught up for that. :)

Go watch it.