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Roamio Plus - audio blip with Video Window

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 15:06
Loving my Roamio Plus.....it's been great.

Curious if others have this happen as well......when you are watching live TV and press the Tivo button to go into the main menu.....does the audio drop for a second from the Video Window? Like it's not a completely seamless transition from live to the menu? The audio drops only for a second.

I don't get any audio drops when bringing up the Guide which also has the Video Window.

Not really an issue....just curious if it's something others see as well.


Tivo series 3 power supply & hard drive questions

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 15:04
I have a spare Series 3 TiVo (model TCD652160) that is not being used. It works fine, but has no subscription to it & just sitting in a closet. I might be getting a broken TCD658000 from a friend. They claim (& think) the hard drive is the issue.

I will pull the hard drive and run the WD extended test on it to see if it is truly the hard drive. If it's not the hard drive and rather the power supply, can I simply swap these two power supplies? I realize the Series 3 (OLED) can't be used in either one of these, but was wondering if the TCD658000 & TCD652160 use the same power supply since & are interchangeable since they look pretty much identical.

Now, if it is actually the hard drive that is the issue, can the 160GB hard drive from the TCD652160 be used in a the TCD658000?

Switching b/t 2 channels...shouldn't Roamio buffer both for 30 min?

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 14:31
So I'm switching between CBS and FOX between two football games. Using the Last button to go back and forth. I missed a scoring play right when I switched and tried to rewind but there was nothing buffered. Tried a bunch of times but no joy.

Do you have to enable the buffer in Settings somewhere? Something else I'm missing? Did they remove this feature in the years I've been away?


Can't set up season pass for Parenthood?

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 13:47
For some reason tivo won't let me set up a season pass for parenthood, I can go to the guide and select it to record a single episode. Then when I go to season pass and other options it only gives me the option to create a wish list search. Is anyone else having this issue? I would really like it if I could get the season pass for this show to work. Thanks.

S3 HD, Lifetime, new 2TB Drive, Wireless G adapter, $339 OBO

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 13:13
I've just listed a Series 3 HD with a brand new 2TB WD AV drive, Wireless G adapter (I could swap it for a Wireless N for an additional $45), good remote, component, and composite cables.

Here's the link if interested.

Series 3 HD 2TB Lifetime:up::up::up:

Roamio or Super Cheap Premiere 4/Stream Bundle?

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 11:38
Hi, All. I'm new to the forum here but have been using TiVos for more than 3 1/2 years. For those of you who have used both the Premiere and the new Roamio, I would appreciate your opinion regarding whether I should upgrade one of my TiVo HDs to either a Premiere 4, Premiere XL4, or Roamio Plus. I can purchase a new Premiere 4 with a Stream for only $150, or I can purchase a refurbished Premiere XL4 with a Stream for only $250. Of course, the Roamio Plus is $400 so I'm looking at a pretty significant price difference.

Here is some more information about my current set-up and needs (I apologize in advance for the length of the following narrative):

I currently have three TiVos. Two are TiVo HDs that have been active since January 2010, if not longer (my account at TiVo shows January 2010 activation dates, but I am pretty sure I have had them longer than that). I also have a 320GB Premiere (two tuners) that was activated in August 2011. Each of the three TiVos has a Western Digital external hard drive connected to it. I can't remember the capacities of the external drives, but I think two of them are 1TB drives, and one is a 500GB drive (I'm nearly certain that none of them is larger than 1TB). Each of the three TiVos has a multicast cable card and a tuner adapter; none is connected via OTA. I have a lifetime subscription for each TiVo, and each TiVo is connected to my home internet via ethernet cabling.

Currently, the Premiere is in our family room, one HD unit is in the masterbedroom, and the second HD unit is in our home office. The HD unit in the home office rarely is used. If anything, we will record things on the home office HD unit and then transfer the recording to one of the other TiVOs (if they programs can be transferred--see below).

I have had somewhat of a love-hate situation with the two HDs units. At least one of them (and possibly both) has been replaced under warranty. The HD unit in the home office has been making a very loud noise on and off for the past few months. Based on what I've read elsewhere in this forum, I suspect it is a fan issue. My Premiere, on the other hand, has run like a charm over the past two years, and I am very pleased with it (though lately it appears to take a few seconds to load some of the screens).

We record a lot of shows from channels that do not allow transfers between TiVos (e.g., HBO, Showtime, TBS, History, etc.). This has been my major source of frustration with all of the TiVos. I believe (but would appreciate confirmation) that the new streamining ability of the Premiere and Roamio units will allow streamining of all content, including content from pay stations (e.g., Showtime, HBO, etc.) and stations that generally don't allow transfers from one TiVo to another (e.g., TBS, History, etc.). With this belief in mind, I had planned on upgrading to a Premiere until the Roamio was released last month. Now, I'm not sure what to do.

Currently, I can purchase a new Premiere 4 with a TiVo Stream for only $150, which is only $20 more than the cost of a Stream itself. My only concern is that I know the 500GB internal drive won't be large enough for us, and I still have a bunch of shows on all the other external drives. I also could purchase a refurbished Premiere XL 4 with a TiVo Stream for only $250. That offer is particularly attractive because the 2TB drive of the XL unit would fit our needs well. The refurb unit comes with a 90 day labor, 1 year parts warranty, and I would likely pay for the three year extend warranty as I did with all my other TiVos. Of course, my third choice is to spend the $400 and buy the Roamio Plus and later, if needed, either replace the internal drive or add an external drive.

What do you all think? Is the Roamio Plus worth $150 more than a Premiere XL 4 that comes with a Stream? Is there any reason I should consider purchasing the $150 Premiere 4/Stream combo instead of either the XL or the Roamio Plus?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Search Issues?

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 10:57
Anyone else having search issues for new programs?

I normally go through in the fall and set up a bunch of recordings for the new shows. I was surprised when it couldn't find "Marvel's Agents of Shield" since I knew it had programming data past the day it was airing.

Doing a "Find by Time" found the show though and I was able to record it. The same was true for "The Crazy Ones". I haven't investigated much more, but my search seems a little off.

I emailed Tivo with the issue, but anyone else having similar issues?

why no 1080p/60?

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 10:28
So on my Roamio I have output resolutions set at 1080p/60 and 1080p/24 (for netflix). I know that the Cable TV broadcasts are only going to be natively 720p or 1080i (or SD); however, I like having the Roamio scale everything up.

The Mini doesn't seem to have 1080p/60 for some reason. I see 1080p/24, but other then that there is only 720p (60) and 1080i (60). Is the hardware a limiting factor (can't support scaling to 1080p/60 like the Roamio)? Is there too high of bit rate / networking requirement for sending higher resolution streams? Any reason for it not to be an option, or will this come out in an update at some point?

Unable to hook up 2nd mini to Roamio

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 09:01
Is anyone having issues hooking up a 2nd mini to a Roamio Plus. I keep getting a V70 error and cannot complete the Guided Setup. Only option i have is to Retry or unplug the power cord and go thru the setup again. I've read some of the other threads here and have tried just about everything that has been suggested except setting up Moca. I've rebooted everything multiple times, renamed Roamio and forced connections. The 1st mini purchased thru Amazon worked right out of the box. No issues there except for using the Trendnet 8 port greenNet switch as posted in another thread. Then I purchased a 2nd mini from Best Buy (open box one). After contacting Tivo, they determined it was a defective unit. So returned it and got a new one from Best Buy yesterday. Called Tivo to transfer the service to the new mini. And again after multiple rebooting, renaming, forced connections, I'm still getting the same v70 error. I'll need to call Tivo again to escalate this issue. It seems very unlikely that I would have 2 defective units in a row.

Hooray! Season Pass Mgr and ToDo List on Mini

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 08:52
Recently upgraded to a Roamio Pro and 2 Minis. My wife usually watches TV in our bedroom and has been complaining because she was no longer able to view Season Pass Manager and ToDo List on the Mini -- she used these a lot on her old Series 3.

Last night I happened to download and read the Roamio owners manual (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb...d.php?t=509097) and saw the shortcut list to access functions -- from Tivo Central Press 1 for Season Passes, 2 for ToDo Lists, etc.

I decided to try them on one of the Mini's and to my surprise, they worked. Showed them to my wife and she was much happier.

I don't know if everyone already knew about this, but for us, it definitely improved our Mini experience.

A/V info display in Netflix

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 08:44
Somehow I enabled the A/V info display in Netflix on the TiVo Mini. In between shows I tested the thumbs up and down buttons to see if it would change the rating. This did not do anything except enable the A/V info.

Has anyone else seen this?

Is this typical for PPV (Comcast)

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 08:42
Yesterday, I ordered the Mayweather PPV fight via the Comcast website. At the time of the fight, I noticed on 2 of my Tivo's that I was getting "Program has not been authorized" message, yet on the other 2, the fight was coming in perfectly. I would have thought I would have been able to receive it on all of my devices.

Watching mkv files with tvdesktop plu

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 07:40
Am a little confused as to how this works. I normally use wdtv for watching my mkv files but as I'm the only one that can figure out how to change inputs on my system i Like that i can watch them from the Tivo central menu. Do I actually have to transfer file from hard drive on my network to the tivo box or can i just stream it from there? I've just started experimenting with this and like the promise of it.

Getting V113 error when streaming from only one Premiere?

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 06:41
I have 3 Tivo Premiere's in my home connected to Linksys EA6500 router via wired connection.

They've been working fine until yesterday. I am unable to transfer or watch shows from one of the units. It's giving me a V113 error.

Everything else works fine. I can see all of the shows fine and even the unit which cannot stream/transfer works fine when connecting to the other units.

It appears like a network connection issue with the one DVR but I can't tell where to troubleshoot.

What should I do here?

Select Button on Tivo Remote

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 06:39
I have three Tivos and four remotes. Two of the remotes are fully functional. The other two remotes are useful but the Select buttons do not work. When I press the Select button, the red light goes on but the Tivo does not respond; unless I am Finding Titles in the Alphabet screen to spell out a program title, when I cursor to a letter and press select, the Select button only advances the cursor to another letter but does not select the letter that I want. I have globally rebooted both of these remotes and changed the batteries. These two faulty remotes have the same problem on all three Tivos. I now want to retire one of my Tivos and give the remote, with its Lifetime Service to my daughter. Is there a way to refurbish my Remote or do I need to buy a new Remote so I can pass on a fully functional Tivo?

HD output setting on new Roamio Plus

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 03:38
Need a quick lesson from you Pros. I have a 1080p TV. Up until my Roamio, I've been using a standard def box from Comcast with a Series 2 TiVo. Never jumped to an HD box because I didn't want to have to use IR blaster with my Series 2 and HD box. My standard def box had a serial port or whatever it was called and changed channels perfectly. I once looked at an HD box and it didn't have that port so I kept my standard def box.

On to my question. My Roamio Plus auto select wants to set my output at 1080i. I know for sure my TV is a 1080p. Should I force it or does my Roamio know best?

Again, I'm new to Hi-Def settings other than my Blu-Ray player.

Thanks in advance and loving my Roamio so far.

MOCA / Network Traffic

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 03:27
So I enabled the MOCA bridge inside of the Roamio so that I could hookup a Mini using just the coax. I have the Mini working okay, it shows that it is connected using MOCA, everything seems to work okay.

It was my understanding that one of the advantages of using MOCA was that the streaming traffic would be carried over the coaxial instead of my wired ethernet network. Is that really the case though?

I expected to see that the Roamio would essentially setup its own network, assigning its own IPs to MOCA clients on some separate subnet. Essentially it would act like another router strictly for MOCA.

Looking at the info on my Mini, and on my router, it is clear that it is pulling an IP from my router (and of course on the same network subnet). So due to that, it makes me wonder if streaming data for my Mini is actually passing through my router; therefore, I am not really saving myself from network traffic (which I wanted to avoid).

Does anyone know the correct details?

Control of the new Roamio over TCP/IP

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 01:42
So, I've just converted one of my two TiVo HD XLs to a TiVo Roamio Pro. At first glance, it's a great device. Here is my problem. With the XDs (series 3), you could could control all of their basic features over IP and even get some analog feedback.

This worked really well as I have these wired into a home A/V distribution system & have a single control interface gui for the entire system (several video sources, several audio sources.)

To my dismay, it appears that TiVo has either changed this feature, or removed it from the new Roamio device. I would think this highly unlikely as there are several other applications that access it externally.

Does anyone know of any outfacing API that is in use for the new Roamio series? Have they done something with RESTful webservices or the like?


So close!

Sat, 09/14/2013 - 23:50
Those of you that read my posts know that I b*tch a lot about the fact that my cable company still has a bunch of channels that they offer in analog only. Well every now and then I go through the channels on my Elite (now Roamio) checking those channels just to see if they're finally being simulcast. Well today I actually found some. It turns out that about 75% of the channels are now being simulcast. Unfortunately a couple of the ones that aren't are still important so I can't get rid of my Premiere units just yet. However this gives me hope. Maybe in the not to distant future I'll be able to finally get rid of the Premiere units and consolidate everything onto the Roamio. (fingers crossed)

Intermittent high RS corrected/uncorrected errors

Sat, 09/14/2013 - 23:18
This one has me baffled. For the last several months I've been getting sporadically high RS corrected/uncorrected errors on a few channels resulting in pixelation/macro blocking. The odd thing, is the sporadic nature of these events. Most of the time I have zero corrected/uncorrected RS errors on all channels. However on a handful of channels I'll notice pockets of these errors. I had a senior tech come out to check my levels and he said they're perfect and that the average error rate was one in 9 billion which he said was very low. I've noticed this behavior on two Premiere XL4's as well as my new Roamio Pro - so it's not limited to one particular TiVo or even one cable line. FYI, I have no splitters only a zero gain amplifier.

At this point I can only speculate that it's either a condition that is accentuated when under load, or the errors are in the transmission stream itself.

Any ideas?