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Static/Popping on Channel Change with New Sanyo TV

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 08:27
I just got a new Sanyo FVN4612 TV and am using with my HD Tivo with cable and over the air channels. Now when I change to an ota station on the Tivo there is a breif static/popping sound. Also sometimes when the Tivo is paused the sound is constant. The problem goes away when tv volume is low and gets worse when tv volume is up.

I tried a new hdmi cable and calling Sanyo customer service but no help from either. Sounds like an incompatibility issue that I will have to live with or get a different tv. Any advice? thanks

Deadliest Catch - OAD 7/2/2013

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 08:07
No thread yet? Wow! Elliot is a bigger idiot that I ever imagined!! His romantic life completely baffles me. I mean, your true love won't have you back, mainly because you're screwing around with someone else, so you tack and ask the other woman (who is stepping out on you in your own home/bed) to marry you??? Your engagement planning is to invite the woman to meet you at an airport (will she bring her boyfriend?) and also call someone to make a ring for you and meet you at the same time??? Of course all this is predicated on his incompetence not sinking the boat. Fortunately, his crew has a stronger will to live than Elliot and decide on their own to work to save the boat...and Elliot apparently plans to fire them for that indiscretion. Basically, unless this was totally staged and manufactured by Tom Beers, if I were on the camera crew on that boat, once it touched land I'd jump off and refuse to ever get back on board. The job is dangerous enough, but adding gross incompetence puts it over the top. Either Elliot looses the boat to a bank, or he sinks it and kills everyone on board!

Oh, and another wizard "horn" bites the dust.....yawn.....

Audio Sync Issues - Premier with Analog

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 07:13
I've had my Premier 2 tuner unit installed for a little over a week now using analog cable. There is a problem with the audio sync while watching live TV. I went through all kinds of troubleshooting myself to be sure it wasn't my cable provider, HDMI cable, etc. Then after some searching, found a couple forum threads about this exact issue:



What happens is after watching a channel for ~20 minutes, the sound gets ahead of the picture by quite a bit - very annoying! I can get it to stop doing this if I change channels, or quickly hit the stop then play button. But, it will eventually come back.

The first thread I posted above is a couple years old so I would think the issue would have been resolved by now. The second thread is fairly current.

Armed with this information, I opened a ticket via email with Tivo support. The first response was to change the audio properties to PCM and was told that would fix it - which of course it didn't - had already tried that. Then in response, I sent a link to the second thread and said this is my exact issue which is being talked about on their own forum. I said that I find this issue unacceptable and want a software update or a new unit.

Their response was that the software engineers are working on it. The thread on their forum is now 7 months old and there seems to be no fix. I was offered to exchange my unit since it is under warranty. I responded saying how is this going to fix the issue if the same software is running on the new unit - was told that it is very likely that the new unit will do the same thing.

Now I don't know what to do. 7 months of the software engineers working on this doesn't sound too good. A unit exchange will not fix it either. I'm pretty upset about this - my old series 2 unit worked perfectly for years but I really don't want to go back to that box unless I really have to. I seem to have 2 options here - keep doing my work around by pausing/starting live TV every so often, or return the unit and go back to my series 2.

Pretty frustrated - since it has been 7 months that they've known about this issue, I don't feel that they find it a priority and wonder if a fix will ever come.

Premier 2 tuner software v20.3.1
Analog cable
1 HDTV hooked up with HDMI cable
No external audio system
Only happens when watching live TV

TivoHD Sound/Video stuttering - apparently not HD

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 21:24
I have had Series 2 and TivoHD devices, upgraded them all to 1TB and therefore know a little about disks and Tivo.

I've searched here, but did not find clues - just the statement this is drive 99% of the time ... seems like I might be in the 1% - but what causes the 1%, can't find clues - anyone have ideas ?

Symptoms/Steps so far

Current TivoHD started 'glitching' yesterday - recordings and Live. Appears to be read as glitch position is inconsistent. So, ordered a new drive (on it's way) and swapped original 160GB drive in tonight to try to ensure current drive does not fail completely before I can save the content.

Boots up, updates the software to the latest version. Boots and I switch it to Live TV. It's glitching - same symptoms which are very short video freezez accompanied by an audio buzz (like the sound is stretched) ... as well as occasional audio buzz (sounds exactly like Americas Got Talent 'X' sound) but no visible video glitch.

Original drive has been on shelf for probably 3-4 years, but seems rather remarkable that both drives would behave the same ...

So - anyone have clues as to what else might be failing ?

I have a totally unused 652160 on the shelf, so have all replacement parts - of course I can't just swap mobo in as the crypt id will be different - so Lifetime will be lost, as well as all current recordings.

Any ideas from the bright folks here ???

Any heat issues with mounting the Mini?

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 16:44
I am currently propping it on top of a TV wall mount but against the wall.
Noticed that the wall behind the Mini is warm.

Any heat issues with mounting the Mini - whether to wall or on TV itself?

Also as an add on question: any issue with heat when placing a TiVo DVR on hardwood floor?

Watch TiVo without Receiver involved?

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 15:05
I currently run my TiVo through my AVReceiver via HDMI to my TV.
Have to activate AVR & use that to watch TiVo & TV.

I want to independently use the TV to watch through the TiVo - without the AVR's involvement.

Which solution is a better solution?

TiVo ===> HDMI powered splitter to:
1) ===> TV
2) ===> AVR


TiVo ===> via:
HDMI thru AVR & Component to TV.

TiVo's Distribute Database Management System Patent - Collab Slice Explained

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 11:22
The 20.3.1 Update thread highlighted a mysterious new field showing up on the System Info Screen -- Collab Slice.

TiVo was issued a patent today (July 2, 2013) that seems to have solved this mystery. Collab Slice refers to TiVo's proprietary distributed database system that provides a central database resident on servers that contains objects. These program objects are gathered together into a distribution package called "slices" and distributed by a range of techniques including private data channels in digital television signals.

I've uploaded the full patent to Scribd here --> http://www.scribd.com/doc/151329507/...14-July-2-2013

Falling Skie - S3E4 - "Search and Recover" 6/30/2013

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 10:25
No thread yet? On Tuesday?!! This cannot be a good sign for this show. In general I like it but ...

The aliens use spotlights to look for humans in the woods at night? I guess infrared technology sort of escaped them.

I am afraid that the complete lack of reality is going to be the death of the show. I just hope the producers can see the train wreck coming and find a reasonable way to end the show this season. I would much rather watch a two or three season show that ends well than a five or six season show that meanders and falls off a cliff with no purpose.

Edited to fix title.

Help a Premiere XL4 owner pick service: Comcast vs. Fios

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 10:17
Have recently moved to the east coast from California. In Cali, I ran 2 TIVO Premiere XL4s each with a single comcast M-card and of course with integrated Xfinity On Demand.

I usually despise Comcast and have had a lot of billing issues with them re: Cablecards over the years, but the service was very good overall. No pairing issues like so many others.

So here's my question for the community - is it worth switching to Fios - which has much better customer service and better internet speeds - in my new home (it is already wired for Fios) and giving up integrated On Demand OR should I stick with Comcast - which is known to have its issues.

I know it's a subjective question and depends on my use of On Demand - but I figure with Apple TV I have HBO on-demand covered so I will only be missing On Demand Kids shows and Howard Stern. I dont want to have to get a second Fios HD box at each TV

No longer need a Cablevision tuning adapter

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 10:00
I've been using a tuning adapter with one of my S3's for several years to pick up 8-10 SDV premium channels. Recently I went through all of the premium (800 range) channels on my premier and all came in without an adapter. Disconnected the adapter from the S3 and sure enough, all channels come in just fine. Guess Cablevision did away with SDV in the 800 range?

Under The Dome - S01E02 - 7/1/2013

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 09:45
I still found it entertaining. I was quite surprised that they showed Barbie killing that guy in this episode. I figured that would have been dragged out for a long time and in the end, it would have been where the guy died but he was trying to help him or something like that.

Smart to buy up the cigarettes. They will be really valuable at some point.

I like the high school kid who's doing the science and math to figure out what they are working with. With the moisture getting through the dome, it seems like they shouldn't have to worry that it is air-tight and they likely won't run out of air.

Still wonder what could possibly be up with all the propane that the politician and minister are trying so hard to keep secret.

Disappointed that Duke the police chief died. I like that actor and thought he was doing a good job playing that character.

American Ninja Warrior - Summer '13

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 09:41
Kind of a misleading show title since this is more of an athletic / obstacle course race, and most of the participants don't even finish.

The kids seems to love this show and I find it entertaining. Some pretty impressive abilities...

anyone else watching?

sound studdering

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 08:12
I have a Premier XL4 and a Tivo Mini connected together via MoCA... before the spring update it worked fine, after it, I have an issue with audio out of no where going out then coming back and going out every second or so... to fix it I have to change the channel up or down then it is fine again... anyone else see this with the last update? Really annoying!

How Do I Disable Youtube Autoplay??

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 01:53
How Do I Disable Youtube Autoplay ... the one that's under "Video On Demand"??

I've got a few videos under "Watch Later". I want to watch just one video and then stop. It continues on to play the next video. Annoying.


Comskip GUI very slow

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 20:59
Recently my XP computer crashed. kmttg was running great. I did a fresh install of XP, but I could not get the Comskip GUI review to operate like before. I could click the mouse on a different location and the display would immediately refresh. I could use the arrow keys to move frame by frame. Now it may take ten seconds to over five minutes to refresh. Arrow keys are now useless. Upgraded to Windows 8, no better. I am using the latest version of kmttg --"b". I have check "use JAVA" and "use comskip GUI" for review. What am I missing?:o

Carson on TCM

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 20:27
Truly stumbled upon this tonight. A series of 25 interviews on Monday nights. First night was good. I missed Drew Barrymore but Kirk Douglas and George Burns.


Replace Lifetime HD with Mini - any downside?

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 19:17
I have a new TiVo Premiere 4 in the family room, and an older (lifetime) TiVo HD 160GB in the bedroom.

I have Time Warner, so I can't transfer most shows from the Premiere to the HD, so I end up having to maintain both TiVos.

I'm wondering whether there is any downside to replacing the TiVo HD with a new TiVo Mini. If I could sell the Lifetimed TiVo HD for $200 (reasonable?) and stop paying for the CableCARD, I would more or less break even getting a Lifetimed TiVo Mini for $249.

- smaller footprint, less power
- one TiVo to "maintain"
- no Tuning Adapter
- no more $3/month CableCARD fee

I never had a Mini, so I don't know the details. But it seems like there are no disadvantages, are there?

Why can't premium channels, like HBO be downloaded on the Stream?

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 16:33
I know the simple answer is that the premium channels don't allow it, but why doesn't Tivo negotiate those rights? The DirecTv GenieGo allows downloads of everything that can be recorded on DirecTv (as far as I can tell), and definitely allows all premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime.

Tivo Desktop Plus not transferring large file from PC to Tivo

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 16:02
Using TiVo Desktop Plus Version 2.8.3 (412370) with Windows 7 PC, I am transferring .mpg files from my PC to a Series 3 HD TiVo. This TiVo is used strictly for holding my digitized exercise videos, organized into folders with my files added one by one so that they appear in the folders in an order of my choosing.

To achieve the results I wanted, I found that TiVo Desktop Plus was just the ticket. I've transferred 204 files. Most are not very long and transferred with no difficulty, but a few are larger, up to 4.04 GB. All were successfully transferred last year until I tried to add a new batch yesterday. 9 transferred just fine, but they were all smaller than 2.0 GB. Then it gagged on one that is 3.1 GB. It simply will not transfer it. I tried the next one, a small one and everything was fine, however, since I do want these in a particular order, I deleted it.

I have unplugged the TiVo, I have connected to TiVo, I have maxed the cache size and boosted the activity level in TiVo Desktop Plus "Performance" tab, Cleared cached information and restarted TDP, cleared the auto transfer list & transfer status window and restarted TDP. I have deleted the file folder in TDP and re-added the video folder. Basically, I have flushed everything and restarted the whole process a number of times and can't get this file to go.

There is plenty of space (45 GB) left on the TiVo. I am not using Kaspersky antivirus, but went ahead and followed the advice to make my TivoDesktop.exe, TivoServer.exe, and TivoTransfer.exe exceptions in AVG.

I called TiVo Tech Support, but transfers from PC to TiVo seemed out of their league. Any other thoughts???


p.s. I want to PUSH, not PULL, but I just tried pulling the file using "Now Playing" and selecting it from off of the PC. I received the message: "Will NOT record. Does not have enough disk space". That is simply not true. kmttg reports that 205 GB have been used. The hard drive is 250 GN Western Digital SATA drive. The drive hold 35 hours of HD and 303 SD according to system information, and I'm not there yet.

HDMI Blanking out on S3

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 14:27
I've had my S3 since about when they were launched.

A few months ago it "died" so I replaced all the PS capacitors and that brought it back to life.

It's been working great since then until the last several days.

I'll be watching a recorded program (or live TV) and the screen will suddenly go to black. The program will continue to play. After a few second (up to 20 or 30 seconds sometimes) the screen will come back. This tends to repeat frequently once it starts. I have power cycled the TV, which appears to fix it, but only temporarily (but it could be unrelated).

I have a Sharp Aquos LC37D64U 37-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV I bought in 2008 which has been great since then as well.

So how do I figure out of it's the TV or the Tivo causing the problem? I tried changing HDMI inputs on the TV, and the same thing persists.

I don't have any other HDMI sources to test the TV. Is this a known issue with Tivos, or is it more likely the TV?